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The Sixth Sense – Be free to live (part 2)

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In the previous lesson on the Sixth Sense I have explained how this sense belongs to you by nature, since it is the Sense that allows you to amplify all the others, and to understand what – with the other five senses – you cannot grasp, see or hear, nor even understand. Every psychic faculty that you know – as well as the many others that you are not aware of – belong to the Sixth sense. This means that we could be sensitive, prophetic, telepathic, telekinetic, without having to choose only one faculty, and without having to limit ourselves to the conviction that we can only choose one way in life. It is natural that each of us is pushed towards a more specific direction, with the belief that all the others don’t interest us. For example, you might be very interested in telekinesis, but since you do not know the topic of telepathy, if not in broad (and even wrong) terms, you are convinced that this latter topic would be of no use to you. Or, in any case, you are not encouraged to deepen it. Another example could be that you may be driven to seek God, to seek the truth about his identity, his presence, the power that he has, and believe that nothing beyond that will truly interest you. This conviction, however, comes from lack of knowledge of the other topics. My intention is not to persuade you to like all spiritual topics, or for you to pursue all psychic faculties, nor would I want you to lose sight of your personal interest in a single ability. Rather, I would like to make you understand that your idea of wanting to be interested in a single faculty rather than discovering the others, may not be your real desire, but a decision made by not knowing what else is out there. As I explained in other lessons, when it comes to psychic abilities, it is the momentary need that drives us, in the sense that we are used to being interested in a specific topic or a specific faculty only if we have a great need for it at a specific time; otherwise, we choose to ignore it and to believe that we don’t care about it.

This means that if we are living a period of life in which we really need to know if the people around us are lying to us, cheating on us, deceiving us, and we have no way of finding out because we cannot trust anyone, here comes the idea of evolving our telepathy, so that we can grasp the thoughts and intentions of others. However, if we are living a rather normal period of our life, we completely forget about faculties such as telepathy, because we believe that we don’t care about them. Basically we don’t think about the future; we don’t think about how useful it would be to learn to know people’s thoughts precisely, in order to avoid being betrayed or something similar, but we prefer to wait and find ourselves immersed in the problem. One could be cheated on, or be lied to, for many years, but only later will we remember the existence of telepathy and think about how useful it would have been in our life. The point is that you cannot decide to “turn on”  your telepathy at any moment, because telepathy must be trained daily to become very precise. This means that when you feel that great need to use telepathy, it will not work for you, as you have never trained in it, and it is not possible to make it work overnight if you do not even know how it works. Similarly, we could think of Psychic Protection. Many people underestimate protection, thinking that it should be practiced only when you are in serious trouble, or in a very dangerous situation. The reality is that if you never train in psychic protection, when you find yourself in a very dangerous situation, you will not be able to perform a very strong protection, because you have no experience in this matter. The idea that your faculties will suddenly awaken and spring into action on their own when you’ll most need them is a nasty lie that must be faced. You know well that, in times of necessity, your faculties did not spring into action on their own, and they didn’t save you from big problems, so it’s just a tale you tell yourself to stay relaxed and in your comfort zone, without thinking about your future.

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Until you know the true meaning of each faculty, it is understandable that you are not drawn to it. The reason why, here in the Academy, I have decided to teach how to develop all psychic faculties, and to talk in detail about each one of them, precisely to give you the possibility to choose to open yourself to evolution, rather than remaining confined to non-knowledge. As long as you did not know anything about psychic faculties and their usefulness, you were “forgiven”, but through this path you have the possibility to understand the reasons why all the faculties of the sixth sense are absolutely important, and not just one. My goal is not to force you to evolve even the skills you don’t want, because no one can force you to do that: you can only evolve them if you decide to train in them, otherwise they will not evolve. My aim is, on the other hand, to put knowledge in front of you, so that you have the possibility to choose whether to learn or not. Previously you had no choice, so even if you wanted to Awaken, you didn’t know how to do it and which steps to take. Through this path I am showing you the steps that must be taken to evolve psychically, but above all, I wish to make you understand the reasons why you should be motivated to do so. If you will then decide not to evolve your skills, it will be your choice, your responsibility, but at least you had a choice thanks to this Academy, which you did not have before.

Years before I decided to set up the Academy, I also believed that I was only interested in some psychic faculties. When I was little I had – or rather I underwent – many experiences with negative entities, therefore the need to save myself from them, and to expel them from my life, directed me to psychically evolve towards strong psychic protection. When I was a child I had very precise premonitory dreams, but for some reason I thought that there wasn’t any more to them, and that I could not evolve them further. The reality is that I didn’t know that one could practice to improve, and become more precise in premonition, because no one told me; so I thought that one could be born with a “gift”, but nothing more could be done. Sometimes, in specific situations in my life, I lived experiences of telekinesis, but, in my ignorance, I was convinced that they were always and in any case caused by the presence of entities moving around the house. I realized the difference only after I started meditating, because I noticed that on days when my tonale was higher and I had more energy – thanks to the daily meditation sessions – if I stared at an object it would start to wobble, or fall to the ground. I realized that the moment when my own telekinesis was happening was different from when it was caused by entities. This was because they moved objects or made them fall only while I was not looking (at my sides or behind me), just to scare me. However, I stared at an object with high tonale and strong intention, – perhaps to look at its aura – it would begin to oscillate. This once happened with a chandelier, which was swinging so much that I could not believe my eyes, in fact I was nearly frightened by it. Still, I was the one who moved it, with telekinesis. But when I was a child I did not understand the importance of all these psychic abilities, so I mistakenly let myself be deceived by my ignorance. I was convinced that I didn’t need telekinesis, that it was not an important faculty for me, so I would think: “What is the use of moving an object with my mind? There are much more important things! Such as protecting myself from entities!”

Fortunately, in a short time I opened my mind and decided to observe what I did not want to see before. In fact, ignorance is also a choice, in the sense that sometimes life gives you many reasons why you should devote yourself to the evolution of your psychic faculties, and yet you still choose to ignore them, to remain ignorant, in the belief that it is not necessary for you to know. The sixth sense possesses faculties that are so many that they cannot even be counted.

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Yet, we are convinced that all we need is one or two faculties – (maximum) – to live our life pleasantly. Moreover, we believe that these faculties should “turn on” only when we want them to, without any need to train them, and evolve them to a much higher and precise level. For some absurd reason we delude ourselves that the sixth sense has a limit, and that we must be born with a preset package of abilities which must remain at the same level forever, because that is the maximum that can be achieved. Fortunately, the reality is very different. The sixth sense has numerous psychic faculties and, through these Steps, I will teach you to evolve as many faculties as possible, so that Awakening will be ever closer. In fact, many people prefer to delude themselves that being a little psychic or having some spontaneous premonitory dreams is a synonym of Awakening. Spiritual Awakening, however, is much more, and it is not limited to a single faculty that, among other things, you cannot even control. In fact, you do not choose when to have your premonitory dreams, or which situation you would like to dream in order to know it in advance, but it is the dream that decides everything. Therefore you could dream of an event that will happen tomorrow but that in reality you didn’t even need to predict, and omit the following week, when something very heavy will happen to you. This is why you should evolve your psychic abilities: to make sure that it is not useless to have that “gift”.

Who knows how many times, if you’ve ever had premonitory dreams, you’ve thought: “Well, why do I need to know that tomorrow I’ll meet that person I haven’t seen for 5 years? Even though it is a rare event, it is not really that important to know it in advance. Couldn’t the dream have warned me of something much more important, which happened due to a mistake I made, but which I couldn’t avoid?” This situation may have made you think, dozens of times, that the faculties you have since childhood are pretty much useless, because they reveal “what they want” but not what you would like to know. For example: “Will my relationship end?” or “Will I be successful in my job?” or even “Will I have a career if I follow my dream?”, yet your spontaneous sensitivity has never given answers to the questions that interest you the most. All this happens because you are not in control of your faculties, so every now and then your sixth sense gives you a “splash of knowledge”, which you have to interpret and learn to understand. It’s rare that it will give you what you want, therefore a detailed and precise answer. This is why you need to train to evolve your sixth sense: to take command of your faculties and use them as you need them, rather than receiving the signals that they choose, and that many times you may not even think so useful. Psychic faculties are useful to improve your life because they give you the answers to what you really need to know, and not on random matters that don’t even interest you. You have lived your whole life without having all of your psychic faculties evolved. Therefore you are so used to living without an evolved sixth sense that (even if you try hard) you wouldn’t understand what your life would be like if all your psychic faculties were active. You convince yourself that it wouldn’t make that much difference, or you might even think that your life could – for some reason – get worse. This is because you grew up with ideas and theories that, throughout your whole life, have tried to manipulate you and keep you in low frequencies, in order to keep you asleep by your own choice. Therefore, throughout your whole life, they have filled you with wrong messages, such as “having active psychic faculties will lead you to become more and more restless and sad”, or “whoever has an active sixth sense is destined to be lonely”, and other lies that clearly, if you convince yourself that they are true, you will decide to move away from the evolution of your sixth sense, because no one “wants to be lonely”. Yet, it was all organized so that people like you would choose of their own free will to remain asleep forever, and therefore subjected to the rules of those who invisibly command us.

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The truth about the sixth sense is that, if you decide to train and evolve it, your life will become more and more positive in all its parts. If you think that “knowing everything” is boring and that it would lead to living a monotonous life, you are completely wrong. In the first place because “knowing everything” does not exist, not even “God” knows everything; but your life would be very different if you could know in advance who is absolutely determined to hurt you from who would do anything to make you happy. Your life would be very different if you could know in advance about a future illness, and its cause as well, so that you can avoid making any mistakes that will lead you to it, start a better path (like a sport, a better diet, or eliminating excessive stress from your days) to prevent that from happening. Your life would be quite different if you could know in advance what would happen if you followed a specific path, like a certain profession rather than another, or what would happen if you committed yourself to obtain a completely different job from the one you have now, or being able to know if dedicating yourself to a specific passion will lead you to happiness, or if happiness lies somewhere else, so that you can choose to change course and direction. Knowing how to achieve happiness, well-being, economic independence, before making mistakes or trusting and entrusting yourself to the wrong people is not boring at all, but rather a great relief, because it makes you feel that you are living a happy and satisfying life, rather than a life of suffering.

What is more complex to achieve, during one’s spiritual path, is the detachment from false and wrong ideas that have radicalized in our minds since we were children, such as the idea that in order to evolve one’s sixth sense it is necessary to detach ourselves from everything we own in the material world, sacrifice ourselves and lead a poor life, without affection, material goods and any security. The reality of the sixth sense is very different, because it can improve your daily life thanks to your psychic faculties, rather than take it away from you and lead you to a life of sacrifices, as we have been made to believe our whole life. Yet, even when you believe that you have passed that phase and do not believe “the rumors”, there will still be a thread of these lies, deeply rooted in our minds, to make you think: “I’m fine like this, I don’t want to evolve more because… I’m scared”. The fear that the evolved sixth sense can lead you to suffer, or to take away what is dear to you, is the fear that belongs to everyone. This is because the society in which we live has worked a lot on our child-mind to impress upon us the obligation not to awaken, otherwise we would become free from their manipulations and submission. Therefore, throughout our whole life, we are brainwashed in order to make us think that psychic evolution is an equivalent of sacrificing our lives, so that we decide to remain asleep and submissive, with the absurd thought that lulls us: “At least this way I’ll be sure nothing bad will happen to me…”

This fear has been so well installed in our minds that it will be your first obstacle to overcome, but not the simplest. Still, you should realize that if they want you asleep it is because if you Awaken they could do nothing to stop you. I also believed, many years ago, that the more I had evolved my psychic faculties, the more I would have “risked” something; but I thank God for the strength He gave me to overcome that absurd fear, which, like many others, could have stopped me. Thank God I chose to go ahead and try to find out if it was true that having advanced psychic faculties would make my life difficult. At first it is normal to think so because they have made us believe it our whole life; yet, by going forward step by step, I realized that the more I practiced, the more my life got better, while instead when I didn’t practice, my life returned to being “normal”, and by normal I mean with the daily problems that a person lives habitually but that they accept in their life, convinced of “not being able to do anything to change the situation”. When I practiced, the situations around me became more and more aligned to make me reach my goals, even the smallest ones… this happened in such a “normal” way that I hardly noticed that it was thanks to my psychic faculties.

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Everything happened very spontaneously, because wherever there was an obstacle to overcome, I would overcome it with great ease, or it disappeared before there was the need for me to intervene. Instead, when I was not practicing with the excuse that I didn’t have time to practice that day, or that there was no need, in my daily life those typical problems that a person has to deal with habitually arose again. For example you want to do something, but someone must always get in the way and have the last word; or you want to get something, but someone else comes before you and takes it. We have always been so used to these kinds of problems that we don’t even think about being able to solve them, because we say to ourselves “I can’t do anything about it, it happens, it’s life”, but we don’t realize that we could do something to change our life. We don’t do it because we don’t want to.

So we think of psychic faculties as psychics in movies: voices in our ears that drive us into crazy, terrible visions, all destined to scare us and distance us from the truth of Awakening. I can assure you that it is none of these, since the sixth sense is much more natural and connected to life than they want us to believe, exactly so as to keep us asleep. But as long as you remain in fear you cannot really understand it and you will remain in doubt forever. Instead, by choosing to open your mind to the understanding of the sixth sense, little by little, you will realize that it is all you were looking for to make your life better. No renunciation is necessary… rather, it’s all to be earned! There is no need to hurry or be anxious to do everything immediately, but at least allow yourself to know what was previously shown to you with a completely distorted vision, to keep you blocked and immobile, through the use of your own fear. You will realize that to live a much more satisfying life you need many active faculties, not just some of a low level, and without you really having total control of them. Perhaps you think that the only faculty that can be useful to you is Protection, so that you can protect yourself from those people you don’t like, or from negative presences; but it would be even better if you also had the ability to create something beautiful for your life, which apparently comes from nowhere, so that everything around you will mobilize to get you what you hoped for. It doesn’t matter how it comes or who facilitates it, what matters is that it gets to you. It would be nice if, in addition to this, you knew how to lend a hand to others to help them reach their goal, without necessarily having knowledge in that area, but only with the help of your psychic faculties. This is only an anticipation of what the sixth sense is, because it can be very useful to you, and for the lives of those around you, if you only put aside the beliefs that have been installed in you from childhood and choose to discover the true reality of what it means to have an active sixth sense. The time has come for you to take courage and open your mind, at your own pace, but put aside ignorance and begin to know all that your developed Sixth Sense can offer you.

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  • SerenaP - 10:50 22/02/24

    Sin da ragazzina ho capito quanto il sesto senso sia prezioso, ma ora ho molto più chiaro quanto tutte le altre facoltà siano altrettanto importanti. Sono felice di essere approdata qui in Accademia, dove sin da subito ho sentito di essere sulla strada di "casa". Grazie 🙏🏻✨✨🙏🏻

  • loredanatesta - 22:56 20/02/24

    la nostra paura di entrare in contatto con il potere personale ci costringe a perpetrare schemi mentali indotti o propri che ottenebrano la capacità di una visione ampia della realtà riducendoci a valutare solo ed esclusivamente l'aspetto materiale della vita

  • Alep - 21:42 19/02/24

    Oggi ho meditato abbastanza, un due orette, ed adesso la sera ho provato a guardare l'aura mia nello specchio e sono riuscito a vedere il primo strato per un paio di centimetri, poi vedevo l'energia statica e poi mi si oscurava la visione o solo alcune parti specialmente il mio viso. Poi però ho notato che o il muro dietro di me che era bianco o lo spazio vuoto avevano un colore simile alla mia aura che era un verde-giallo, ma che poi si cambiava in un rosa-rosso il tutto in un paio di secondi, quasi a ritmo del battito del mio cuore. Poi però mi hanno cominciato a disturbare gli occhi perché all'inizio non facevano fastidio, invece dopo un po' sì. Se ogni facoltà psichica e così utile e soddisfacente proverò a praticarle il più possibile. Non solo quando sono rilassato, ma anche durante la routine di giorno. Quando riuscirò a sviluppare una decente telepatia o preveggenza ne sarò contento, perché serve a risolvere problemi.

  • manuela3 - 19:34 19/02/24

    Mai come in quest’ultimo periodo mi sono resa conto di quanto sia possibile estendere il sesto senso perché sono capitate diverse cose anche a me che mi hanno fatto stupire.è questo articolo me lo confermo.

  • pleiad - 22:09 18/02/24

    Sono qui, pronta a camminare. Ci sono tante cose che mi spaventano, ma anche tante domande che aspettano una risposta . Attendo di vedere dove mi porterà questo cammino, non per me soltanto, ma anche per aiutare chi mi è accanto

  • unmanny 🐾 Medaglia per aver completato lo Step 1 - 21:22 16/02/24

    Prima di entrare in ACD non avrei mai pensato di accorpare nel concetto di “sesto senso” tutto l’insieme delle capacità psichiche, alcune delle quali non avevo mai nemmeno sentito nominare. Figuriamoci aver mai pensato di poterle sviluppare tutte 😅 E su questo aspetto ha in parte pesato tutta la letteratura - anche televisiva e cinematografica - diffusa da tanto tempo per e tra le masse. Suppongo che avrò ancora momenti di resistenza mentale da dover superare, ma ormai ci ho fatto l’abitudine 👍🏻

  • Hor Medaglia per aver completato lo Step 1 - 00:58 16/02/24

    Man mano che il nostro livello spirituale aumenta, saremo in grado di percepire in misura sempre più estesa il mondo sottile attraverso la capacità di percezione sottile, cioè il nostro sesto senso. A volte si avverte una strana sensazione quando si ritorna a casa percependola come totalmente sconosciuta oppure si ha una premonizione di catastrofe imminente o si avverte un amore fortissimo per una persona che non rientra tra i propri cari. Queste sono esperienze ottenute attraverso la mente sottile. Non possiamo comprendere la ragione alla base di queste sensazioni. A volte sentiamo parlare di persone che ricevono informazioni dalla dimensione sottile e che conversano con entità nelle regioni sottili. Il sesto senso va allenato e se decidi di allenarlo, di evolverlo inevitabilmente si registrerà un cambiamento repentino nella nostra vita, e un potere di natura elevata dovrà essere gestito. Evolvere il sesto senso non significa distaccarsi dalla vita quotidiana e vivere una vita di privazioni. Questo è una credenza antica fuorviante, probabilmente per scongiurare la possibilità di uno studio approfondito e con abnegazione, ai misteri della vita che possono essere portati alla luce grazie all'espansione elle capacità del sesto senso. l Sesto Senso è quella facoltà della mente che può essere paragonata all'immaginazione creativa; può essere riferita anche ad una stazione ricevente attraverso la quale le idee interiori, le motivazioni profonde, i piani ed i pensieri creativi arrivano nella mente come un lampo, all'improvviso. Talvolta questi lampi possono essere definiti "ispirazione". E' difficile descrivere il sesto senso, ma quando si manifesta abbiamo la certezza di aver trovato il perno di noi stessi. Attraverso esso è possibile anche prevedere certi avvenimenti che potrebbero capitarci e magari danneggiarci, e quindi darci il tempo per evitarli. Si può dire che, sia pur in misura diversa, la maggior parte delle persone hanno provato questo sesto senso, hanno percepito cioè delle sensazioni di cui si ignorava l'origine ma che erano tuttavia ben chiare nel nostro intimo. Molte persone hanno seguito questo istinto, costatando poi di aver evitato un pericolo, o di non aver preso quella decisione che, se presa, pur essendo perfettamente accettabile sul piano della logica, avrebbe causato un fallimento. Il sesto senso, infatti, trascende la logica, esso manda dei messaggi al nostro conscio con molta chiarezza e quando non lo ascoltiamo capita di dover poi dire "me la sentivo". Alcuni sono convinti che da qualche parte, nella struttura del cervello, esiste un organo che riceve certe vibrazioni, la scienza non l'ha ancora scoperto, ma ciò non è importante, rimane il fatto che gli esseri umani possono ricevere determinate conoscenze attraverso sensazioni che non passano dai nostri sensi fisici. Tali conoscenze, in generale, vengono meglio percepite quando la mente è sotto l'influenza di una stimolazione emotiva. Il fatto stesso che siamo consapevoli dell'esistenza del sesto senso, ci permette di percepirlo meglio e di usarlo a nostro vantaggio

  • ceci - 21:10 15/02/24

    Anch'io ho sempre un po'considerato il senso senso come un dono non di tutti, ma di pochi "eletti". Anche se, in fondo in fondo, sentivo che avrei potuto fare qualcosa, trovare un modo per sviluppare le mie capacità psichiche in generale. Grazie!

  • goku - 14:36 14/02/24

    Io credo che siamo stati frenati da quando siamo nati dal Matrix di questo pianeta e dalla paura che ci hanno indotto tutta la televisione, i film e le dicerie sulle pratiche psichiche. Si pensa spesso che chi sia in grado di prevedere il futuro o chi sa spostare oggetti con la propria energia sia "pazzo" oppure una persona cattiva, così da sempre siamo limitati. Ogni essere umano in questo mondo ha capacità che neanche lo stesso individuo può immaginare. Grazie al tuo lavoro possiamo accedere quantomeno alla conoscenza del potere della nostra mente. La pratica dipende da noi, ma è bello sapere che abbiamo una dote in più che ci permette di fare cose straordinarie se vogliamo

  • denise🌸 - 01:03 14/02/24

    Come tanti, ho sentito sempre parlare di sesto senso qua' e la' da persone e nei film. Non ho mai avvertito un senso di paura come da te menzionato nell'alticolo ma bensi' l'ho sempre considerata come qualcosa di irraggiungibile, un dono dato ad altri. Mi rendo conto che il low ha lavorato da subito, nel mio caso, sul "non ho niente di speciale" ed ancora oggi, anche se so che anche io posso sviluppare tali capacita', ed in piccoli casi ho avuto le mie piccole intuizioni, esperienze e dimostrazioni che ho tutte le carte in regola, ancora sento dentro di me resistenza, il programma "non sono in grado" e "non sono capace" e' li. Anche quando faccio meditazione, a volte mi sembra piu' una lotta ed arrivo alla fine dei 30 minuti confusa su quello che ho realmente smosso e fatto. Resto positiva e persevero.

  • Mixolydian - 12:04 09/02/24

    E' bello scoprire poco a poco ciò che queste facoltà potrebbero fare per la nostra vita. L'ostacolo delle programmazioni precedenti, dei fardelli raccolti durante tutta la nostra vita, sarà sicuramente molto difficile da confido in questo percorso, fatto di piccoli step di grande conoscenza. Grazie🙏

  • Mattheo - 13:34 08/02/24

    Fino ad oggi ho vissuto con la falsa credenza che ogni persona potesse sviluppare solo una o comunque un numero limitato di capacità psichiche in base ad una predisposizione innata. Scoprire che possiamo sviluppare tutte le capacità psichiche che vogliamo mi allieta, entusiasma e amplia la prospettiva. Grazie per queste informazioni, sono molto felice di poter scardinare le credenze limitanti al mio interno

  • baby81 - 10:45 08/02/24

    Quanto ho amato ascoltare queste parole.. sono sempre stata affascinata dalle facoltà psichiche, pensando che fossero solo un privilegio riservato a pochi... Ma poi nel profondo sognavo e immaginavo di poter spostare oggetti o capire i pensieri e le intenzioni delle persone! Grazie Angel per tutto questo 🙏🙏🙏

  • pastisse - 10:07 06/02/24

    Fin da bambina ho sperimentato sogni premonitori, ma non ho mai cercato di approfondire preferendo invece rimanere semplice spettatrice. Il sesto senso mi ha sempre affascinata e solo ora ho deciso di intraprendere questo splendido cammino della spiritualità proprio per svegliarmi, capire ed imparare a potenziare le mie doti.

  • Mariel - 15:20 03/02/24

    Sono sempre stata affascinata dalle facoltà sensoriali e psichiche, ma non ho mai incontrato nessuno in grado di aiutarmi a svilupparle Credo inoltre che abbiano bisogno di molta pratica di di riuscire a casa padroneggiarle