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What the Aura is – How the Aura influences us (Part 2)

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When we talk about the aura, we are referring to the energetic structure that composes and surrounds everything that exists, be it people, animals, plants, minerals or materials. Everything that exists in the world and in the whole universe is made of energy, for this reason it has its own energy field that we call aura. Something that does not have the aura does not exist, because otherwise the same subject would not exist. Everything in this world is made of energy, therefore everything has an aura. Everything that is inanimate, such as rock, iron, objects, furniture, has an aura of limited size, because it does not expand its consciousness in other dimensions, being not alive. Everything that surrounds us is composed of energy and exists on several dimensions, although they are limited in a small number, not having the ability to think and reflect on their own life, to move and experience. Living beings, on the other hand, have a much wider aura both in thickness and in dimensional quantity. In fact, any living being exists on multiple dimensions, and the more conscious he is of being and of existing, the more its perceptions widen and its dimensions increase. People are more conscious than animals, insects and plants, so they are present in a larger number of dimensions than others. Among people, however, there are individuals much more evolved than the mass, both because they practice spiritual techniques and because they have understood that the reality in which they are living is completely illusory and with this, they base their lives on the desire to stay awake even when everyone else wants to sleep. It is not easy to stay awake when everyone around us is asleep and when he wants us to sleep like him.

Those who practice and are aware of the true reality, have an aura much greater and more evolved than the norm, and they expand it into a lot more dimensions than the aura of a normal individual who does not practice. The more you become aware of your aura, the more you can feel it and help it expand; but, above all, you help it to regenerate when we suffer damage from the outside, which usually crumbles the shape of the aura, making it weaker and more unstable. The aura is the union of our energies, which amalgamate to form a great mass that composes us and protects us. Inside the aura, there are all our feelings, which are forms of energy. Among them, there are our thoughts, which are more elaborate and structured feelings; then there are the memories of all that we have lived until today during our life, which fill us and give us weight, being very massive. Clearly we are not talking about body weight, but it is as if they give substance to our aura, which otherwise would be weak and empty. The aura of a person who has a lot of experience is much bigger and stronger than that of an apathetic person who spends the day sleeping, because the first one is more filled. General experience means any kind of knowledge that we reach by acting and opening up to life, such as experience in school, work, social, cultural, traveling and knowing other people. Everything we do in our lives is experience and enriches our aura, being a completely natural phenomenon that happens even though we may never notice it.

Our memories and knowledge are collected in our aura and not inside our brain: in fact, this organ knows how to connect to the aura and, from that, it takes the memories that it wants us to resurface. When we do not remember something, it is because our brain cannot connect to that area of memory that belongs directly to the aura, having probably suffered some damage that prevents it from translating those energy codes into visual memories. In fact, memory losses are much more complex than they seem. Memories are not erased forever, as they remain imprinted in the aura. However, if the brain is damaged, for example through an accident, the excess of alcohol, the use of soft or hard drugs, or through a psychic attack, this organ no longer works as it should and it starts to show serious damage, so serious that the same person will not be able to realize it due to total unconsciousness.

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When you suffer damage to another organ, such as the heart, you are the first to notice it maybe because of the pain, but when you suffer damage to the organ where your mind resides, the brain, it is much harder for you to realize what the actual damage is, because you do not see what is happening immediately. You may experience facial tics, obsessions, memory losses and everything else, but it will not be easy for you to realize this right away. In fact, many people are convinced that they have a great memory, that they remember everything that happened to them, that they saw, that they said, because they are not aware of how much information they have forgotten. If you have forgotten them, unfortunately you are not aware of what you do not remember.

Although we may not remember many things, all this information remains imprinted in the aura, from which it will never be deleted; clearly there are always exceptions, but they are rare cases. So, if we do not remember something, it is not because our memory has been erased, but it happens because our brain cannot decode that code imprinted in the aura. But it is important to know that, regardless of whether we remember our past or not, people who can perceive and understand the aura can discover our personality and many of our memories simply by analyzing it, even if we do not remember them first. This confirms that memories are not erased because they are imprinted in the aura, simply the brain can lose access to that data. Scientists find it difficult to explain what memory is and how it works, simply because they are looking in the wrong place: This, in fact, does not belong to the physical body but to the aura, as well as to our Soul, which we can access more easily through the chakras of the Mind and of the Crown.

The aura of a person who practices meditation is much more stable, balanced, resistant, difficult to penetrate than that of a person who does not protect himself and does not fill it with pranic energy. In a few words, the aura of any subject in the world is filled with the life experiences that the same person normally carries out every day, but it is more easily affected and more easily a victim of tears and energy vampirism, larvae, mental influence and health problems, because he does not have a strong energy protection. Life experiences and spiritual experiences are two very different factors: life experience fills your aura with memories in this dimension, but spiritual experiences open you to multiple dimensions where you exist and become conscious, as well as making the aura more compact in order to protect yourself and prevent the larvae and negative energies from entering your life. For this reason, the aura of those who practice valid and decisive spiritual techniques is much more compact, because they decide to become aware of it instead of ignoring it forever; they use the energy of meditation to make their own energy expansion thicker and stronger, with the intent that no one else can decide to influence them, pierce them, insert problems of any kind and then make decisions for their lives. This is very important, because deciding to become aware of your aura is a fundamental first step to start protecting it, understanding the reasons why you should learn to recognize it and understand its signals, both your own and others’ auras.

The aura is very large and influences people and situations around us. By practicing to understand it, we learn to recognize when a thought, a desire, a feeling is really ours or has been imposed by someone else who is close to us and who is thinking intensely about that precise thing. For example, someone close to us might feel hungry and think about the desire to eat; if his thought will be very strong, it could make us hungry too, without even telling us out loud. It is a thought that influenced us because its aura at that moment overwhelmed ours. Every person in this world influences others, both positively and negatively when they are more unconscious.

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The problem arises when someone who negatively influences us manages to pierce our aura and make it weak and thin; although before the aura was better, the negative influence risks to bring us some physical sickness or to approach us bad experiences and various personal, relational and even economic problems. When we talk about a person who “brings bad luck” we are referring to those individuals who emanate an energetic heaviness that cannot be seen but can be felt, because its presence accompanies bad situations that happen later to those who were close to him.

Based on your knowledge, you will quickly come up with someone who as soon as they approach you is causing you to get depressed, because it is not that rare. Some people in fact, even without looking them in the face and without them speaking, can make you feel feelings difficult to bear as anxiety, anxiety, sadness or even acute nervousness. This all depends on their negative aura, which, as it gets closer, can better influence yours and thus make you feel what they feed on daily. The heaviness of their aura depends on a variety of reasons: generally, from their pessimistic outlook on life that causes them to live in a continually low and inappropriate state, preventing themselves from living a peaceful life. They spend their days judging everything and distrusting everyone, because they cannot move on and leave behind the problems and bad adventures that happened to them in the past. Other times this heaviness depends precisely on the internal negativity of the person, especially if we are talking about people who are profiteers and liars. In their presence we feel ourselves sucking away all energy, ending the day annoyed and nervous, as if someone had taken all the grit and happiness out of the depths of our personality. This is not entirely wrong. In fact, these kinds of people vampirize us, that is, they suck out our internal energy leaving us empty, replacing our good energy with pessimistic and angry thoughts. Sometimes, even thinking about an acquaintance of ours who fits this description, causes us to feel nervous and tense even though he or she is not there in front of us.

Let’s be clear that these kinds of people might as well be us, even if we do not realize it.  It is always easy to believe that others are in the wrong, sucking the energy out of us, viewing us as victims; but over and over again we may be the ones behaving the same way to other people, and they will end up considering us heavy and remove us from their lives without giving us too much explanation. We need to work on not making that mistake.

When a negative influence takes away too much energy and continues to act on us, day after day without ever stopping, it creates very serious damage to the layers of our aura, splitting one after the other, until it reaches the physical body, unfortunately affecting our health. And this is not uncommon! Although it depends on how strong the negative presence is and how strong our aura is, if we continue in this way without taking remedial actions, we will end up catching physical and sometimes mental illnesses such as depression. There is no physical or mental disease that has not entered from outside, because all the damage that the body and mind suffer always derive from an external factor that has managed to pierce our aura and reach the last layer. This is not something that will happen in the future, but something that has already happened so many times during our lives. Whenever we suffer damage, the aura tries to repair itself as much as it can, so as to protect our life; but if the damage continues to affect us and we do not nourish the aura, leaving it to shorten more and more without strengthen it, it will reach a point where it will no longer be able to regenerate on its own, and this will only leave the way clear for the creation of any disease. In fact, diseases always arrive one after the other, because from the moment the first one succeeds in entering, it opens the doors of the aura – cracking its natural defenses – allowing the others to enter more quickly and all in succession.

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Diseases are first of all energy and we can prevent them energetically by performing techniques aimed at the care of our auric protection.

All our lives we have ignored the existence of the aura, so we are not used to understanding when we are influencing someone or when we are being overwhelmed by it; for this reason this happens and it seems to us that we cannot do anything to prevent it, not even we think of doing it. Every single living influences others, whether it’s plants or animals, but humans have an extra ability because their mental strength is more powerful and their thinking more creative; in fact our aura is much larger and we are able to influence others even at a distance. You may have realized that just thinking about some pessimistic people may make you feel distressed, even though they are on the other side of town. Other times it will have happened to you to think to a person and immediately this one has telephoned you, as if a sort of telepathy had been created between you. This is the point. Telepathy is the term we use when we receive confirmation that we have thought the same thing at the same time as someone else, or that we have perceived what the other person was thinking, recognizing it perfectly as their own personal thought. But what name do we give when this situation happens, but we do not have proof of it? No one, because even though it happens every day, if no one comes to tell us what happened, we will ignore it without realizing what happened. Regardless of whether we want to understand it or not, the aura influences and is influenced by all those who pass by us in person or think intensely about us even at a distance. To prevent others from being able to influence us, and to stop us from negatively influencing others, we must become aware of what we are doing and what we are. This is probably the first time you have learned about the aura in such a direct and specific way, because everyone mentions it, but no one can really explain what it really is.

Before studying the theory of the aura, however, it is important that you realize that it exists, and train yourself to see it. Without initial evidence of its existence, it’s really hard for you to recognize it as something that has always belonged to you; having never seen it, you would think of it as external and unfamiliar. Seeing the aura live allows you to recognize its presence wherever you go and at any time of your day, because that is how it is, it follows you like your legs: you do not look at them often but they are the ones that make you move. That is why it is important that you train yourself to see the aura and realize that it is directing your life. The aura is wide and several meters high, but it would be useless to tell you now because you would not realize the capacity it possesses. So, we will just say it is at least 3 meters wide, because now there is no need to make you focus on something you would not understand. So, imagine that you can feel around you the energy that belongs to you and it is spreading out to the sides, behind you, in front of you, in height and below you. The aura is everywhere and not just on the sides of your shoulders. Imagine that you can feel its width three meters beyond your body, so three meters forward, three meters below you, three meters above you, three meters behind you and three meters to the sides. This is just an example of an exercise to become aware of your aura, because the more we go on with this path the more I will teach you to practice techniques on your aura so that it becomes stronger and more compact, but above all so that you can use it at will instead of suffering the passive effects.

Our aura is much larger than we might believe and its job is to protect our insides, preventing anything bad from happening to us, so it necessarily needs to be very large; it is our duty, however, to allow it to succeed. It is like when we are walking down a busy street where motorists are speeding like crazy: if we want to avoid getting hurt, we need to stay as far away from the road as possible, because we know that if we get too close, the risk is higher.

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The aura works the same way because it tries to keep negative energies away as much as possible, which would turn into emotional pain, physical illness, or unpleasant events that would be created in our lives and cause us to lose time and vigor. The farther we stay off the busy road and the more we keep our aura wide and compact, the less it is possible to hurt ourselves and thus allow the problem to enter our lives. The aura protects us a lot but it cannot do more than that because it does not have an unlimited supply of energy. Its energy is low overall, because it has to deal with too many factors and spend its energy in every way to improve our lives as much as possible; so, sooner or later its supply will run out and its ability to repair itself will slow down. As it happens to every single part of our body, the aura ages and stops functioning well as we get older; The problem is that the aura stops strengthening long before middle age, because it depends on the lifestyle and influences suffered by the subject. Medicine also explains that stress and sadness lower our immune defenses and make us more vulnerable to disease. I am explaining it in psychic terms.

The aura in fact not only protects us from bad emotions, but also from physical events that could hit us if she could not repel them. Whenever something negative happens to us, it happens because our aura has not been able to ward off that event and has therefore been perforated and overcome to be able to hit us directly; alternatively, it happened because we went asking for trouble. If we build our aura on negative thoughts such as pessimism, envy and other feelings of low vibration, it is programmed in that form, so it will be much more unstable and, in addition to not being able to protect us properly, it will attract bad experiences to us. The law of attraction is nothing more than programming your aura to attract positive or negative events to itself, depending on how you decide it should be. It is closely connected to your mind, so the two must help each other and go hand in hand towards the same direction. If you tried to program your aura to attract only positive events, but from morning to night you kept obsessively thinking about problems, failures, everything that is wrong with your life, you would be programming it negatively without knowing it, and that will be the direction the aura will push you towards all your life.

Let’s remember that the aura is the set of experiences and emotions that we have felt and associated with those memories; therefore, if we are too attached to suffering for any reason, it will continue to live and attract situations that will make us feel just as much pain. That is the law of attraction: when it rains, it pours. However, we can change the course of our lives by realizing that we have the skills to do so; we just have to train them. The aura in fact is the representation of what we are, but also of what others impose us to be or what we try to pretend to be to show ourselves in the eyes of others. For that reason, if we can shape our aura without even realizing it, let alone what we can do if we committed of our own free will! We can create our future by programming it with the intent to become what we decide, but we need the aura to be strong, because without it there will be many obstacles that will prevent us from succeeding in our goal. The aura will be needed precisely to push away or disintegrate these obstacles even before they get too close, because otherwise it will start to be too late.

At this point it is important to get a visual idea of who we are, because it helps us recognize the points we need to work on. By learning to see with your eyes, it will be easier to grasp the meaning of pierced aura, subtle aura, feeble aura, torn aura, and the difference between the aura of a practicing person and that of a person who lives immersed in unconscious, sleepy routine.

In fact, the aura of a person who meditates and strives to be conscious of his energy, expands his energy field beyond the normal dimension, far exceeding that of any other unconscious person. Meditation strengthens the aura because it fills it with high energy, so this alone would be enough to make it healthier than that of many other people. Our goal, however, must be not to settle, being able to overcome even our own mental schemes. In a nutshell, having an active aura that attracts positive events and brings us luck in the most interesting situations is always better than having one that attracts bad luck from everywhere and that cannot even protect us from the slightest energetic influence from other people. For this reason, in the next document you will find a more detailed explanation about the technique for looking at auras; after that, I will explain step by step how to enhance your aura and harness its abilities, with the goal of improving your health and distance yourself from negative people and events, both upcoming and future.

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  • nike - 15:32 24/02/24

    Si può dire che l aura sembra il nostro vero corpo in senso metafisico, l agglomerato di tutto quello che siamo, siamo stati e abbiamo fatto/visto. E non solo, avendo la proprietà di attrarre a se ciò che è simile a lei. Penso sia uno dei fondamentali tra le tante cose che ci vengono spiegate qua in ACD

  • laurora - 14:57 24/02/24

    Scoprire che ricordi e conoscenze rimangono impressi nell'aura mi fa ben sperare di riuscire a recuperarne gran parte attraverso la pratica. Ho problemi di memoria da tempo, credo di aver capito la causa a questo punto. L'aura e la sua lettura è una tra le tecniche che mi risuona maggiormente, sarà perché è praticamente il mio nome:)

  • Martina - 00:35 24/02/24

    Che articolo importante! Avevo rimosso alcune cose dalla prima volta che lo lessi… mi ha fatto tanto piacere riscoprire tutto quello che ho letto! Qui spieghi in parole semplici che cosa sia la legge dell’attrazione… lessi il libro “The Secret” quando uscì e mi affascinò, tanto che da lì cominciai ad andare proprio alla ricerca ma non sapevo neanche io di che cosa… per tanti anni! Mi sono interessata a tanti argomenti ma mai nessuno lo ha spiegato come te Angel! Perché noi siamo in grado di prendere coscienza della nostra aura, di curarla e di nutrirla perché essa possa proteggerci con le tecniche che ci insegni… e quando parli di fortuna sei veramente chiara! É naturale… la nostra aura forte e grande, con il nostro intento, può raggiungere l’obiettivo! Ma per riuscire in questo dobbiamo essere coscienti… e per essere coscienti ed esserlo sempre di più, c’é la Meditazione! Che bellissima cosa di cui ho preso consapevolezza… davvero, bisogna rileggere gli articoli! Perché leggendoli di nuovo quando vai più avanti in questo percorso, li rileggi con una consapevolezza diversa! Non posso che come sempre dirti GRAZIE!!

  • bethelight - 18:11 23/02/24

    Prendere coscienza della propria aura è molto importante, così come rinforzarla, migliorare quindi il suo stato e la nostra connessione con essa! Lei ci protegge da ogni cosa, ma ha bisogno del nostro aiuto per fortificarsi ed evitare di danneggiarsi. Molte cose risiedono nell'aura ed è nostra premura proteggerle. La nostra aura, come quella di chiunque altro, influenza gli altri, questo fa riflettere su come sarebbe bene, sia per noi che per gli altri, impegnarsi a stare su un tonale alto e mantenere un pensiero positivo, prestando anche attenzione a ciò che si prova, alle nostre emozioni, che potrebbero influenzare noi e gli altri. È così bello poter diffondere positività ed eliminare la pesantezza. ✨

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    Si parla spesso di legge dell'attrazione eppure nessuno fa riferimento all'aura, penso perché evidentemente ben pochi hanno compreso come realmente funziona l'attrazione. L'aura è un fattore molto importante e come i chakra che ci appartengono, imparare ad utilizzarla non può che portarci bene dato che fa parte di noi, ma sino ad oggi l'abbiamo ignorata e magari nemmeno sapevamo della sua esistenza. Mi è capitato spesso di avere a che fare con persone pesanti e pessimiste che mi rubavano energia continuamente e dato che ci dovevo avere a che fare tutti i giorni la cosa mi ha buttato molto giù. È vero anche che anche solo pensare a quelle persone mi connette alla loro energia pesante e mi abbassa un pochino. D'altronde devo ammettere che talvolta io stesso mi sono comportato da persona pesante vampirizzando involontariamente chi mi stava accanto, perché ero troppo assorto dalla negatività interna e non riuscendo ad uscirne automaticamente influenzavo pure gli altri. Ad oggi, grazie ad A.C.D., sono più consapevole di questo fattore, ovvero che essere costantemente negativi porta solo sfortuna, sia a se stessi che agli altri e dunque ho cercato col tempo di modificare un po' questa mia attitudine rendendomi cosciente di quando divento negativo e decidere così di stare in non pensiero anche per l'amore verso il prossimo a cui non voglio sottrarre ingiustamente energia vitale. Inutile dire che ciò mi fa sentire meglio, dato che la negatività ruba un sacco di energie e ti distrugge dentro. Questo mio miglioramento lo devo all'Accademia.

  • Omnislash - 15:07 21/02/24

    Documenti pieno zeppo di informazioni cruciali, Altro che una semplice rappresentazione estetica di un campo energetico come si era soliti credere, l'Aura è veramente un argomento vastissimo. Mi ha molto colpito l'accenno su come i nostri ricordi e le nostre conoscenze siano racchiuse nell'aura (con il cervello che sa connettersi ad essa per poi tradurle e mandarle alla nostra attenzione cosciente): è tutto così incredibilmente sensato e completamente rivoluzionario, meditare porta in superficie una marea di ricordi andati sepolti perché la Prana sta probabilmente pian piano andando a riparare i danni al cervello migliorando di conseguenza la connessione con l'aura stessa e ciò dunque porta alla coscienza sempre più cose del proprio vissuto. Pazzesco, veramente meraviglioso. Fa molto riflettere anche quanto l'Aura sia soggetta ad influenze esterne (altre persone pesanti o che ci pensano con pesantezza, larve, ecc) che possano gravemente condizionarla e sgualcirla fino al bucarla per poi creare stati d'animo negativi o malesseri; allo stesso modo bisogno altrettanto riflettere su quanto anche la nostra possa essere pesante e possa andare ad influenzare negativamente gli altri. Occorre profonda coscienza per capirlo, essere coscienti dell'effetto che si fa agli altri e i pensieri che dedichiamo. Penso sia evidente quanto occorri impegnarsi profondamente per rinforzare la propria Aura, emerge chiaramente quanto sia indispensabile averne cura vista la molteplicità di azioni di cui si occupa e sono troppo importanti per vivere una vita spirituale e materiale positiva; mi ha molto affascinato questo documento, ho avuto la nitida impressione che ingrandirla a grandi livelli permetta una grande stabilità psicofisica visto che si riuscirebbe a prevenire tanta spazzatura che ci invade quotidianamente.

  • talea - 20:06 20/02/24

    Ho trovato molto interessante il fatto che tutte le informazioni rimangano impresse nell'aura e che sia fondamentale che la stessa aura ed il cervello rimangano in comunicazione, questi sono concetti di cui non avevo mai sentito parlare. Non immaginavo inoltre che l'aura avesse un ruolo così importante e di protezione per il nostro benessere, credevo solo rispecchiasse il nostro stato. Adesso comprendo ancora di più perché siano così vitali la meditazione e la presenza. Grazie.

  • anlura - 07:18 20/02/24

    Molto interessante, avevo già dei dubbi sul dove fossero immagazzinati i ricordi ,in questo articolo si spiega dove. Tolto questo dubbio devo darmi da fare per potenziare e riparare la mia aura perché sicuramente non è al top.

  • Lisarahma 🌺 - 21:52 19/02/24

    Molto molto interessante,non sapevo tutte queste cose sull aura, veramente di molta ispirazione. Credo che la mia aura sia stata danneggiata più volte ora sto lavorando molto per recuperare tutti i danni causati. A volte pratico a tecnica per visualizzare l'aura, devo ammettere che mi sto concentrando molto di più alla meditazione e alla protezione psichica, però molto spesso anche quando sono fuori casa ,cerco a di visualizzare e credo che riesco senz'altro a vedere il primo lo strato, quello bianco , a volte riesco ad ingrandirlo e mi compaiono quasi sempre dei colori sbiaditi, molto tenuti. Mi impegnerò a fare più esercizi di visualizzazione perché è veramente importante sapere vedere e anche sapere leggere l' aura. Come dice Angel in questo articolo a proposito dell' influenza da parti esterne,è proprio così, almeno a me mi capita da sempre che alcune persone che solamente pensandole mi viene "l'ansia" oppure delle persone che si avvicinano a me e mi cambiano immediatamente la percezione di tutto con sensazioni che possono essere da piacevoli o spiacevoli, dipende da chi hai di fronte ! Capisco solo ora l'importante funzioni dell' aura. Spero di poter curare la mia aura da tutti i traumi causati nella vita, tuttavia credo che tutto sommato, forse, non è troppo danneggiata.mi fa piacere sentirti alla fine dell'articolo che la meditazione aiuta, ed è già una Forma di guarigione dell' aura. Grazie mille Angel 🙏🏻

  • alex2406 - 20:53 17/02/24

    Ho trovato davvero molto interessante il fatto che in realtà i ricordi e le conoscenze vengono raccolti principalmente proprio nell'aura e non direttamente nel cervello, che attinge poi all'aura per recuperare queste informazioni. Sempre collegato a questo argomento, è anche altrettanto interessante sapere che in realtà i nostri ricordi (a parte rari casi) non ci vengono cancellati per sempre proprio perché rimangono "immagazzinati" nell'aura. L'aura, in generale, può influenzare sia in modo negativo che in modo positivo la nostra quotidianità, e dobbiamo per questa ragione imparare ad utilizzarla in maniera corretta per poter raggiungere i nostri obiettivi ed evitare i problemi e le sfortune.

  • klaudia - 17:42 17/02/24

    L'argomento aura è davvero vasto e me ne rendo conto ogni volta che rileggo un articolo che ne tratta. Avevo sempre ignorato l'aura perché la associavo a quell'alone colorato di cui molto parlano in molti senza dare vere spiegazioni, il che non ha fatto altro che indebolire il mio interesse. Di questo articolo invece mi attrae tutto, soprattutto la parte in cui si parla delle malattie che sono energie e che tutte vengono dall'esterno, le possiamo attirare o bloccare grazie all'aura. Ho sempre pensato, ad esempio, che malattie come la depressione nascessero dall'interno di noi, invece qui ho conosciuto anche una seconda spiegazione, il fatto di assorbire energia da chi è negativo che può diventare depressione sembra assurdo ma è reale. Assorbire per anni continuamente energie negative porta danni enormi, il fatto è che nella maggior parte dei casi non ce ne rendiamo neanche conto! Tutte queste informazioni dovrebbero essere divulgate a tutti, ma forse la volontà è proprio quella di non far sapere, altrimenti non potremmo più essere quelle persone vulnerabili che siamo, non potremmo più essere manipolabili se fossimo consapevoli delle nostre difese e capaci di rinforzarle! Grazie!

  • gabi - 15:54 17/02/24

    Si l'aurea è importantissima, c'è stato un periodo della mia vita dove e stata danneggiata parecchio da una persona a me cara da cui non riuscivo a distaccarmi, il quel periodo sono riuscito a perdere più di 5 kg in poco più di un mese, dopo aver visto questa cosa sono riuscito a riprendere il controllo sulla mia vita allontanando quella persona per sempre. Dopo questa esperienza sto molto attento a chi mi circonda, e senza dubbio preferisco pure stare da solo se è opportuno ma non con persone che ritengo nocive alla mia salute.

  • sarag - 17:25 16/02/24

    Avevo una concezione dell’aura ben lontana dalla realtà! Pensavo che fosse un semplice alone, relativamente sottile, che cambiava di colore in base allo stato umorale o allo stato di salute. È stata una sorpresa sapere che curando e potenziando l’aura si può modificare il nostro futuro attirando eventi positivi, ma ancora di più lo è stato imparare che problematiche di memoria possono essere dovute a difficoltà di elaborazione dei codici impressi nell’aura. Ho buone speranze 😊

  • manuela3 - 11:55 16/02/24

    Sì, Laura è davvero il nostro involucro protettivo e spesso non abbiamo idea di quanto sia importante avere un’aurea integra per poter stare bene e stare lontani dalle malattie.

  • Alep - 19:49 12/02/24

    Non mi aspettavo che l'aura fosse questo, un campo energetico che è la struttura fi qualsiasi cosa che esiste. Riesco a vedere il primo strato per qualche millimetro, ma da questo soltanto non riesco a capire tanto. Non vedo, perché non pratico abbastanza. Perché l'aura e così utile e importante ogni giorno dedicherò 10 minuti per vederla e preferibilmente praticherò su di essa per realizzarmi di più ed essere migliore.