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Thinking – Thinking positively to not think negatively (Part 3)

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Thought is the obstacle that every man will have to overcome if he wants to find himself.

Thoughts are mostly influenced by the outside world and other people, in fact very few thoughts are really your own. Among these influenced thoughts, the most dangerous ones are the negative ones or also called pessimistic, which knock you down like a dead weight tied to your sides, always ready to make you fall. Eliminate all thoughts at once is impossible, but you can accustom your mind to think positive, instead of leaving it free to throw us down at any time as if it were a large boulder ready to make us collapse into the deepest abyss. Negative thinking is the worst enemy of spiritual evolution, which is why you must learn how to educate it.

You may initially underestimate the idea of positive thinking because you feel it is not for you and you have good reasons for being a “realist,” which you approach as if it were synonymous with “pessimist.” You think that positive thinking is one of those behavioral techniques that are so fashionable to look splendid in front of others, but that it would not change anything in your real life. You may feel that thinking positive is as good a way as any to delude yourself that something good will happen, while life is always bringing you bad news. Following a spiritual path does not mean you have to change your thinking to fit what is taught within it; so, it does not mean changing who you are or what you think. Following a spiritual path means opening one’s mind to understanding everything around us, so that we can see and understand it with broader views. Therefore, a good spiritual path does not ask you to change yourself or what you think, but to figure out if what you think is really who you are, or if you have been following the pessimistic bias we all undergo. As a result, a true spiritual path changes you, not because it goes against your will, but because it gives you the opportunity to decide who you want to be, instead of undergoing what you had to become to be accepted by others.

Starting to practice positive thinking is far more complex than it sounds, because there is no one who can get inside your head to advise you, tell you what you are doing wrong, or how to improve what you are thinking; you have to do it yourself. But I can explain to you the reasons why you should start the path of positive thinking, as it will bring many more benefits to the evolution of your sensory gifts and to your everyday life. Spirituality is not a life of its own, but is an addition to your personal life that can be improved in every area. Surely you started this path to evolve your Sixth Sense, to discover the truths beyond this dimension and try new experiences, but when you start to practice the techniques more seriously, first of all Meditation, you will realize that it brings many more benefits than you initially thought. Because meditation is not just about getting you some extra-sensory experience, it is about improving your daily life, your physical health, your ability to relate to others, increasing from the smallest to the greatest personal successes without you understanding where all this good fortune comes from. Over time, you will begin to see spirituality as something that goes far beyond just a curious activity added to your routine, but you will see it as a necessary act to feel good and get your day off to the best possible start; kind of like the act of stretching your bones as soon as you wake up. Everything will be much more spontaneous. For the moment you must confront Low, with the thousands of thoughts and obstacles it throws in front of your eyes to distract you from your evolution, but if you choose to listen to yourself, rather than the thoughts that insist on making you quit, you will be able to reach this level of belonging. Spirituality will no longer be a hobby, but a part of you that you have always felt was missing and that you have finally managed to find.

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The act of positive thinking can be defined as a technique because it must be practiced throughout the day and be taken literally. It is not equivalent to Meditation, because during meditative practice you must learn to remain in non-thought; During the rest of the day, however, you need to educate your thinking so that it becomes at least positive, rather than a strong enemy that keeps hammering you and knocking you down for everything. Thinking positive is not easy because you find yourself always having good reasons to think negative, to believe you cannot do it, to have doubts about yourself or your abilities, or to fear that something will go wrong “as usual”, in any area of your life. So, this is a real path of practice, where every day you should try to direct your thinking towards the more positive side, instead of falling into the trap and afflicting yourself with mental evil; you are used to doing this and you do not even realize it anymore, because it is imprinted in your habits. Thinking positively is not only a way to be happier throughout the day – which is no small feat – but it helps to actualize positive events in your life. Even though it is all new to you now, everything around us is made and set in motion by energy, which means that your thinking – which is a type of energy – can affect the world around you. It is not just your daily actions that can affect the lives of others, but also your thoughts. Perhaps you now have trouble in believing that your thought can be capable of creation, claiming that thought is only a thought. Yet, you are probably the first to believe in the evil eye, fearing that a very envious person may think of you with malice and, with just the evil thought, may negatively affect your life and bring you bad luck, cause you to have an accident, and so on. Why do you think that only envious people can create through their thinking? Does this mean that envious people have an edge, so much so that they can materialize their desire with a very simple thought? No, obviously; we all create with our mind, but we do it with unconsciousness, so we are not able to create on command and we are not trained to control our emotions. In doing so, we create both negative and positive events, but especially negative ones, because we have a bad habit of thinking much more negative than we should be thinking positive.

By means of this spiritual path you will learn how to create events with your will, but before teaching you these techniques you must learn how to improve your positive thinking. To learn how to create with thought, you must first train yourself to understand what your desires are from those that are imposed on you instead. So, you will learn to use intent, which is thinking so fast that it does not have time to associate an image or a word; I call it a mental feeling, because it comes from the chest but is stronger than thought. Before you get to that you have to work on improving your thinking so that it is always more positive and less negative. The three fundamental techniques to best begin the spiritual journey are: Meditation, Protection and Positive Thinking. Of course, there are many more techniques that I teach, and they are all very important, but these three techniques form the concrete foundation on which to create your own path of Awakening; they are like the main pillars that you must never let go, otherwise everything else will collapse. It is normal, especially at the beginning, to believe that positive thinking is not so important, but with practical experience, especially with Meditation, you will realize that it is necessary to keep a positive mind during the day, and not only during the meditation session. Everything that influences our mind tries to make us think negatively, with a continuous aftertaste of pessimism. Instead of thinking that everything is going to be okay, we will always think that something might happen so that our day, our project, or our future, might go wrong. The point is that there is no real reason to think so, but we still want to insist that it must be so. We are almost surprised when a project runs smoothly without a hitch, as if we are so used to the problems that their absence begins to make us miss them.

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Again, it would be impossible to fight against negative thoughts with force, because eventually they would find the right word to silence you and get the upper hand over you. Instead, you can slowly get them used to taking an increasingly optimistic turn, until you have achieved control. After you learn to think positive, you will realize how important it is to think even less during the day, but we will get to that later. Try to convert every thought into something more positive, which does not mean irrational, but rather being rationally positive. If tomorrow you have an exam and you have not studied anything and you already know that it will be a very difficult exam, so much so that it will be impossible to pass it, it is useless to spend the day suffering, knowing that just one day will not be enough to study everything; so why do you decide to waste this day being anxious and obsessing about tomorrow? You already know you are not going to pass it and it is not the end, it is not the last chance, and if it was you should have thought of it sooner; now you have no reason to despair, rather prepare for the next date. Rather than spend the day being mentally ill, accept that you are not ready for tomorrow and think that you have the opportunity to prepare much better for the next date. It is a hassle, it is a pain, but you should have thought of it sooner; but now it is late, and you do not need to throw away this last day, because you could use it instead to get ahead with other subjects or for the next date of the same exam. As you can see, positive thinking doesn’t mean being irrational, deluding yourself into thinking you can pass the exam without having studied anything and then, of course, going there, failing, and seeing your world come crashing down on you. Through positive thinking, though, you can give your day a reason: you will not pass tomorrow’s exam, but you will use today to do something productive, instead of studying at the last minute for an exam that failed in the beginning. What would you like to prove? Why study for an already failed exam? If you are acutely aware that it is impossible to get through it with just one day of study, then do not waste time and move on to the next one.

Instead, if you have studied but still fear you are not prepared enough and therefore afraid you will not make it, convert your fears and anxiety into a positive thought: try it. Thinking right away that you are going to succeed for sure and that it is going to be okay is definitely very complicated at first; But you can choose not to think negatively, that is, to stop hammering yourself with obsessive thoughts and concentrate on doing something else. If you have the exam tomorrow then keep preparing, and if a re tired of studying do something else, as long as you do not stop to think negative: otherwise, it will be your downfall. Rather than sitting still, lying in bed obsessing over tomorrow’s outcome, do anything else but do not think negative: otherwise, you will create the event for tomorrow to go worse than it should have gone! Control your thinking, think positive or at least do not spend time thinking negative. Thinking creates, so if you keep thinking negative you are feeding the negative events that could happen to make your exam go wrong; instead, if you stop thinking negative, you first stop feeding the stress and everything that follows, after which you can start thinking a little more positive. Tomorrow you will have the exam, it is not the first and it is not the last obstacle you will have to overcome, it will not last a whole day but only a few minutes. Why do you have to stress an entire day or week over an event that will last only a few minutes? Why do you have to decide to feel bad, to suffer, to panic, over something that will only happen tomorrow and for a very short time? Quiet your mind, choose not to fall into the trap of angst, stress, and anxiety because they are devastating to your physical and mental health. Did you study? Well, if you can still study do it, if you cannot because you are too tired then there is no point in thinking about it; if you are not tired then study, if you are too tired and it would be useless to study anymore then stop thinking about it. Free your mind!

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We are too used to punishing ourselves and believing that if we do not do our duty then we should feel guilty and treat ourselves badly. You have been studying for the exam and you are afraid that this one might go wrong but you do not have the energy to study anymore, you feel guilty and punish yourself, thinking that if you cannot study then you do not have to do anything else, like you are being punished. You are no longer a child and you are not your parent: stop punishing yourself like they did when you were little. You are old enough to know if you want to study or not: if you really cannot study, what is the point of staying in bed doing nothing, thinking and obsessing about tomorrow’s exam? You have no reason to punish yourself: only punish yourself if you know you can study but are too lazy to do so, because that is another matter. However, if you are acutely aware that more than that you cannot do, that you have already done everything you can and cannot do any more, then do something else as long as you do not stop to do anything. If you do something else, like go to the gym or take a walk in the park, you will not forget everything you have studied as if by magic and find yourself failing the exam tomorrow because of the walk you took the day before. If you do not pass it, it is because you did not study well in all the time you had, certainly not because of the walk the day before. Do you think if you close the book and lie in bed all day obsessing, you will keep your mind sharp and pass the exam tomorrow because of it? Our parents used to keep us in the house for punishment: “Study or you will not get out!”. This means that if you do not study, you cannot get out. You are very wrong if you think it will change anything to believe that even though you have studied, even though you have worked hard, you still must punish yourself – like they did when you were little! – just for fear of not having done enough. If you stay home obsessing and not opening the book, or if you leave the house or do something else, the fate of tomorrow’s exam will not change. In fact, going out will certainly make you less tense and anxious than spending the evening obsessing over it.

With the example of the exam, I want you to understand the difference between acting and thinking. If you can change an event, such as studying more for tomorrow’s exam, then stay home and study, because today’s sacrifice will result in you not having to sacrifice during the coming months; if you pass the exam tomorrow, you will not have to drag it out to a future date. However, if you have already studied and you know that you cannot do any more of what you have already done, and you have no intention of studying any more, then do not sit still and think about it; do something else, anything to keep from sitting still and thinking negative. This applies to every single situation in our lives, and not just exams! If you are dreading something, dreading an event, or you are anxious about a meeting, do what you can to get there prepared. If you have already done everything you can, then stop thinking about it and take care of something else. Staying fixated on thinking about that event hurts you mentally, physically, and your negative thinking will create more obstacles for that day. So, stop thinking, rather occupy yourself with something else. The first step in learning to think positive is to stop thinking negative; especially when you do not really need to, but you insist on spending hours or, worse yet, entire days, in the truest sense of the word, obsessing over an event that scares you. Decrease your negative thoughts and future events will begin to improve, becoming more and more positive. After that, we will move on to changing our mental approach to events, thinking about them with a much more positive awareness.

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    Il pensiero positivo è sicuramente una tecnica difficile da attuare ma non impossibile se si procede per gradi. Personalmente ciò che mi aiuta, se proprio non riesco a pensare positivo, è quantomeno cercare di smettere di pensare, dunque restare in non pensiero. Poi mi sono accorto che è più semplice pensare positivo se si diventa coscienti nel momento stesso in cui si inizia a pensare negativo. Dunque, prima di venire completamente sopraffatti dal pensiero pessimistico che sembra abbia il pilota automatico, divento cosciente che sto iniziando a pensare in negativo e prendendone coscienza riesco subito a sostituire quella narrazione con una più positiva. Il problema sussiste se non si è coscienti perché si è troppo abituati a pensare negativo tanto che ormai l'abbiamo reso una parte di noi. Dunque, a prescindere ci vuole la volontà di migliorarsi e questo percorso offre delle valide ragioni per farlo. Divenendo coscienti che il nostro pensiero crea, siamo spinti a prendere maggiore consapevolezza dei nostri processi di pensiero interni e anziché essere passivi e subirli completamente piano piano decidiamo di prendere coscienza e pensare più positivo per attrarre a noi situazioni migliori o quantomeno per restare in non pensiero e goderci la serenità che comporta non pensare. Sono d'accordo sul fatto che il pensiero rappresenta il più grande nemico di una persona e l'ostacolo più grande nel percorso spirituale. Noi viviamo con noi stessi, dunque con la nostra mente e se dentro questa c'è l'inferno, questo è quello che viviamo. Che ci piaccia o no, il pensiero positivo è una responsabilità che ci appartiene se vogliamo migliorare la nostra vita. Importante anche smettere di classificare il pensiero positivo come una moda "New Age" che serve solo per apparire più cool davanti agli altri. Il vero pensiero positivo ha ben altro scopo che è quello in primis di farti stare bene, smettere di ossessionarti e in seguito di attrarre a te circostanze più favorevoli.

  • SerenaP - 13:19 20/02/24

    Mi sono resa conto che ho spesso pensieri negativi che a volte diventano ossessivi e che mi tengono giù in un loop terrificante. È difficile non pensare negativo quando tutto attorno a noi e dentro fa di tutto per dimostrarci che è normale e giusto così quando in realtà non lo è affatto. Il primo passo è vedere, quello successivo agire

  • Manuela3 - 11:35 19/02/24

    L’auto punizione è qualcosa che riconosco mi appartenga. Proprio questa mattina con la Cristalloterapia è venuto fuori che io questa tendenza. Sono tutti nodi da guarire.

  • Alep - 21:56 18/02/24

    Penso più volte negativo, ho anche certe ossessioni e paure, di fallire, sbagliare su cose che non sono ancora accadute o che sono persino poco importanti. Peggio ancora quando penso a degli eventi che non sono realmente possibili, ma che mi fanno comunque paura. A volte ho persino paura di pensare negativo e che quel singolo pensiero sia tanto forte da riuscire a rendere qualcosa di impossibile possibile. In questi casi provo a non pensare più ed a richiamare prana che purifichi questi pensieri e li scacci via.

  • loredanatesta - 21:43 17/02/24

    pensare negativo nuoce veramente alla salute, è una cosa concreta non un modo di dire

  • Hor Medaglia per aver completato lo Step 1 - 23:41 15/02/24

    Lungo questo nostro percorso abbiamo più volte ripetuto che il pensiero crea e quindi dobbiamo realmente fare attenzione a cosa pensiamo. Conosciamo l'effetto pgmalione o la profezia che si autodetermina, e sono semplicemente una presa di consapevolezza della potenza creatrice del pensiero.Durante la meditazione dobbiamo afre attenzione a rimanere nel non pensiero, questo per aiutare la nostra psiche, i nostri centri energetici a poter attirare piluce divina possibile in modo da potersi elevare sempre di più. Aveer un pensiero positivo significa affrontare la vita in una tonale superiore e ciò ti permette di vedere le cose dal lato positivo e soprattutto di vederle positive laddove la maggior parte delle persone le vedrebbe negative.Questo atteggiamento ci permette di elevare la nostra vibrazione che si accorda con le frequenze che stanno molto al di sopra rispetto al low frequenxy. Se ci poniamo al di sopra di queste frequenze, attireremo nel nostro spazio vitale, nella nostra sfera affettiva, poitività, amore, orgoglio, purezza e sincerità. Se invece non riusciamo a tenere questo equilibrio positivo, si abbassa il tonale psicofisico e tutto sembrerà essere nero, aumenteranno i litigi in famiglia e aumenteranno le negatività che si presenteranno a cascata. Quindi il pensiero negativo è da un aparte uno scudo, una protezione verso il male e la mediocrità, e dall'altra è una sorta di calamita verso le situazioni piacevoli e di maggiore prosperità per se stessi.

  • pleiad - 22:05 15/02/24

    È proprio difficile, la vedo molto complicata. Ce la farò a uscire da questa lotta? Me lo chiedo ogni giorno e sono molto spaventata. Ma penso positivo e incrocio le dita.

  • unmanny 🐾 Medaglia per aver completato lo Step 1 - 18:40 15/02/24

    La meditazione è un appuntamento verso cui a oggi sento che devo ancora impegnarmi perché non mi risulta così automatica e naturale come vorrei. E se da un lato capisco che il mantenere l’impegno è esso stesso parte della pratica, dall’altro il mio pensiero negativo è di non raggiungere gli obiettivi che ho fissato iniziando il percorso in ACD ed è lì, in quei dubbi, che faccio pratica sul pensiero volto al positivo e sulla differenza tra pensare (spesso inutilmente) e agire con un vero intento. Da qui ad arrivare a pensare meno nel corso delle giornate, però, c’è ne vuole e anche lì sarà un vero allenamento 😁

  • denise🌸 - 02:34 13/02/24

    e' partito il commento, lo completo: sicuramente uno dei miei piu' grandi "challange" dicevo, e' accettare che gli altri noi siano tutti gentili, sarebbe tutto piu' facile se fossimo tutti gentili. Probabilmente tutto parte dal pensiero positivo.

  • denise🌸 - 02:31 13/02/24

    Credo di essere veramente fortunata, sono un inguaribile positiva, vedo sempre il bicchiere pieno, tutto si puo' risolvere. Non dico di non aver momenti in cui non sia giu' di morale, ma sono rari e mi durano poco. Non tengo rancore, amo in generale tutti, persino i miei nemici, mi piace stare bene e che tutti stiano bene. Sicuramente uno dei miei piu' grandi "challange

  • Mixolydian - 20:15 07/02/24

    Sono sempre stato un pessimista cronico in passato, mi sono riconosciuto in tutte le decrizioni...e infatti quello che poteva andar male è sempre andato molto peggio. Infatti ora faccio molta fatica a sopportare chi è come ero io... Forse non sono ancora un maestro del pensiero positivo, ma ci sto sicuramente lavorando perchè alla fine non c'è nulla da perdere. Grazie!

  • Mattheo - 19:59 07/02/24

    Mantenere il pensiero positivo aiuta a tenere alta la nostra frequenza anche se sembra una cosa scontata è importante che ogni tanto qualcuno ce lo ricordi per evitare di entrare in una spirale di pensieri negativi. Grazie quindi per questo articolo

  • baby81 - 09:23 07/02/24

    Davvero mi sto rendendo conto di quanto i nostri pensieri influenzino la realtà che viviamo. Tutti cercano in qualche modo di abbassare le vibrazioni citando i tanti mali e le disgrazie che accadono, ma nel mio piccolo sto cercando di vedere le cose sempre nel miglior modo possibile e di trasmettere questa positività agli altri.

  • pastisse - 10:21 05/02/24

    Spesso ho pensieri negativi ma mi sto accorgendo che con la pratica della meditazione sto migliorando quindi penso di essere sulla strada giusta. Grazie Engel

  • goku - 17:56 03/02/24

    Ammetto che sono passato avanti di un po' di pagine per leggere questo articolo, perché in questo momento della mia vita per me è importante non pensare negativo. Durante il giorno infatti, davanti magari a una cosa nuova, sono pessimista e penso sempre che qualcosa per forza andrà storto. E dato che il pensiero crea, essendo energia, voglio imparare a sfruttarlo per creare eventi positivi. È importante silenziare questa chiacchiera negativa costante, perché sennò ci logora, ci fa perdere fiducia, speranza. Con la Meditazione sto diventando più pratico a silenziare questo meccanismo, a volte però arrivano tutti in massa cambiando anche il mio stato d'animo. Cercherò di avere piú accortezza nel gestire i miei pensieri, convertendoli in positivi, o silenziando i negativi