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What the Spiritual Path is – The Light in the dark (Part 1)

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Let me introduce you to the Accademia using a simple analogy that will help you decide if this is the right path for you.

Throughout your entire life, you have become accustomed to living in what I refer to as "Low Frequency." It's like living in a dark room that prevents you from seeing what is around you. You have grown comfortable with living in complete darkness, unable to perceive the characteristics of the room, such as its colors, furniture, or doors; you see nothing. In a way, you may feel a sense of comfort in your blindness as it has been a constant in your life, providing a feeling of security and contentment. You have spent your entire life in this dark room, and the idea of venturing outside to explore the unknown has never crossed your mind.

Deep down inside, you know that the dark room is preventing you from living your real life. You feel closed in and muted in a reality that is too narrow for you. However, the routine of every day being the same without anything to shake up your life makes you feel safe. Then, one day while sitting on the floor completely in the dark, you find a match. You may have confused it with one of those toys or pastimes that you distract yourself with in that room. You play with the matchstick and lose track of time. Until one day, almost instinctively and without knowing how, you rub it and it catches fire. A bright light ignites, then fades. However, in your life, it can feel like an adrenaline rush. Suddenly, you realize that there is something beyond the usual darkness: there is light! This match could symbolize meditation.

However, the match does not last long, so you observe it briefly without fully comprehending how. The room is pitch black, and you are holding a stick that behaves oddly, emitting light that you are not used to. This both excites and unnerves you, almost as if you are afraid of it. The dazzling light, albeit brief, from the match's flame confuses you because it is completely novel to you and as soon as the light goes out, you are left almost dazed, staring into empty space. You try to understand why and how it could have happened, attempting to give a logical explanation until you convince yourself that you imagined it completely. "It's always been dark around here, nothing's different," you think, trying to recall the feeling you had while looking at that flame. "No one has ever mentioned anything about light, which means it doesn't exist! If it did, the whole world would know..." you continue in your mind, attempting to explain what you experienced. So, for a while, you choose to go back to living your life in the dark, forgetting what happened with that match.

You fall back into your routine, your comfort zone, where you pass the time pretending to be busy, while moving slowly and cautiously in the darkness to avoid hurting yourself. Often, you choose to remain motionless for long periods of time, out of fear of stumbling upon something or hitting a wall and injuring yourself due to the darkness. So you choose to remain still, out of fear of hurting yourself because your vision is impaired in the darkness, instead of acknowledging that the real problem and obstacle preventing you from moving forward is not your vision, but the darkness itself.

One day, while crawling on the floor to find something, you chance upon something else: another match. You know it's him again - the illumination casting a bright light in that dark room.

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You know that if you rubbed it on the ground, it would light up and allow you to experience a unique feeling outside of your daily routine: a strange excitement that almost scares you, yet you desire it because those few minutes of light make you feel an emotion that almost seems like a rebirth. You take it, rub it, and suddenly there it is - a light that illuminates your face! Your eyes light up with it and, despite the initial fear, you choose to look at it again, to observe it for much longer. At first, you focus solely on the well-being that watching that light makes you experience. So, from time to time, you search for new matches to light and watch their flame until they burn out, and you return to complete darkness that prevents you from seeing the room. The quest for matches can be compared to the search for that space during the day in which you can allow yourself to practice. The entire day is spent between obligations, work, and countless thoughts that keep you living unconsciously, and therefore in darkness. But from time to time, you search for a space for yourself in which you can devote yourself to your daily meditation.

Searching for matches has become a routine that you don't want to give up because it makes you feel good. So, you spend your day in the dark but very now and then, you grope around with your hands to try to find a match to use. Unfortunately, you don't always find them; in fact, there are days when you can't find a way to meditate. Everyone follows their own path differently. Some may stop along the way, bewildered by the strong light of the first match. Others may tire of searching for matches, believing that lighting them is too tiring. And then there are those who have always had matches in their hands, but have never understood how to use them. They have always treated them as simple sticks without ever thinking of lighting them. On the other hand, some realize almost immediately the luck they had in finding that match. But despite this, they light it and observe its light without going further. They just stand still and stare at the light, waiting for it to burn out and then go out. Some people, however, may begin to reflect on how useful and astute it would be to use the light of the small match to look for others, after a period of more or less long observation and well-being experienced thanks to the match's light. By lighting the match, they would be able to see better where all the others are resting and thus make it easier to find them in the room. This is when the true spiritual path emerges: when you stop merely admiring the beauty of the light and instead use its energy to pursue greater goals.

Simply thinking about doing something does not equate to actually doing it, so there are days when you lose the desire, or when you prefer to focus on tomorrow. There are also days when, even if you want to, you cannot find matches around you, meaning that you cannot find free time to meditate. And so, time passes. However, with persistence, you can put your plan into action and when you find a new match to light, you use every second of its duration to search the room for other matches, instead of waiting for the effect to fade and the light to go out. To your eyes, the light of the match may seem enormous because it is the first light you have ever seen. However, in reality, that small light only illuminates a few centimeters from your face and lasts for a short time, so it is not enough to show you everything there is to see. Nevertheless, you may feel satisfied with this small glimpse and believe that you now know the whole world after seeing that light.

As time passes, you use the matches you've collected to find more, but due to various commitments and time constraints, you only light one at a time. You don't realize that if you light them all together, you'd create a much larger light. Every now and then, you think about this, but one day you light one match first. As you try to light another, the first match goes out. You start to think it's a useless waste of time and energy. But eventually, you realize that with one match, you could light all the others and create a great light. One day, however, upon reflection, you realize what a great idea it is! You take a match, strike it, and quickly light all the others at the same time, creating a brilliant and immense light!

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Their light is so captivating that you find yourself staring at it without moving a finger. Before you know it, the matches go out one after the other and you're left in darkness. Despite this, you still feel immersed in the pleasant sensation that the bright light gave you. You almost don't realize that you've been in the dark for several seconds, then several minutes. The brilliance of the light has captured you, but you don't notice that you've been in the dark for a while. Lighting all the matches together was certainly worth it because it showed you a great light that moved you. However, on the other hand, you didn't know how to take advantage of the moment and remained fixed, staring at the light and waiting for time to run out. In addition, you have used up all the matches in your supply, so you have none left to use and have to start your search again in the dark. However, the search will not start from scratch because this time you know much better what you are looking for and what you want to find, unlike when you first found the match and didn't even know how to light it, let alone why you should light it.

Many people stop here, remembering the glow of a beautiful moment, letting themselves be lulled by the memory, without realizing they can strike new matches (or find time to meditate) and relive that experience whenever they desire. Some individuals, despite the darkness and the multitude of reasons that weigh them down like everyone else, possess an eye that sees beyond and choose to rekindle the search for new matches. They light them, seeking out others and igniting them together to create a powerful blaze. This time, their goal is to harness the light, not simply to stand idly and gaze at it. Some people then become strategists: they realize the importance of the light and want to find a way to live in that vibration for as long as possible. Living in the dark is no longer the only thing that matters to them: they are no longer afraid of the light, and as a result, they no longer feel the need to hide in the dark. Some people choose to be resourceful and find more time during the day to practice a little more than they did before, evolving every day one step further. This is how some people, searching for new matches, manage to discover entire stocks of candles. Candles, as you may know, have a much longer duration than the small flame of a match. In this story, the candle represents the deepest form of meditation. We are no longer referring to a meditation based only on relaxation, but one that goes beyond simple relaxation and allows you to evolve spiritually.

Some people go further because they want to know the strength of the light emitted by multiple candles, which can illuminate a much larger area than the one achieved by lighting several matches at once. The light from several lit candles is stronger, brighter, and wider than the match they had been using before. Most importantly, the light from the candles is more durable. This is just the beginning of your spiritual journey. You have lit a match and are in the very first stages, where you may still be a little scared of the strong light that has upset your vision, used to living in total darkness: unconsciousness. Meanwhile, with the vision of that light, it will almost seem as though you have reached your destination and discovered everything there was to discover, simply because you have had your first experience with the small flame of a match. However, this is only the beginning, as it is merely the first taste of knowledge that you have been able to savor. The journey has not even begun.

This is the spiritual journey of Accademia di Coscienza Dimensionale. At first, you may feel the shock of your routine collapsing but the more you taste the light of knowledge, the more you will want to learn about it. You will want to use this light to achieve larger goals. A spiritual journey is not just about searching for light and standing still to observe it until it runs out. The journey teaches you to use that light to create more of it, so that it not only continues, but also expands. Through the Academy, you will have access to new knowledge. This knowledge is like lights in the dark, which will first unsettle you, and then conquer you and you will realize that you no longer want to live without this knowledge. Once you have tasted knowledge, you will no longer want to remain in the darkness of unconsciousness.

This isn't just a journey of reading, this is Accademia di Coscienza Dimensionale.

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  • nike Medaglia per aver completato lo Step 1 - 14:53 13/06/24

    La storia, questa storia dei cercatori di fiammiferi alla scoperta della luce, è la cosa più suggestiva che abbia mai avuto, ho passato 15 Min da favola.. mi sembrava di essere estasiatamente immerso nella luce di un fiammifero che mi avvolgeva. È passato molto tempo e ancora colleziono fiammiferi senza aver capito cosa significa accenderli insieme e come utilizzarli al meglio. Mi sono sentito piccolo a immaginarmi al buio in questa stanza dove vede bene, a chiudere gli occhi per giocare con un fiammifero, mi sono sentito al freddo ma con un cuore caldo come la piccola fiammiferaia.. è commovente. Oggi per la prima volta, dopo tutto questo tempo, aver conosciuto acd nel 2017, aver provato, aver mollato, essermi perso nel mondo, nel low, essermi fatto male, aver pianto migliaia di volte e essermi rialzato con le mie mani.. sono qua a pensare che tutto sommato non ho mai visto più di così, più di qualche centimetro dalla mia faccia. Che dopotutto questo tempo poi, ho terminato lo step 1. Con questo articolo, perché sapevo che era l ultimo che avrei dovuto ascoltare e commentare. Oggi finalmente mi prendo quello stemma per aver completato lo step 1. Sono davvero grato a me stesso per aver avuto così freddo da accendere della luce in me. Grazie

  • mochi - 00:08 13/06/24

    Bellissima questa metafora del fiammifero.Io spero questa luce di ravvivarla,visto che in passato ho lasciato che si spegnesse...

  • Stefano - 17:44 11/06/24

    Ho ricominciato il percorso dopo diversi anni, questa volta sono determinato a togliermi le catene, e conoscere la verità, facendo cadere il velo di Matrix

  • terminator - 16:00 11/06/24

    Questa analogia mi è piaciuta molto e credo riassuma l’avanzamento degli steps dal primo fino all’ultimo, dal fiammifero fino alle candele. Anche la similitudine: buio = incoscienza, spiega cosa significa accedere i fiammiferi.

  • lunarian - 18:09 09/06/24

    Describing my feelings torwards this article is like a buildup to my previous comment and the previous reading. For some (including me), the 'darkness' felt off, especially as child, tho I could never pinpoint it. It makes one feel isolated to search and ask for light around people that live in the darkness. It also took alot intense healing to overcome fears and Blockages one 'learned' throughout growing up. As I stated I got nudged here, I got shown light and persued light but came to a point where intution and self explaination couldnt help me gather more matches. But reading this ? - gives me a rush, a calm and confident one, so thankyou once again for these articles up until now and the ones following

  • mikmain - 17:44 09/06/24

    Mantenere sempre la luce accesa dovrebbe essere l'aspirazione di tutti quanti....una volta capita la strada dipenderà tutto da noi.

  • jeparabatai - 12:53 08/06/24

    Questa analogia é bellissima e immediata, il mio primo fiammifero é stato praticare yoga, ma non solo fisicamente ma con presenza mentale; continuo a cercare e accendere fiammiferi

  • frances - 10:00 07/06/24

    Il problema è come fa rimanere accesa quella luce ,che abbiamo sperimentato durante la meditazione, nella vita quotidiana per avere una visione più ampia delle cose e riuscire a fare scelte più consapevoli che ci portino nella direzione giusta. Sembra che dopo la meditazione, appena ti rituffi nella vita materiale, quel bagliore e quel benessere piano piano si affievolisca come un bel sogno che dopo un po' svanisce nella memoria. A me piacerebbe vivere invece mantenendo alta quella vibrazione trasmettendo il mio entusiasmo e la mia consapevolezza a tutte le persone che incontro per far sì che piano piano la luce illumini il mondo intero e finalmente spariscano come d'incanto tutti i mali che affliggono l'umanità!

  • lavi63 - 12:42 06/06/24

    Fantastica questa spiegazione tra luce e buio, è proprio come mi sento in questo momento grazie proseguo.....

  • mirko - 12:11 06/06/24

    I fiammiferi potremmo interpretarli come ispirazioni? Questi bagliori di luce che illuminano il buio ci portano a scegliere una direzione più consapevole di dove stiamo andando. Ma come facciamo a essere sicuri di una nostra volontà quando è alterata da esigenze o necessita apparenti, non necessariamente utili al nostro scopo o alla missione del cosmo? Come si riconoscono i segnali reali che ci portano a evolvere in modo trascendente senza sprecare il nostro tempo altrove?

  • Marco - 08:31 04/06/24

    Molto bella l'analogia tra i fiammiferi e "le pillole" che cerchiamo per progredire la nostra evoluzione. Per la mia esperienza ho sempre cercato questi fiammiferi, prima nel mondo materiale e da qualche anno anche nel non materiale. Sono entrato ieri in questo percorso e mi sta entusiasmando molto.

  • falcon_1691 - 14:07 03/06/24

    Ognuno di noi ha una percezione diversa del buio nella stanza e immagina a suo modo cosa può esserci accendendo il fiammifero. A volte la paura di un fallimento o di una delusione ci frena a voler scoprire l’ignoto, quindi preferiamo restare ancorati alle nostre “certezze” perché il rischio ci sembra più grande della nostra motivazione. Non ho mai avuto paura del buio, ma di questo buio ho una paura immensa. Ho capito che il fiammifero è la meditazione, con la quale si può aprire una finestra nella stanza e far sparire per sempre l’oscurità, quindi medito ogni giorno e devo dire che ne sento proprio il bisogno fisico. Per il momento sei tu Angel quel fiammifero che illumina il nostro percorso spirituale e ci dà la forza e le indicazioni per non perderci nell'oscurità. Grazie!

  • robertag - 14:01 03/06/24

    Intraprendere un percorso spirituale è una scelta che rigiarda come proseguire la propeia vita, non può essere temporanea ne svolta a periodi, o lo intraprendi o semplicemente ti interessi all'argomento spirituale. Se decidi di intraprenderlo sarà un viaggio lungo. La mia piccola e modesta esperienza è fatta di fatica, impegno, costanza, ma anche di gioia e stupore e tanta magia. Ad ogni passo che fai sai che indietro non si torna e si può solo proseguire. Tre passi avanti e uno indietro, ma mai si torna al punto di partenza. Ora che ho iniziato a conoscere il low ho uno strumento in più.

  • robertag - 21:07 02/06/24

    La metafora aiuta molto a darsi una via, l'Accademia mi insegnerà ad accedere i fiammiferi e poi le candele. Io mi impegnerò con costanza a cercarli ed accenderli ogni giorni.

  • edel - 07:00 31/05/24

    Bellissima storia rende l’idea di come siamo messi quando siamo nella low vivendo la nostra natura e i nostri istinti primordiali tra i quali vince la paura. Voglio superare questo stato e andare avanti nella ricerca della verità della luce, grazie