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The Matrix – What the Matrix is (Part 1)

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You have always known about its existence, but you didn’t know its name.

The Matrix is everything you see, everything you hear, and everything you touch. Whatever you can see, hear, and smell is part of the Matrix. You are also part of the Matrix.

The Matrix is everything that surrounds you, it's the routine that continues, it's the city, it's your busy life. Life in this world is Matrix. The society we live in is a Matrix - the earth, the sky, the sea, the school, work, and other people - all of it is part of the Matrix. It has a physical appearance and an intelligent mind that creates and directs everyone's life. It is a material dimension, so everything that exists can be touched, seen, smelled, heard, and perceived. The Matrix is like an Intelligent Consciousness, an advanced artificial reality made of energy that can shape energy within it.

In the previous article, I explained some differences between various types of energy, implying that material energy is part of the Matrix. Imagine for a moment that you could associate the entire existence of the planet we live on with a person; they would have a body and a mind.

The body is made of matter, so it is not abstract but something that can be seen and touched, unlike the mind which seems invisible but is present. Inside the body, there are many other small organisms that carry out their actions every day and sustain the life of the large organism (the physical body) that encompasses them all.

Meanwhile, there is the mind of this planet that cannot be seen or touched. It is invisible, yet it activates all these organisms and enables them to perform their daily tasks. We refer to this mind as the Low Frequency, or simply Low. The mind possesses incredible intelligence because, in addition to activating the physical body and all its internal organisms to keep them alive, it can also create, think, evolve, and therefore expand its knowledge.

We refer to the body as Matrix and the mind as Low. For simplicity, we will discuss Matrix and Low as if they were one entity. However, in the next article, we will explain the differences between the two aspects

Clearly, the Matrix is not like a person. In fact, it is very different from the humanized idea that comes to mind. However, within our physical body, there is a small Matrix that fills the life of every single organism that composes us. By living and carrying out its "daily tasks," this matrix allows us to live and experience our life.

Therefore, the Matrix/Low is not directly comparable to us, but rather to the consciousness that fills and manages the internal life of our physical body. The great Matrix is the dimension in which we find ourselves and manages the physical life of planet Earth. If you think about it, it's similar to a set of Russian dolls, where planet Earth contains its own Matrix, and we exist within it. Additionally, there is another smaller Matrix inside us where our cells are located.

Don't be afraid of this topic, because if it still seems too complicated to understand, There will be many opportunities and more documents where I will explain it better and clearer. For now, let me explain the basics from which everything starts. This will help you manage your life autonomously and recognize it from all of this.

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Currently, we exist within the Matrix dimension, a material world that we can touch and see. Everything around us is part of Matrix, but the truth is that Matrix is a massive, huge illusion. Everything we perceive - all that we see, touch, or feel - is part of this grand illusion known as the Matrix. In truth, the ultimate reality is that everything is energy, and nothing is more real than this.

When we touch something, we believe we are feeling its texture, hardness, and material, but in reality, we are touching an elaborated energy that allows us to feel physical sensations. However, this energy exists only in this illusory dimension. The Matrix is like a big video game in which we are born with VR Visors already on, and we forget - or we may never know - that what we experience is just a role-playing game that seems so real because of the Virtual Reality glasses we wear.

No one has ever warned us, because everyone we know was born with this VR helmet already on, just like us. If we were to take off these virtual glasses, we would realize that reality is very different from the world we live in. But we were born with the helmet already on, and we don't know how to remove it, nor do we know that it should be removed.

Meditation is the key to unlocking the helmet and allowing us to remove it whenever we want. However, the gear is stuck, and we must patiently find the right lever to remove this helmet that deludes us. The Matrix is not inherently negative, but we have been deceived by it into believing that everything we see is real. We are convinced that it is worth living for this game, and even dying for it, just to finish the game. We were born and raised to believe that we must serve this video game, unaware that everyone around us is wearing the same helmet and preventing us from knowing the right lever to unfasten it.

But let's start from the beginning.

Matrix is a program that manages life inside an organism, coordinating all the other small organisms that make it up. The galaxy has a great Matrix, so what we see or know about the galaxy is actually what the Matrix presents to us. Inside the galaxy, there are planets, stars, satellites, and other celestial bodies, including our planet. Earth is inhabited by many different living beings: there are insects, animals, plants, and humans, and each of them must respect Nature, which refers to the pre-set programs that we all have inside us since birth and follow without realizing it, because it was chosen that way. Nature is the term we use to describe the choices of the planet through its Matrix.

Just as the galaxy has its own Matrix, the planet Earth within it also has its own personal Matrix. There are many Matrixes throughout the universe, each different but together making up the universe's huge Matrix. Although each Matrix is unique, there are many similarities. Inside the planet Earth, there is a Matrix that we all respect every day by following the call of nature. Similarly, the cells inside us respect the directions sent by the Matrix of our physical body to ensure that all living beings inside us follow and execute, allowing our life to continue. Therefore, the Matrix is of fundamental importance for the continuation of life.

Every planet and every dimension has a Matrix, just as every living being does. You have an internal Matrix that directs your cells and tells them what to do, just as you live in the Matrix of planet Earth that directs and tells you what to do. For this reason, you grow, study, evolve, mate, start a family, and eventually die. This is the process of life that the Matrix has chosen for the inhabitants of this planet.

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However, not everyone is obligated to wear the helmet forever and accept to see the reality as imposed by the Matrix. It is possible to take off the helmet and realize that the reality imposed on us since birth is nothing but a very realistic video game to which we have pledged excessive loyalty.

What we see and believe to be real every day is actually a virtual game in which we have chosen to participate as a human character, in which we have identified too much. Unfortunately, most people around us have forgotten the choice they made before they were born, so they cover their character convincing themselves that it is their true self, deeply believing it in their hearts.They reason as if they were the chosen character, following the decisions he must make, carrying out main and occasional missions that arise during the game, and respecting the personality that the game has pre-set for them. They don't realize that they are much more than the character they are playing, but they are so immersed in the role that they can no longer recognize who they really are. Few people today ask themselves the right questions: "Who am I? Is my life real? Why is all this happening to me?” and there are even less people who decide to seek answers, and our virtual reality makes us believe that everything around us is real. We've been surrounded by this reality for so long that we often believe it should be enough for us.

So we believe that our life is real, that our work is real, that our routine is real, that our life choices are real, forgetting that we are merely playing a game within a highly advanced video game. The truth is that everything we see, touch, and feel are holograms designed by a highly skilled graphic designer. But who could be so talented as to create the Matrix of the entire universe?

Someone or something that exists beyond the video game in which we are immersed: the Universe and planet Earth really exist, but the way we see them and the way we experience them are illusory. There are multiple dimensions parallel to ours, and we are only living in one of many, not the only existing one. The reality is that everything, and I mean everything, is composed of energy. We perceive it as physical form because the hologram is made up of finely crafted pixels that appear real. But literally everything around us is composed of energy. The appearance of anything, whether stationary or moving, is part of the Matrix and therefore illusory because it is part of the video game we are playing.

Some characters are real, because just like you they have put on a helmet and immersed themselves in the role. Others, however, are entirely illusory figures - just like when you play against or with computer characters. In video games, they are called bots, and we call them more generally as Gaia’s Low. The holographic projection we see and believe is reality is actually energy that, in this dimension, we recognize as physical. In truth, everything around us is a set of codes that make up that precise projection.

You may have watched "The Matrix" in the past and found it either boring or fascinating. Regardless of your personal taste, the movie attempted to convey significant information, including the truth about the Matrix, albeit through cinematic scenarios. When we refer to "the codes of Matrix," we often think of the scenes in the movie, where the green codes represent the virtual reality in which we live; but this is a mistake, because the film - portraying scenes of the grid replete with numerical codes - aimed to make us immediately reflect on the reality of the Matrix, 

In fact, the Matrix is not a theory inspired by the eponymous film, but rather the film was inspired by the real Matrix that has existed forever. Millennia of experience have allowed many spiritual people to become aware of its existence. This is why many films with virtual themes have been made, likely with the intent of showing everyone the truth about the world we live in and making us understand that our reality is illusory, while the truth lies outside the Matrix.

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Everything you touch, eat, drink, and see with your eyes is a projection that the Matrix has chosen to show you in this vast video game. In reality, the walls, objects, and table in your kitchen are nothing but a set of codes that your brain, and those of all other physical inhabitants of this planet, decode through the helmet they wear. This allows them to associate those codes with an image, recognizing it, for example, as a piece of furniture rather than a virtual structure. This helmet is a regulator within your brain that makes you perfectly suited to the Matrix dimension you inhabit.

The Matrix, like the Low Frequency, is what you have always referred to as Nature. It is what causes you to conform to life in this dimension. This is not negative because your physical body is perfectly balanced to the place where it was born, planet Earth. Everything you see around you is an energy projection: codes composed of energy that your brain - perfectly programmed and tuned to the large computer called Matrix - decodes, translates, and interprets into the vision of a piece of furniture or a material body. In other words, everything around you is made of energy, but you see it as physical and material because you are tuned to that setting of the large Program that belongs to this computer.

We know about the Matrix codes because if you find the right lever to remove your helmet, you can actually see the Matrix codes with your own eyes. However, seeing the codes is a difficult task. Few have chosen and continue to train to see the true reality, while many prefer to be lulled to sleep by the video games they play, making it their sole reason for living.

The Matrix is the video game in which we were supposed to experience this dimension, but something went wrong, because we kept our helmet on for too long and forgot to take it off. In fact, Our excessive attachment to our characters in the game comes from our helmet: the Regulator, the means by which the Low Frequency manages to keep us tightly bound to our virtual life, causing us to nearly forget about reality. In upcoming articles, I will explain what the Low Frequency is and how it works.

Perhaps this is the first time you have heard of the Matrix, so all this knowledge explained to you so quickly might have felt like a punch to the stomach. However, despite the rational absurdity that would make you stop thinking about it, you may have felt something inside you: a sensation that translates into words, saying "All of this is real. I already knew it, but I didn't want to believe it."

The Regulator wants to keep you “low”, in a state of delusion, making you believe that there is no truth left to discover and that everything that exists is already well-exposed in front of your eyes. However, a strong feeling arises within you, pricking at your consciousness, because it continues to say, "This is exactly what I wanted to know, because I sensed that something around me wasn't as real as I had been made to believe." You haven't been interested in these topics by chance or because you didn't know how to pass the time; you have been interested because something invisible, but very deep inside you, has insisted that you seek answers that no one had ever given you before. Perhaps it's time to discover who you are and why you're here.

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This document is the translation of the original article on the Accademia di Coscienza Dimensionale website.

  • antonio-pattara - 19:01 24/02/24

    Da quando sono bambino che ho sulla bocca la parola consapevolezza senza all'epoca conoscerne il significato. Ed ora questo percorso che mi si è palesato alla soglia dei 51 anni lo sento essere la via per giungere alla vera consapevolezza. Grazie di cuore per quanto condiviso.

    • antonio-pattara - 18:59 24/02/24

      Ed ora questo percorso che mi si è palesato alla soglia dei 51 anni lo sento come la via per raggiungere la vera consapevolezza.

  • marcello-muratore - 09:07 23/02/24

    Il Matrix della persona, se analogamente a quello della terra, gestisce ogni parte che lo compone, non ne è consapevole. Io non sono consapevole delle funzioni dei miei organi interni, per esempio. Così come non lo sono del Matrix che mi gestisce, ossia quello della terra. La Terra è consapevole di cosa sta facendo? Delle sue parti, come del Matrix della galassia? Perché in effetti le malattie forse sono causa della mancanza di consapevolezza. Dunque forse la nostra cecità deriva da una mancanza di consapevolezza della terra. A cosa vi riferite dicendo vedere che i codici verdi del film come i codici del Matrix è un GRAVE errore?

  • paolino - 22:52 22/02/24

    Ora mi rendo conto di quanto ho dormito per anni! finalmente l' inizio di un grande risveglio... grazie mille!

  • erianthe - 11:19 22/02/24

    Finalmente riesco a comprendere il concetto di Matrix... E' come se qualcosa, dentro, fosse cambiato. Grazie

  • deb - 07:08 21/02/24

    È affascinante rileggere questo articolo e ricordarmi comè effettivamente la realtà che ci circonda. È molto facile dimenticare di indossare il casco e farsi trascinare da questo videogioco soprattutto durante la propria routine quotidiana. Rileggere questo articolo è sempre un pugno allo stomaco perché anche se l ho sempre saputo, leggere nero su bianco queste cose è tutto un altro effetto. Non so neanche come spiegare bene alcuni concetti che ho in testa, come se mancasse un linguaggio appropriato per questi temi. Grazie per ricordarci sempre chi siamo e dove ci troviamo🩵

  • ataccio - 21:23 20/02/24

    questa prima parte del matrix è molto affascinante. la materia come energia l'ho già sperimentata. mi piacerebbe saper riconoscere noi esseri reali dai bot / Gaia's Low. grazie

  • valentinaveg - 18:36 20/02/24

    Non è facile acquisire davvero questa consapevolezza… non tutti sono pronti e anche io mi redo conto di fare fatica. Ma se sono qui e’ perché sento la spinta che mi motiva intanto a cercare informazioni per poi sperimentarle su di me..

  • tozza - 20:51 16/02/24

    Credo che tutti, in fondo, sappiano di vivere in un'illusione, ma la paura della verità finisce col spingere quei dubbi in profondità, come una fastidiosa voce in fondo alla mente. Svegliarsi un giorno e scoprire che tutte le tue scelte, i tuoi traguardi e le tue sofferenze non sono altro che parte di una sorta di mondo virtuale deve essere un vero e proprio incubo. Detto ciò, il concetto di realtà è relativo, e mi chiedo se il Matrix si possa davvero definire virtuale, dato che la sua influenza è decisamente concreta sui suoi abitanti. Forse, per un esterno, potrebbe anche sembrare finto, ma per chi deve vivere ogni giorno al suo interno, è decisamente reale.

  • ant777 - 00:02 16/02/24

    Sì, mi rendo conto - almeno a livello razionale - che tutto ciò che ritengo realtà sia in verità un'illusione, Maya. Il punto è che mi sembra di non trovare la porta per uscire da quella gabbia razionale e percepire con tutta me stessa al di là del velo. Mentre leggevo e ascoltavo l'articolo, mi chiedevo in che modo tutto questo si intreccerà con la visione dell'antroposofia di Rudolf Steiner, cui mi sto avvicinando da qualche mese. Come pure con l'Io Sono di Saint Germain. Intanto, pazientemente, lascio che tutto fluisca in me, consapevole che assorbirò quanto sarò pronta ad accogliere. Grazie di tutto.

  • miky79 - 18:13 15/02/24

    Sono rimasta sorpresa nell'apprendere che tutto quello che vedo intorno a me e una proiezione energetica ovvero un insieme di codici io non avevo nemmeno mai visto il film Matrix ma ho sempre avuto la sensazione di dover cercare risposte e verità

  • rosariam - 16:00 12/02/24

    Nella parte finale viene descritta perfettamente la mia sensazione, ho trovato conferma a tutti i miei pensieri, quei pensieri che nel momento stesso in cui venivano formati, mi facevano sentire strana, e diversa, è meraviglioso trovare finalmente qualcuno che ti dia delle risposte, che ti aiuti a capire realmente.

  • Eros - 18:04 08/02/24

    Hai aggiunto importanti informazioni a ciò che sapevo. Il film Matrix, il primo dei quattro, è rivelatore per gli umani che hanno già almeno iniziato a lavorare su di sè. Molto interessante l'introduzione della Low, di cui non conoscevo l'esistenza ma, a posteriori, l'ho sempre percepita. Aspetto di studiare il resto per capire cos'è. Questa lezione mi ha sgomentato, anche se non mi rivela nulla di completamente nuovo e mi entusiasma per la possibilità di "uscita" dal Matrix o, perlomeno, di gestire con più efficacia la schiavitù.

  • Francesca67 - 17:12 08/02/24

    Questa e’ decisamente la descrizione migliore della nostra (non) realta’ che abbia letto. Indubbiamente negli ultimi anni qualcosa is e’ smosso nella coscienza collettiva, sempre piu’ persone hanno iniziato a farsi domande e a mettere in dubbio certezze che non troppo tempo fa sembravano indissolubili. Sperimentando un po’ noi stessi, non e’ troppo difficile rendersi conto che le cose cosi’ come ci son sempre state spiegate non tornano…sfortunatamente pero’ questo “crollo di certezze” causa dentro di noi una gran confusione che richiede molto lavoro e forza di volonta’ per sistemarlo e piano piano raggiungere piu’ consapevolezza su cio’ che e’ veramente la realta’, chi siamo realmente e cosa siamo venuti qui a fare. Sono domande che a cui non mi sono ancora risposta in modo soddisfacente ma inizio vagamente a crearmi un’idea…

  • nike - 15:48 06/02/24

    Di nuovo qui, ancora nel Matrix hah domani prima lezione, al secondo ascolto ho avuto come l'impressione che il Matrix agisca su di noi come un insieme di forze deterministiche dovute all appartenenza a un gruppo/specie/pianeta. È come la speciazione delle cellule, solo che se siamo consapevoli possiamo tornare, in noi, indifferenziate e coscienti

  • sole15 - 15:11 06/02/24

    Conoscevo il Matrix solo per il famoso film, ma non immaginavo che, in realtà, con questo nome si fossero ispirati al vero Matrix in cui viviamo da sempre. Molti film di fantascienza cercano, ancora adesso, di darci un minimo di verità sulla realtà illusoria di cui è formato questo mondo, lasciandoci molti spunti di riflessione importanti. Come i videogiochi, da piccoli, ci tenevano incollati allo schermo, il Matrix ci tiene incollati a questa finta vita sulla Terra. Se non ci si risveglia, si finisce per essere equiparati a semplici Bot, ossia burattini manovrati a piacimento da chiunque.