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Meditation – The Absence of Thought (Part 2)

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In the previous Meditation session you learned two important lessons:

the first is that anyone can meditate, since there is no block that prevents some people from doing it or that makes others more capable, it would be enough just to sit and relax and that’s it. The second is that there is nothing difficult, weird, dangerous or that you should be afraid of: you have already meditated in the last session and as you can see you did it without any difficulty. Now that you’ve overcome those preconceptions about Meditation we can move on.

The reasons why we should meditate every day are many: every day we have a thousand thoughts in our heads, frustrations and indecision, we are constantly bugged with thoughts that remind us what we have to do during the day. The problem is that we get consumed by the many activities that are triggered in our brain, and we end up forgetting what is really important. Just like everyone else, each of us is busy with more and more things to do every day: we have to go to work, clean the house, cook, look after children if we have them… so we finish our days without obtaining anything new. This is a problem: how do we think we can realize ourselves if we don’t change our daily life? We have thousands of ideas in our head, we would like to travel, start a business, write a book or realize ourselves in a specific field, but as time goes by we continue to get screwed from the usual routine that traps us from morning to night in a continuous circle out of which we cannot get out. If we start putting aside some thoughts that aren’t important to make room for those that would make us fulfill ourselves, our life would evolve.

Many times the term “change” scares people, because it is thought that changing one’s life means neglecting family, ignoring one’s children or making hazardous moves like abandoning a job that maintains us. The change is meant to be positive for the person who makes it, not the opposite, so to change means to eliminate burdens from one’s life to make room for satisfactions. Children aren’t a burden, so no one has to put them aside, but you can take care of them and realize yourself in your life at the same time because one thing doesn’t exclude the other. What matters is simply the organization: the more a person is able to organize himself, the more he will be able to carry forward his goals over time despite having a family to provide for, a social life, a demanding job, or any problem that may steal some time.

It is really difficult to create an organized agenda of one’s own things to do if the order is not found in the mind first. The main point on which each of us should work is precisely to bring order in our heads. What do you want to do today? Obviously you will be reminded of a thousand commitments to be carried out while knowing very well that by filling up your day with activities you will end up without doing anything at all. This will lead you to say that you will never make it, that as long as you have that problem / that distraction in your life you will never be able to take care of yourself. If it is about children, you will think that until they are older you will not be able to do what you love because they will steal all the time and you, as a parent, are destined to fail in all the rest of your projects as if you have a cross on your back that you will have to drag forever. It’s not like that. There is a technique which has been used for thousands of years, which helps a person’s mind putting aside the futile commitments to bring out the ones that are really important for their fulfillment. It’s not a magic technique like an animation film formula in which, by pronouncing certain words, you will be teleported into a new world where your life will be completely different; it’s simply about relaxing. Nowadays everyone is talking about this technique but everyone reinvents it as they see fit, making it almost seem like it’s something new, discovered in this era. The truth is Meditation is a very old technique, used by men since the dawn of time, which allows you to relax your mind so that it can finally start working well.

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People who use it may decide to go far beyond simple relaxation, but this is a personal choice that each of us must do for ourselves: the main purpose is to put order in your mind, so that you can put it in your life. We can imagine our mind as a large container full of information: since there’s a huge quantity, and each information wants to appear and be seen first, they overlap and throw themselves on top of each other to be noticed. It’s as if there’s a big fight inside your head, where every piece of information is convinced that it’s the most important of all and they fight with each other to win your attention. These are all the activities that you should have done or that you would like to achieve, but which you keep putting aside with the typical illusion that says “one day I will do it”. How many projects have you thought of realizing, but you have left half-way saying “I will do it in the future”? Well, all those projects are now present in your mind and are rebelling, they fight against each other to be the first to be chosen so that you can finally conclude them. Every day these thoughts cause you trouble, preventing you from having a problem-free mind and making it a total chaos instead.

This way you will not handle the activities that are truly important to you, but will end up handling the ones that first managed to get noticed only because they hit harder than others, but this doesn’t mean that they are the most important, they are only the heaviest. The human brain is an incredibly powerful computer that science wants to imitate, but has no hope of making it, because we humans are able to react to our thoughts, associate them with feelings and memories, we can even decide to suddenly overturn the path of our lives, also changing our way of thinking.

A robot cannot do it because it was created to obey. But we are not robots. Our mental skills allow us to decide what to do with our lives, making us aware of what is really important to us and allowing us to distinguish it from what we think it is, only because someone else has forced us to believe it. Other times we follow the crowd, because if everyone chooses a specific path and we are the only ones not to do it, just to be accepted by the mass we surrender to them and we let them influence us. Sometimes we are weak and behave like everyone else just to be accepted by the society in which we live. But we are lucky enough to pass on our knowledge to our children, who will hand it over to theirs, who will spread it among their loved ones, making sure that something important is never forgotten. Meditation is the key that allows every person to feel good about themselves, without having to follow schemes that those above us decide that we follow, or make us perform actions that we do not like. Meditation is the mirror that makes us look straight into our eyes and say, “Here’s who I am, I had forgotten. I thought I was identical to the others! “. We must not associate Meditation with those who practice it: we can think we don’t want to become like Buddhist monks who deprive themselves of a social life to spend their time meditating, but no one imposes this; we must not think that Meditation will turn us into prophets or fanatics of peace and love, if we don’t feel like following that path inside of us. Meditation is only a technique, you are the one who decides how to use it and what you want to achieve with it, it’s not the technique itself to decide for you. Does your car decide where to take you? No, you are the one who drives it. For that same reason, make sure you decide where you want to lead your life and not vice versa. Personally, I practice Meditation because it helps me focus on what is really useful for my life, removing my attention from what would be a waste of time even if at the beginning it may seem appealing. So I started with a first level called Meditation in non-thought, and then continued with an higher one called Meditation on Chakras. This was my personal choice and everyone has to choose for themselves what they think it’s the best way.

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Meditation is not something strange, mysterious or dangerous, it’s simply a matter of relaxing one’s own mind and body. It doesn’t matter if you are atheist or religious, since relaxation in non-thought has nothing to do with worship or faith. Meditative practice can be carried out by anyone because it is a personal choice that is used only for relaxation and physical well-being. It must not necessarily be associated with the search for God or to evolve one’s psychic abilities, if this is not the true interest of the person who practices. Meditation is simply a technique and you decide which destination to reach through it. I have chosen to use the second level to find my answers and evolve spiritually, but this remains my personal choice and you will have to make yours.

The first level of Meditation is based on relaxation in non-thought. This technique at first may not seem simple, because it asks us to do something that we are no longer used to do: remain in mental silence. The technique of non-thinking doesn’t have to be misunderstood believing that, from now on, for all your life you will have to stop reflecting, becoming a person without intelligence. The non-thought stands for that mental relaxation that you can achieve by choice when you feel it is necessary, for example when you have your head full of a thousand things to do and you are suffering from migraine for having way too many thoughts in your head: at that point non-thought comes into motion. Meditation is much closer to human nature than the modern society around us is. It is something natural for our body, but we simply forgot how to do it. When we were children it was natural to run, to do splits, to twist in incredible ways and know how to make movements that we only dream of as adults, yet the body is naturally predisposed to do those activities: in fact, when we were kids we knew how to do it without any problems. Just because now we are a little out of practice and can no longer do somersaults, this doesn’t mean that it’s an unnatural movement for the human being, because it would be a trivial excuse not to admit that the problem is only the lack of training due to our laziness. In the same way, non-thinking is not something unnatural, but it is something that we normally did as children and only later, little by little, we forgot to keep this ability active, atrophying our mind muscles. The moment we realize that it’s not strange but that it is all natural, it will be much easier to accept a new habit in our life. The practice of meditation works, because incorporating it into our routine allows us to be more and more conscious during our days, making us realize what we want to do and making it stand out from what we should do according to others. This is a difference that not everyone can grasp because they have been accustomed since they were children that the wishes of others should automatically become ours. Many people are just the representation of their parents, their professors or their friends, but they are not themselves. Non-thought little by little will make you recognize and distinguish who you are from those masks you thought you were, just because they were so well imposed that you could no longer recognize them as something external: you implemented them in your personality.

The non-thought allows you to react, to remove what is not yours to recognize who or what is really YOU: something incredibly powerful compared to the idea that you had made of your image. So let’s start with the first step of Meditation: if you wish, take it right now by following my instructions step by step. Sit in a comfortable position, away from any distractions and noise, certainly do not do the Meditation with the TV on.


When you’re comfortable, set a timer for 10 minutes, so you know for sure that you will not interrupt yourself to check how much time has passed, because it will be the timer to alert you once the session is over.


As soon as you are ready, start the timer.


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All you have to do now is focus only on your breathing. Without counting them in words, follow each inhalation and exhalation as if they were beginning to slow down.


Breathe and concentrate only on your breath.


Feel the air entering your lungs…


Imagine being able to see your lungs spread out, feeding on clean oxygen.


There is nothing else around you, except for the light you are breathing into your lungs.


Imagine breathing in a white light that fills up your lungs making you feel good.


Slow down your breathing and make it deeper…


Feel as if everything around you is slowing down… Hurry no longer exists, there is only a slow and conscious breath.


Focus only on your breath.


Feel the shoulders relax, don’t be tense.


The neck relaxes, the head melts while remaining straight.


The arms become heavy…


The legs follow…


And the whole body becomes heavy… it is relaxing, as if it wants to fall asleep.


Every thought is futile, there is no more important thought now than the wish to relax.


Imagine breathing in a white light that enters and expands into what your mind is.


Your mind becomes light, free, it fills up with light, there is no obstacle that prevents light from entering.


Relax, focus only on the well-being you are feeling.


From this moment until the sound of the timer that will indicate the end of the session, relax by closing your eyes, without thinking about anything, focusing only on the well-being you are feeling.


When the timer rings you can open your eyes and read the continuation of the text that follows.


How did you feel? You can perform this technique as many times as you wish: it has no side effects, in fact, the more you will practice it during your days, the more you will realize that, coincidentally, your way of thinking will work better. This is not a coincidence of course: allowing your brain to breathe a moment without having to think of a thousand problems, you will give it the opportunity to better connect the synapses in the true sense of the word, enabling it to find a solution for each problem way faster. You will notice the difference as it used to be much harder to do so before. The solution must be immediate and when this does not happen it is because the mind is too stressed to understand immediately which is the method to solve a specific problem; so Meditation helps our attention to focus on its incredible ability to find solutions in a flash, putting aside all the other thoughts that, for the moment, are just a hindrance. Meditation is used for this: to give our brain a moment to breathe so that it works better. There is nothing healthier and more normal than relaxation, this is why my advice is to do it at least once a day every day. If beyond relaxation you are looking for something even deeper, such as a connection with yourself or God, then you will also be interested in reading about Meditation on chakras. Meditation in non-thought will be much more useful than you’d imagined, especially when you need to remove annoying and painful thoughts that you can’t seem to get rid of. You will learn to exploit this technique to your own advantage so that nothing can make you suffer anymore: it will be your secret weapon.

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  • ery - 10:02 29/09/23

    Non è affatto semplice rimenere in assenza di pensieri ma sento comunque il beneficio nel praticare questa meditazione nei momenti in cui ho busogno di placare la mente. Anche se i pensieri non svaniscono del tutto, li sento piu leggeri e puliti.

  • marzia80 - 13:52 27/09/23

    devo ammettere che distogliere l'attenzione dai pensieri non è per niente semplice. rimanere concentrati sul proprio respiro, per quanto possa sembrare semplice, non lo è per niente! in questa meditazione ho avuto diversi momenti d'attenzione intensa che per un semplice rumore esterno sono stati interrotti lasciando spazio ai pensieri. credo che l'esercizio aiuti a migliorare, quindi m'impegnerò a praticare tutti i giorni, ed ogni volta che mi renderò conto di essermi allontanata dal respiro cercherò di ritornarci.grazie!

  • albertocosta - 06:22 26/09/23

    Grazie della bella meditazione. Una cosa che mi ha colpito e' il messaggio iniziale riguardo al cambiamento, che puo' spaventare in quanto potrebbe implicare fare cambiamenti radicali come lavoro. Io avevo questo dubbio ultimamente, ma ho ottenuto il messaggio e cioe' che non e' questo l'importante ma che invece bisogna ritagliare del tempo per la meditazione e la crescita personale e non per forza abbandonare tutti gli altri impegni perche' una cosa non esclude l'altro. Grazie, Alberto.

  • violaaviva - 13:20 18/09/23

    Interessante questa meditazione e la spiegazione di essa ed è anche molto semplice da eseguire,per me che comunque ho qualche difficoltà al riguardo,,,mi piace l idea comunque di porre attenzione a ogni singola parte del corpo .

  • Angelia - 17:43 17/09/23

    It never fails. I get up early and try to meditate and no matter how hard I try, I am always interrupted...for the life of me I don't understand...Time to move on from here...

  • Vale - 06:57 17/09/23

    Avevo già provato a fare meditazione guidata in passato, non sempre è facile scacciare tutti i pensieri e liberare la mente ma quando lo si riesce a fare il benessere che si prova è grande. Continuerò a praticarla con costanza per migliorare la mia capacità di rilassamento

  • Angelia - 06:02 17/09/23

    It is ironic that I am currently writing my 7th book, I Want To Love Like God, and today I was writing about not being who your parents were, but simply being you. That yes, your parents coach and guide you but at the end of the day, its your choice and your path to choose not theirs. Growing up catholic, I always thought everyone else's religion was wrong and my faith was the only faith. I now know that all religion is man made, used to enslave and keep the people in bondage. Sadly, its taken me more than half a century to come to the realization, to get this inner standing. But, here I am...I made it. Thank you.

  • fabrizio_napoli - 20:50 15/09/23

    Ero molto contento della prospettiva molto positiva sulla meditazione e sul suo potenziale per migliorare la vita quotidiana delle persone. la meditazione è accessibile a tutti e che non è complicata o pericolosa, contrastando i preconcetti comuni. Questo messaggio è intriso di una sensazione di apertura e di incoraggiamento. La meditazione viene presentata come un mezzo per riportare l’ordine nella mente, permettendo alle persone di focalizzarsi su ciò che è veramente importante nella loro vita. Questo suggerisce un’emozione di chiarezza e scopo, invitando i lettori a valutare cosa conta davvero per loro e come organizzare le proprie priorità. la meditazione non impone un percorso specifico e che ognuno può decidere come utilizzarla. Questa idea di autonomia e libertà di scelta è molto positiva, poiché riconosce che la meditazione può avere scopi diversi per ciascun individuo. La descrizione della tecnica di meditazione in non pensiero è rilassante e invita il lettore a sperimentarla. L’uso di immagini come la respirazione di luce bianca crea un’atmosfera di tranquillità e benessere. La meditazione viene presentata come una pratica naturale che aiuta a liberare la mente dal caos e a migliorare la capacità di trovare soluzioni ai problemi. Nel complesso, l’inizio della mia meditazione mi ha fornito emozioni positive, di speranza, chiarezza e fiducia nelle potenzialità della meditazione per migliorare la vita.l’invito a esplorare questa pratica in modo aperto e personale mi sprona a non mollare !

  • Marin76 - 14:52 11/09/23

    La mia prima meditazione con poche interferenze, forse un paio proprio, fantastica, la terrò tra le mie preferite, grazie

  • rob78londra - 11:38 11/09/23

    Anche questo articolo e molto interessante, ho effettuato la meditazione, non è stato facile rilassarsi e seguire tutti i passaggi ma sono sicuro che giorno dopo giorno andrà sempre meglio, sicuramente mi piacerebbe fare qualcosa di più profondo ma inizierò con la meditazione del non pensiero e continuero il percorso, mediterò ogni giorno almeno una volta al giorno e sempre la mattina appena mi sveglio.

  • giugliano - 21:31 08/09/23

    Quasi inconsapevolmente in questi ultimi tempi riuscivo a dare priorità alle cose da fare escludendo quelle che ritenevo non urgenti o meno importanti. Certamente con la meditazione in non pensiero questa possibilità aumenta notevolmente. Farsi guidare poi nella meditazione è molto piacevole e facilita enormemente il percorso.

  • immram - 19:45 08/09/23

    il commento di morenos è lo specchio di chi che provo io. identico. e non è certo la prima volta che provo a meditate. o disturbo di allaccia o caos infinito dentro o sonno pesantissimo. ecco qua ciò che sono a,oggi

  • anthos - 22:57 07/09/23

    Per me è estremamente difficile spegnere la mente perché sono una persona che tende molto al controllo di tutto ciò che gli sta attorno. Quindi anche quando medito non mi rilasso mai totalmente ahimè, spero col tempo diventi più naturale. La pratica della meditazione la sto pian piano integrando nella mia vita, sicuramente mi tornerà utile.

  • morenos - 16:48 05/09/23

    La mia mente è spesso un caos. Sono consapevole che il 99% dei miei pensieri sono inutili e non costruttivi. Nonostante i corsi di meditazione frequentati e i libri letti, ho sempre avuto difficoltà a rendere la mia mente più tranquilla. Capisco che questa agitazione abbia ostacolato le mie scelte e decisioni passate, così come la qualità della mia vita. Ora so che solo la costante pratica può aiutarmi, e mi impegnerò quotidianamente affinché la meditazione diventi una piacevole abitudine per me. Tuttavia, noto che ogni volta che cerco di meditare, c'è sempre qualcosa che mi disturba, nonostante tutte le precauzioni prese. Sembra che ci sia una forza contraria pronta a intralciare la mia pratica. Nonostante ciò porto a termine la pratica ed è una vera boccata d'aria fresca che mi regala sensazioni di benessere. Grazie di cuore

  • jael - 01:24 05/09/23

    Fatico un po' a interrompere il pensiero, talvolta mi è più facile contemplare che meditare (non so se può valere ugualmente e se ha altrettanto senso). Comunque è vero che farlo porta a trovare soluzioni più rapide e a manifestare più agevolmente. Oggi ho attraversato uno stato di profonda insoddisfazione e depressione, dovuta a un evento che si era verificato e mi aveva destabilizzata, in più il tempo cupo e ventoso ha fatto il resto. Meditare mi ha aiutata a trovare equilibrio e a capire come affrontare la situazione che stavo vivendo, fino a far tornare la serenità.