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The Low Frequency – The Low’s distractions and mechanisms (Part 2)

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The low Frequency is an intelligent conscience that is part of the Planet’s mind, which we’ll also call Gaia’s mind. If on one hand we have the proof of the planet’s intelligence thanks to the miracles that the Nature manages to make to survive even in the worst moments, on the other hand the planet has a second face, much different from the continuous evolution that the Nature offers; I’m talking about that conscience that keeps everyone on a lower frequency, which will be called Low Frequency. The Nature and the Low Frequency aren’t the same thing, but they are both part of the Planet’s mind. We can associate the Nature to the human need to eat food to stay alive thanks to the nourishment, so to the normal hunger that comes when we stay without food for too long. The Low Frequency can be associated instead to the obsessive hunger that makes us eat even if the body doesn’t need that nourishment, and yet we think that we are hungry and so it makes us eat again, and again and again, up to make us risk huge problems due to the obesity, and nevertheless it makes us believe that we are still hungry and so it makes us eat again. This analogy helps you to comprehend the huge difference between the Nature and the Low Frequency: they are both part of the Planet’s mind and it isn’t  easy to distinguish them, as it isn’t easy to tell between the real hunger and the nervous one, because both of them have similar symptoms that make you believe that they’re the same thing; and yet one of them has the purpose to keep you alive while the other one – if you listen to it – will destroy your life. The Nature in itself continues its course, so it makes sure that the human beings, as well as the animals, the insects and the vegetable kingdom, keep going on with their lives making useful actions for the Planet.

So the Nature pushes you to do a job that helps your species’ society, that in our case happens with a job contract, while in the other species, for example ants, bees, etc, it happens spontaneously: each one of them knows what to do since its birth. The insects dedicate all of their lives to their jobs and to the procreation, which is their only life’s mission, because they work all the time to carry on the specie. On the contrary, we aren’t ants, and even if we can learn a lot from them both in their way of work and in their society – as a sincere cooperation between the single members to become a unite group, which among us humans it’s very rare – we have to remember that we are much more evolved than insects, because we have a Conscience which is superior to their. Of course, more than once we might have looked at some of our acquaintances thinking that a cockroach is more intelligent than them, but actually, the human race can’t be compared with an animal species or with insects, as our intellectual and psychic abilities are more mature, more advanced. Inside the planet Earth, the human race is the most capable of mental, technological, psychical and spiritual evolution. When we think of Nature, we think about beautiful landscapes, flowery meadows and beautiful animals, but Nature isn’t only that. If on one hand we have heavenly places, on the other hand there are also natural places filled with poisonous animals, leech, ticks, any type of parasite, swampy areas, deserts in which you can’t hope to survive for too long, infinite plain of ice, in which life wouldn’t be easy as you think. So, Nature isn’t just flowers and nice landscapes, but it also contains swampy areas with much more stagnant energy. Therefore you shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that Gaia’s mind has, in addition to the Nature’s instinct, also a conscience that transmute into the Low Frequency, an intelligent conscience that keeps us tied to its frequency.

The Low Frequency is like the swampy zone of the Planet’s mind: figuratively is the part of Gaia’s mind that makes you stagnate in the unconsciousness.

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But as we know, the man is capable of reclaiming a swamp in order for it to become a better place, therefore through the practice to become conscious and to exit from the Low Frequency, it is possible to exploit our powers to maneuver the matrix and obtain the benefits for ourselves and for others. You have been influenced by the Low Frequency since forever and there is no person or living being in the world that is born already with the mind outside of the Low Frequency, because it would be like thinking that we can be born outside of the nature: since you’re born inside the planet Gaia, you are under its influences since forever, without realizing it, whether you want it or not. Just like the nature doesn’t ask you for permission to enter in your life, but it starts to have effect on you right from the day of your birth (as the urgency to breathe, the hunger, but also the need to have contacts with other beings of your species), the Low Frequency doesn’t ask you for permission either. It is constantly working to distract our attention from the discovery of our identity, putting before our eyes a thousand of reasons to forget who we are. The Low Frequency is not “dark”, but it isn’t even our ally, since its role is precisely to keep us asleep, so that we fulfill our work as ants, and we don’t act as evolved Consciences.

Surely, you’ve realized that there are people who want to know more about their own identity and others that don’t. The first, often wonder if life it’s all here, they wonder if life has a deeper aim, they often ask themselves the same question you’ve asked so many times: “Who am I?” and although they don’t know the answer yet, they keep asking questions.  However you are very well aware that other people aren’t interested in asking these questions, because their idea of ​​life is already what they are living: you work, you come home to your family and work again tomorrow; there’s nothing more, for them. Indeed, according to their mentality, if you are interested in something beyond of work and family, it’s for sure something wrong! According to them, you must work, bring the money home, keep your family and that’s it; at best, if you really want to be “open-minded”, you are allowed to play a sport, but only if that doesn’t take you too much time away from family, otherwise it isn’t good either. Then you realize that some people are more willing to know the truth, while others wouldn’t want to know that even if you’d put it in front of them. This is the first difference that we recognize among those who could be called people seeking evolution, from those who could be called Gaia’s Low. The Gaia’s Low, are the perfect example of what the Low would like for us: he wants the humans to behave like ants, to spend their entire lives working and raising a family, without having the least time to stop reflecting and so deciding to evolve their Consciousness through the spiritual practice.

The Low wants us to believe that spirituality is a distraction from our work duties, to keep us away from the truth: that our work commitments distract us from our spiritual evolution. In fact, the Low Frequency wants the humans to behave like insects, but we aren’t Gaia’s insects: we are human, capable of evolving our psychic capacities, so that they can reach the level of changing personal and global events, with more positive goals. We could take the example of Jesus: he has reached the level of manipulating the Matrix enough to be able to change the events and to make miracles, many of them aren’t even told anymore, although we still remember some of them. Yet, he got out from the Low, to make positive action for himself and for the whole planet. Clear that it isn’t easy to reach his level, but we aren’t here to compete, because that’s not what he wanted to teach us: we are here to realize that we are not working machines, but Consciences that must soon awaken to remember who they really are. The Low Frequency is as clever as it is hidden, because it influences us since our birth, so it becomes difficult to recognize it in our routine from day to day.

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We have spent our entire life following its current, instead of choosing our life with our real decision, so the awareness that the Low Frequency exists and keeps us under its control can be a hard truth to accept, but only at the beginning. After that, you learn to know it and to move between his methods to keep you down.

The Low uses two main methods to keep you down, distracted, and away from the search for truth, which would have led you to take a path to reach your Awakening. The first method that the Low uses to keep you anchored to the ground is your own thought, through the regulator which will be discussed later. The second method is the use of people around you, which will distract you and make you lose time, so that you end up forgetting what evolutive thing you wanted to do, and choose to only deal with the daily \ work things that you have been given. Even if you were able to do them both, the low will make you believe that you should only deal with work \ family chores, forgetting completely the evolutive things that you could have done. The truth is that you can realize the existence of the Low Frequency, only if you start practicing, because it will give you the evidence of the veracity of its presence. So as long as you stay within the Low Frequency, you don’t realize how much you are caged by it, and surely you would think that in the end, it can’t reach you. While if you start practicing you realize how it is actually true that he exists and how influential his presence in your life is. To give a practical example, the low moves people and situations around you to distract you and to keep you from practicing meditation, so that – not practicing it – you will stay low and completely under its will. For example, you might be used to living in a quiet house, where the bell rings very rarely, only when the mail arrives; but it usually arrives at the same times and it doesn’t bother you. Instead, very different happens when you’re about to sit down to practice.

The first meditation ever, could go without problems, without any interruption; it could. The next day, then on the day after of your practice, the low may already get in with some internal distraction, such as apathy, listlessness, and despite having enjoyed the meditation that you had on the previews day, on the second day you might think that you don’t want to practice it again; but you may be able to practice it anyway and go against your own apathy. Around the third / fourth day, the low will start to interrupt more seriously. Besides the apathy, the low will start to set in motion its mechanisms for moving other people around you, so that those people will distract you and make you lose time, to make you forget to practice the daily meditation. Let’s take as example that you want to practice the meditation around the 16:00 . For the entire morning you’ve done your chores or what you had to do, and no one has called you or contacted or rang the bell. For the entire day, no one showed up or contacted you to do something together and steal some time. So, you do all the tasks and keep yourself free for the afternoon, convinced that no one can stop you from practicing. Yet, as soon as it’s 16:00 and you’ll think that you’re about to sit down and practice, convinced that you had already carried out all the tasks and chores that you had to do and that you are free to finally dedicate yourself to meditation, your doorbell will ring and you’ll see that it is an old friend that you haven’t seen in a long time. The situation will seem very normal and quiet: you let him in your house because it’s been so long since you haven’t seen each other, you are happy and spend the evening chatting and laughing, so you would never think that it was the Low to send that friend to distract you from your goal of Awakening.

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If it’s not the friend, it’s the uncle that shows up only during important events such as Christmas or Easter and yet today, even if it’s a normal day, just like the others, he will suddenly show up with the excuse of missing you, or saying that he needed some holidays, taking advantage of it to come to you to spend some time together! He could have showed up 30 minutes before or after and yet he rang the bell of your house just one minute before you started the Meditation, or even during the session, to distract and interrupt you, making you feel dissatisfied and annoyed, due to the abrupt interruption while you were practicing. The point is that it won’t cross your mind that that interruption was cause by the low, so that you can’t get out of its influence thanks to the Meditation. So, you’ll underestimate this practice, thinking that it’s just a session (too long!)  of relaxation and that there’s nothing beyond it. And yet, if it was just that, the low wouldn’t move other people to get them to your house, to distract you from practicing and to keep you from doing it the way you wanted to. If the Meditation wasn’t so important for your Awakening, and it wasn’t useful to get out of the Low’s influence, for sure the Low Frequency wouldn’t stop you from practicing it. And yet you don’t realize until you start practicing and realize that in some ways there’s always something that happens to prevent you from meditating or to stop the meditation during the best part.

You may have spent the whole day doing whatever you had to do: you have worked, you have paid attention to your family, you have cleaned the house, you did everything that was in your daily tasks and no one interrupted you; then, as soon as you sit down to meditate, you receive a text from the person that never showed attention towards you, and that makes you want to take the tablet/computer/smartphone and spend hours talking with her, thinking that it would be stupid throwing away this occasion. It could be someone you haven’t heard of from weeks, months or years, or someone who has always ignored your chats, or that texts you only when important things happen; and yet as soon as you sit down to meditate, she will contact you with an excuse that it will appear too interesting to make her wait for 30 minutes, the time to meditate. You could choose to meditate, and then text with that person all the time that you want; and instead you’ll choose to chat with her, ending up talking about useless nonsense, until it will be too late and you’ll have to go to sleep, because you will work tomorrow! Meanwhile the low will work in your mind to make you choose by yourself to waste time behind that chat, instead of dedicating 30 minutes to your spiritual evolution and only then being free to open every chat you want. So if on one hand the low has worked around you to push someone to distract you, at the same time it has worked inside your mind to make you choose to accept that distraction, instead of dedicating to your evolution. So it will make you think that nothing of important has happened, that there’s nothing wrong, because you’ve chatted but you’ll be able to meditate tomorrow; and yet inside of you, you already know that you won’t be able to meditate tomorrow, because the Low Is already working on other excuses to take your time and to keep you, even more tomorrow, from meditating.

Until you start practicing, you won’t actually realize of the Low’s existence and of the methods that it uses to keep you down and to stop you, but they will just be theories that you won’t be able to seriously comprehend. Instead, practicing meditation, you’ll realize how the Low wants to keep you down, because it will start to create events that will make you lose the will to practice, or that will make you forget about it. It’ll seem crazy, and yet it will find thousands of ways to make you forget what you wanted to do. First of all it will fill you with sudden events, like your best friend that will suddenly feel nostalgic and that will ask you to spend the whole night keeping her company, making you lose the occasion to meditate.

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Or it could be a member of your family that today wants to spend more time with you, or that messes something up, making you waste your day to solve the problems that he caused. In all of this, you’ll be back home tired, and you won’t feel like meditating anymore. If instead it doesn’t manage to keep you out of your house for too long, it will try to bring the low inside of your house, to keep you from practicing even when you managed to keep yourself free to meditate. So, you sit down convinced that nothing and no one will prevent you from meditating: you told your friends that you’ll be sleeping for an hour, so that they’ll be convinced to not to bother you for that hour, so that you can meditate. And yet you’ll receive a lot of calls from call centres or from unknown numbers that, look at that, right that day took the wrong number, annoying you with thousands of calls and the ringtone seems always higher, right when you’re meditating.

If instead you had turned off your phone, to avoid someone bothering you, here is someone coming to the doorbell of your neighbour, ringing repeatedly, although they usually ring once and then – realizing that no one is home – they live; and yet not today! Today they must ring that doorbell just like if the door must open on its own, even if it’s clear that the neighbour aren’t at home! It could have been a calm, quiet day, considered the time (afternoon, where everyone is resting) but, as soon as you start meditating, a lot of cars will ride on the way where your home is, honking and will make an annoying noise that they hadn’t made for the entire day, but in this moment they are committed to be as loud as doesn’t matter if it was quiet before and there weren’t noises even in the distance: as soon as you’ll sit down to meditate, the neighbour’s dog will start barking and the others dog will follow it with that noise that seems to announce the apocalypse, because they’ll be so loud and so insistent that even if you love dogs, you’ll be stressed by that loud noise that they make, disturbing your meditations; and all of this mess, just to make you stop meditating, annoyed by the noise. Only when you start practicing, you’ll realize of the existence of the Low Frequency, because it will activate just when you’ll decide to practice to get out of its influence. Only then you’ll realize how important it is to get out of the Low. You didn’t realize before, you didn’t know about its existence and you didn’t even notice; and yet, as soon as you’ll start practicing, , you’ll really notice its presence, because there will be a lot of crazy situations that didn’t happen before. It’s clear that if you decided to go on with this path, you’ll improve day after day, managing to meditate even when the low wants to distract you with its strategies. So, don’t think that it’ll always be like that, it would be impossible to meditate. But it needs to be clear from the beginning that if you wait for the low to give you the permission to meditate, then you can say goodbye to your Awakening: you decide whether to practice or not, even when the Low will become stronger to prevent you from doing it; because if you wait for it to give you some rest and to offer you some time to meditate, you’re hoping for a miracle that it surely won’t happen.

The Low doesn’t want you to Awaken, so don’t delude yourself that there will be a day when it’ll leave you free to meditate serenely, without bothering you from the day after. It is the enemy of the Awakening, so it’s important to realize that, but most of all to understand the reason why the Low doesn’t want you to Awaken. Then, you’ll be in the right direction to comprehend how important it is to develop psychic capacities. For now, you only have to meditate and realize how many situations happen in the exact moments in which you choose to meditate, just to prevent you from practicing, or to distract you in the middle of the meditation in order to not to make you reach a real wellness, so to make you think that the meditation isn’t that relaxing. At the beginning the Low will look like a too cunning enemy for you, because as soon as you sit down to meditate the dog will start to bark, the neighbour will scream and the cars will make noise, but you must not be knocked down by those trivial methods. The mental and physic wellness, but most importantly all the benefits that the meditation bring to your life, will be much more rewarding than any type of distraction that the Low could bring to you to keep you from practicing. So, regardless of what the distractions are, put them apart for 30 minutes and sit down to meditate. Your life will change considerably.

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  • Stella Spica - 14:42 29/09/23

    Ci tenevo a commentare di nuovo anche questo articolo perché la comprensione del Low sta alla base della presa di coscienza di cosa stiamo vivendo. Sto notando, grazie alle meditazioni che svolgo, che mi capitano sincronicità e coincidenze....non credo al caso, alcune di esse sono più e evidenti, altre più sottili, per tale ragione sto sempre con le antenne dritte per captare qualcosa. Noto come certe persone sono manipolate, perché pronunciano parole o compiono azioni particolari, o troppo gentili o tese a stuzzicare e non lo reputo affatto normale per come le conosco, mi rendo anche conto che in passato mi sarei innervosita e addirittura arrabbiata per simili comportamenti ma adesso mi faccio una grande risata e vedo quanto questo mondo sia tutto artificiale, falso e manovrato. Sono intenzionata a vedere oltre...... tutto questo grazie alla fantastica ACD! Grazie Angel per averla creata !

    • Stella Spica - 14:58 29/09/23

      Preciso anche che ho notato come nelle persone manipolate avvenga una modificazione del loro sguardo, sono molto empatica e certe cose non mi sfuggono, nel momento in cui avviene la manipolazione i loro occhi cambiano espressione, ciò può avviene contemporaneamente anche col cambio del tono della loro voce, ma non sempre, non è una regola.

  • Mery - 09:25 22/09/23

    Il non pensiero credo che possa aiutare moltissimo in modo che il Low non si renda conto, ma come si può stare in non pensiero, anche in questo momento scrivendo la mia mente mi detta quel che scrivo. Io credo ci voglia moltissimo tempo e tanto allenamento per non stare in modalità pensiero, ed è proprio nel nostro pensiero che si aggancia, molte volte pensiamo a cosa fare, che progetto realizzare, a chi chiedere aiuto, e lui sa come boicottare il tutto mettendoti proprio contro quelle persone che ti sarebbero servite. Ho una conoscente che meditava da anni, purtroppo il Low è qualcosa di ancora più forte gli ha reso la vita impossibile, ora non medita più e mi ha suggerito per il mio bene di non proseguire con le meditazioni, questa persona sta malissimo da quando non medita più, passa la maggior parte del tempo a soffrire. Non ne vuole sapere neanche per un attimo di fare una sessione di meditazione, e mentre parlo con lei, mi azzitisce dicendomi di non pensare e parlare o porgli domande sulla spiritualità perché loro sentono.

  • Mery - 09:25 22/09/23

    Il non pensiero credo che possa aiutare moltissimo in modo che il Low non si renda conto, ma come si può stare in non pensiero, anche in questo momento scrivendo la mia mente mi detta quel che scrivo. Io credo ci voglia moltissimo tempo e tanto allenamento per non stare in modalità pensiero, ed è proprio nel nostro pensiero che si aggancia, molte volte pensiamo a cosa fare, che progetto realizzare, a chi chiedere aiuto, e lui sa come boicottare il tutto mettendoti proprio contro quelle persone che ti sarebbero servite. Ho una conoscente che meditava da anni, purtroppo il Low è qualcosa di ancora più forte gli ha reso la vita impossibile, ora non medita più e mi ha suggerito per il mio bene di non proseguire con le meditazioni, questa persona sta malissimo da quando non medita più, passa la maggior parte del tempo a soffrire. Non ne vuole sapere neanche per un attimo di fare una sessione di meditazione, e mentre parlo con lei, mi azzitisce dicendomi di non pensare e parlare o porgli domande sulla spiritualità perché loro sentono.

  • dafnead - 18:31 19/09/23

    Mi sto rendendo sempre più conto che meno mediti e meno riconosci le distrazioni dal low, all'improvviso tutto sembra essere una scusa valida per non praticare e di conseguenza non continuare risvegliarsi. Ti fa credere che restare addormentati non è poi così male che "l'importante è non pensarci". Nonostante abbia perso un pò di motivazione nelle ultime settimane non mi voglio arrendere. Voglio tornare sui miei passi, praticare con costanza a risvegliarmi sempre di più fino a non volermi mai più abbandonare all'illusione. E' come combattere una battaglia ogni giorno... Assurdo che si tratti soltanto di una mezz'oretta ma che sia comunque tosta. Ad ogni modo non mi darò mai per vinta!! Meno male che ci sono questi articoli da cui si può sempre tornare per ricordarsi perché è importante non arrendersi, e riprendere in mano la situazione. Grazie <3

  • angelia - 00:57 19/09/23

    Today before I did the Chakra Meditation, I thought to myself, something is going to distract me. I put the dog in his kennel and maybe the last five minutes the door bell rang for a delivery. I can think back over the years, how everyone, and I mean everyone was a huge distraction. SMH!! Thank you

  • 💞Vivi💞 - 12:49 16/09/23

    Tutto ciò che è stato detto qui,è esattamente quello che mi è capitato e che ancora mi capita. Troverá mille modi, mille imprevisti, mille contrattempi, sempre nuovi e diversi per farci sprecare la giornata, per farci perdere tempo, per rallentarci...La cosa piú spaventosa che mi è capitata, è stato notare,che proprio quando decidevo di smettere di farmi abbassare dal low, improvvisamente mi accadeva di incontrare qualcuno che mi portava ad abbassare ancora di piú la mia coscienza, facendomi annegare in altro fango di pensieri bassi, sporchi, che portavano ad azioni altrettanto basse e sporche. Piú vado avanti, piú mi rendo conto di come sia sottile l'energia del pensiero, e come basta poco per agganciarti a delle energie che invece di portatarti benefici, ti portano pesantezze, e sono tutte energie che il low ci mette davanti apposta per evitare di farci alzare da quell'ammasso di pesantezza e farci rimanere affogati nella nostra stessa sporcizia... utilizza poi dei meccanismi sempre diversi, ed è anche questo il bello di rendersi conto dei vari livelli che può avere il low, che ci mette apatia, svogliatezza, può capitare un momento triste e per stare meglio pensiamo di fare qualcosa di basso piuttosto che tentare di innalzare il tonale... è molto difficile. Ovviamente non vuole che ci risvegliamo, quindi qualsiasi occasione è buona per infastidirci e rallentarci. Mi succede eccome, soprattutto proprio nel momento in cui mi alzo un pochino in piú di tonale,il cane abbaia senza fermarsi, i vicini urlano e litigano, chi va in bagno e fa partire lo scarico ,chi sbatte le cose in cucina... a me ormai viene da ridere, ma è stressante comunque. Quello che mi infastidisce di piú però, non è tanto durante la pratica, ma soprattutto quando decido di leggere dei documenti, o fare delle cose inerenti alla spiritualità o alla mia vita per renderla piú positiva, perché proprio in quel momento accade qualcosa che mi fa totalmente dimenticare di ciò che mi ero prefissata di fare. Succendono cose poi che mi portano a non fare piú niente, che siano distrazioni, apatia, svogliatezza, persone che mi abbassano e io che mi abbasso con i miei stessi pensieri. È tutto molto incasinato e non è facile vincere contro l'apatia,perché almeno nel mio caso, mi butto la zappa sui piedi da sola facendo manipolare ben bene dal low che manipola le persone che io frequento o con cui parlo, per abbassarmi piú del dovuto.

  • Marin76 - 15:19 14/09/23

    Come è vero ed ingombrante questo low Mi auguro l'impegno e la dedizione bastino a scardinarlo.

  • morenos - 13:21 12/09/23

    Comincio davvero a non sopportare più questo "Low Frequency"! Sembra fare di tutto per tenermi lontano dalla meditazione, ma non si ferma solo lì, tenta di allontanarmi da qualsiasi cosa che potrebbe aiutarmi a crescere e evolvermi, come l'Accademia, la natura, le letture, eccetera. Al momento, sembra che il punteggio sia Moreno 1 - Low Frequency 0, ahahah! Sto vincendo questa battaglia, ahahah. Scherzi a parte, non permetterò a nessuno di interferire con ciò che mi sono proposto di fare.

  • Elisa - 11:13 11/09/23

    È molto chiara la distinzione tra Low e natura, anche se su questa terra purtroppo il Low è molto più pesante a causa di influenze negative esterne. Sento ogni giorno la sua pesantezza, mi mette i bastoni fra le ruote continuamente: nel tentare di insinuare nella mia mente pensieri negativi che sovrastano quelli positivi, nella malattia che purtroppo peggiora e progredisce e mi lascia sempre meno forze e respiro. Il low è anche ciò che mi ha impedito fin da piccola di fare ciò che ero venuto a fare su questa terra. A volte è talmente forte che non ce la faccio, a volte credo di essere così fragile ormai che tutto mi sembra insormontabile. Ci sono giornate in cui credo che finalmente sono riuscita ad avere in pugno la situazione, mentre subito dopo mi crolla di nuovo tutto addosso. E’ vero ogni volta che voglio fare la meditazione o le pratiche succede di tutto. Anche dentro di me: dai pensieri ossessivi a causa dei problemi enormi che devo quotidianamente affrontare, all’ansia all’agitazione data dai farmaci, ai dolori terribili che ho alle ossa che non mi consentono di mantenere le posizioni a lungo. Comunque continuo non demordo e spero che prima o poi le cose migliorino.

  • marcell - 06:25 10/09/23

    il low è a tutti gli effetti il famoso 'sistema' detto il male, ed è proprio come descritto nell'audio,, bisogna impare ad essere superiori a questa bestia, la meditazione vince su tutto. In una parola.. Praticare! 😊🙏

  • Saras2021 Medaglia per aver completato lo Step 1 - 23:22 08/09/23

    Il low è molto furbo. Quando sembra che ce l'hai fatta ecco che il giorno dopo qualsiasi contrattempo arriva a farti visita. L'unico modo è sedersi a meditare punto, senza pensarci troppo. Comunque se ogni volta che vuoi meditare lui interviene vuole dire che chi manipola il low legge nel pensiero

  • giusepp - 21:18 08/09/23

    Il low frequency comincia a starmi più antipatico di quanto pensassi. L.'ho già incontrato parecchie volte nelle mie sedute di meditazione, e ho imparato a riconoscerlo riuscendo a tenerlo a bada. Non e' semplice, ma con la costanza e la partecipazione continua, sono riuscito a creare una sorta di barriera emozionale, relegando le varie influenze del low in una frequenza ancora più bassa di Quello che lo stesso low usa per impedirti di meditare. Oggi comunque mi e' sembrato di averlo conosciuto meglio, perché mi e' stato presentato in tutte le sue sfaccettature e manifestazioni

  • cassidy - 15:33 06/09/23

    Concordo pienamente con quanto detto, praticamente da quando ho iniziato a Meditare è incredibile perché davvero proprio in quei momenti succede veramente di tutto. Inizialmente oltre ai fattori esterni cercava di inserire pensieri e memorie (anche i pensieri più strani) durante le meditazioni, poi da quando riesco sempre più a mantenere il non Pensiero (grazie al fatto che inizio maggiormente a sentire i Chakra e quindi mi focalizzo meglio su di loro) ecco che gli elementi esterni di disturbo diventano più pesanti, ma proprio in modo palese: ad esempio, nel mio cellulare, ho delle chat di gruppi lavorativi che ho silenziato per evitare di ricevere notifiche ogni due secondi, bene, nonostante fossero chat silenziate ecco che durante la Meditazione (o anche durante la pratica di altri esercizi dei libri di Angel) quelle chat silenziate suonano….assurdo! Oppure il gatto che proprio esattamente nel momento della Meditazione inizia a miagolare pesantemente, o il vicinato (addirittura il vicino che inizia a suonare in maniera stonata la tromba), o le chiamate al cell da parte di mia madre. Addirittura in quest’ultimo caso mia madre l’altro giorno, mentre facevo una Meditazione mi ha chiamata al cell, io ho risposto pensando fosse importante e sento che lei parlava con qualcun altro, le chiedo quindi il motivo della chiamata e lei mi ha fatto capire che non mi aveva chiamato per un motivo apparente e che comunque doveva staccare perché impegnata…è incredibile era palesemente, senza ombra di dubbio, il Low che l’ha spinta a chiamarmi senza alcun motivo, confermato dal fatto che lei stava chiacchierando con altri incontrati fuori. Infatti con i vari escamotage il Low è riuscito nel suo intento (per il momento per due volte) di non farmi praticare la Meditazione, inserendo impegni ecc. Poi quando riesco, a volte, a fare la seconda Meditazione della giornata ecco che il giorno dopo, pur di evitare che continuo con questa bella abitudine, me lo impedisce con maggiore e pesante insistenza. Comunque è vero…se s’impegna così tanto per distrarci vuol dire che la posta in gioco è alta e che la Meditazione fa tanto, infatti sono anche un po' curiosa di vedere quanto potrebbe “impegnarsi” se inserisco non solo la seconda ma anche la terza Meditazione quotidiana (tutti i giorni). Grazie per la lezione Angel 😊

  • Jasmina - 17:06 31/08/23

    Effettivamente ci sono state diverse occasioni in cui proprio quando dovevo meditare, succedeva qualcosa. Una cosa di routine è con il mio cane , appena mi siedo con l’intento di meditare interferisce in qualsiasi modo per non farmelo fare 😅! Ora mi chiudo in stanza e lo lascio fuori 😅!

  • sabros - 10:20 30/08/23

    Spiegazione molto chiara che si può constatare ogni volta che si inizia a fare un percorso di crescita personale, di risveglio panche di attività fisiche o lavorative se te ne rendi conto e superi quello scalino hai vinto...