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The Chakras – What are the Chakras? (Part 1)

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Today we will deal with the understanding of what Chakras are.

The physical areas where nerves meet in our body are more sensitive to energies, and that’s where we find the Chakras. These points of our body are particularly able to store energy and to exploit it for their own interest. We have many chakras all over our body, but there are 8 most important ones. Through meditation the chakras can be filled with pranic energy that comes from the outside, just like our body takes food from an external source. Our organism is not able to produce all the substances that it needs on its own, so we have to take them from what we eat every day. Our chakras are similarly unable to create the nourishment that they need on their own, in fact they have to absorb external energy in order to develop, and Meditation is the means through which we absorb prana from the chakras. The chakras, which are stores of energy, expand when energy is present, but shrink and get atrophied when energy is absent. Chakras can’t disappear, just like an underfed body doesn’t disappear, but they will wither and be too thin. They lack energy because they only have the tiny amount that they can get from our unconscious breathing. Still, they are there, they don’t disappear. From the moment one starts meditating the chakras start feeding from the substance that they need, which is pranic energy. This allows them to become active and functioning again. It’s not trivial to say that they are just like parts of our body, that if we don’t use them for a long time they will get atrophied, but if they are trained like the rest of our body they will move again without any problems. That’s unless they are broken, but chakras don’t break because they are made of energy and can be reactivated – or, better said, recomposed – at any moment, with the right care.

They can be used as containers to deposit energy in, until we want to use that energy as we please. The body and our Conscience will take part of that energy and will be nourished by it. This will make them feel better and make them more protected and healthy, which wouldn’t happen if the chakras were empty. In a moment of need, without energy in the chakras, your body would get sick and your Conscience would weaken drastically. On the other hand, if your chakras are always full, your body and Conscience will be able to take nourishment from that energy, and in a moment of need there will be no problem at all and you won’t be subject to any damage. Therefore, the chakras have the function of containing energy, but they can also use it in a certain way so that our whole life will receive the benefit. Even though now that you are at the beginning, you might not understand all of this, through experience you will realize that each chakra is more useful towards a certain action and therefore has a function in your life. In fact your daily life is not only made by actions that can be summed up in work and home, but there is an amount of physical and emotional sensation that compose your day. In fact during the day you have feelings; you think about your problems and how to solve them; you feel tired and in need of more energy. With these three facts only, I have mentioned three different chakras that, if charged properly, would make these activities way easier for you; I am refering to the Heart, Mind and Chi. Even though you don’t realize it, your chakras influence your life a lot, and they don’t do it of their own choice, but they work exactly like any other organ and muscle of your body. For example if your arms are strong they influence your life because you can do things that many others can’t do on their own, but you would have to ask a colleague, a neighbour, or a friend to help you. So they aren’t autonomous. If your arms are very weak – let’s give the example of a pensioner’s arms – this would influence your life a lot because you are constantly depending on other people’s help to achieve any task. If you didn’t have the ability to move them at all, it would be even more difficult to live a serene life.

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The point is that when it’s about feelings, thoughts and physical energy, others can do very little for you. Now, because you are used to living with empty chakras, it’s normal that you don’t immediately understand what a meaningful change it would make in your life if you filled them with energy, and especially if you used them according to your interest. Chakras are containers, which means that they contain energy which then stays there, ready to be used, and it’s up to you to decide when, how and whether to use it. You are aware that every human organ has a precise purpose. There are organs to breathe, organs to digest food and to transform it into the substances that you need. We even have organs for reproduction. The chakras are very similar because there are those for physical health, those to help digestion and the cleansing of the body, and even sexual ones. All the chakras, just like the organs, have precise functions. Even though each organ carries out a precise action, at the same time it also strengthens the others. In fact, each organ works as a single gear that does its job, but each one performs a movement that also allows the others to work better. In other words, they all work on their own, but at the same time they help one another like gears of the same machine. Also, all the chakras work together to ensure the total health of the human body, just like organs do. So, if every organ has a different function, it shouldn’t be strange to know that chakras also carry out the same actions. They are like energetic organs, and if they work badly the whole energy body will suffer. Our physical body contains many parts, not only organs but also muscles, veins, bones, and much more. It has many distinct physical parts and our energy body is the same, even though with different shapes and dimensions. It’s totally natural!

People don’t choose meditation because they have time to lose and they don’t know how to use it, but because they have an emptiness inside and they don’t know how to fill it otherwise. Many people know that something in their life isn’t right, they know they are on their own even while having family, friends and colleagues around them; they feel separate from the world, and subject to an anguished feeling that they can’t get rid of because it always comes back. Still, they don’t understand what exactly is wrong in their lives, because they don’t know what it means and what are the consequences of lacking energy. The reason why many people decide to try meditation is to feel full within, and to do so they have to fill their chest with an emotion that will make them feel in the right place, in this world, born at the right time. In a few words they need that nourishment that for too long has been missing in their Heart chakra. By meditating in the Heart chakra you will soon start feeling something different in your life: no sudden, shocking event will take place, but there will be a feeling that will make you realize that the life you were seeing was not exactly what it really was, because your sight was a bit blurred. You will be able to see your life with a more positive feeling and not as catastrophic as before, it will be solvable thanks to the fullness that is being created in your Heart chakra. Little by little, you will realize that those problems shouldn’t have overwhelmed you so much, because you will have started to be fulfilled within yourself. Also your problems won’t be causing pain to you anymore, and they won’t influence you as much as before.

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The same will happen to you. Thanks to meditation you will start reflecting on the fact that the problems that once looked like they were impossible to solve should actually be faced with more optimism and positivity, and you will start feeling braver. So you will be constantly accompanied by a stronger mindset, which will allow you to overcome your obstacles. With the optimism and the good will that the Heart chakra will start giving you – also supported by great motivation – you’ll feel like facing problems without being overwhelmed by them, and this is where the Mind chakra will come into play. In fact you can be a real optimist, but you need those problems to get solved for real, otherwise your good mood will not last forever. Here, the Mind chakra has to come into action.

If charged with pranic energy, the Mind chakra allows you to reason and to get rid of all those negative thoughts that wanted to make you feel submerged by problems and without any way out: it allows you to understand that there is always a solution. The Mind chakra – through meditation – will be activated to make you understand how to think in the right way. Not everyone is able to do so, but how can we blame them? Nobody ever taught us how we should reason. We reason like we think others do, so we copy those who often think with a hint of pessimism, and that’s what we end up doing too. Why does every problem have to seem irresolvable, like the end of the world, or make us believe that the way out would be ending our life? “Hey, calm down… it’s not that critical.” Your Mind chakra will say. “There is a solution… it will get sorted out… just give me some time.” The Mind chakra will be there exactly to find a solution to each one of your problems. Every single event has a solution, but to be able to find it, your chakra will require silence, so it will ask you to not think in order to find the solution which will work best for you.

It’s like having a second mind. You are used to having only one, full of thoughts, so you’re used to reasoning and seeking for solutions within total chaos. The Mind chakra is like a deeper mind which is created bit by bit inside yourself, and it will become ever greater and intelligent the more you meditate on that chakra. This way it will find the solutions exactly when you are not despairing, and when it will have found them it will bring them to the surface and make you aware of the solution. It’s not easy to understand, because it’s always you, but it’s something that up to this day you never or almost never used with awareness. In fact, when you have a problem, the only habit you know is that of despairing to find the solution; the Mind chakra will ask you not to, so that you can be silent and let the chakra do its work for you. This way it will definitely find the solution! The Mind chakra is like a deeper mind, which reasons without you being able to hear it, right because it wants to find the solution without making you despair. So it will ask you: “Don’t think, give me time to understand what is the solution, I’ll take care of it!” and you will have to not think. By holding the non-thought you allow the chakra to reason in silence and find the way out, rather than leaving it in chaos and stopping it from finding a solution because you are too loud in your own head. Suddenly, when you least expect it, you will be like “Hey, what if I do this? What if I behave this way? The problem will actually be solved!” and this will happen thanks to your Mind chakra, which will have found the best solution for you; but without the use of the chakras you would have never grasped it. Every problem can be solved if you allow yourself to find the solution. By allowing yourself to feel, instead of just thinking, you will find the solution to the problems that you thought were impossible to solve. It takes time and you have to give it some. You can trust your Mind chakra because it would never abandon you, but it can’t work without energy, in fact you need to meditate, otherwise the Mind chakra will not be able to activate itself. Up until now it has always been asleep, because it can be activated only by meditating, so it’s normal not to understand its abilities: you still haven’t tried them.

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The Mind chakra will work to find any possible solution for you, but it will need the Heart chakra to do its job too and not let you get de-motivated, by keeping you positive and optimistic. It can do it if you meditate on it, only this way will you trust the Mind chakra. If you were pessimistic you would never trust it and you would think that to find a solution you’d have to exhaust your brain, suffer, cry, hurt yourself, like you are used to doing, as it could change something. The desire to find a solution makes you feel irritable and impatient, but you already have proof that in this way your problems are still not solved. Let the Mind chakra find the solution for you, especially to those events that are sad and painful, that don’t let you sleep at night… Trust it. This is what the Heart chakra is for: to give you that faith that you would never have felt otherwise. It can do it, if you meditate on it. To do all that, the Mind chakra wants to confront a tonne of information at the speed of light and understand what is the best, fastest and simplest solution between all the ones that it can find. It’s as if the chakra was disregarding all those possibilities that would make you waste time, all those possibilities that after all wouldn’t make you achieve your goal, and all those option that in a few words wouldn’t be the best choice; to find, in the end, the one that is really the best for you.

Up until now you have known what it’s like to live without active chakras because without meditation they have been asleep your entire life, and therefore you don’t know what it feels like to have a really full Heart chakra. It’s like having a professional motivator within you, that every time you feel down, or you’re about to surrender, shouts out from within yourself, with such a loud and deafening feeling that you will immediately think: “What the heck was I doing? Let’s get back in gear, we need some action here!”. Your Heart chakra is only yours, and knows you better than anyone else. There’s no Motivator in the world that could compete with a well-charged Heart chakra, because the motivations it will find for you wouldn’t be known to anyone else: they are precise and they would work only for you. The Mind chakra, if charged, will find for you the solutions to your problems, but there is the need for a well-charged Heart chakra as well, to give you the grit to not surrender, and faith in the decisions of the Mind chakra.

There are also situations in which the Mind chakra can’t work well on its own, because it will often need help from the Crown. This chakra is really very important, especially when we are talking about facing more difficult problems. The Crown goes beyond the thoughts and solutions that are in the mind, and looks for information in other dimensions and directly into universal knowledge to find out what could be a good solution to your problem. In this case, the Crown momentarily transforms the Mind chakra in a translator and uses it to comunicate directly with you. The Crown chakra has a very high vibration and without the Mind as a translator it would be very difficult for you to understand its plans because it’s too “evolved” and not “physical” enough for you to communicate with it directly. The Crown chakra is like an antenna that, if you know how to use it, will catch and absorb useful information from much higher dimensions that couldn’t be reached on your own. In other words it’s a super high aerial that allows you to touch vibrations that you could physically never reach. It’s hard to understand the Crown, it might be the most complex of the chakras! It’s like an “other-worldly” ability, that doesn’t stop on this dimension but it manages to reach others too. The Crown belongs to us by nature, but we are so used to not using it that it feels almost foreign to us. That’s because you have never used it, for you have not meditated on it nor practiced the techniques to learn to use it. So it’s normal that all this may seem strange, you haven’t tried it firsthand! But now you have the possibility to learn how to do it.

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The Crown chooses the right solution for you before you even know it, and then, through the Mind chakra, it will make an idea pop into your mind to solve the problem. The Crown is directly connected to the highest dimensions, which in ancient terms would be called a connection with the Divine or with God. The Crown will make you believe to have already given you the answer, but it will actually have given you a solution whereby you have to act in a certain way, in order to find yourself in a precise situation, which will lead you to certain people or events, which will make you come across the right solution to your problem. To sum up, whenever the Mind chakra can’t find a solution that is doable immediately, it asks the Crown for help, which then creates a scenario in your life – thanks to the help of the Universe – so that you will unexpectedly find yourself in a situation that will lead to the solution. Not all problems can be solved immediately and through your action only, because sometimes to overcome certain obstacles you have to face them by other means. If there was a big log in front of you, the Mind chakra would say: “ Jump to get over it and keep going”, but if there was a wall in front of you the Mind chakra wouldn’t be enough to overcome it, so you would need something else with a higher knowledge and a wider perspective: the Crown. At that point the Crown will seek for a solution. Suddenly somebody from the next building will open the door and tell you “You can’t pass through that wall, but you can go this way, through the corridor and out the back door: you will find yourself on the other side of the road!” in this way you will have overcome the wall that was obstructing you. This is how the Crown works: it activates in order to find solutions that you would have never found on your own, because you would have stopped in front of that wall forever, unaware that you could have gone around it.

Now you know that the Crown intervenes when the solution to your problem goes beyond the abilities of the Mind, by finding a solution via external avenues. It might happen thanks to someone who will say something very precise in your presence, or after you will have seen someone else’s actions, or after meeting a person that will help you to solve that problem, and so on.  In a few words, the Mind can look for an internal solution and if it doesn’t find it the Crown will become active to seek or even create the solution around you, thanks to its tight connection to the Universe that allows it to do so. Now you understand why comprehending God is not that easy, even though all the components of our body would allow us to do so, because we are naturally connected to Him. Without meditation on the chakras it is not possible to understand and use them, and even less possible to understand the Universe. The Crown can’t tell you to go to a precise place and carry out a precise action – even less so in a context that apparently has got nothing to do with your request – because you wouldn’t understand it. So it has to communicate with you through the Mind chakra, working as a translator.The Mind chakra itself might not know the right way because the idea is not the Mind chakra’s but the Crown’s, but it trusts the Crown and will collaborate to give you an apparent answer to push you towards a certain action that will lead to the context in which you will find the solution to your problem. The Crown is too high and it’s not possible to immediately grasp its intentions; it will actually take you years to deeply understand its plans, but one thing is certain: if you allow it to do so through meditation, the Heart will help you trust it. If you have never heard about the chakras before, this might be a great novelty to you, but through the daily practice of meditation you will know the real value of it and the strength in every single advantage that it will give you. It will be the key to your serenity.

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This is why the chakras have to be nourished: so that they can collaborate at their best to guarantee that you will reach the goals you’re aiming at. If a single one of the chakras that I have mentioned is lacking energy because you don’t meditate on it, it’s clear that the solution to the problem will come late… if it will come at all, considering that you haven’t meditated on the chakras to allow them to act. This is the reason why up until today your chakras have never worked together to guarantee all this success to you, so you always wondered what you were doing wrong. The Heart chakra is very important because it will give you the possibility to trust in the chakras. If you didn’t believe in the elevation of the high chakras and thought that you should do everything on your own, then the whole process will fail and you will get upset, as always. You already know how that works; so, for once, have faith. And then have faith again, and again, until you will have learned that you always have to trust your Heart chakra; if you meditate!

Now we can go on to studying the other chakras, which we have not talked about yet. I have decided to divide this lesson into two parts, because the understanding of the chakras is not easy at all and it would have been too much of a dense lesson for today. So you can decide whether to exploit this break to meditate, or to reflect on today’s lesson before going on to the second part about the Chakras, or you can keep reading. You will find the follow up to this lesson in the next article. My suggestion is to meditate, because it will help you to better understand everything that will follow. Before you go, remember to leave a comment on this lesson to let us know if you liked it and found it useful.

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  • rob78londra - 01:56 25/09/23

    Anche questo articolo e molto interessante,capire cosa sono e come funzionano i chakra puo aiutarmi a meditare meglio ed essere piu concentrato nel riempire i chakra di energia.

  • dafnead - 15:30 22/09/23

    I chakra sono come delle batterie di energia, degli strumenti che ci sono stati donati per poter affrontare la nostra vita su questa terra nel migliore dei modi. E' triste che siano riusciti a nasconderci queste informazioni per così tanto tempo ma sono contenta che c'è sempre qualcuno come Angel che tramanda questi insegnamenti a persone come noi in cerca della verità. Molto probabilmente ad un certo punto i nostri chakra Corona si sono attivati per far sì che arrivassimo fin qui per trovare le risposte alle domande che cercavamo :D E' tutto così fantastico che a volte quasi fatico a crederci. Però allo stesso tempo mi sento molto fortunata e grata per essere qui, per scoprire tutte queste cose e per avere la possibilità di mettere in pratica ogni insegnamento come meglio credo perché non costretta da nessuno se non dalla mia stessa motivazione. Grazie di tutto come sempre <3

  • rod Medaglia per aver completato il libro Prendiamo Coscienza degli ALIENI - Vol. 5 - 23:05 21/09/23

    Certo rileggere ora questo documento la comprensione è diversa. Chi come me ricerca risposte si butta a capofitto su tutto ciò che riguarda la Spiritualità e comprende nel tempo che l'Evoluzione è sempre in moto e sin dall'inizio facciamo piccoli scalini che ci permettono di capire se il verso della nostra strada è giusto, lasciando quelle informazioni che sentiamo non attinenti al nostro percorso, all'inizio andò così, scartando quei percorsi magari interessanti ma che mancava di quella cosa che riempiva, ecco con questa lezione ho compreso quanto sia importante la base, conoscere noi stessi, come siamo fatti e soprattutto scoprire il mondo di possibilità che Esso ci offre, mi mancava solo accendere il motore, sono davvero pochi quelli che ti dicono quanto essa sia importante e se si ha la fortuna di trovare l'Accademia allora scopri che parte tutto da Lei, la Meditazione in non pensiero, la pratica che ti permette di mettere in moto tutto il corpo Energetico e dai chakra le possibilità più attinenti per la nostra evoluzione. Grazie Angel per questo indispensabile documento <3

  • 💞Vivi💞 - 19:35 21/09/23

    Le parole in questo articolo sono scritte in un modo dolcissimo. Si vede e si percepisce la tenerezza che emani nel darci con tanta pazienza tutti questi consigli importanti. Ci sei passata anche tu,e spesso mi domando all'inizio come ti approcciavi a questo pratiche,a questo mondo e a tutto ciòche ci stai tramandando. Questo documento è davvero molto importante,e questi consigli non li troveremo da nessuna parte. Nessun'altro se non tu e l'accademia di coscidimensionale,contiene queste perle davvero difficili da riuscire a comprendere,perché noi siamo nati con gli occhi bendati,ma siamo stati fortunatissimi ad aver trovato, o meglio, ad essere stati richiamati da te che hai fatto di tutto per avvicinare piú anime possibili a questo percorso. È affascinante vedere come ogni problema,fisico o mentale che abbiamo, si ricollega ad un singolo chakra che se caricato ci aiuta ad osservare e risolvere il problema. Devo essere sincera, dei chakra fin'ora ho capito solo la funzione del chi,del plesso e del mente. All'inizio, anni fa,quando iniziai, non riuscivo a caricare mai bene il cuore. Mi sentivo sempre come se dovessi sforzare. Ovviamente questo è normale credo, non si nasce imparati, però mi sono resa conto adeso,che prima non lo caricavo bene. Adesso non so come spiegarlo, però sento una certa differenza, e credo che adesso sto iniziando a capire come caricarlo,ma non riesco a lasciarmi andare molto bene. Sinceramente credo che sia un argomento davvero molto forte e pieno di rivelazioni difficilissime da intuire subito. Credo però che sia questo il bello di un percorso. La comprensione non avviene subito, ma appunto avviene man mano, ed è bello notare che le cose che prima non riuscivamo a fare o capire, poi man mano si sbloccano e si riescono a comprendere. Ovviamente comprendere è un parolone,essendo che la pratica e il mondo spirituale hanno livelli e livelli sempre differenti,e di certo non si arriva subito da un momento all'altro al livello successivo. Certo,dipende da persona a persona, ma in generale ognuno di noi ha un tempo di apprendimento diverso,e per questo si chiama per corso,perché deve essere percorso passo passo. In questo tempo poi si raccolgono molteplici informazioni che restano dentro di noi e non scapperanno mai piú perché le avremmo custodite dentro di noi e ci avranno accompagnato per tutto il tempo, che siano belle o brutte, ma saranno pur sempre esperienze e informazioni raccolte nel tempo. Nel tempo ho imparato qualcosa sul chi, sul mente, sul plesso... ma non ho mai capito bene come funziona la Corona. Sono seria, io non sono capace di capire a cosa serva,ma essendo un chakra alto deve avere una funzione importante. Ultimamente non ci sto dando molta attenzione, però mi ricordo che quando riuscivo ad ottenere un ottima carica sulla corona mi sembrava di volare. Le sensazioni che ci fanno provare i chakra, sono sensazioni che Nessun'altro può minimamente pensare di riuscire a farci provare. Di fatti le prime volte,ogni volta che meditavo mi sentivo la persona piú piena di gioia nell'universo. Non posso parlare approfonditamente di ogni chakra perché io non ho chissà quale esperienza al riguardo, però le mie le ricordo e mi hanno fatto pensare molto spesso a come sarebbe se io non avessi mai iniziato, sarebbe stato un incubo, non oso immaginare come sarebbe la mia vita senza tutto questo. Sinceramente non voglio nemmeno immaginarlo. Quello che per esempio trovo molto curioso,sono le sensazioni che provocano i chakra quando sono carichi e quando scarichi, ma non solo. Proprio come hai descritto tu, con il caricamento dei chakra, tutto è risolvibile. Ogni problema che abbiamo è risolvibile con la pratica. Io ad esempio sono sempre stata una persona un pò ossessiva e a tratti pessimista,ma mi sono resa conto che questo atteggiamento fa male alla mia vita e a l mio corpo. Quando ho un problema, la primissima cosa a cui penso è alla pratica, perché solo quella ti può aiutare. Ultimamente mi sono lasciata molto andare e ho lasciato che le basse vibrazioni entrassero a far parte della mia vita piú della pratica spirituale, e questo non è stato assolutamente un bene perché ho lasciato che il dark side prendesse il controllo della mia vita. Le persone scelgono la meditazione per colmare un vuoto che non può essere riempito con altro se non con la luce. Grazie angel,sei unica ,chiara e semplice nelle tue spiegazioni.

  • Marin76 - 14:37 20/09/23

    Ho tutti i chakra fuori uso da quello che capisco... A volte mo chiedo ma tutto il lavoro fatto finora, a cosa è servito?

  • Saras2021 Medaglia per aver completato lo Step 1 - 13:53 19/09/23

    I chakra sono punti del corpo in cui riusciamo a trattenere energia. Ne abbiamo tantissimi ma i più importanti sono 8. In questo articolo nello specifico parliamo di tre chakra alti come la corona, il mente e il cuore.

  • angelia - 01:41 19/09/23

    The true description of these two chakras is amazing. Oh My Stars...I had no Wow...Thank you...

  • trix - 23:11 18/09/23

    L idea che i chakra siano come pezzi del nostro corpo e che vanno nutriti mi fa pensare che davvero sia tutto collegato. Che la vita può essere immensamente più vivida di come mi si mostra o di come io la guardo. Mi fa pensare che non sono al di là di, ma sono qui presenti ora. Mi trovo in un momento di grande caos personale, sto cercando di rimettere le cose a posto dentro di me per far sì che a specchio anche L esterno si aggiusti. Ma mi manca la fiducia di cui si parla qui, quando medito sul cuore non sento lo slancio vitale. Mi viene solo da piangere e non so se questo sia normale o comune e non so come cambiare lo stato delle cose o se magari cambia da se praticando..

  • Elisa - 11:47 18/09/23

    La meditazione presente in questo Accademia funziona perché permette di caricare i chakra, (punti cardine fondamentali per il corretto funzionamento a livello psichico e di conseguenza anche fisico), al fine di consentire il proprio ottimale funzionamento, sia individuale che di collaborazione reciproca, ma anche tramite il non pensiero di permettere al mente di funzionare al meglio. È essenziale riuscire ad avere quel momento di connessione con noi stessi e gli strumenti giusti per poter operare al meglio nella nostra vita, per portare la nostra realtà dove vogliamo noi veramente. Grazie 🙏 di cuore 💜🌺

  • cassidy - 14:45 14/09/23

    Apprezzo moltissimo la scelta di Angel di farci prima sperimentare e toccare con mano la pratica della Meditazione e solo poi apprendere le nozioni teoriche relative ai Chakra. Fra l’altro, visto l’argomento trattato ne approfitto per raccontare l’ennesimo caso di stupore (che ho provato proprio ieri) determinato dalla Meditazione sui Chakra ed i suoi effetti: avevo un mal di schiena diverso dal solito, era localizzato solo sul lato sinistro e mi ha costretta a letto per diverse ore del mattino. Mentre ero sul letto ho deciso di praticare la prima Meditazione della giornata, dentro di me mi son detta “chissà…magari mi aiuterà a far passare anche questo dolore….” ebbene, faccio la Meditazione (da distesa per il dolore) e appena termina mi metto a sedere e…non ci potevo credere, non ci potevo credere e posso scriverlo altre mille volte: totalmente sparito il dolore…Ma totalmente nel senso che mi sono alzata senza nemmeno un filo di dolore tant’è che sono riuscita a fare tranquillamente stretching e qualche esercizio di ginnastica ed era come se non avessi avuto nulla…la Meditazione sui Chakra è pazzesca veramente! Posso anche certamente affermare un netto miglioramento sotto il punto di vista dell’umore, prima negativo, pessimistico, pesante, senso di vuoto e solitudine oltre che rabbia. Dopo la Meditazione scoperta in questa Accademia il mio umore è più sereno, pacifico, curioso, speranzoso e ottimista…e posso garantire che i sentimenti di prima non erano così tanto “semplici” da gestire e spazzare via, ho provato anche anni fa attraverso una psicologa (anche molto brava) ma purtroppo il tentativo fu vano nel lungo termine. Invece la Meditazione ha davvero dato una spinta nuova, una nuova luce di speranza alla mia vita. Confermo anche l’aiuto fornito dal Chakra della Mente per quanto riguarda i problemi, io infatti avrei alcune cose che desidero risolvere, alcune più piccole e “banali” e altre più importanti e complesse…posso dire che per il momento, per quelle più piccole, la soluzione è arrivata quasi lampo senza doverci pensare dovevo solo stare tranquilla e pensare ad altro (anche perché ora non mi viene molto da agitarmi mentre prima mi agitavo molto di più)e dopo poche ore (ma forse nemmeno ore) di botto mi arriva in testa la soluzione perfetta al problema…ero felicissimaaaa :D chiaramente per quelle più complesse magari ci vorrà più tempo ma sono fiduciosa e speranzosa 😊 Grazie Angel per quanto scritto sul documento, mi son ritrovata molto nelle tue parole e ho potuto “toccare con mano” ,con esperienza diretta, quanto sia vero tutto ciò…grazie grazie sempre! Questo documento mi ha motivata ancor più di prima 😊

  • morenos - 18:24 13/09/23

    Ho spesso sentito parlare dei chakra, ma ho sempre sottovalutato la loro importanza. Sono contento di scoprire che i miei chakra sono ancora presenti, nonostante non li abbia mai nutriti adeguatamente. La loro interazione è davvero affascinante, e spero che un giorno sarò in grado di utilizzarli e interpretarli appieno. Proprio per questo motivo, ora vado a meditare

  • jael - 09:55 12/09/23

    Interessante articolo. Ho spesso svolto delle meditazioni in autonomia, nel senso che non seguivo una tecnica precisa, ma lo facevo in maniera intuitiva. Durante la meditazione sentivo spesso i chakra attivarsi e comprendevo che si trattava di quello, ma non ne comprendevo in maniera pratica gli effetti. Tendo a meditare spesso attraverso il chakra cuore, con intenzionalità, ma spesso gli altri due si attivano in automatico. Non comprendevo, però, la funzione. Ciò che so è che dopo mi sentivo più calma, o più intuitiva, o che si verificavano degli eventi improvvisi (o di lì a qualche giorno): manifestazioni, sincronicità, soluzioni, opportunità, eccetera. Ora comprendo che posso farlo in maniera cosciente e forse, me lo auguro, ciò porterà a un accelerazione di alcuni processi.

  • Marziana - 02:05 11/09/23

    Tutto quello che è scritto in questo articolo è assolutamente vero! In questi anni di meditazione ne ho avuto conferma in continuazione.

  • Lisarahma 🌺 - 18:24 10/09/23

    Un bellissima lezione e spiegazioni molto semplici e comprensivi. Bellissima spiegazione del chakra Cuore -mente-corona....Da ragazza praticavo la meditazione dei chakra ma poi purtroppo mi sono addormentata e ho smesso di pensare a me stessa e al mio grande potenziale,mi sono imbrogliata,mi sono tradita e ora mi sento perduta. Voglio ricominciare ad avere fiducia e a credere in me stessa. Spero di riuscirci con l'aiuto di questo corso, Grazie Angel 🙏🏼🤍🍃

  • Giusy - 11:36 10/09/23

    Ascoltare nuovamente questa lezione mi ha fatto capire ancor di piu quant'è importante la meditazione eil silenzio mentale. Grazie per la descrizione e del tempo che ci dedichi Angel.