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Astral Travel – What is an O.B.E.? (Part 1)

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The term “astral travel” is well known, but its definition is often ignored or misunderstood. Ideas on astral travel are among the most contradictory because people tend to explain this dimensional experience from either one or the other extreme: from identifying it as a simple dream, to seeing it as a near-death experience. Real astral travel is none of that. Knowing the real meaning of astral travel is very important. It is an event that can occur more than once in anyone’s life, spontaneously, without necessarily needing the person to have ever heard of it. Understanding what it is allows you not to have fear of this kind of situation because you’re already aware of its function and characteristics. Astral travel is also commonly known as “out of body experience” (O.B.E.). In brief, it is an experience in which a person goes out of their physical body to briefly explore the astral dimension, i.e one goes there without their material body. That’s what theory says. Practice, on the other hand, is much more interesting.

One premise to start with though: astral travel is not dangerous, but the first experiences could seem scary. For this reason many people are not brave enough to practice and to understand out of body experiences. They fixate themselves on the negative picture that they have about O.B.Es, both if they actually had one or didn’t have one. Fear regarding astral travel makes people flinch instead of facing and recognizing the experience for what it is: a beautiful journey. Unfortunately he who fears is not brave enough to admit their cowardice, therefore this person uses all of their strength to convince other people not to discover the truth either, or they would be seen as the only fearful one. Astral travel can be compared to the first time one enters water. When you were a child, and you didn’t know how to swim, the simple thought of going into the water terrified you. Then, when you found out that the swimming pool was not hiding evil monsters, and that to float you had to relax, so that – instead of being agitated and crying – you realized that there was nothing to be scared about. All adults told you not to fear, but you were scared to death! So scared that you thought you could drown and die for real, even though the water was shallow. Your friends were more scared than you and they made you believe that their fear was justified by telling you that you could encounter sea monsters just by going to the swimming pool. And yet when you learned how to swim, all your fears vanished in a flash, as if you never had them to begin with. Astral travel is the same thing. The fact that people talk about astral travel as if it were a nightmare is because of their inability to swim, so they try to scare all the others to keep them at their same level; unable to bear the situation. Those who can’t swim will only express their fear with groundless exaggerations, opposed to those who learned how to relax in the water and become one with it. In fact, those who can swim very well can decide to go beyond the common person. For example, by becoming a scuba diver, they can go to the bottom of the sea and tell how fabulous it is to swim with the fishes, seeing the marine world up closely and so on, describing it as a wonderful experience. Those who can’t swim can never understand the magnificence of this moment and will discredit it as nothing important, trivial, just because they wouldn’t have the guts to try it. In brief, this is the reason why many people are fearful of astral travel: because they don’t know it and they are fearful of diving in, thinking that as soon as they put their toes in the water, a shark will come to eat them. But this is not true. There are no sharks in swimming pools.

Astral travel is an experience that can also occur spontaneously, without the person consciously deciding to do it. Sometimes it just happens, like it or not.  We could say that it’s a bit like rain: you could try not to get wet, but sooner or later in your life you will be in a rain storm and the rain will get you wet. It’s inevitable.

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You can choose to run away your whole life or recognize the existence of the rain and stop fearing it. This doesn’t mean that knowing what rain is will oblige you to go out of your house to get wet. Today you will learn what astral travel is, but this won’t force you to practice it but at least it will make you understand exactly what happens – or what happened if it already did before – when your body pushes you into a spontaneous O.B.E so that you won’t fear it but enjoy the experience. Not everybody likes rain, but you can exploit the occasion to do something new. You can’t escape astral travel: everyone had or will have at least one astral experience (even if only once in their life) and you can choose to suffer it or to take the chance and have fun. Also, because it’s all totally natural, you can willingly make it happen whenever and however you want with certain techniques. To learn to swim one has to train, especially if you want to be a scuba diver. Today I will tell you what it is, why knowing its meaning will not force you to practice it, but you will be perfectly prepared in case of its happening spontaneously.

Astral travel is a completely natural spiritual experience, that allows you to visit a place without going there physically. But that’s not everything. There are many rumours on astral travel, mostly spread by people who have never had this kind of experience. Personally I had this experience many times and I’ve learned when it’s the right time to have one, and when to stop it when it’s not the right moment. Therefore I can talk from personal experience I’ve gathered over the years and which I keep expanding, since I think it’s an engaging technique. An O.B.E lasts a short amount of time, even though in the moment it might seem much longer. It’s a bit like a dream that seems hours long, as it happens in sleep paralysis, which actually doesn’t last more than a few minutes. Time perception changes because during astral travel one is in a different dimensional layer from the physical one we’re used to. Even if we visit the same city we live in, we would be doing it from another stratum, in fact we might not perceive the passing of time, or sense of effort, because our body is comfortably lying in bed and is not doing any work. Astral travel is a very interesting event because it allows you to send a probe of your energy to check out a known or unknown place, in this dimension or ones far away. It’s much easier to have an O.B.E when your body is falling asleep, instead of when it’s involved in some daily activity. Still, we need to be able to recognize real astral travel from dreams, because astral travel is real and it can be identified from many elements. During astral travel your body is asleep but your mind is wide awake, in fact it is carrying out an activity without using the physical body. Having an O.B.E doesn’t only mean going out of the body, visiting your own house and going back inside as if nothing happened. The astral plane is much more fascinating and pleasurable than it might seem in the beginning. Describing the astral plane to someone who doesn’t know it needs patience, because it would be like describing colours to a blind person. Would you be able to?

You could surely tell them how beautiful and useful the colours are, because in our everyday life we also use different colours in different social situations. For example, thanks to the colours of traffic lights we know how to respect the time at which others are driving, we can represent a story by painting it with specific colours and so on. Can we live without them? Sure, we could replace them with symbols or words, but life wouldn’t be the same. Colours give us emotions and beauty, they give us life.

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We can forget about the astral and replace it with our everyday routine, but we would be renouncing a great part of our happiness and emotions that, just like colours, can be offered only by it. Being born blind is a disgrace, but deciding to become blind by your own hands is a terrifying choice. Therefore, describing in a few words everything you can do in the astral plane is definitely impossible. But generally, as the term itself says, it is a journey without the means of the physical body.

During the astral experience a part of you will visit a place – which you will remember when you wake up – while your physical body will stay comfy on the bed, in the same position, without the risk of moving and being hurt in any way. The body will be fine, it won’t be in danger, because its condition will be exactly as when it is dreaming: if in the dream you run, eat or drown in a river, there’s no risk for your body of getting tired, fat or choked by water. The body will be perfectly fine. The difference between dreams and astral travel is in the truthfulness of the experience. In fact, if in a dream you break an object it won’t be broken for real. If during an astral journey you make an object fall on purpose to make it break, when you wake up you will find the object broken. If the object isn’t broken when you wake up from the O.B.E the answer is that it was not an O.B.E but just a dream! That’s easy to say, but many people portray their dreams as if they were real astral travel experiences. This happens because you can find a lot of disinformation around, sometimes intentional. The reason why people say things in this way is because they don’t have enough experience. So people talk about the topic without really knowing what they’re saying and, even worse, people don’t want to know what the thing really is, they just want to talk, with no interest in discovering the truth because that needs time and effort. People don’t have time to find out the truth, they just have time to watch lots of TV.

Astral travel is as dangerous as a dream. That means that in the morning you will wake up and start your daily activities without having anything weird happen to you. You have nothing to fear. And yet, astral travel is not a dream, it is a real experience and – for this reason – in the beginning you could have a sensation of closure towards it because it’s something you don’t know. In fact, during an O.B.E you experience real sensations, physical we could say – even though they’re not sensed by the body – and the actions done during it are done for real. The first step to recognize a real experience from a dream is to experiment with objects. If during a dream you look at the clock and then you look at it again a moment after, you will notice that the time will change immediately and the numbers of the clock will be very difficult to read. During an O.B.E you can read the real numbers, and these won’t change, because it will really be that time. Another example could be the one of picking up a book to read a random page: everybody says that if it is a dream you won’t be able to read the lines because the words will shift quickly, whereas if it is an O.B.E you can read every line well. I have to correct this example though. Because if you were astral travelling you would first of all have to pick up the book from the bookshelf (so you would need to use strong telekinesis), then you would have to open the book, leaf through it (keep on using telekinesis to do this) read the words carefully – these have to match with the reality – and then put the book in a different place from where it was before to prove to yourself, when you will have woken up, that you really moved that book. That’s where people fool themselves: they’d rather live in the illusion of having had a real O.B.E rather than recognizing the truth from dreams. Picking up a book and reading it without the use of the physical body requires a psychic strength not easy to obtain, called – in this case – Telekinesis. Telekinesis is the ability to move an object with the mind, without having to touch it with the body. At this point you could think it’s impossible, but actually it’s exactly what entities do. In fact, when an entity moves an object, it is using the power of energy mixed with a mental intent. In other words, telekinesis.

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When we speak of entities, though, we mostly use the term “poltergeist”, which indicates an entity able to physically move an object, even though they don’t have physical hands to do it. You understand then that it’s not that simple, because it requires a lot of mental strength and energy; but it’s entirely possible, and it happens very often that an entity makes something move or drop. In fact some entities can move objects and act within this physical dimension, even though they don’t have a physical body, because they have a high psychic capacity. The same rule applies to us: the stronger our psychic abilities, the more we are able to have an effect on the physical dimension when we are not in the material vehicle which is our physical body. I don’t want to confuse you with too much information all at once, just to make you understand how it works.

The reason why people sell so many fantasies as astral travel is because they would rather boast of something that didn’t happen instead of admit their errors and learn that, to have a good O.B.E, you have to work. Going out in the astral is something that can happen spontaneously, but being able to move perfectly and having an effect on the material dimension is a totally different thing. Pushing an object with all your strength to make it fall is definitely different from picking up a book, holding it in mid-air, opening it, reading it comfortably by leafing through it, and then putting it back in the library while making sure it is in the right place and position. Therefore, in a house haunted by entities, it is much more likely to see objects fall to the ground, doors that open, pictures that fall, rather than a book floating in the air for several minutes while being browsed in tranquillity. Making an object fall takes much less effort and allows one to give proof of one’s presence, even though this action is not simple either. That’s why an easy way to recognize if you’re having an O.B.E or if you’re dreaming is picking up a book and thumbing through it: if you can do it easily it’s probably a dream, so I suggest you make it fall to the ground and when you awake you will understand whether it was a dream or reality. If you can’t make the book fall because it is too heavy for you – the most probable option – try to look at the time on your phone, try to call your mother, or go and talk to her. If the phone turns on it is possible that this is a dream too because pressing a button could not be as easy as doing it with physical hands. If you go to your mother and she answers when you talk to her, then it is a dream as well. In fact, when you wake up you can go to your mother and ask her if you had talked: she will obviously say no. That’s because you dreamt about it. During astral travel, other people – non-psychic – can’t see you and least of all talk to you, so you can act undisturbed, without having others knowing what you’re doing. If during this experience you happen to talk to someone and, once awake, you repeat what you have said and the other person denies everything, you have to accept it was only a dream, instead of insisting on your conviction that it really happened. Often the strong desire to have an O.B.E can make us dream of it in a very realistic way also, but it remains a dream. Despite your wish to speak of this experience, put your ego aside and learn to recognize when a real O.B.E occurs instead of when it happens in a dream. Astral travel is a real experience, so don’t mistake it with night time fantasies.

During astral travel you can have interesting experiences, for example you can visit a friend’s or a relative’s house, or the house of someone you know but who never invited you. In the astral you can do it, because you don’t need them to open the door. You could ask yourself if that’s fair, but be aware that other people don’t stop and wonder, because you wouldn’t see them and they could do whatever they want anyway. In the astral plane that’s how it works. Unfortunately most people put their toes in the water and say they’ve seen or had a fight with a shark, being aware of the fact that other people couldn’t deny it because they don’t have enough experience to be able to speak.

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Therefore, one could believe the first person speaking about a topic and not only that, they could take them as an example for the following things they’re going to hear. Many people that talk about astral travel make terrible mistakes because they never performed it, but only suffered it. Many other people don’t have a clue of what it is and think it is the equivalent of a dream. To undergo an O.B.E and to practice it are two completely different experiences. Whoever says they have O.B.Es every day is most certainly dreaming of having them.

As it’s already been said, O.B.Es can happen spontaneously, without you deciding to have one and in this case you would undergo it. On the other hand, if you know how to practice it – so you know how to have one and how to stop it if necessary – then the experience has a completely different taste. In a way it is like dreaming: when fantasy takes over you could have a nightmare and become victim of your own fanciful creations; but when you learn to be more aware in your dreams and you make them lucid you can control the events inside them and make them much more fun and exciting. The astral journey isn’t dangerous, but it is a new experience that doesn’t happen often. So when it happens it can feel scary, especially to someone who isn’t aware that it happens to everybody. When an O.B.E takes place and the person doesn’t know what’s happening, they become frightened and “suffer” the experience because they can’t control it. Being prepared and knowing how to deal with it is very different, so that you recognize the O.B.E as a delightful natural experience, of which there’s no need to be afraid. There is some basic information that you have to learn to overcome your fear of astral travel, recognizing that there’s no reason to be afraid. The first one is understanding the experience itself.

During astral travel, or it’s better to say when you’re exiting the body, you will be stopped first of all by the sensation concerning fear of death. You can relax because it won’t happen. People fear death because they feel something exiting the body and naively think that that’s the soul. The people that didn’t practice O.B.Es and underwent them give strength to this wrong conception. They often tell a version totally different from reality and let themselves be conditioned by their fears, which changes the realistic vision of it. For this reason you read everywhere that the soul leaves the body and that the body remains empty until it comes back at the end of the journey. The idea that the soul leaves the body is wrong and difficult to believe because it’s possible to have an O.B.E and at the same time to open the physical eyes. So you can have the experience outside of the body and at the same time see with the physical eyes, since the soul is still inside it. If the soul was outside of the body it wouldn’t be possible to open the physical eyes and see with them, but you would need to wait to go back in to manage it. On the other hand, with the right training – or sometimes by pure luck – you can have an O.B.E and at the same time open your physical eyes and recognize that you’re in the body. The soul doesn’t leave the body, but stays inside it for the whole length of your life. What is it then that leaves the body in an O.B.E? A tiny probe of energy that you’re aware of and that will behave as another pair of eyes. In fact, during astral travel, what leaves is a small feeler of energy, therefore a small part of your intelligent energy, that leaves the body to allow you to see your house, a city, the other side of the world, without you having to go there physically. During astral travel you’re sending a camera that communicates directly with you, that records what it sees and allows you to look at the surroundings so well and in high definition that you will feel like you’re there. Imagine using a Drone with VR (Virtual Reality). This is an example of astral travel.

Even though the drone might seem a fantastical technology, it will never compete with astral travel itself.

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It’s still the best example because, like astral travel, it allows you to see a place without you having to go there physically. So, during astral travel the soul doesn’t leave because the body wouldn’t allow it to. Even though near-death experiences are talked about as fairly common events, I assure you that dying is not that easy because the body has many natural defence mechanisms. If a person is victim of a car accident they will surely risk death, but if they’re comfortably lying in bed, ready to sleep, they won’t risk death just for a natural experience in the astral dimension. There’s no reason to fear that. It’s more plausible to die in front of the TV because you watched too many programmes and turned your brain off. Because the soul stays in the body you don’t have to fear it being abandoned and left empty during the time of the O.B.E. It will be in the same condition as when we sleep or dream. No difference. During astral travel our body sends out a small probe of awareness that allows us to visit a place and make us feel as we’re really there while we, the soul, will still be in the body. This probe is like a small drone: when it concludes its task (or to be more specific, its journey) it will go back to base – in the body – without any problem. The soul doesn’t leave the body and won’t leave it until our time is up, either because of old age or because of disease, so this is nothing to do with astral travel. Because the soul doesn’t leave the body, the problem of re-entering doesn’t exist either: the soul, in fact, has always been inside the body.

What frightens people that undergo astral experience instead of living it consciously, is that they find themselves projected outside of the body without knowing what is happening, and that can seem frightening. This is understandable, because during astral travel you feel something exiting the body. Then, without knowing the reason and how, you find yourself above or next to your physical body and you observe it while it’s sleeping, recognizing yourself as external to it, outside. Everything will make you think (if you don’t have the minimum conception of energy) that you’re really outside of the body and that you’re dead, or that you’re dying. Luckily death is not a simple thing, because otherwise the human population would already have been extinct thousands of years ago, all for a simple O.B.E… very sad. So during astral travel a small energetic probe that belongs to you will leave the body while your soul will stay in. In fact, the probe will allow you to visit the place and make you see exactly as if you were there, but if your physical body wakes up during the O.B.E for any reason (for example because your alarm goes off!) you will open your eyes and you will realize that you’re in the body. What happens to the probe? It will re-enter the body at the speed of light, sucked back in from your consciousness that has to prepare for waking up. Even if you believe it would need hours, it actually happens in a split second, but it will still need some time regardless of how short it is. Unexperienced people complain of having had difficulties in re-entering the body, yet all of them can say they lived to tell of the experience. Unfortunately we always have to pay attention to how the facts are told, because sometimes fear can exaggerate the details. Sometimes even too much!

During an O.B.E, the physical body needs some preparation to let the probe out. This could last several instants (considering that time in the astral dimension is very different from time in the physical dimension) and, in the same way it needs time to leave It needs to prepare for the return. Believing that you could end up stuck outside of the body is absurd because when your alarm will go off, or the morning sun will hit your eyes, you will wake up exactly as you do every day when you were dreaming. Some dreams seem very long and interminable, but you’re sure that every morning you will wake up and that they will come to an end. Also, if you sleep lightly and anything wakes you up, this will happen during astral travel as well.

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On the contrary, when you understand the value of astral travel, your worst fear would be waking up too early because it will ruin your experience and throw you immediately back in the body while you wanted to stay outside! Because the soul will always be in the body, if your mother knocks at the door, if the dog barks, or if, for any other reason that will wake your body wake up, the astral experience will end in a split second. The fact that during an O.B.E some people feel some resistance in re-entering the body comes from its need to let the energy back in. The energetic probe is a piece of energy that leaves in exploration and then re-enters, so it moves from inside the body in order to travel on other dimensional planes. Moving energy is not easy, that’s why it’s not easy to have a voluntary O.B.E, but one needs to train. The O.B.E can still happen spontaneously, thus without the need for training. Sometimes during one’s life this experience happens. To some people it happens only once, to others it can happen much more often, without them being able to decide when, how, and for how long, they’re going to last. The negative side of the spontaneous O.B.E is that you can’t choose to do it, but you have to wait until it will happen on its own and, if you want to know, you may have to wait several years or decades before it will happen again. When you find out the incredible majesty of the astral world you recognize that waiting for a spontaneous O.B.E is anguishing because you don’t know if it will happen again, so you’ll begin wanting to learn how to induce it, so as to be able to have one whenever you want. Through training you will also learn how to stop a spontaneous O.B.E which, in that moment, you don’t want to happen. On the other hand, if you don’t have any familiarity you will undergo a spontaneous O.B.E and will not be able to decide when to finish it and you will have to respect its duration. Even though it’s nothing dangerous, it could still be scary because it’s a period of time when you don’t have minimum control of things happening to you. Just like leaving the body needs a movement of energy that can be well felt, also the return needs its own preparation, because the energy needs to re-adapt to the body so as not to “scare” it. The body is very sensitive and enters into a defence state whenever it perceives some strange movement, this is the reason why the energy coming back wants to be re-absorbed gently by the body instead of shooting into it with the risk of scaring it. In any case, nothing dangerous would happen, but it’s better to come back gently or you could wake up from sleep with a jolt. No physical damage, but the sudden scare is guaranteed.

The annoying side of spontaneous O.B.Es – those that happen without you having trained to control them – is that you don’t have power over them. So if you wanted to go around the city for example, you might not succeed and be stuck in your house going from one room to another. This is discomforting. To obtain a great experience that will completely satisfy you training is needed. If you let luck decide you could sometimes have an O.B.E and travel to a place far away and enjoy the experience, other times you will be stuck in your bedroom and will not even be able to go through one wall. Consider this, and the fact that you could have an O.B.E every ten years, you will not have the time to enjoy the experience. Fear could make you think that it’s better this way, that you don’t want to have anything to do with O.B.Es, that it’s something that doesn’t interest you. But I’m here to tell things as they are: astral travels happen and, want them or not, they can happen to you as well, but you don’t have to fear them because they will last a small amount of time in which nothing bad will happen to you. You will be the one deciding if you want to spend time fidgeting or letting yourself go. Relax and float. Don’t worry because real astral travel is much more beautiful and calm than ignorant people want to make you believe. Because the soul doesn’t leave the body there’s no way that – as it happens in horror movies – the body will be targeted by entities or something that will try to steal it off you, or similar nonsense. If that were true they would be able to steal it every time you enter a dream, therefore every night.

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For the same reason, it’s absurd that the soul leaves the body and that it’s connected to it by a silver rope (some even define it as golden) to which you also have to pay attention because if you go too far away from the body there’s the risk you break it. In all these years in which I’ve practiced astral travel I’ve never – and I say never! – seen the fanciful silver cord attached to me, or anyone else. Also, even though I went very far from the physical body, I never got lost or stuck in other dimensions from which I never came back. You can visit an unknown place far away, but you can’t get lost and, least of all, get stuck in a place where you risk not coming back for the simple reason that you never left! The soul never left the body! What leaves is a small probe that for that moment will function as another pair of eyes, so you will see locations around you as if you were visiting them physically in first person. And yet, you will be comfortable in your bed – inside your body – and the energetic camera (that is your probe) will see and report back the data directly into your mind, immediately. It works just like a livestream.

During astral travel you don’t risk anything because it’s a completely natural experience. But it’s normal to fear it at first because it’s an event we’re not used to and of which we’ve not been informed of. The people around us haven’t had O.B.Es yet, or just like you, they don’t remember them, or they pretend they imagined them so as not to admit that they actually exist. The fact that other people say totally different things, describing it as a very dangerous moment, happens because they never had a real astral travel experience, but such is the desire of telling such a story that they don’t realize what they’re saying. Some people don’t believe in the existence of ghosts but, in the moment of astral travel, some of them happen to convince themselves that they could be possessed by them, and lose their body forever. This is absolute nonsense. Unfortunately I know that astral travel is not easy to understand. Also, it’s difficult to stop fearing it when so many people – totally ignorant about it – spread negative information, or when some people do it on purpose to confuse and scare others, so as to make sure nobody will train to live the experience. What is there to find out in the astral? What is it that’s so important to hide? Basically everything. If you had a lot of familiarity with astral travel you could go anywhere and observe closely what happens without ever having physical limits. You can’t go through walls with your human body, or even a simple door because anyone could stop you from entering their property and keep you outside. If you could travel with energy (without letting others see you and find you) you could enter any place you want; even the most hidden and secret locations. Nobody could stop you. That’s why they care so much about keeping you away from developing this ability… by pushing the typical, and most functional, button that hits everyone: fear. In this way they guarantee that most of the population will not find out what’s hidden behind those walls.

There are many other things I would like to tell you about astral travel, but maybe for now you would rather take your time to understand the information given. If you feel ready to go further, you can read the second piece on Astral Travel. What is important for now is that you’ve understood that there’s nothing to fear. I’ll be happy to unveil much more in the next article and teach you one technique to have a voluntary and controlled astral journey, or how to stop a spontaneous one when you don’t want it to happen without your decision.

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  • Pablo.B - 23:11 02/05/24

    Penso e sono convinto di non aver mai avuto un viaggio astrale,grazie a tutte le informazioni ricevute in questo articolo,sono molto curioso di imparare le tecniche adatte affinché anch'io possa viverlo

  • nike - 13:13 30/04/24

    I viaggi astrali, oppure detti O.O.B.E, sono la capacità di staccare da sé una sonda di energia cosciente, capace di muoversi nella realtà ordinaria, ma sottoforma di energia e quindi in maniera invisibile a gli occhi e senza l utilizzo del corpo fisico. L oobe è un fenomeno naturale che può capitare anche in maniera spontanea, solo che è tra i primi ricordi targhetta ti dal low per impedirci di ricordare esperienze spirituali, in quanto l oobe è un esperienza anche illuminante che ci libera dalla convinzione di essere attaccati al corpo fisico. In più i viaggi astrali sono fenomeni di mistificazioni e di cattiva pubblicità, facendoli passare per rischiosi o terrificanti da persone che ricordano esperienze spontanee, o da chi lo fa in maniera consapevole per impedire a gli altri di avere il potere che l uscire in astrale consente, ovvero quello di poter vedere qualsiasi cosa, in ogni luogo, per quanto segreto e inaccessibile ai normali umani. In più spesso possono essere confusi dai sogni, ma non sono la stessa cosa, perché nei sogni accadono cose fantastiche e il mondo è diverso da quello normale, mentre col viaggio astrale si è svegli, e ogni azione ha necessita di esperienza. Può capitare infatti di aprire gli occhi durante un viaggio astrale, e si scoprirà che si vedono entrambe le realtà contemporaneamente.

  • artemisia@ - 13:12 30/04/24

    Rieccomi a rileggere questo step, nn ho mai avuto questa esperienza, precedentemente per paura per tutto ciò che mi era stato detto a riguardo. Non so se ne ho vissuti inconsapevolmente. L idea di uscire dal corpo e dirigersi verso un altra destinazione mi affascina molto. È una pratica che voglio vivere in una situazione di piena coscienza. Sto rimandando probabilmente per paura di fallire e nn voglio associare questa frustrazione al viaggio astrale, quindi sto prendendo tempo per essere pronta e viverlo appieno.🙏

  • harkhan Medaglia per aver completato lo Step 1 Medaglia per aver completato il libro Prendiamo Coscienza degli ALIENI - Vol. 7 - 12:14 30/04/24

    Seconda volta che rileggo questo step, non ricordo cosa scrissi l'altra volta e non mi interessa. Non ricordo viaggi astrali, mi sono ritrovato in diverse situazioni in cui potrei pensare che fossi in astrale, ma da quel che ho letto, erano solo sogni, e non ho nessuna prova che fosse un oobe. Mi piacerebbe fare un viaggio astrale, e mi sto preparando, perché sono esattamente allo step in cui viene spiegata la tecnica. Stavo per iniziare, ma non riuscivo a stare disteso, in quanto il cuore ha iniziato a battere a caso. La posizione distesa mi dava fastidio, perciò ho rinunciato. Posso anche pensare che la paura abbia creato la situazione in cui mi sono trovato, oppure li low, però non saprei perché. Mi ripropongo di riprovare. Ricordo che tantissimi anni fa, mi fu insegnata una tecnica per poter uscire dal corpo da una persona che apparteneva alla comunità di Damanhur; ci provai più volte, ma non ebbi risultati. Probabilmente non ero tanto convinto, o non mi interessava particolarmente, o avevo paura. Allora mi sembra che mi dissero che dovevo avere un qualcosa per poter rientrare nel corpo, altrimenti avrei potuto rimanere fuori. Adesso che ho letto ciò che dice Angel, capisco che proprio un esperto del campo non era. Tuttavia è possibile che non fosse stato lui a dirmi questo, ma un'altra persona che non aveva nulla a che fare con Damanhur. Ebbi modo alcune volte di parlare di viaggi astrali con diverse persone, alcune delle quali, come ha detto Angel, mi parlarono di esperienze negative, e di possibili pericoli che avrei potuto incontrare durante l'uscita. Ognuno dice la sua, con non si sa quale scopo, fatto sta che Angel ha perfettamente spiegato che non c'è alcun pericolo, l'esperienza è bellissima, ma che ovviamente non è affatto facile riuscire a farla, almeno non per tutti. Considerato che per me, per un motivo che non so, anche le cose più semplici che potrebbe fare anche un bambino, diventano ostacoli giganteschi, non so che cosa riuscirò a fare. Vedremo... grazie Angel!

  • Cosmic Feather Medaglia per aver completato lo Step 1 per la 3ª volta Medaglia per aver completato il libro Prendiamo Coscienza degli ALIENI - Vol. 1 per la 2ª volta Medaglia per aver completato il libro Prendiamo Coscienza degli ALIENI - Vol. 4 Medaglia per aver completato il libro Prendiamo Coscienza degli ALIENI - Vol. 5 Medaglia per aver completato il libro Prendiamo Coscienza degli ALIENI - Vol. 6 Medaglia per aver completato il libro Prendiamo Coscienza degli ALIENI - Vol. 7 Medaglia per aver completato il libro Il Sigillo delle Vite Passate - Vol. 1 - 18:58 29/04/24

    I Viaggi Astrali sono uno dei temi che più mi affascinano di questo Percorso. Difatti è stata una delle prime tecniche che praticai anni fa quando iniziai a scoprire l'esistenza della spiritualità. Già ai primi tentativi ebbi delle piccole esperienze che mi diedero soddisfazioni ed hanno accresciuto in me la passione sfrenata per questo argomento. Le sensazioni che si provano sono molto belle e intense seppur io non sia mai riuscito a compiere un Viaggio Astrale completo. Con questo Percorso desidero però riuscirci e sperimentare la bellezza di un completo Viaggio Astrale.

  • Antoine Medaglia per aver completato lo Step 1 Medaglia per aver completato il libro Prendiamo Coscienza degli ALIENI - Vol. 7 - 18:54 29/04/24

    Bella infarinatura sul tema Viaggi Astrali. Mi ha incuriosito molto e trovo davvero fantastico tutto ciò che è stato detto, come il fatto di poter andare in qualsiasi luogo senza alcun limite o restrizione. Non ho mai sentito parlare di Viaggi Astrali prima di A.C.D., dunque per me queste sono tante informazioni da assimilare, ma la voglia di conoscerne di più è assolutamente presente. Trovo affascinante il fatto che si possa agire in astrale e ottenere così delle prove anche una volta che ci saremo svegliati al mattino, come l'esempio del libro. È rassicurante il fatto di sapere che a uscire in astrale è solo una piccola sonda della nostra energia e non l'intera Anima. Penso che questa pratica offra tantissimi vantaggi a chi la sa applicare, come andare a visitare luoghi remoti e nascosti che magari normalmente sarebbero vietati giacché ci sparerebbero a vista se solo osassimo avvicinarci. Immagino la bellezza di poter andare sotto l'oceano, nello spazio, su altri Pianeti e Dimensioni. Tutto ciò è fantastico e mi piacerebbe molto imparare a compiere ciò.

  • Migno99 - 22:51 26/04/24

    Troppo utile questo percorso, risolve e riaccende tante vecchie domande ormai scordate, personalmente non ricordo o non ho mai fatto un oobe ma sicuramente quando sarò in grado di farlo sarà un esperienza pazzesca, non vedo l'ora di saperne di più!!

  • Francesca67 - 14:38 26/04/24

    Bellissimo articolo sui viaggi astrali, sfatando un sacco di miti a riguardo. Io stessa ero convinta che durante i viaggi astrali l’anima uscisse dal corpo, non ho mai creduto pero’ che fosse pericoloso o che l’anima non potesse tornare. Infatti l’idea della sonda energetica spiega molto meglio questa idea, ha decisamente piu’ senso per me. Comprendo anche che in viaggio astrale spontaneo, senza sapere nulla su questo fenomeno, possa spaventare profondamente le persone, e come ogni qual volta che siamo spaventati, la version e della storia sara’ sempre distante dalla realta’ in quanto il racconto non sara’ oggettivo e analitico ma influenzato profondamente da emozioni di ansia e paura. Diverso e’ she invece siamo pronti e preparati a vivere questa esperienza incredibile! Non vedo l’ora di appofondire e imparare queste tecniche, e’ da molto che cerco di capire come indurre un viaggio astrale ma non sono mai riuscita…

  • sole15 - 17:20 25/04/24

    Nessuno è obbligato a praticare una tecnica che non vuole, ma conoscere il suo funzionamento è utile soprattutto in caso dovesse capitare che avvenga in maniera spontanea o indotta. Almeno in quei casi si sa come bisognerebbe reagire. Meglio avere un'esperienza meravigliosa e cosciente, piuttosto che una terrificante perché non si conosce l'argomento né si ha mai sperimentato (o non si ricorda di averlo fatto). Già abbiamo sempre avuto entità che ci spiavano senza consenso e magari si divertivano pure a farlo. Ora abbiamo la possibilità di imparare a farlo anche noi, non con scopi negativi o banali, bensì per sviluppare il nostro Sesto Senso con nuove e diverse esperienze psichiche.

  • pleiad - 11:58 24/04/24

    È una realtà molto affascinante: una sonda energetica che si stacca da noi per andare in esplorazione, meglio se in modo consapevole...ho avuto spesso incubi, anche ripetuti, sullo stesso argomento; sogni lucidi... ma non so se ho mai fatto un viaggio astrale. Di certo, se l'ho fatto, non mi sono spaventata, altrimenti lo ricorderei. Eccoci allora, pronti a scoprire nuovi orizzonti e a fare nuove esperienze di sicuro interessanti e utili per il nostro progresso. Non vedo l'ora!

  • anlura - 07:42 24/04/24

    Il viaggio astrale è un argomento che mi interessa molto , mi piacerebbe essere in grado di praticare bene questa tecnica . In questo documento viene spiegato cosa sia il viaggio astrale e che non bisogna temerlo . Io al momento non ho mai avuto un'esperienza di questo tipo . Nel corso degli anni ho sentito parlare del filo d'argento e di altre cose simili che succedono durante un viaggio astrale evidentemente Non vere, per questo sono molto garato all'accademia che divulga informazioni di prima mano ed acquisite con l'esperienza.

  • paolino - 17:12 17/04/24

    N on sò se nella mia vita, mi è mai capitato di fare un viaggio astrale : non ricordo nulla! sarebbe pur sempre emozionante provarci e avere risposte magari a tal punto da non riuscire più a farne a meno!

  • iwona - 00:32 12/04/24

    Sarebbe bello fare un viaggio astrale controllato. A me ė capitato 2 volte fare un viaggio. Volavo per le vie della mia cita , entravo nelle case, era una sensazione pazzesca. sono andata a vedere i miei colleghi al lavoro. Mi sentivo leggera e ricordo ancora le sensazioni che provavo. Sarebbe fantastico viaggiare indietro nel tempo e trovare risposta ad alcune domande. Seguivo per un periodo un percorso di viaggi astrali ma non sono riuscita mai, mi addormentavo. Invece un mio collega riusciva e viaggiava , come prova facevano leggere in astrale una scritta sulla lavagna e poi dopo rientro dovevi dire cosa hai visto. Ma ora sono qui e un giorno sicuramente riuscirò.Grazie.

  • jedi70 - 01:32 03/04/24

    Io appartengo alla categoria di persone che di base ha paura anche solo della possibilità di fare un viaggio astrale, chiaramente per totale assenza di esperienze in merito. Però ascoltando questo articolo mi viene davvero la curiosità di poterlo sperimentare. D'altronde è così: si teme sempre ciò che non si conosce. Ad ogni modo mi è piaciuto molto come questa esperienza viene descritta, come un qualcosa che se saputo gestire, può essere in realtà divertente, lo si può usare per visitare una nuova città, raggiungere una persona cara... insomma, si associa sempre il viaggio astrale alla paura che la propria anima esca dal proprio corpo e pertanto decretandone il decesso, invece come viene ben spiegato nell'articolo, non è l'anima che esce ma una sonda energetica che quindi consente questo tipo di esperienza in totale sicurezza. La sonda rientra direttamente nel corpo nel momento in cui si aprono gli occhi, quindi con una giusta preparazione, questa pratica si rivela sicura, divertente ma anche fondamentale per la propria crescita spirituale. Ho letto anche la parte sui millantatori di grandi esperienze di questo tipo, che non avendone in realtà idea, raccontano situazioni mai avvenute o scambiate per viaggia astrali quando invece si tratta di sogni e su questo come sempre, mi trovo totalmente d'accordo, visto che per esperienza personale di elementi del genere me ne sono capitati tanti, specie quelli che cercano di spaventare gli altri, così che non riescano in ciò inn cui non sono riusciti loro. Ma purtroppo questo è il mondo: al posto che renderci conto di essere tutti sulla stessa barca e darci una mano di aiuto, specie condividendo informazioni utili (come invece avviene in questa accademia), ci si fa la guerra e a fare la guerra si è già perso in principio. Ma a parte tutto questo penso che l'importante sia impegnarsi e praticare sempre, così da poter sperimentare per proprio conto ed essere noi i padroni di noi stessi, essere noi ad avere un'opinione basata sull'esperienza e non sul parere e sulla paura altrui. Se non ho capito male ci saranno delle tecniche in futuro, non so se mi applicherò perché devo entrare ancora nell'ottica, ma di certo so che non me ne priverò per paure mie o indotte da altri. Ho trovato comunque fin da ora molto utili i vari consigli e accorgimenti che sono stati descritti in questo articolo, come ad esempio quello di sforzarsi di fare un qualcosa durante il viaggio astrale che poi possa essere verificato anche da svegli: come rompere un oggetto, o comunque facendo delle cose che specie all'inizio, non comportino un grande dispendio di energia, come prendere un libro, aprirlo, sfogliarlo, leggere qualcosa e rimetterlo a posto. Tutte azioni che se fatte in viaggio astrale e quindi senza corpo, richiederebbero grande dimestichezza nella telecinesi e un grande quantitativo di energia. Semmai ci riuscissi, farei così: proverei ad andare a casa di un conoscente, da cui però non sono mai stato, e poi da sveglio gli chiederei di descrivermi una stanza in particolare, così da vedere quanto potrebbe essere in linea con la mia esperienza.

  • jeji Medaglia per aver completato lo Step 1 Medaglia per aver completato il libro Prendiamo Coscienza degli ALIENI - Vol. 7 - 14:49 02/04/24

    È sempre molto bello leggere la tranquillità che trasmetti su certi argomenti che a causa di differenti ragioni possono portare un po' di paura alle persone! Non ho mai svolto spontaneamente un viaggio astrale,ma attraverso la pratica vorrei provare e per questo sono tornata a leggere questo articolo e avere altre informazioni inerenti; credo di aver avuto viaggi astrali spontanei o indotti, purtroppo no ho mai scelto di farlo e vorrei iniziare! Ovviamente il primo blocco come sostieni anche tu è la paura ed esso è legato anche a persone che parlano di ciò senza veramente averne vissuto uno, effettivamente la maggior parte delle persone che me ne ha parlato o sostiene di averlo fatto attraverso sostanze allucinogene oppure mente pesantemente e questo me ne sto accorgendo sempre di più leggendo i contenuti dell'accademia. Sono felice di aver letto nuovamente l'articolo perché mi ha rasserenato ancora di più nei riguardi di questo argomento, considerando appunto che il viaggio astrale non è affatto pericoloso,ma una bella esperienza che non dovremmo perderci! Non vorrei rinunciare per paura o dicerie a visitare uno strato dimensionale diverso da quello fisico,credo fermamente possa essere (semmai riuscirò) una vera e propria esperienza significativa ed importante per accrescere le mie conoscenze! Infatti, è molto importante conoscere la verità e cioè che è una sonda energetica di cui sei cosciente a uscire da noi per compiere il viaggio e non la nostra anima!! Bel consiglio quello di sperimentare la caduta di un oggetto per dimostrare se fosse un sogno p un viaggio astrale, anche se parlando di telecinesi vedo la difficoltà,ancora nn so fare un viaggio astrale pensa a buttare giù un oggetto xD comunque molto interessante la telecinesi, come capacità di muovere gli oggetti senza toccarlo fisicamente,quasi l avevo messa nel dimenticatoio mannaggia!! Lezione molto bella! Grazie mille Angel come sempre 💕

    • immram - 14:45 03/05/24

      Poiché non ho avuto la minima esperienza di tutto ciò, non posso commentare nulla se non che spero di provarlo. Mi piace infatti parlare di ciò che so e ho conosciuto e non per sentito dire. In caso contrario preferisco ascoltare...perciò non ho commenti da fare, come detto.