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Energy – What energy is (Part 1)

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Energy is the foundation of everything that exists. From the smallest form of life to the universe itself, everything is made of energy. 

Throughout this journey, you will learn about the different types of energy, their correct terms, and how to recognize everything related to energy through experience.

First, it's important to understand exactly what is meant by "energy". While electrical energy may be the first thing that comes to mind, it is just one type of energy. There are many other forms, such as material energy, which is quite different from pranic energy.

Matter is energy. That means the wall, the bed, your computer, and all the objects that make up your room are made of energy. Your room itself is made of energy. However, there is a third type of energy called Prana. Prana or pranic energy is initially invisible, unlike the material energy just described, which you see and touch every day. As you pick up your phone, put on your clothes, and choose which shoes to wear, you are interacting with materialized energy Since you see and touch this type of energy every day, you may think it's the only kind that exists. However, there is another form of energy that surrounds you and fills every closed and open space as it’s everywhere. For simplicity, you can think of pranic energy as being similar to air, which is all around you, in every hidden corner and in the middle of the room.. For you to fully comprehend the concept of energy, we will simplify the terms by dividing them into two different topic. We will discuss material energy in the next article called Matrix. In this space, we will instead explore and deepen your understanding of Prana energy. When we talk about energy, we are usually referring to Prana. This energy exists all around us and can be used for healing, practicing spiritual techniques, and making us stronger and more aware. Prana energy is the force that activates and moves the mechanisms of the world and the entire universe. Without it, there would be no movement or evolution, and therefore no life. Energy is present everywhere, and there is no place in the entire universe where it is absent.

Energy exists everywhere, although there are places where it is heavier and more negative, and others where it is purer and more abundant. Nevertheless, there is no place where energy is absent. Without energy, a place cannot exist, ceases to exist, or, simply, never existed in the first place. Even now, energy surrounds you. Imagine energy as if it were air, and consider all the air present in your room at this moment. Wherever you go, it is present. You cannot see it, but it constantly surrounds you and brushes against you. As you know, oxygen and air are not the same thing. 

In fact, we can imagine a place without oxygen, but where air is still present. Think of enclosed spaces, such as being under covers or inside a closet, where oxygen is scarce and it may be difficult to breathe. In such cases, oxygen is missing, but air is still present. Therefore, even in places where oxygen is scarce or absent, energy is still present because these are two distinct substances. Energy is present everywhere, even in places where there is no oxygen, such as space. Even there, energy is still present. High mountains are another example, where air is present but there is much less oxygen. Therefore, don't associate energy with oxygen, as oxygen is limited while energy is infinite, abundant, and constantly increasing. Until now, you may have completely ignored the energy that surrounds and permeates your life because you cannot see it. You may have thought that, like air, it is invisible.

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So you go about your day without thinking about the energy that surrounds you, and inside the room you are in, you see nothing but the furniture around you, without realizing the amount of energy present beside and around you. You may be surprised to know that it's possible to learn how to see energy, although it takes practice. It's important to recognize that this ability is not strange or unthinkable, as many people can develop it by following the appropriate visual exercises.

Just think about how many people are able to see the Aura and its layers of colorful energy. The Aura is the energy field surrounding every person, living being, object, furniture, or car. It is the energy that everything that exists has always had. 

There are many types of energy, and each one has a specific term to accurately indicate its existence. For example, the Aura is energy, as are Prana and Consciousness, yet these are three different types of energy. To avoid confusion, I have created this course with great precision to guide you through each term and definition, step by step. This way, you can learn everything you need to know without fear of making mistakes or rushing too much.

From now on, to avoid confusion, when we refer to energy, we specifically mean the energy that fills the space of every place, so the energy that, like air, is present in every room, as well as in open spaces.

In fact, you can learn to see this type of energy and you will have the opportunity to understand and explore it in greater depth, as you progress through this journey.

Pranic energy is an extremely pure and high-level form of energy, and it is used by those who are capable of harnessing it to heal health problems. This is where the term "Pranotherapy" comes from, which I teach as "Energetic Healing" using Prana to achieve magnificent effects.

However, Pranic energy is not only used for Energetic Healing, but it is also the origin of all spiritual activities and can have very powerful effects. To perform any spiritual technique, such as an Astral Projection, creating a Psychic Protection, or learning to use Telepathy, it is necessary to increase one's own energy.

Pranic energy is a fundamental part of increasing our sensory functions, enabling us to use our abilities and greatly improving our physical and emotional health. In fact, it is an excellent ally for mental and psychophysical well-being. Many people confuse pranic energy with physical energy. If you look around, you can recognize those who are always energetic and active, with a desire to do, act, move, go out, and travel, and those who are much more sedentary, lazy, and often apathetic, with no desire to do anything. In jargon, we refer to the former as people with a lot of energy, and the latter as those with less. However, pranic energy is not physical energy, but a much more complex and spiritually elevated form of energy. A sunny person who likes to go out, travel, and always be on the move is certainly mentally charged, but has nothing to do with pranic energy, which instead allows you to develop your extrasensory abilities.

Pranic energy is all around us, but many people are unaware of its qualities and continue to ignore its usefulness. In order to use pranic energy, it is necessary to absorb it through conscious and well-practiced breathing. We breathe thousands of times every day, but we are not aware of Prana, and therefore, we are not breathing it. To absorb pranic energy, it is necessary to practice a precise meditation technique that teaches how to take and use it. Prana is all around us and can be absorbed, called upon, and breathed in at any time and place because there is no place where pranic energy is not present or cannot be reached in large quantities.

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Wherever you are, you can breathe in prana and use it to improve your health, strengthen your defenses, and change the atmosphere of your surroundings. Prana is everything that activates your spiritual engine and will remain active as long as you nourish it. However, Prana is not the only level of energy; everything around us is made of energy and has different layers of energy. If you're worried about not being able to keep up, don't worry. We'll review the same concepts often and increase our knowledge for each one, making it impossible not to understand how energy works.

Let's begin by categorizing the different types of energy we encounter. First, there is physical or material energy, which includes furniture, objects, furnishings, and our own physical bodies. This type of energy belongs to the Matrix and will be described in more detail in the next article. However, every object also has a layer of astral energy that surrounds it and belongs only to it. This energy field is called the Aura, and every object or living being has one, including you. In addition, objects and places can contain energy Programs, which are a type of positive or negative energy that has been programmed in a specific way. For example, a location where serious violence has occurred may have a negative energy program that affects the entire area due to the dark events that took place there. This is not the Aura, but rather an energy program that attaches to it and continues to exist for a while. You may have noticed how entering certain buildings or houses where people have died brutally, or in places where very negative events have occurred, still gives a bad feeling even if they have been recently renovated and modernized. This is because the energy program continues to exist until it is eliminated or replaced with a more positive one.

So far, we have discussed various types of energy and differentiated material energy (which includes objects and everything made up of matter) from Auric energy (the energy field of every living or inanimate thing around us) and Energy Programs (the energy imprints left by an event that occurred in a specific location). We have also touched on the energy that fills an entire room, which we will refer to as Static Energy. Similar to air, Static Energy can be found anywhere on the planet. Pranic energy is also present within Static Energy. To understand the difference between Static Energy and Pranic Energy, consider air once again: it is everywhere, regardless of whether the place is positive or negative. Pranic Energy is also present everywhere, but in very positive places, it is present in large quantities, while in negative places, it is present in smaller amounts. Static Energy is present everywhere, like Prana, but the latter is less present in very negative places, such as dark dimensions. Prana is ubiquitous, and even in the darkest dimensions, there is still a minimal percentage of it present, albeit at a much lower level. In positive places, its presence is much greater.

Prana can be summoned and brought into even the most negative dimensions. Despite the difficulty, negative places can be cleansed and reprogrammed with positive energy. The presence of pranic energy determines the level of positivity, not the other way around. Thus, a place with a lot of Prana becomes positive, while it becomes negative when it is absent.

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Prana is the ultimate positive energy: its presence improves events and the health of living beings in a certain area. For instance, war zones are very negative because there is little Prana. By sending Pranic energy to those places, the desire for war can be reduced. In other words, Pranic energy is fundamental for life and spiritual evolution.However, don't be afraid of the idea that energy can be divided into different terms, each related to a broad topic. In this journey, you will learn everything you need to know at a necessary pace and satisfy every intimate curiosity. Don't worry if you didn't grasp everything you read today on these pages; it takes time to assimilate concepts, reflect on them, and fully understand them. Take comfort in knowing that the topic of "energy" will be revisited many times because it is of vital importance. So, you will discover more and more information and increase the connections that will allow you to expand your knowledge and perspective. Give yourself time to digest the subject because, while it may seem simple on the surface, many spiritual individuals have not yet understood how important the presence of energy in their lives is and what it is capable of. Therefore, don't be in a hurry and enjoy learning. In the next article, I will explain what material energy is and how the Matrix works.

This document provides an introductory lesson on what energy really is. If you want to delve deeper and learn more information, please continue reading the next articles. Before that, we invite you to leave a comment below to let us know if this document was helpful to you, if you easily understood the explanation of energy, and if you found it useful.

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  • gretamm - 03:44 27/03/24

    ho compreso facilmente la spiegazione dell'energia in quanto ho già avuto modo di poter percepiere vari programmi energetici negli spazi che ho frequentato in passato, ho anche apprezzato molto la descrizione delle varie energie prana e statica ed anche la possibilità di poter modificare l'energia di un luogo come ad esempio per diminuire il desiderio di guerra, pratica che sarebbe utile oggi giorno in vari luoghi del mondo

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    Articolo introduttivo che spiega molto bene le basi e che cataloga i diversi tipi di energia: la prana che si usa per meditare e svolgere le varie pratiche psichiche, l'energia materiale che compone il mondo che ci circonda e l'energia elettrica che conosciamo bene utilizzandola in casa tutti i giorni. Ottimo esempio paragonare la prana all'aria per far capire che è ovunque essendo l'energia di Dio ma si può anche richiamare ed aumentare rendendo un luogo più positivo.

  • Galanasoul - 02:24 26/03/24

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    Non credo sia una solo una coincidenza, se il primo articolo del 1 step parli di energia. Quello dell’energia è un argomento che mi ha da sempre incuriosito, spesso avverto strane sensazioni quando entro in un luogo sconosciuto o quando conosco nuove persone. Inoltre, l’aspetto che più mi interessa è proprio capire come fare a difendere la propria aura in modo che nessuno possa influire negativamente sulla stessa e di conseguenza sulle nostre vite. A mio modo, cerco di proteggermi ma quando incontro certe persone mi sento come prosciugata. Non riesco ad evitarlo, spero di riuscire ad imparare a difendermi. Grazie

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    Leggere questo articolo è stato molto utile, io credo molto nell'energia ed è assolutamente vero che si percepisce nei luoghi, basti pensare anche ai cimiteri... dove io non vado mai, ed è sicuramente percepibile anche nelle persone. Ho acquistato diversi libri per cercare di capire qualcosa e come utilizzarla sopratutto per la protezione che credo sia importantissima, ma questo è spiegato in modo semplice e chiaro a differenza di altre cose che ho letto dove non avevo mai sentito parlare di prana ma solo di energie...grazie per la lezione

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