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Questions about the Sixth Sense – The importance of all senses (Part 1)

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Angel: Welcome back! Today I am going to answer all your questions about the previous lesson on the Sixth Sense. Let’s start with the first question.

Student: I sincerely thank you for this lesson, because it presents some food for thought that I honestly did not expect. The part where you give the example of glasses and vision inspired me for this question. The sixth sense is not only the set of all spiritual faculties, but it is something that improves the other 5 senses, together with the techniques. For example, the management of the sense of sight seems to me a very good starting point in this path; but from what I have noticed, thanks to your previous example, it is not too important to have less diopters (I have 5 less in one eye and 5.25 less in the other and some astigmatism) but more important is the fact that I use my eyesight well. So, the important thing is to use it well with consciousness (decreasing the closure of the eyelids, seeing details, paying attention to what surrounds us also training the peripheral vision), considering that the removal of the glasses does not bring problems in the techniques in which we see something energetic (for example the aura or energy); in fact, from that point of view, we should not have any problems. However, I wanted to ask you: is it possible to get stuck at some point along this path because we have neglected certain senses, if we do not improve them through the development of the sixth sense and consciousness? Is it therefore important to treat not only the sixth sense, but also our “normal” senses, through consciousness and other methods?

Angel: Hi! Well, certainly through the path to develop the sixth sense you feel pushed to develop also the other senses, not only hearing or sight but all of them. In fact, with each of them (with the use of the 5 senses combined with the sixth) you can play more intense and much more interesting techniques than you would expect. Through the practice on the sixth sense, attention to the 5 senses will also have to increase, because it will be of great help. That does not mean that if you cannot get your 10/10 vision back, then you will be stuck forever. It is rather meant that you will certainly remain tied, if you decide to remain “blind” in terms of your sense of observation, the ability to see regardless of your graduation. I give an example: many people meditate and practice techniques, but then outside of the practice (so outside of that hour in which they are practicing), they go back to being “Low people” in the sense that they do not see or hear anything, both in the “normal” and in the “spiritual” sense. Seeing and feeling is a choice, so that you can decide to be a spiritual person even outside of your daily practice time. To be spiritual during the day you must get into the mindset of wanting to hear, see, observe and understand what is around you but especially what is happening to you, even while you are in everyday contexts and not just in that half hour when you are meditating and have your “antennae on”.

Student: Thanks to this course I am taking an interest in developing my other senses as well, and this is helpful, especially for my eyesight. In addition to meditation, I practice some techniques while I am busy and am doing other things; however, I really should focus more on wanting to understand everything surrounds me, and not just when I need to.

Angel: That is right. Very good.

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Student: Hello Angel and hello everyone. We made it clear in the previous lesson that difficulties experienced as a child might lead to more development of the sixth sense, but I was wondering: regardless of greater or lesser difficulties in life, is it indicative of greater evolution of the soul to have some sixth sense faculties more developed as children than other people? In the sense that, despite the blocks we all experience and despite Low, soul is so strong that the child has more psychic experiences just to be able to wake up sooner? Thank you.

Angel: Hi! Yes, certainly a person who possesses a very strong Soul is much more likely to exhibit psychic faculties as a child than someone who might possess a younger Consciousness. But the fact remains that everyone has a sixth sense, as it is truly like an organ that belongs to you even if you do not know it. In fact, even though he has the Soul, if a person does not practice psychic techniques to evolve, his sixth sense will not rise any higher, so it will remain stationary throughout his life and, worse of all, it will drop from the level it had when he was a child.

Student: A few times I had a feeling about someone, and I could tell if they were a bad person or if they were beautiful inside. One day, when I was 18 years old, my brother brought home a 15/16-year-old friend of his; I do not know if it was his manner or speech, but without any hesitation I told my brother, privately, that I did not like that guy at all. I could clearly sense that he was devious and opportunistic. Years later, this person double-crossed my brother (and what a double-cross!) and he resented it so much that they had a fight. At that moment I reminded my brother of what I had told him years before. Did I subconsciously sense the real intention of that person?

Angel: Yes, you certainly recognized what was wrong with him, through your sixth sense perception. Also, when someone is your friend, you find it harder to see their flaws or bad intentions: therefore, you need your sixth sense awake. Just as I explained in the previous lesson, certain abilities are so natural to us that we do not recognize them as a Sixth Sense, precisely because it is a sense that belongs to us just like all the others. The Sixth sense, though, can become much more evolved than that, with the right training.

Student: I would like to understand if there are any gifts that can be developed and how, for example mediumship; or are certain things precluded because they are exclusively natural gifts?

Angel: Everything can be totally developed, any gift, because they are all part of the sixth sense and therefore all can be developed through the right practice.

Student: Through the evolution of the sixth sense is it possible to achieve hydrokinesis? Pyrokinesis, cryokinesis, telekinesis?

Angel: Of course, it is possible: it is more complicated to understand that it is but practicing the techniques seriously you realize that it is possible. You can go the distance with your sixth sense. To carry out any action you need energy, and this is taken through meditation; When you have accumulated enough energy, we can then talk about how to use it. The basis of everything is energy: by taking energy (through meditation) you will begin to awaken your sixth sense and of course, to achieve concrete effects, I teach you even more targeted techniques to achieve what you want. But meditation is the basis of everything, without it you cannot move forward.

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Student: So, meditation and concentration?

Angel: Exactly.

Student: Can you also do good through the sixth sense, such as healing someone?

Angel: Yes of course!

Student: Hello Angel, hello to everyone. Thank you for this opportunity, I am very pleased and excited to participate in this class. I had prepared a reflection, sorry for being so long-winded but I wrote right away. The sixth sense is a sense different from the others: I should not give weight to the words, but I was reflecting that the word “sense” makes me think of something earthly (even if it is not only earthly that we mean) and we know that it is the head of the senses, as the most intelligent or awakened sense compared to the others. The 5 senses are means to experience this human life, the sixth sense is like a specialization of the other senses and makes them evolve as well; but they still remain all 6 means to make experience in this life, to make even miraculous experiences. What might have been absurd centuries ago is now normal: e.g., air travel, talking instantly to a person on the other side of the world, space travel, industrialization etc. Centuries have passed before we see these things in our reality, before that they were not even imaginable in the mind and if an airplane went in the prehistoric period would result as something miraculous. We are now reaching an age where I believe miracles could be the order of the day, so everyone could create or do miraculous things through awakening. There are things that we may consider impossible and miraculous today, such as time travel, curing tumors, making objects appear, but that one day will be considered normal if, and only if, people wake up (I think). There was a time when there was no medical university that taught you how to transplant an organ, but now you can, and it is a normal thing. I mean, centuries ago it was considered hallucinating, inhuman and miraculous if you said that there are schools where they teach you everything about medicine, where you learn how to put people to sleep, transplant organs and then cure diseases incurable at the time. Not now, this is normal now. So, I think this will happen with psychic abilities as well. A man from the future could come here in our time and tell us that there are universities of psychic arts and that everything is normal for them, it is normal to study what for example we study in ACD, and it is normal to cure tumors with energy. I mean that what for us today is normal, centuries ago was considered a miracle, a dream. Today we live surrounded by miracles, without realizing it just because we take them for granted (of course I do not want to compare those who use their mind to make miracles with those who do not), because every positive thing for man has been dictated by some intuition that comes “from above”. So, we could say that we have the possibility now to create something new, to put together earthly abilities with psychic abilities and everything would be enhanced and improved, because I think psychic abilities serve primarily as a mean to improve life. Kind of like how the car served to improve our lives and not as an end, the car is not for showing off our driving skills, but to improve our routine; that is why psychic abilities are not used to show how good we are, but for a higher purpose, which will always be to give ourselves to others, allowing God to experience (if we are on the good side).

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Angel: Yes, this is true!

Student: Hello Angel! In the previous lesson you mentioned the senses that are most typically associated with the Sixth, namely Sight and Hearing (which, when developed, bring dimensional sounds, visions of auras, energies, entities etc…). But what about one of the senses that the collective imagination less commonly associates to the Sixth Sense, namely Smell? If we developed this sense more, what would it entail in terms of perceptions and experiences? I know we might be able to remotely perceive smells and scents from places where we are not present, or perhaps smells from other dimensions, but could it lead to much more, proving to be a more “active” and predominant ability?

Angel: Yes, absolutely, just like the sense of taste! Although now you only know the sense of Smell to smell a good perfume or a stink, or you know the Taste only to recognize if you like a food or not, they are much more intense senses and, if you pay more attention and practice, you can discover much more interesting effects. To give you an example, you might recognize if a dish can hurt you even before you taste it, because your developed sense of taste allows you to know the smell of the dish even before you taste it; it also allows you to understand if there is something in that dish, whether it is a harmful substance for everyone or an ingredient to which only you are allergic, thus preventing you from getting sick. You know that if you are highly allergic to something, you would only have to taste it to get very sick; there would not even need a big bite. This is just one example, but we can go much deeper than that. Just recently, a situation related to the sense of Taste happened to me. A few months ago, I was at a restaurant with friends, they poured water in my glass and while we were chatting, I put it close to my mouth to drink. I had only taken the glass in my hand, I had neither looked at the inside of the glass (and I was wrong, I should have looked at it right away) nor did I have time to drink, because as soon as I took the glass in my hand, I had a very strong feeling that I absolutely should not drink that water. I did not understand why, since it was only water! I stopped to look, to see if there was anything inside that might not be right and realized there were pieces of glass. I then realized the bottle was broken and it had lost many fragments of glass that had fallen right into my glass, they were 4-5 fragments. I was thirsty and I was about to drink it all in one gulp, but something alerted me and luckily, I did not swallow the glass. This is just one example of the most developed sense of taste; however, you can already realize that it is much more important than it usually seems to us: it is not just recognizing a flavor.

Student: Hello Angel, hello everyone. It was an inspiring lecture; it was interesting to think about how the Sixth Sense is the basis of all other senses. It has been that way since we were little, but we do not realize it because we take it for granted, being a natural sense just like the other five. It is very significant, as you explained, that the sixth sense is structured in multiple levels, which only with practice can we reach. As, for example, with hearing, for which there are different levels of sounds. The main thing to do is to recognize that we can all develop the sixth sense, as it is not something external and extraneous to us but rather, we have it from birth. Sometimes, when I know I’m practicing well, I get a clean smell with my sense of smell and this happens suddenly, while I am still finishing practicing. Last time it happened to me during protection practice. Is this a way for the Sixth Sense to let us know, working together with another sense, that the technique has succeeded or is going well anyway? It is interesting to make the same argument for the negative side as well. For example, the whistle we hear if a negative influence has reached us. It is again the Sixth Sense and another sense, Hearing, working together instantaneously to make us aware of what is going on around us and this is critical. Thank you for the opportunity you have given us, it is an honor.

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Angel: Hi! Yes, it happens because when you meditate or practice well you are raising yourself to a tonal that allows you to perceive the other dimensions as well. So, it can happen, sometimes, to smell good scents, or nice sounds, while instead when negative dimensions approach you feel stinks and annoying sounds. For example, when you meditate you smell good scents, but you know that many people, even Gaia’s, smell burnt or other stinks, when a negative entity approaches them. This comes from the fact that that entity, by getting very close to you, has like induced its dimension on you, so you smell it. Surely this does not happen to you while you are meditating, but only when (and if) very negative entities approach and want you to feel that sensation. In fact, it happened to me too that I smelled a burning smell on some occasions, while on so many other occasions, even though I had negative entities next to me, I did not smell any smell/stink. So, it is not a rule at all. while I practice well, Instead, it happens many times to smell different scents. It is hard to explain what it is, sometimes it smells like flowers, however I would absolutely not associate those scents with a flower I know, so it is a good scent, but it is not from here. But this should not make you fixate and believe that the quality of meditation depends on the scents you smell; you don’t have to be distracted by these things.

Student: Very interesting, I also had not thought about the burning smell that you get just when you feel observed or uncomfortable. I used to hear it in the past. Thanks for today’s lesson, it is crazy about your experience with the broken glass. You have extensive experience with Sixth Sense.

Student: I would like to ask another question, if it is possible, I am thinking about Remote Vision: maybe I am wrong, but I am reconnecting the technique to the sense of sight, despite not using human sight to perform it. Is it possible, then, to use olfaction in a technique, or techniques, to remember or to reconnect a memory in a more evolved way? To unlock it or figure out where and/or who an odor is coming from? It often happens to anyone to reconnect a scent to a past event or person. Certainly, there are multiple levels of understanding for each sense, as you mentioned in the lesson, but is there a way to evolve that sense? I particularly like the sense of smell. Could this relate to the Frequency topic as well? That is, in addition to the feeling of recognizing someone’s frequency as alien or human, you can connect a color, feel sweetness, and even reconnect a scent to someone or a place?

Angel: Yes, absolutely. Just as a perfume can remind you of a childhood memory, it can also remind you of a past life memory, but it needs to be a very intense perfume or one that has meaning to your past life; but it is not certain that, if it happens, you will realize that it is a sensation from the past accompanied by flashes, because it could also be limited to a sort of déjà-vu that you could then end up ignoring. For the rest, it depends, only with the sense of smell no, but if combined with the sixth sense and then its other capabilities at high levels, you can succeed.

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Student: Good evening Angel and all of you! What a pleasure to take my first class with you! My question is: Seeing flashes of past life can be traced back to the sixth sense? For remote viewing, then, better with eyes open or closed? How do you make it? Thank you.

Angel: Hi! Yes, it can be traced back to the sixth sense, because only by that mean can your Soul introduce you to memories of past lives. For remote viewing, I’ve been used to it for years now and do it with my eyes open, however, in the early days I trained with my eyes closed, so I recommend doing it with your eyes closed.

Student: Hi Angel, thank you so much for the lessons and for this opportunity, not forgetting for a moment all that you do for us every day! I wanted to kindly ask you this question: is the level of evolution of the sixth sense maintained from life to life, as it is part of consciousness, or can some abilities be lost in the transition from one life to another? At the beginning of a new life, does the level remain the same as it was at the end of the previous life, or can some abilities be lost for reasons unknown to me? I mean at the beginning of life, because if during that life you practice well it is normal that then the level will increase or decrease if vice versa you live completely in the Low. I hope I explained myself well enough. Thank you very much Angel!

Angel: Evolved faculties are not lost; they remain imprinted in your Soul. The point is that when you reincarnate you forget everything you experienced in your previous life, so you must “wake up” and take energy within your new body, your new chakras, and remember how to get out of Low. However, I have talked a lot about it in the books “The Seal of Past Lives”, so reading those you will clear all your doubts. Having said that, at the beginning of each life you start the awakening journey all over again, but when you then start training, as you are doing here at the Academy, your sixth sense becomes much stronger and faster, thanks to the evolution learned in previous lives. A person who has many past lives will evolve their sixth sense (if they practice!) much faster than someone who is in their first life, such as a hypothetical Gaia’s Low starting to practice.

Student: I thought about the saying that we keep feeling everywhere. The one that states that women’s sixth sense is never wrong, almost as if this sense only women, and not men, have it. I wanted to know if this is an energy program that has been instilled in us to convince women that they have it naturally, and therefore they do not have to do anything to develop it; and in the meantime, to convince men to believe they do not have it and consequently do not seek it out because they are convinced it is not part of them. Is this the case?

Angel: Well, women’s “sixth sense” is never wrong, only if women are listening to their true sixth sense and not their own thinking, like an obsession, or a belief of their own. The sixth sense is never wrong, neither in women nor in men: the problem is that it is not listened to properly, because we let ourselves be deceived by our thoughts and therefore by our beliefs. On the other hand, as already mentioned, the sixth sense is not only an intuition, but is much more evolved: is the set of all psychic abilities existing in this world. Therefore, thinking that women have an “evolved sixth sense” should mean that they have all their faculties developed, but we know that is not the case. This saying refers much more to a connection between mother and child, whereby much more often it is the mother who has more telepathy with her child than the father does; is normal because the child has been 9 months inside the mother’s belly, 9 months in which a great bond was born. However, that does not mean that women are highly telepathic to everyone (even outside of their own children). I am a woman, and it would probably be easier if I told you “Yes, we women have better sixth sense than men!” but I personally do not think that it is true. It all depends on the person. This is not meant to discredit women, as I am one myself; However, I am explaining that everyone has a sixth sense, but there are those who evolve it and those who prefer to ignore it.

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Student: First, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful lesson, it was really exciting to follow your lesson, I could feel my heart beating very fast. Your words were incredible, you explained the concept of sixth sense in a simple way but with clear examples within everyone’s reach, pointing out things that I would have never thought of, such as the difficulties that led us to evolve certain characteristics of our sixth sense as children! During the lesson you said that the sixth sense belongs to our Consciousness, so we can say that it is a way that our Consciousness uses to communicate with us, to tell us if something is going to happen, if that person is negative, if that purchase is fruitful, it makes us “feel” what we must do to reach a certain goal etc.… So, can we say that the sixth sense is a tool by which our consciousness can live through us, a way by which she can move in this reality, in this life? Is this why committing to developing our sixth sense helps us evolve and achieve Awakening? Does it cause one to live more as “Consciousness” and less as the human self?

Angel: Yes, it is exactly like that. In fact, by evolving your sixth sense you are allowing your Consciousness or Soul to have power over this dimension. Thus, you are much more “yourself” and much less the human self, which is manipulated and enclosed within its human and therefore fictitious and illusory masks. In this way you begin to live a real life, instead of living behind thoughts and mental manipulations, which make you not only lose time to chase paths that do not really interest you, but also make you lose your goal in life. So, by evolving the sixth sense you become for all intents and purposes “more alive”.

Student: Angel, I would like to understand the connection that exists between the sixth sense and God, that is, what coexists between them and therefore between God and our souls deep inside.

Angel: The sixth sense is the tool that allows you to understand God. With the other 5 senses it seems complex to understand if God exists, if he is really next to us, but above all what is his true identity and if he is really as religion describes to us. The sixth sense allows you to understand God and increase your other senses so that you go from not seeing and not hearing God, to always seeing and hearing Him. The sixth sense is, in other words, the translator that allows you to access the knowledge of God, to which with only the other 5 senses you could not access. The Sixth sense amplifies you and opens doors to wonderful knowledge.

Student: Hello Angel and hello to all, more than a real question I would like an opinion on a reflection that in part has already been exposed during these lessons. The sixth sense, as a faculty of Consciousness, adapts to the context in which Consciousness decides to experience: it combines with the capabilities, for example, of our physical body in this dimension (the five senses) and amplifying them to allow us to have more and more evolutionary experiences, evolving in turn. The evolution of a Consciousness is possible thanks to this faculty that allows to go beyond the “reality” in which it lives until it can become a Soul. It can be said that the sixth sense is a divine sense since it can be expressed in all dimensions and is a necessary means for approaching God, is this correct? Thank you so much for your willingness to attend these classes!

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Angel: Yes, we could say so.

Student: Hello Angel and thanks for giving us your time. I guess the sixth sense has its own specific frequency. If so, I wanted to ask if this is a single frequency that encompasses all 5 senses, so well defined and recognizable, or are they all separate and distinct frequencies? Thank you!

Angel: Hi! Each of the six senses is a sense unto itself, so it possesses a separate frequency. The sixth sense is not the union of the 5 but it is a sense that can amplify them greatly, making them stronger and more interesting. So, the sixth sense is a sense unto itself, but it complements all the others.

Student: Ever since I was a child, I have had strange dreams: I dream that my father dies of cancer and then it happens in reality; the same with my mother; in the dream I manage to save my brother and then it happens. Then this: my mom was already dead… I dream that I am at home. The phone rings and she, from behind, hands me the receiver saying: it is your mother. I answer and my mom says: “How are you? I was worried because there was an attack at the airport of Bergamo/Orio al Serio”. Then the line went dead and there (still in the dream) I realized I had been talking to my dead mother. Three days after that dream, the news says that an Arab has been arrested for an attempted attack at Orio al Serio Airport. I wanted to understand if this is all part of a sixth sense manifested through dreaming, premonition, or what else? Thank you so much, a hug.

Angel: Yes, it falls under the sixth sense, because it could be that it is a real communication with your mother’s entity. Or it could be your sixth sense that communicated this information to you, using the figure of your mother, because then you would have listened more to that information said in the dream.

Student: Hi Angel, thank you very much for these illuminating lessons. Thank you for your time! I wanted to ask a question about the sixth sense, more precisely about the vision of the future. About 2 months ago I happened to dream about a friend of mine whom I love very much. In the dream, this friend of mine was transformed into another girl, unknown to me but with the same name. I felt a certain “revulsion” for this girl, I did not know why, I felt she was deceiving. In fact, to give an example, in the dream she pretended to be this friend of mine. About a month after the dream, I met this girl, same exact face and same name from the dream: I knew right away that I was going to trust that girl very little, or at least be careful with her. Why did my sixth sense, my Soul, give me this information so much earlier? I knew right away that I should not trust this person, however since she was a “normal” person in my eyes I did not see the point. Could it also be because of past lives or because maybe the soul already knew that it could bring me big trouble and so it showed it to me right away? Thank you so much in advance for your response and for this great lesson!

Angel: Hi! I too have had many times that I dreamed beforehand of the arrival of someone who would bring me trouble, so that I would not trust them and therefore not fall for it. On the surface they were “beautiful people”, because they were very kind, they seemed very helpful, but the reality was quite different and thanks to premonitory dreams I was able to avoid opening up to them, giving them access to my life in various situations and different contexts (not only affective, but also at work). Sometimes it was your Soul that wanted to communicate this to you much earlier, so that you had time to understand that warning and then trust it, instead of putting it aside and then risking everything, trusting that person with great naivety. Other times, instead, you will be surprised, but it was precisely a communication from the “you of the future”, who has already suffered that serious problem, that warned you in the past – through the Temporal Connection – not to make that mistake, so that you would not make the same mistake. But right now, it is likely difficult to understand this, so we will talk about it in the future. The only thing that matters now is that you always listen to your premonitions: they will save your life! We have concluded for today; let us continue in the next lesson!

Student: Hi everyone!!! Hi Angel and thank you for all that you do and give us with love every day, it is truly a blessing to be able to participate in these classes.

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  • Francesca67 - 14:51 17/07/24

    Leggere le domande e risposte è davvero sempre molto utile e illuminante, ogni volta ne traggo un sacco di benefici. Comprendo quanto sia utile sviluppare il sesto senso, anche se penso sia in seguito ancora più importante allenarsi ad avere fiducia in esso. Un problema che riscontro spesso personalmente è che ogni volta che ho delle sensazioni, o mi sento qualcosa, insieme a ciò arrivano sempre una miriade di dubbi che non mi fanno lasciar andare quindi non capisco mai dove finisce la mia immaginazione e inizia il mio sesto senso. Questo problema di fiducia sulla mia intuizione so che è ciò che mi sta ritardando tutto il processo di evoluzione quindi ci sto lavorando seriamente anche se non è per niente facile.... Per quanto riguarda i sogni, ho passato molti anni senza ricordarmi minimamente dei miei sogni al risveglio (pensavo di non sognare proprio...) da quando ho iniziato a meditare, soprattutto ultimamente, ho ripreso a sognare intensamente, quando mi sveglio ricordo qualche dettaglio di ciò che sogno ma soprattutto mi rimangono le sensazioni vissute durante il problema è che faccio sogni talmente strani che non riesco davvero a capire o a dare un senso ad essi. Spero di migliorare e di ricevere messaggi chiari come succede agli altri studenti!

  • noemy - 10:03 16/07/24

    Wow, quante testimonianze di eventi particolari. E' sempre interessante sentire spiegazioni più concrete...sono dirette semplici e molto comprensibili. Ho avuto anch'io qualche sogno particolare in passato e qualche evento nella mia quotidianità che andava un po' fuori dal "normale"...adesso avrò gli strumenti per darmi spiegazioni più realistiche di tutto :) GRAZIE!!!

  • vincens - 13:43 15/07/24

    Da giovane ero molto più aperta ad intuizioni e sogni premonitori, spesso non piacevoli. Poi mi sono chiusa proprio per questo, perché sentivo di non poter sostenere queste premonizioni, allora "negative" per me. Ogni lezione è un nuovo insegnamento. Grazie

  • Iris - 16:41 13/07/24

    Grazie per tutte le testimonianze e i chiarimenti! Quando avevo 15-18 anni anche a me succedeva a volte di fare sogni premonitori molto precisi. Poi non più. Ma adesso dai sogni (rari) spesso ho delle spiegazioni di cose già accadute.

  • paolino - 18:05 06/07/24

    Mi ha colpito che le difficoltà avute da piccoli , possono portare a un sesto senso abbastanza sviluppato, in quanto da piccolo sono rimasto solo e penso che il mio sesto senso negli anni mi abbia aiutato a rimanere a "galla "; certamente con la pratica e la meditazione si rafforza e si amplifica , fino a diventare un campanello d'allarme per evitare situazioni spiacevoli o scelte che ci porteranno nei guai. Il sesto senso si nutre di energia introdotta con la meditazione , può rinforzare gli altri sensi e attraverso la coscienza ci aiuta nell'evoluzione , anzichè vivere dietro alle manipolazioni mentali imposte dal low !

  • Spica - 11:51 04/07/24

    Bellissime esperienze, devo dire che più pratico più ho soddisfazioni, la vista energetica ad esempio è molto migliorata e mi fa vivere esperienze bellissime, stessa cosa coi suoni dimensionali, grazie ACD!!!

  • Lava Medaglia per aver completato il libro Prendiamo Coscienza degli ALIENI - Vol. 1 Medaglia per aver completato il libro Prendiamo Coscienza degli ALIENI - Vol. 7 - 18:38 02/07/24

    Il sesto senso è veramente vasto, anelandolo si possono potenziare tutte le facoltà. La tua esperienza con il bicchiere era molto interessante e me la riccordavo ancora bene. Anche le esperienze degli altri studenti erano molto interessanti, molto interessanti i sogni avuti e di come possono aiutarci in molte situazioni. Sono grata di poter imparare da te, tu che hai il sesto senso ben allenato e non come quei falsi maestri che si trovano in giro.

  • lunarian - 23:31 01/07/24

    I read pyrokenesesis in here - is this what they said sorceres to do in the medival times ? This is just beyond and it gets better and better. - You can protect, heal and manifest for yourself - you can protrect, heal and manifest for And your loved ones and those in need (which would be a lovely occupation to have) AND we got abilities and techniques that soothe the inner child that always was interested in magic and sorcery . And here I feel Low targeting me really hard. Cause all this feels so existential for me, so important and I feel alot coming from outisde to keep me away . but I wont stop

  • robertag Medaglia per aver completato lo Step 1 - 19:58 28/06/24

    Durante le mie giornate sono molto dormiente, mai come lo ero anni fa, ma il percorso è davvero lungo e pervede sempre più determinazione e l'intento giusto. Chiedo spesso a Dio di guidarmi, lo fa eccome, ma io sono la chiave di tutti i miei risultati. Non ho ben capito cosa sia la visione periferica, approfoniro di sicuro. Nel mio cuore so che in questa vita ragguingero un buon grado di consapevolezza e riusciro a dare un senso a questa reincarnazione. Tutti gli argomenti che tratti mi risuonano in modo armonico, vengono accolti in me con naturalezza. Non li comprendo tutti ma sento che è tutto così naturale!

  • falcon_1691 - 19:07 23/06/24

    La meditazione è una grande forza, lo sviluppo del sesto senso è qualcosa di incredibile. Voglio crescere spiritualmente e mi impegno tutti i giorni per raggiungere questo obiettivo e portare le mie capacità ad un livello più alto. Leggendo le domande ho visto che alcuni studenti hanno avuto dei segnali importanti dal proprio sesto senso, ancora io devo dire che ho solo qualche intuizione, ma niente di più. Non ho fretta, so che devo togliere diversi strati di ruggine dovuti al mio trascorso stato di dormiente, piano piano riuscirò a ripulirmi con l’energia bianca che cerco di richiamare anche durante la giornata quando non medito. Ho riflettuto anche sul fatto che tu, Angel, consigli di essere sempre vigili osservatori, usare la vista in modo corretto per non farsi sfuggire i dettagli, allenando anche la visione periferica, e ho capito che qui devo migliorare. E’ che sto cercando di imparare tante cose nuove in così poco tempo e qualcuna me ne sfugge, la vita low è diventata un’abitudine, purtroppo, ma ce la sto mettendo davvero tutta. "Invidio" (in senso bonario eh!) chi ha potuto assistere almeno ad una tua lezione, grazie di cuore per quello che fai e fate tutti dello Staff!

  • leonella - 05:15 12/06/24

    A me è successo proprio quanto riportato in un punto di questo articolo. Da bambina avevo un sesto senso molto sviluppato, facevo sogni premonitori, uscivo dal corpo, ero sonnambula e chissà quanto altro ora non ricordo. La mia famiglia mi ha sempre bloccata nella mia evoluzione, perché ero quella strana, così per farmi amare e accettare ho cercato di diventare normale. Normale, con un lavoro che non ti fa pensare a chi sei veramente e tutto il resto che conosciamo...poi l'anima deve aver urlato forte, ma così forte, che era impossibile non sentirla e rimanere indifferenti.

  • tykest - 13:57 06/06/24

    La consapevolezza che il sesto senso esista per tutti sembra essere un discorso abbastanza consolidato, perché quante volte, e questo è successo un po' a tutti di dire "accidenti me lo sentivo" facendo riferimento a una sensazione pre avvenimento in cui si percepiva una evoluzione specifica dei fatti che poi sarebbero avvenuti, ma il problema è che oltre a quella esile vocina era presente tutto un putiferio di dati sensoriali, pensieri, emozioni, che alla fine hanno fatto si che quella vocina restasse per l'appunto una vocina inascoltata per nostra sfortuna!

  • jedi70 Medaglia per aver completato lo Step 1 Medaglia per aver completato il libro Prendiamo Coscienza degli ALIENI - Vol. 7 - 12:31 06/06/24

    Buongiorno, come sempre inizio il mio commento con il ringraziare per la pubblicazione di queste domande che o perché rispecchiano le mie, o perché me ne fanno venire in mente altre, mi mettono on ogni caso, nella condizione di pormi altri quesiti, e pertanto di voler approfondire maggiormente. In questo caso, sono andato un attimo in crisi dal momento che ho ascoltato diverse domande sul sesto senso in termini quasi di intuito o comunque preveggenza e questo mi ha fatto chiedere se fossi io a ricordare male o aver capito male fin dall'inizio, quindi sono andato a riascoltare lanprima lezione sull'argomento che dice circa "il sesto senso ti appartiene da sempre" e devo dire, mi è servito davvero tanto per rinfrescare la memoria e chiarirmi meglio sull'argomento: quindi, se ho ben capito, il sesto senso è l'insieme delle capacità extrasensoriali legate ai nostri cinque sensi, includendo quindi capacità come visione remota, preveggenza, il vedere le aure, la capacità di sentire i suoni dimensionali, il sentire odori provenienti da altre dimensioni etc. Argomenti che ho ascoltato anche in questa lezione ma io per scrupolo personale ho preferito riprendere l'argomento dall'inizio, onde evitare di fare confusione. Al riguardo comunque di questo articolo, mi è piaciuta molto la domanda sull'olfatto, è una visione nuova del sesto senso, abituati come siamo a concepirlo semplicemente come capacità intuitiva, la lampadina che ti si accende specie quando qualcosa non va, in questa ottica invece, avere un olfatto così sviluppato da captare odori di altre dimensioni per avvertirci di determinate presenze, lo trovo davvero affascinante, specie perché in alcuni episodi mi è capitato di sentire odori di cose che in quel momento non potevano esserci, ad esempio l'odore di sigaretta: pensandoci capivo che si trattava di una determinata persona che mi stava pensando, o altri odori legati a qualcuno in particolare. L'ho sempre preso come un segnale per avvisarmi che in quel momento ero nei pensieri di qualcuno, e in base alla situazione capivo se con gioia, rabbia o dolore. Certamente anche tutte le altre capacità sono interessanti ma questa è quella che ho sempre trovato più poetica.

  • maddalenad - 20:07 05/06/24

    È sempre interessante leggere le sezioni in cui vengono poste domande perché in gran parte rispecchiano le questioni che io stessa porrei ad Angel. Trovo stupefacente il livello a cui si può accedere con la pratica costante di questi insegnamenti anche se ancora la mia mente o il condizionamento del Low mi fa credere che facilmente io non arriverò a tanto. Ultimamente faccio fatica a praticare in non pensiero perché mi distraggono immagini che continuamente mi affollano la mente e probabilmente è proprio l'interferenza del Low. Devo tenere duro in quanto penso che sia il momento di maggior difficoltà che ho incontrato da quando sono in accademia! Grazie Angel perché ogni articolo che leggo sembra arrivare al momento giusto!

  • caiocaio Medaglia per aver completato lo Step 1 per la 2ª volta - 10:58 02/06/24

    Mi è piaciuta la riflessione della ragazza che ha scritto "il papiro", quando ha detto che se venisse un uomo dal futuro e ci dicesse che esiste una scuola di arti psichiche per noi sembrerebbe strano, o meglio ancora per le persone che non sanno nemmeno di questi argomenti sembrerebbe ancora più impossibile che si possano acquisire, o meglio sviluppare, certe abilità. Eppure per loro del futuro sarebbe normale perché col tempo si è capito che sviluppare le proprie capacità è importante e sono riusciti a espanderla nel mondo e a farla diventare pubblica e aperta a tutti. Sarebbe molto bello se così succedesse. Poi, il fatto che si possono evolvere a dei livelli sempre più elevati i nostri 5 sensi è fantastico, non sarebbero più semplici cose "terrene", nel senso che il gusto ti fa solo sentire i sapori, la vista ti fa solo vedere gli oggetti e le cose ecc. La vista in realtà è una di quelle capacità di cui è più scontato pensare di poterla evolvere, riuscendo quindi a vedere le energie, meno scontato è pensare al gusto o all'olfatto.. anche se nessuno ha citato il tatto. comunque è sorprendente ciò che l'umano sarebbe in grado di fare se solo si accorgesse di quante potenzialità si ha. C'era quel meme famosissimo che diceva "E se usassimo il 100% del nostro cervello?" E io ora penso, e perché si preclude la possibilità che utilizzarlo completamente sia impossibile?? Se abbiamo il cervello, sicuramente in qualche modo è possibile anche utilizzarlo! Ma il problema, prima di trovare la soluzione, bisogna capire che la soluzione va cercata, altrimenti continueremo a rimanere persone senza mai andare oltre al nostro basico ragionare, il che finora non ci ha portati molto lontano.