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Chi siamo

Angel Jeanne

My name is Angel Jeanne and I am the Founder of the Academy of Dimensional Consciousness.

Since I was a child I had the intuition and the ability to see and perceive that there is something more beyond what we are told, beyond the “normality” that we have been forced to believe. When I was little there was no distinction for me between normal and paranormal, because in my experience these two aspects of the world coexhisted and were a single world. I started living experiences with entities and with very negative beings since a very young age. This forced me to get to know the most negative side of the spiritual world and I soon decided to learn to defend myself from them also in order to help others to defend themselves against the same nightmares. I used to be constantly surrounded and physically attacked by negative entities which were able to physically move objects and people. Even though some people don’t even know about the existance of entities, for me it was usual to wake up in the middle of the night and be subject to evil attentions which frightened me a lot when I was a child and forced me to have sleepless nights for many years. While growing up I met many people who talked about extrasensory experiences as something separate from this world, as if there were two worlds that only sometimes could be joined, for example in case a person was intentionally wanting to live an extrasensory experience. On the contrary, I have always felt that it’s all one single world, and people can choose wether to ignore the existance of the spiritual side of it - while still being unconsciously involved in it - or to discover the whole picture and take leadership over their life. When I was a child I used to undergo these events, but as a teenager I learned how to react.

Throughout my whole life I have been constantly involved in spiritual and paranormal experiences with no possibility to choose whether I wanted to live them or not. The experiences would take place without asking for permission and without giving me any choice… I wasn’t looking for them and I wasn’t doing anything to make them happen. As I have often said in my Books, I would have preferred not to have all those negative experiences, but nobody ever asked for my permission as free will is just a lie to lull naive minds.

I have had constant experiences that should have broken and destroyed me, because they took place when I was a helpless child, unaware of what was happening… I didn’t know how these situations would have turned out, and if I would have ever managed to escape them. A bit at a time I realized that there was no way to escape, no way to avoid those presences because they followed me everywhere I went. I decided to not let those presences break me down, but I used these experiences as material on which to reflect, work on, and use in order to Evolve. In the end they would have given me the tools to help anyone else in those same situations. I decided that I would have used those bad experiences to help others and to stop the same evil from being inflicted to other people. This was, in some way, a form of revenge that I would have had on those who – for my whole childhood – took advantage of the powerlessness that a child has in front of such events. All of this pushed me to take the decision to teach anyone how to Protect themselves, so that nobody could be touched by this evil anymore. Yet, my life was not characterized only by experiences with negative entities and other negative beings: Foresight and Telepathy were faculties which I have been training since I was little, without even realizing it. Prophetic Dreams were also part of who I was, to the point that some relatives – mainly my mother – were aware of that and they have been exploiting my abilities for their own interests throughout my whole childhood. At some point I acted as if I couldn’t dream the future anymore, to put an end to those inappropriate requests. But my Prophetic Dreams never stopped and I later realized that having them wasn’t a curse, as I thought when I was a child, but rather a Faculty that I could have used as I pleased. Predicting the future, communicating with Entities and presences – including people – of other Dimensions, perceiving people’s thoughts and changing negative events into positive ones, were the first Faculties that I trained right after Meditation and Protection. At the same time I was also developing Energy Healing, Energy and Mental Programming, Astral Travel, and much more. The more I discovered, the more I started wanting to develop all existing Psychic Faculties. The first experiences of Telekinesis and Electrokinesis were not enough for me, I was always wanting to achieve more. The first part of my Journey was characterized by the desire to develop all existing Faculties. The second part began when I decided to start using them for a higher purpose and not only for personal pleasure, even though that was already extremely pleasing. So I decided to use my Faculties for a greater good, in the interest of the world and not only of my own private life. The Power is a lot and closing it in a box makes it loose lots of value. I decided that all I had needed to be used towards the achievement of a bigger goal.

People often ask me about why I decided to create a Psychic school with so many teachings, and in particular how I got the idea and why I am taking charge of the expenses, which are known to be many and considerable. 

It was actually never a choice of mine, but an event was triggered and then led to others. As I see time passing by I tell myself that there is no  time to think, but only time to act. The Academy was born because there was no time to think, only a great necessity to act. Negative events don’t give you time to take it easy, it’s necessary to react immediately, and so I did. My only desire was to help those people who, just like me, were victims of negative experiences, or who could have had them in the future if I didn’t show them the methods to protect themselves in advance. Because I lived in a house haunted by many negative presences, as a child I underwent many experiences of which I didn’t have any control. Those events would take place, and as a child I would be subject to them without anyone able to help me. There was no way out, nobody coud send them away with words or “normal” actions, there was the need for something very different. I had to learn by myself and find the psychic way that would have allowed me to react concretely. It was a case of extreme necessity. So, through the years, I tried again and again to get rid of them, aware of the fact that only through fighting you can win, otherwise we are destined to stay subject to our fears – and to those who create those fears inside of us – forever. I tried in any way to get rid of those dark presences, asking for help to religious and spiritual people who claimed that they couldn’t do anything to get rid of them even though they would brag about their decades of experience; they flapped their jaws but none of them could act. It looked like there was no way to escape… until one day I learned how to Meditate. Meditation was the only saving grace that allowed me to stop running away and to finally win - very quickly - the battles that were lasting my whole childhood. Meditation is a very ancient technique, but today the real ancient practice has basically disappeared and those who talk about it “teach” it in their own way, with goals that are very different from mine. I had to experiment a lot before I understood what was the best method to achieve a good Meditation.

So I started to write down everything that I was learning and discovering thanks to practice. Meditation, Protection, moving energy, getting rid of negative presences, being able to inhhibit their access to my life… By writing down my experiences and what I would see and feel while I was practicing, I wrote entire books full of experiences and techniques that I learned. I wrote them in my diary, which became my website when I was still very young, and which was becoming the Academy without me even noticing it. In this way I shared so much material that it became necessary to divide it by levels. I was not planning to create the Academy, I didn’t know that one day I would have created it, but that’s what I was doing without even realizing it. In 2010 the first Academy was created, the mother of all Academies, from which many other projects originated. 

Everything I teach in the Steps comes from the pages of my diary where I would write down my experiences and he techniques that I was learning through experimentation. When meditating, when trying to achieve something through intent and energy combined, or simply when some strange event took place and I couldn’t understand it with the mind’s logic, I would write the results on my diary. My journey in fact started at a very early age and many of my spiritual experiments would take place in the classroom. Whether I was in school or at work – because I started working when I was still a minor – in any moment I would test my psychic abilities to understand if they worked and what I would have needed to do to improve them. When something was going wrong, rather than stopping and wasting time in desperation, I would try another method to obtain the result I was aiming for. I managed to get rid of very dark entities, I definitely couldn’t be stopped by a banal doubt… because since the beginning I had proof that Psychic Practice worked, and since then I couln’t believe the contrary anymore. I always thought that it doesn’t matter if you go against your own convictions to manage to obtain something, the important thing is to obtain it. So I opened my mind to experiences that I didn’t beleive were possible, but which proved themselves to be. It doesn’t matter how many times you repeat to yourself that you will never be able to do something: go against your belief and do it. When I was little I also believed that there was a limit to psychic abilities, that what was there to know was already known, and that if there was something more “they would have definitely told us, or taught it in school”… but I preferred to change my mind quickly and realize that there was so much more I could discover if I only decided to do so. The years were passing and my desire to learn pushed me towards more and more thirst of discovery, but not only in mere theory: I would put into practice everything I knew in order to understand where the truth lied. Problems always motivated me to find solutions, sometimes by creating them out of the blue. This is only thanks to Psychic Practice. I think that there are people who love to read and people who love to see the real results, put themselves out there to discover the truth and create events thanks to the use of their own abilities. When you read something you can never be hunderd percent sure that what you have read is true. To find out the truth you can’t only rely on words: you have to get in the game and gain practical experience. Through firsthand experience you can become aware of the truths that you wouldn’t have otherwise believed. Practice is the key in the Academy, because it’s the only effective way to discover the real Truth.

Spirituality for me has never been a choice, I only chose to realize that I was in it rather that pretending – like everybody – that nothing was happening and keep ignoring the facts that were taking place every day. The truth is that we are all involved in psychic experiences every day even though many people constantly decide not to see them; or they don’t choose at all because they simply undergo the massive amount of distractions that life puts in front of us every day to make us forget Who We Are. The choice to know the truth can’t be taken only in an abstract way because it has to be concretized with facts, by practicing the psychic techniques in order to learn to see and understand what is happening to us.

When we don’t sleep at night and we wake up at strange hours for no reason, when our family or love relationship is problematic, when we are victims of any kind of bad luck, there is always an energy sent by “others” behind it, that changes our life. Free will is a lie because you don’t really decide what to accept and what to avoid… anyone else can decide to put their hands in your life even if you don’t want them to, because facts are more powerful than words. Wishing that others wouldn’t touch your life is not enough to stop them, this is why anyone can keep influencing the events of your life with nobody there to stop them. Unless you practice you can’t inhibit anyone from doing something to your life. I learned this as child because I never chose to be involved in such paranormal experiences, but there was somebody who wanted them to happen to me, against me, without my consent. That is the first reason that pushed me to decide to teach others how to Protect themselves: to give everyone the possibility to choose about their life by stopping unknown presences from deciding for them. Because in my life I wasn’t given a choice, my desire was to offer a choice to other people: the choice to Protect themselves. Protection was in fact the first technique that I taught to all  those people I met and who, in a short time, became my students. By deciding to practice the techniques of defence and evolution you learn to protect yourself from any influence that you had been unaware of until then, but which has been acting on you without asking for your consent. What distinguishes the Academy from many other “spiritual schools” is that here you are not asked to believe what we say, but you are invited to quickly put into practice the psyhic techniques taught, which will allow you to see with your own eyes the real facts that will take place thanks to practice. At this point you will have the absolute certainty that the Academy of Dimensional Consciousness is not a theoretical school, nor a school like any other...

The Academy is the only school of Psychic Arts that teaches techniques of enormous power which are also the most ancient techniques that have been re-evoked and re-adapted to modern times… which are actually not that different from the past and previous Epochs. History, in fact, constantly repeats itself and with it also those disturbances called paranormal. 

So I started my journey of evolution and since I started practicing I never stopped. Above all there are practice, experiences, evolution, and only afterwards comes all the rest. The reason why Practice is so important for me is because it allows to achieve those goals that, without techniques, would remain simple wishes forever, and will never be realized. They would stay dreams, empty hopes, illusions. I’m not a dreamer but I don’t keep my feet sunken in the ground either. I have become a realizer of psychic events that take place in real matter, because through Practice I learned to make my intents concrete, which are often aimed more towards helping others. 

I am both a spiritual person and realistic, even though some people believe that these two things can’t coexhist. If I want to obtain something I work in order to make it happen without allowing any form of energy to stop me, and most of the times I actually achieve my goals without even realizing I am getting there until they are completed. But my interests are not the same as those of the people around me… After I spent my childhood having to protect myself from dark presences, my mentality didn’t take the same route as the other people my age, not even in the following years. While the other teenagers were chasing trends, hobbies and other forms of entertainment for their minds in order to escape from the voice of their Conscience, I was founding the Academy of Dimensional Consciousness. When I still didn’t have internet my first students were some of my classmates. Afterwards, in a few years, everything evolved and the use of the internet definitely became a useful way for me to help a lot more people at the same time. Many years passed since then, but my goal has never changed. My own Psychic Evolution and the evolution of others are the only things that count for me. This is how me and Alexander – my psychic companion – founded the Academy that today is known and visited from all over the world.

Just like many other projects of mine, A.C.D. was created with the intent to help people to Free themselves from oppressions, from artificial apathy and from mental manipulations that happen inadvertently. I aim for the Psychic Evolution of myself and of others and in fact I openly teach all the necessary techniques to do so: it’s up to people to decide wether to follow them or to remain submerged by the problems of their life that repeat themselves in an endless loop. On my behalf there is all the interest to help those who decide to walk the path of Awakening. After many years I understood that the only way to discover the Truth is to Practice. All the rest that surrounds us is lies, manipulations and entertainment for our minds, for our Consciences, with the goal to stop us from Awakening. 

Many people believe that approaching a Spiritual path can be dangerous, that it can “attract negative events” or presences. When I was a child I didn’t ask anyone to attract negative presences to me, I didn’t choose to undergo those paranormal experiences, I wasn’t interested in spirituality as I was too young to do so, and there were no cellphones or internet to do research on certain topics. At 3, 4, 5 years of age I was definitely not the one who was interested in spirituality. Those negative events were happening on their own and they would prosecute me every day of my life until my teenage years, when I finally decided to look for answers and so I found Spirituality. Many people fear what they don’t know. I found relief and calm in my life only after I came across what I didn’t know. I realized that I had already encountered the worst side of the spiritual world and that from that point onwards I could only start to discover the best side of it. This was the exact reason why after I started practicing I never stopped, not even for a second, to believe in the Power of Psichic Abilities. Spirituality saved my life and finally showed me positive experiences and another side of the psychic world, a much more radiant and bright side. People fear Spiritualiy because they are afraid it can attract negative events to them. The truth is that you have lived negative events your whole life already, you have been subject to the worst things that could happen exactly because you were unaware; now you can only get to know the best side of Spirituality. The fear you could have in the beginning is just excitement of something you don’t know, a thrill that you never experienced before because you’ve shut down the voice of your Conscience until now, which is what was pushing you to research the truth. Maybe today is the first time you are listening to that voice that pushes you to want to know the truth about the psychic world, and that voice can provoke goose bumps that you could mistake for fear. But that is the road you should walk all the time. Through the Academy you will discover the truth about events you have always lived, you will figure out what happened during those events of your life that left you uncertain, and you will find explenation to things that you put a lid on even though you knew they were not “normal”. From the beginning you will realize that even though you were not aware of it you have experienced many “paranormal” events, and overtime you will realize that those two worlds have always coexhisted. You only have to choose to see and to understand, and to stop ignoring. You already discovered the worst from life, now you can only discover its best side. This is what will happen through the Academy. 

Here is what I can briefly tell you about me, but the truth is that if you want to discover my story you will find it in the lines of every single article of the Steps, in my Books, and in all the xperiences that I share through the lessons. There is no better way to discover the truth than to put into practice the techniques that I teach. Only in this way, overtime, you will really understand who I am. 

In the meantime I hope you will find happiness and realize your projects; therefore I am offering the techniques to accomplish that to you.

Best wishes,

Angel Jeanne


  • lady - 08:14 10/05/24

    Dopo la morte di mio padre, è come se si fosse rotta la "bolla" intorno a me. Ho cominciato a rivedere la vita, il suo senso, il perché. Quindi ho cominciato a cercare... a dubitare e rivalutare. Finché avevo letto che la meditazione apre la mente alla spiritualità, quindi avrei avuto le risposte alle mie domande. Ho trovato questo sito (il caso non esiste) che insegna la meditazione. Dopo qualche mese ho visto mio padre in astrale. Qualche anno dopo muore mia madre e rivedo anche lei. Ho ancora mille domande a cui non so la risposta perché non ho la capacità come alcune persone di vedere oltre. Spero al più presto di avere le mie risposte perché ho bisogno di sapere. Grazie Angel.

  • Ramona - 18:27 29/03/24

    So solo che da quando o conosciuto l'Accademia in un momento molto buio, (pare che Dio me la fatta trovare) la mia vita e migliorata tantissimo. Mi fido di te, e questo e il pensiero che o quando penso a Angel, e sei vicino esisti hai fatto tutto questo per l'intera umanita. Nel mio cuore sei un grandissimo valore, un esempio da seguire! Grazie per il tuo tempo, per il tuoi libri, per la tua esperienza, per il tuo coraggio di comportarti e pensare come Dio!

  • harkhan Medaglia per aver completato lo Step 1 Medaglia per aver completato il libro Prendiamo Coscienza degli ALIENI - Vol. 7 - 16:23 14/03/24

    Non ricordo se scrissi qualcosa la prima volta che lessi la tua biografia, lo faccio ora, a distanza di mesi. Mi sono ritrovato qui, non sapevo nemmeno cosa stessi cercando, e a un certo punto ho cliccato su chi siamo, perché? Non so. Ho riletto le esperienze che hai passato sin da piccola e mi hanno lasciato così; non capisco cosa hai potuto provare perché mai ho avuto esperienze simili, per ciò che mi ricordo. Tutto ciò che hai scritto sia qui, sia nelle lezioni per me sono argomenti nuovi, non sapevo nulla, e pure ora so poco. Non comprendo il motivo per cui sei stata scelta, anche perché hai parlato di presenze disturbanti, quindi non erano là per aiutarti, e farti comprendere quale fosse la tua strada. Ti apparivano con lo scopo di spaventarti o forse altro, io non saprei cosa dire, ma tu invece sì. Ecco, a me non è mai capitato nulla di tutto ciò, credevo ai fantasmi, non quelli col lenzuolo bianco, ma esseri umani che una volta morti erano diventati fantasmi, per quale motivo non avevo idea. Nessun oobe che ricordi, niente sulle vite passate, e anche vaghi ricordi della mia infanzia, pure adolescenza e incredibilmente anche degli anni della mia vita da adulto. Intendo dire che ho ricordi confusi, con difficoltà a porre gli avvenimenti in ordine cronologico; è come se avessi scritto tutti gli avvenimenti della mia vita in tanti piccoli pezzi di carta, li avessi messi in un sacchetto ed estratti a caso. Nemmeno adesso che sono negli anni della mia vecchiaia, riesco a ricordare bene che cosa mi è accaduto negli ultimi anni. Praticamente è come se i miei ricordi fossero stati cancellati parzialmente. Certo l'età non aiuta, ma dopo aver letto alcune cose che hai scritto, non sono più sicuro che l'età sia così fondamentale, ma sia una spiegazione che il sistema ci aiuta a credere. Hai un'età, è normale che questo... quello, quell'altro. eccetera. No, non credo proprio, penso che la manipolazione sia la spiegazione, d'altronde come ex medico non mi è difficile pensare che lo scopo del sistema non sia quello di aiutare le persone, ma quello di creare nuove patologie, accentuare quelle già esistenti, in modo da peggiorare lo stato di salute generale, e spingere la gente a comprare farmaci, grazie all'aiuto di medici instupiditi, che credono alla scienzah, la stessa che li ha manipolati (vedi pandemenza e siero genico). Comunque con me evidentemente in parte ci sono riusciti, e io ringrazio di poter essere qui, di averti "conosciuto" Angel, e di poter fare qualcosa per la mia Spiritualità ed Evoluzione. Sfortunatamente, non dipende da te se riuscirò o meno a salire di livello, ma da me, quindi vedremo. Grazie!

  • manuela3 - 09:14 07/03/24

    Certo che ne hai vissute da piccina! Una bimba piccola a doversi districare tra diverse entità malevole che agiscono indisturbate! Io da Vicina ho sempre Saputo che c’era qualche cosa oltre la realtà immediatamente percepita e ho sempre cercato qualche risposta in più Che non mi è mai arrivata dalle fonti “ Convenzionali “, provenendo io da un’educazione cattolica estremamente rigida e quindi con Tutte le sue conseguenti limitazioni.

  • Paola - 15:23 04/03/24

    Sono eccitata di poter avere accesso a molte cose che ora non conosco. Grazie Jeanne!

  • alessandra1978 - 22:35 25/02/24

    Cara Angel, grazie mille per condividere con noi la tua esperienza. Grazie, grazie grazie !

  • cinzi - 16:45 04/02/24

    Ciao Angel, facendo quattro calcoli sei molto giovane, e ti fa onore che tu abbia avuto la capacità di lavorare sulle tue paure invece di scappare da esse. Io ho 60 anni , un'infanzia difficile a circa 15 anni ho avuto una prima esperienza con entità, che ho sempre creduto reale andando contro anche a chi voleva farmi credere che io stessi sognando. Ne ho avute altre ma differenza tua sempre positive. Da quel momento ho voluto capire chi sono, perché sono in questa vita, Cosa devo imparare. Ho letto molto, tra i miei preferiti Neville Goddard e Florence scovel, ho sperimentato e devo dire anche con successo, credo in quell'energia universale di cui parli. Pensieri che purtroppo mi hanno anche portato ad allontanarmi da persone che amavo, che non capivano preferendo la solitudine." Tu e il tuo universo"la frase che mi fa ancora male.( e ci lavorerò, come spieghi nel tuo libro"Chi è Dio"che sto leggendo). Ed eccomi qua, in Accademia, dove mi fai capire quanto è importante la meditazione, cosa che non sapevo. È circa due mesi ci sto lavorando, forse sono ancora un po' lontana dalla perfezione, ma so che mi rilassa e sto la pratica continua , come dici tu,è importante. E quindi non mollo. Il fatto che tu lo faccia gratuitamente, avalla il fatto che tu lo faccia per salvare l'umanità, E io ti ringrazio di cuore perché l'umanità ne ha davvero bisogno.Piacere di averti conosciuta!

  • aseret - 20:29 02/02/24

    Profondamente toccata e commossa dalla tua storia, Angel Jeanne. Ti sento vicina. E provo profonda gratitudine per ciò che hai scelto di condividere ❣️

  • marialivia - 19:58 02/02/24

    Ciao Angel ! Affascinante il tuo cammino . Io sono una Pranic Healer lavoro già con le energie . Sono finita qui per caso . Un volantino che mi ha inviato Macrolibrarsi e dire che lo stavo cestinando ed invece stamattina ho deciso di leggerlo . È bene ho fatto . Grazie 🙏

  • Nidia Chaves - 18:24 19/01/24

    Ciao Angel Jeanne. DAVVERO molto interesante e bello il tuo racconto, è vero che la sofferenza da bambine a volte aiuta molto a maturare sin dalla tenera età, Io ne so qualcosa, ho avuto altri tipi di sofferenze ma poi crescendo ho gettato le basi per imparare a farmi forza nei momenti difficili, affrontando i tempi peggiori con grande serenità, e molto coraggio perchè altrimenti non sarei qui a raccontarlo oggi. Al mio paese si dice (no hay mal que para bien no venga) e che è ( non c'è male che non possa portare il bene, tutto succede per un motivo, Io l'ho capito col passare degli anni, per tutto c'è un perché, una ragione o motivo. Questa vita è come una scuola dove veniamo per imparare molte lezioni, a volte le lezioni possono essere molto dolorose, ma si impara a superarle, e a volte sono molto belle, e si è grati sia per le prime che per le seconde perchè tutte ti lasciano sempre degli insegnamenti. Ciao un Abbraccio

  • cannas.d - 01:28 04/01/24

    Grazie per la tua testimonianza e per l’enorme tesoro che metti a disposizione di tutti.

  • loredanatesta - 01:14 30/12/23

    è incredibile ogni passo che ho letto mi parla da una mente superiore. Forgiata dalla sofferenza lo capisco solo ora dopo aver letto questo...Profonda Gratitudine

  • rich - 20:39 04/12/23

    Ogni cosa arriva nel giusto momento, la mia vita è sempre stata irrequieta, sempre alla ricerca di qualcosa, sentivo quella sensazione perenne di vuoto dentro, apparentemente avevo tutto ma non riuscivo a trovare quell'ingrediente magico che mi facesse sentire libero e che mi facesse vedere chiaramente. Oggi dopo un bel pò di anni ho capito benissimo cosa cercavo e ciò di cui avevo bisogno ovvero vedere la realtà sottile che sta oltre l'apparenza di tutti i giorni, sono nella primissima fase di risveglio e il mio obiettivo è aprire del tutto gli occhi. Sono sicuro che per te non sia stato facile anzi anni e anni di duro lavoro che con tanta compassione hai deciso di condividere con chi oggi si sente intrappolato e sa che per stare bene deve scavare nel profondo per vedere la luce. Sei un esempio da seguire, ti sono GRATO

  • Giuseppina14 - 18:22 23/11/23

    Grazie! ti ringrazio per questa chiara e sincera presentazione di te, delle tue capacità e delle tue esperienze. Anche io ho vissuto sin da piccola su un doppio binario di 'normalità' e 'paranormalità' e sono perciò molto felice di essermi imbattuta in te e nella tua Accademia per poter meglio incanalare la mia cosiddetta 'paranormalità'.

  • A.I.77 - 16:51 23/11/23

    Avrei desiderato conoscere gli insegnamenti di Angel Jeanne nel momento in cui le mie capacità psichiche si sono risvegliate, quando ero in cerca di risposte sui misteri della vita. Tuttavia, si dice che il maestro appaia quando l'allievo è pronto. È evidente che il percorso delle nostre vite si svolge in modo sincronizzato con la nostra prontezza a ricevere determinate lezioni. Grazie di cuore.