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Meditation – Chakra Meditation in Mental Silence (Part 3)

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Already from the first lesson you are becoming aware of something that has always existed, but of which you have ignored the presence. Meditation must be understood and practiced every day, because there is never an end to understanding and discovering new levels. The purpose of this journey is to teach you how to meditate on the chakras with a perfect non-thought, so that you can recognize yourself and completely decide for your life. To achieve this, however, you must train step by step. I showed you a taste of meditation inviting you to practice non-thinking but this is not all, in fact you have to learn how to absorb energy and how to use it, just what I want to teach you today: Chakra Meditation.

Chakras are simply points in the body that can contain energy. There is no need to explain everything to you immediately in detail, because I will do it in the next articles. What you need to know now is that chakras are not something strange or paranormal, but simply they are points in our body that can better store energy and allow it to be used as we want. They are like containers that you can’t see at the beginning, but by learning to feel energy, you will realize how important they are for everyday life. A practical example is the headache due to the Mind Chakra being too drained; the same goes for a stomach ache that presents itself due to an empty Solar Plexus Chakra, such as a sudden back hurting that would not occur if the Chi Chakra was full of energy. Although today the term Chakra may seem strange or unknown, it is a very ancient term to indicate some more energetic points of our body, which allow us to be stronger, more focused and in better health. Each chakra has the function of fortifying our physical and energetic body; in fact if you meditate on the Mind Chakra you will no longer suffer from headache, just as if you start meditating on the Solar Plexus Chakra you won’t suffer from stomach ache, and so on.

Just think that the Chi Chakra, the chakra of physical strength, is used by many martial arts masters and sports practitioners to increase strength, endurance and speed. This is therefore additional energy and there is nothing strange about this. Just as in the image at the beginning of the chapter the fundamental chakras are 5, although there are also 3 more important chakras, but we will discuss about them later. Your knowledge must go hand in hand with the practice, so that you can improve your evolution instead of going too fast. Let’s start with what you can learn right away: Meditation on the 5 Chakras.

In the previous articles you have discovered that meditation is nothing complicated or mysterious. It simply means relaxing, using a precise technique that not everyone knows; in fact, it is always easy to say “relax”, but there are those who have never understood how to do it. You are probably also part of that category as you may believe that you can simply relax by watching TV, listening to music and thinking about your problems or sleeping for a few hours; these three methods, however, will not evolve your Consciousness. Meditation is meant to make you evolve both mentally and spiritually, so it is a different way of relaxing while remaining the most functional, despite being the oldest; all the others are hobbies, habits, routines, but they are not actions that will make you evolve. In order to feel good both mentally and physically, Meditation allows you to fill yourself with extra energy to be much stronger and more determined than before, also with the help of non-thought that prevents the useless outflow of energy that we usually suffer. Let’s be clear: today without meditation we live like zombies, always with a fatigue on us that sucks dry our energy and makes us feel weak already from midday, it drains us until the evening and then makes us fall into bed as soon as we come back home.
We cannot go on like this, because this is not life. To improve our daily life, we need some extra energy to do and feel well, even if we do the same actions every day, sometimes even the boring and unnerving ones that happens at work.

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Through Chakra Meditation we allow our mind to be much more active, we allow our body to be energetic and responsive as well as healthy, but above all we allow our higher consciousness – which we call Soul – to feed and evolve. Food nourishes our body, energy nourishes our soul. It is not surprising: the soul does not eat solid food, that the physical body needs, it needs instead energy to evolve and expand its power. The soul is made of energy and feeds on energy, just as our physical body feeds on material food, and for this reason it needs its main meal which is Meditation. Through meditation practice our soul can nourish itself and become stronger.

Just because we do not see with our eyes the width and the greatness of the soul does not mean that it has to be ignored: we do not see our internal organs, yet if we feed ourselves badly, they start to get sick anyway, regardless of the fact that you could see it or not. We can therefore not see the moment and the reason why they will fall ill, yet this will happen and will bring us serious damage. Instead, if we nourish our body with healthy food and perform the right physical activity, our internal organs will be much more resistant and their life will be longer: the same rule applies to our soul.

At the beginning you might believe that the soul does not need to be fed every day, as the physical body does, because you don’t feel it complain, while in reality it does very often. If you do not eat today, your stomach will grumble and you will feel the annoyance that, with the passing of time, would become pain. The soul behaves the same way, because in the absence of pranic energy you feel more and more confused, alone and out of place. You have an empty space inside that does not allow you to reason well and make the right decisions for your life. Hunger makes you unable to move forward, because when you’re hungry you cannot be as lucid as you would like, it makes you fragile and subservient/submissive.

If your soul is hungry, it will not make any sound, but inside yourself you will hear screams of pain that will make you feel more and more empty and anguished. If you are here today, looking for answers, is because inside yourself you hear those screams that you don’t know who they belong to, you feel empty and lonely, although you may not understand why. You will be surprised when you realize that feeling of emptiness, that internal pain, that suffering, was just hunger. When you skip an important meal and for some reason you do not eat, your body gets weak and you feel sad and nervous: when your soul doesn’t feed you will feel even worse. Those strong pangs of loneliness, discomfort and pessimism are nothing but pangs of hunger from the soul. Now you don’t understand because you’re not used to it, but when you will take the habit of meditating consistently you will realize that that emptiness and loneliness will disappear, making you almost believe that they never existed: that will happen when you will have satisfied the needs of your soul. When you fill your stomach you do not think about hunger anymore: you are so full that you almost don’t remember what it means to be hungry, because you are now satisfied and you do not think about it anymore. When you’ll meditate with constancy you will forget the meaning of suffering. If you had a food disorder and would skip lunch every other day, then one dinner yes and another no, your body would react negatively because it would be under continuous stress. You need to eat at a proper pace and eat proper meals, for your health to rejoice. In the same way it works with the soul: if today you nourish it, but tomorrow you don’t, even if you do not feel that physical pain, your soul will still pay the consequences, it will get weaker and then start screaming inside you, making you feel frustrated and pessimistic.

Through meditation on the chakras you will realize by yourself, already from the first sessions, how high the benefit of relaxation is, as you will feel calmer and ready to face daily adversities with more confidence and serenity. With this, don’t expect to feel so full of energy from the first time so much that you could smash a wall with your eyes: first of all you have to concentrate on the state of mind you have to keep, because even if now it may seem little, it will be the one to make you evolve or make you give up.

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Then with constant practice you will feel physically stronger. You will not need to wait for years, because everything will depend on how you will make precious every daily session. By choosing to meditate you will feel better, more energetic, and less inclined to tiredness. The purpose of non-thinking is to teach you to distinguish who you are from external influences who want to pretend to be you.

The purpose of the chakras is to make you fill with energy that then you can use to obtain benefits. During routine days you will feel more energetic and awake (as if you had drunk 7 coffee, but without side effects!) and you will learn to protect yourself from external energies that want to influence the path of your life. You can also use the energy absorbed through meditation to achieve improvements for your everyday and spiritual life. Don’t think that energy is only needed for your abstract evolution, because you will recognize how useful it is in the concrete dimension. To mention just two examples, you could make happen something very positive in your life, something that you have long desired but you did not know where to start to make it happen; through the techniques, you will be able to get closer to its realization. Or you may want to receive an energetical healing for your personal problems or for your loved ones, a healing which you would not be able to carry out at high levels without energy. Everything will depend on the commitment and interest you will put in your practice. Surely no one else could do it for you.

Chakras are very important because they allow you to absorb energy and use it as you prefer; first of all, however, it will serve as a very strong energetic protection that will prevent negative events from happening in your life. Later we will add the Psychic Protection, a protection technique that I recommend you to practice and that you can find in the following articles. However, even protection may not work well if you don’t meditate first; the success is linked and is proportional to the amount of energy that you collect in the body. If you do not meditate, you do not have enough energy to block very tough and heavy events. Although meditation in non-thought is of fundamental importance, it remains incomplete without the use of the chakras. You cannot learn to recognize your true self from external influences if you do not have the strength to protect yourself from them. That’s why you need your chakras to be full of energy. Meditation needs to evolve at the same pace with the non-thought and the chakras, because if one of these two elements were missing, the balance would collapse on one side and you wouldn’t be able to use the energy as you would like. Having much energy and not knowing how to use it doesn’t solve the problems, because your life, while improving, would still remain incomplete. Learning non-thinking is necessary to better focus on your true goals. The non-thought and the chakras complete each other, eventually resulting in a perfect meditation.

You may be wondering why I ask you to practice even before explaining all the details and answering all the countless questions you have, in case this is the first approach for you to this practice; do not worry, I’ve already thought about that too. In fact, in the next articles I will answer to all of the questions about meditation. But first I want you to experience on your own the well-being that meditation can provide, so that you can believe to what I say only after having obtained the evidence on your skin and not before doing so. I don’t want you to believe in what I say just for reading it, I want you to put it into practice. By doing so, you will discover through your own experience that it is all real, and you will never have doubts again. If you do not practice, you will remain forever with your uncertainties and you will wait for me to remove them, but this is not it: you must do it, putting into practice the techniques that I have taught you. Only then you will trust yourself and you will not have to depend on anyone else.

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Therefore, before continuing with the explanation of Meditation, I would like you to try what it means to meditate on the Chakras. The major energy points of our body are 8:

  1. The Kundalini chakra – placed at the tip of the spine.
  2. The Sexual chakra – placed slightly higher than the Kundalini. The two chakras are very close and for this reason they are often confused.
  3. The Chi chakra – located in the abdomen, lower than the navel. A female reference is the exact center between the two ovaries.
  4. The Solar Plexus chakra – located in the stomach, at the height of the pit of the stomach.
  5. The Heart chakra –at the height of the heart but in the center of the chest.
  6. The Throat chakra – placed on the Adam’s apple.
  7. The chakra of the Mind – exactly in the middle of the eyebrows, not higher.
  8. The Crown chakra – positioned above on top of the head.

Although the main chakras are 8, we will deal with 5 in particular: the Chi, the Solar Plexus, the Heart, the Mind and the Crown chakra. These 5 centers are those who will bring greater balance in your spiritual awakening. The energy points will be replenished in different ways because they have different times and capacities, so I will show you the keys to optimize your energy centers. Initially we will not meditate on the other chakras because we need to pay them much more attention and for now, they are not essential. You do not have to worry because through meditation on the 5 most important chakras the rest of the body will be filled with energy, so the other chakras will also be fed. Through meditation on the 5 chakras you will get excellent results.

The first of the chakras on which we will meditate, from 7 to 10 minutes, will be the Chi chakra. If this is your first real meditation on the chakras, I suggest you start with 7 minutes; from the next session you can try with 10. The Chi is located in the lower abdomen, just as you can see in the picture at the beginning of the chapter. It’s not necessary to be precise to the millimeter: the chakras will become very large, so even if you touch with your fingers a point a few centimeters lower or higher you will find it anyway. The important thing is to stay in the chakra area without moving excessively from that area. The chakras are located at the center of the body, symmetrical to the spine; therefore, they are neither moved to the left nor to the right, but in the center. I usually place my fingers on the area of the uterus, between the two ovaries, because I can perceive my Chi in this area particularly well, even though some people prefer to place them slightly higher because it helps them feel it better; so just feel which position is better for you, but remember that you don’t need to be accurate to the millimeter as the chakras are not as small as crumbs but they are even bigger, so you don’t have to worry about it.

The second energy center we will deal with will be the Solar Plexus, located at the level of the the stomach’s pit. On this chakra we will meditate between 3 and 5 minutes.

You will be guided by the audio version, so you don’t have to worry about the time as the voice will tell you when it’s time to move on to the next chakra.

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For the next times, however, if you’ll practice without the audio version, remember that the times of the chakras must always be balanced between them, so if you choose to meditate 7 minutes on the Chi, you must also choose to meditate 3 minutes on the Plexus. If you meditated 15 minutes on the Chi and 2 minutes on the Plexus, you would unbalance your chakras and it would not work well, and that is why I’m telling you the right times. However, if you follow the Audio tape I provided you, you won’t experience any difficulty because you will be given instructions on when you need to move from one chakra to the other.

Then we will meditate on the Heart chakra, spending on it about 7 to 10 minutes. It is positioned at the level of the heart, remaining centered in the chest because it is aligned with the spine, so it does not tend to the left.

Then we find the Mind chakra, on which we meditate from 7 to 10 minutes. It is located exactly between the eyebrows.

Finally, we will meditate on the Crown chakra, from 3 to 5 minutes. It will help you to have more dimensional experiences, that are very useful and positive.

Now that you know the exact position of the five main chakras, all we have to do is start with guided meditation. If this is the first time you are meditating on chakras, you can choose whether to practice it by lying out in a very exceptional way, so that you can better touch the chakras, or sit in a half lotus position as shown in the image at the beginning of the chapter. To start this new session in the best way I suggest you to lean your back against the wall so as not to get tired, with a cushion underneath to not feel discomfort to your legs, as the meditation will last from 25 to 30 minutes. Be happy, this is the first true meditation you will do! Proper sessions should last about half an hour each. During meditation you can choose to keep your hands resting on your knees (with the thumb and forefinger touching each other) or if to place them on the pelvis, placing them one on top of the other with their thumbs touching, just like in the picture above; alternatively, you can use one hand to touch the chakras while holding the other still and resting on the legs: this is the position that I recommend to you, because touching the chakras with your fingers is much better to feel exactly the area to meditate on.
We are ready to start. If you choose to listen to the audio guide, just follow the directions; if instead you prefer to proceed with the written guide, before moving on, remember to leave at least a one or two minutes break between one sentence and the other, allowing yourself to have time to practice as best as you can the instructions you will be reading.

If you wish to listen to the guided Meditation in audio version, click here, then finish reading the article. Otherwise, follow the written guide step by step.


Relax and proceed with relaxation, without being in a hurry.


Relax your mind…


Don’t think about anything…


Just listen to my words… while everything else stops.


Imagine around you a white light that touches you …


This beautiful white light, surrounds you and moves around you … It makes you feel good.


The white light surrounds you… coming in greater quantities.


Imagine this light coming straight into your Chi chakra.


Breathe deeply and imagine the light entering the Chi…


Now, with one hand, place your fingers on the area of the chakra and touch it.


Focus on the physical sensation that the touch of your fingers makes you feel on your skin.


Feel the Chi chakra absorbing positive energy, thanks to the touch of your fingers.


Imagine as if your Chi is absorbing energy faster and faster.


From now on, focus only on your Chi, without thinking about anything else.


Breathe white pranic energy in your Chi…


And do not think about anything…


Focus on feeling the touch on your Chi.


Relax… and do not think about anything… Focus on the chakra without thinking…


Breathe deeply and remove your fingers from the Chi chakra.


Now place them on the Plexus chakra.


Imagine the light that enters your Plexus… And breathe it inside.


Focus well on the skin, physically feeling the touch of your fingers.


Breathe deeply from your Solar Plexus… And don’t get distracted for any reason.


Keep breathing firmly from your Plexus.


Focus only on the Solar Plexus, don’t be distracted by anything else.


Breathe deeply… remove your fingers from the Plexus.


Relax… now you can place your fingers on the Heart chakra.


Take a deep breath from the Heart and feel strong, very strong.


Feel the heart beating stronger…


Focus on your heartbeating and breathe…


Feel the heartbeat increase…


Feel how your heart beats strong, feel the emotion that it is giving to you…


Breathe pranic energy from your heart… and feel it beating for you.


Feel happy, satisfied, because this is how you have to feel while meditating…


You are strong, you must feel the truth…


Accept it…


Focus on your heart, feel how it beats with emotion!


Do not think about anything, just enjoy the emotion of being finally here.




Now you can move your fingers to the Mind chakra…


Imagine the light entering your chakra…


Huge amounts of white energy entering your Mind… and expanding…


They purify it…


They throw out every problem… negative thought… every trouble… every waste of time.


Everything melts… only the light and goodness remain…


From now on… do not think about anything…


Focus only on your skin… on the physical touch of your fingers…


Relax your face… relax your eyebrows and forehead…


Concentrate on the Mind chakra without stressing your face…


Don’t get distracted.


Focus, your Mind chakra is too important to get distracted!


Breathe prana from the mind… Relax… and move your fingers on the Crown chakra…


Breathe prana from the Crown chakra…


Feel it, how it opens you up to the Universe…


Remove your fingers from the chakra, placing your hands resting on top of each other, holding them under the Chi.


Stay focused on the Crown, without touching it with your fingers…


Feel the white energy entering straight into your Crown…


Focus only on the Crown…


Breathe prana…


And relax…


Thank you for allowing me to relax you.


I am very happy that you have practiced this meditation, because you allowed yourself to go beyond the appearance and experience on your skin the feeling you get during the meditation on the chakras. At the beginning you may feel relaxed to the point of taking a nap, but with constancy in practice you will always feel more energetic and strong, so you can change your routine and do more in your life feeling less tired, compared to when you did less and you felt more lazy and apathetic.
Meditation is an enemy of apathy, it makes you energetic and determined, able to be realized in what you would never have thought before. You will recognize it, noticing qualities and positive situations that will suddenly surface in your life and in your personality. You will be surprised.

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    È stato senz’altro un’esperienza sorprendente! Mi vorrei dedicare maggiormente a queste pratiche per beneficiare maggiormente dei suoi vantaggi! Vi ringrazio per questi insegnamenti più specifici che a mio sentire solo molto validi e coinvolgenti dal punto di vista della semplicità e della profondità del loro agire. Grazie di cuore… Andiamo Avanti!!

  • lunarian - 12:34 13/06/24

    That really was an amazing session. As you said the drowsyness is setting in but also a sense of tranquility - just like when I started my gratitude ritual and mantras. The chakrapoints feel a soothing coldness, like they are at ease - Thankyou for that ! It'll be incorporated in my day from now on.

  • erianthe - 10:33 13/06/24

    Trovo questa meditazione meravigliosa, poche volte mi è capitato di riuscire a farla quasi completamente in non pensiero e la sensazione che rilascia è indescrivibile.

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