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The Chakras – How do Chakras work? (part 2)

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In the previous article I explained the importance of the upper chakras: Heart, Mind and Crown. These three chakras are fundamental to solve your daily issues, to find the best solutions and to have the right determination to keep going. But here comes the part that I like the best, in fact these three chakras are not the only ones you should meditate on, for a more than valid reason. Even though they are very powerful in finding solutions, you’re still in charge of putting them in place with your concrete actions. How can you pretend that your energy centres will do everything if you don’t make a move to solve your problems as well? The chakras have given you the idea, they have revealed to you the solution to get rid of your problems, and they have given you the right motivation to do so. But now you have to do it. Because it’s not easy to comprehend the Crown chakra and its universal plans, you might often think that the solution is too complex, and that it’s almost impossible to win your battle. So you will be scared of facing this test even though, thanks to the Crown, you know what the right solution is to face it. Fear will block you. You will be feeling anxious, scared of not being good enough, and sometimes the Heart won’t be sufficient to ease that sense of anxiety that leaves you breathless and with an ache in the chest. That’s why you need to work on the Solar Plexus.

The Plexus chakra is profoundly connected to the Heart and to the Chi because it is placed exactly in the area of the stomach, at the centre of the line between these other two chakras. Its position is incredibly important. If we were to define the upper chakras as “feats beyond the world” and as “ability to reason”, the Solar Plexus is the exact half way between feeling and matter, between abstract and concrete. If the Mind and the Crown chakras were unbalanced they would clash, because one of them works on events that are incredible and beyond reason, while the other one is reasonable and reflexive. This might make them look as if they were opposites, but thanks to meditation they will actually collaborate very well and find the best solutions together. The Plexus is between two complete opposites, which are feeling and material concretization: Heart and Chi. But if these chakras are nourished with prana they will work very well together. Feelings go beyond reason: the emotion that the Heart gives is much more similar to that of the Crown, in the sense that it doesn’t follow human reason but its own. The Chi is not abstract, it isn’t thought; the Chi is matter, concretization. Yet, all of them together, form an incredible power that can’t be understood with theory only. The chakras help you make your intentions and thoughts physically concrete. This is why those people who meditate can reach their goals much faster than even those who spent their whole life studying and working for that same goal, but who often never even accomplish it because they have never practiced any meditation. It may seem strange, beacuse you are not used to such information, but your chakras will give you the power to allow you to have a great impact on this reality.

The Plexus is in the middle between emotion and physicality: it’s an amazing bridge that makes you physically experience emotions. If you thought that emotions were only feelings, and thus abstract, the Plexus allows you to physically perceive your emotions, and it does that every day. But this doesn’t happen consciously, which makes you subject to your emotions rather than in the position to actively enjoy them! The Plexus is the bridge between the energetic and the material dimensions – because it is between the Chi and the Heart – and this is the reason why, when we are experiencing a strong emotion, it will be reflected in the stomach with a physical sensation. When we have a strong feeling about something, for example because we are in love, we can perceive a blockage in the stomach which we would say is real, hard and physical, as if the stomach had a stone inside itself that obstructs our will to eat. Emotions such as anxiety, fear, anger, or great sadness can even provoke stitches in our stomach and diarrhea.

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How can we touch or smell an invisible feeling, something that can’t be seen? How can something that we believe is not real – because it can’t be inhaled or eaten – provoke such sickness in our stomach, and in our body in general? Because the feeling becomes concrete thanks to the Chi! The Plexus is in the way between the feelings of the Heart and the material concretization of the Chi. The Plexus is very useful, because by making it strong through meditation, it allows us to have a stomach protected from every point of view. In fact, negative feelings fall on the stomach and give us pain, but if we meditate on the Plexus, the chakra protects the stomach and prevents negative feelings from thickening inside the organ and thus from becoming physical by provoking pain, nausea and diarrhea. Those who meditate on the Plexus don’t suffer from stomach aches anymore, even those who used to have them frequently; we should wonder why.

The Plexus is the chakra that experiences feelings in a concrete way and it is very important to know that, because with an undercharged Plexus other peoples’s feelings can also have a bad impact on our physical body. The Plexus is an accumulator of emotions – often mainly negative ones because those are the emotions that people feel the most due to their personal dissatisfaction, which they end up projecting onto others as well – and it transforms the feelings of rage and sadness of the people that think about us in physical sensations which damage our body. This is because people’s thoughts emanate energy, which can strike and sometimes damage the people that they are thinking about with negative emotions! In other words, a stomach ache is a strong sign that marks the absorption of negative energy, which can be created from the inside if we are pessimistic people, or come from the outside if we are victims of negative energies coming from others, including non-physical presences that send those energies to us. Even though we don’t see it with our eyes, other people send us a lot of negative energies. By consistently meditating we give the strength to our Plexus to protect itself and therefore react, by inhibiting the negative emotion from becoming physical disease. This is whether the energy was coming from the inside or from the outside. The Plexus gives us the possibility to find the strength to face any adversity without those negative physical feelings that destabilize us, such as fear, pessimism, anxiety, and so on. For this reason the Plexus is connected to the realization of one’s goals: if you have physical fear you can’t make your ideas concrete. Fear is a very complex feeling, and if it becomes physical in your body it will stop you from taking any action, and in fighting for what you believe in.

Fear can cause huge physical pain and problems, just like anxiety and pessimism. Through meditation you give more strength to your Plexus and instead of experiencing fear you will have that physical determination inside yourself which will make you able to face any obstacle. The Plexus is the solution to anxiety, fear and panic attacks, in fact it’s clear that those who suffer from these problems have a Plexus chakra even weaker than usual. Meditating on the Plexus, therefore nourishing it with energy, will help you a lot to quickly face your anxiety, fear and panic issues, because it will reinforce the chakra which is the most connected and responsible of these emotions. Start meditating on the Plexus and you will see how these problems will get solved. The Heart chakra will have an important value in creating the positive feeling that the Plexus will amplify. Reason (i.e. the Mind chakra) will have to make the Plexus understand that there is no motivation to physically suffer because of a bad emotion. Through this you understand that all the chakras have to collaborate, thus is fundamental to meditate on all the 5 chakras, and not on one only. You have been unaware of your chakras for your whole life, but they have always been inside you waiting to give you this power.

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Most of our daily problems would be already perfectly solvable simply through the act of meditating, because by nourishing our chakras we would give them the power to help us being more focused, awake, reactive, and able to solve problems thanks to the upper chakras. But not only that, we would be less influenced by other people because we would be more centered on our decisions and abilities. We would be less emotional and more empathic: therefore stronger in facing other people’s offences and anything that can make us suffer, which doesn’t mean becoming insensitive; on the contrary, we would be more able to understand and perceive other people’s thoughts and emotions. So we would be more sensitive and at the same time stronger and able to detach the feelings that we don’t like. Thanks to the Plexus, the Heart, the Mind and the Crown, we would already be solving so many of the problems that fill our days, but we can do it only if we meditate on them.

There is still one gear missing to make everything work. In fact, even though you may have found the solution through the upper chakras (Mind and Crown), motivation thanks to the Heart, courage to fight and to face fears thanks to the Plexus, you still wouldn’t exactly have all the tools to confront the problem. To do so you have to act, but you need physical strength to do it. Here’s where the Chi fits in. You may think about this chakra in several ways, but the truth is that without the Chi it is not easy to materialize your goals. When you think you are stuck in the process of thinking. Often, thinking and hoping are not enough, and even the courage of facing your obstacles might not be enough, because it doesn’t mean that you are actually facing them. Being hungry doesn’t imply eating: even though you are hungry and you would like to eat, this doesn’t mean that you are already doing it, otherwise you would stop being hungry. You can be as brave as you want but, unless you make a move and do something, the problem will stay, even if in your mind it’s now easy to solve.

This is what the Chi does: it is necessary to make our ideas concrete and to face our fears. The Chi is the chakra of physical energy, therefore the chakra that is the most connected to this physical plane. In fact, the Crown chakra is a lot more dimensional, while the Mind translates, and the Heart transmits emotions to us. But the Chi is the one that physically connects us to this material dimension the most. For this reason it is way better to have a strong and sturdy Chi chakra rather than a weak one, in order to achieve any goal we may have on the physical plane. The Chi is basically the chakra that makes our ideas real and concrete on this physical dimension. When we visualize, it’s as if what we are creating exists, but in a dimension that is too abstract to be seen and felt by anyone, which might lead to the thought that such visualization is not real. But the Chi allows us to transpose into reality what we desire in our minds, by making those events happen on the physical plane as well. This chakra is the tool that we can use to make our ideas concrete more easily than we think. There are moments in which you may believe that there is no way out, that there is no solution to your problems, or that what you desire is impossible to achieve, but thanks to practice you can make those wishes real.

All the chakras work together to make you achieve your goals, but to accomplish them it’s up to you to get yourself into gear and obtain what you want, because if you stay still it’s diffcult to realize what you already consider impossible. The Chi gives value to your thoughts and allows you to make them concrete more easily, without excessive effort, and faster than you would have thought. The Chi is the reality of this dimension, it is the chakra that gives you physical proof that it’s all true. It’s the simplest chakra to understand because it’s direct, and it gives you certain immediate physical sensations that prove its existence to you. It gives you physical strength, and its closeness to the Plexus gives you moral strength and courage, plus the push you need to keep going. It’s not by chance that athletes who want to become champions discover and use the Chi to obtain guaranteed extra strength and agility that will allow them to overtake their opponents. Basically, it is the chakra that makes realistic and effective your techniques, decisions and ideas: it makes them concrete and material in this dimension.

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It’s a fundamental chakra to survive in the social life of this planet because it defends you from aggressions, it strengthens you in offensive techniques, and it allows you to concretize your life with real events, or at least considered real on this physical plane. Deep down inside we know that everything that surrounds us is not real, but for others, for the unaware people, what surrounds us is the only reality that exists. So it’s very important to practice to have a strong Chi that will allow us to have a life which will be recognized as real by this Matrix. In a few words, the other chakras could even be very powerful, but without the Chi you would keep being too much “out of the world” because you wouldn’t become concrete on this physical plane.

At this point a spontaneous question could arise: if the Chi is the most important chakra for this dimension, why don’t we meditate upon it solely? Why do we focus on the other chakras as well? The answer is simple, because the Chi is not the most important chakra! The Chi makes an idea, a decision taken with the upper chakras concrete, but it’s not easy to realize something positive if you have only problems and bad thoughts in your head. It’s clear that you would only materialize problems and negative events! And this can’t happen anymore. This is why we meditate on all the 5 chakras and not only on the Chi: because before concretizing something we need to know what it is that we want to realize. If we are always pessimistic and full of problems the Chi will not be able to do much to help us, on the contrary it will be weakened even more.

For the same reason it would be wrong to practice on any other chakra and to ignore the others completely. For example if we would focus only on the Heart chakra we would become too emotional, and we would totally forget reason. Also, we would be totally unable to achieve anything in our life because we would be too focused on our feelings and not enough on concretization. So the Heart on its own – even though it is a very positive and benevolent chakra – wouldn’t be enough to live your life well. If you were to take the Mind chakra as the only chakra to practice on, you would become too convinced of your logic and too obsessive, because without the help of the Crown and of all the other chakras, the Mind wouldn’t be able to balance you, and to make you a complete person. If you decided to dedicate your time exclusively to the Mind chakra, after years, the absence of the other chakras would prevent you from realizing your goals because you wouldn’t have the strength to concretize them. You would be convinced of knowing the whole truth – and the Mind can offer a lot of it – but without Chi, Plexus, etc. you would still be lacking in concrete proof. To evolve you need equilibrium, therefore meditation on all the 5 chakras.

This is the explanation of why we need all the chakras to evolve in equilibrium, and we need them nourished and not just used rarely, weakly and without awareness. We all have numerous chakras within ourselves, 5 of which are the most important ones that, if used consciously every day, would improve our lives from the simplest things to the biggest experiences. Because these chakras don’t have pranic energy at the moment – until we start meditating – they can only scarcely accomplish “normal” actions, often with poor results: nothing exceptional and even less spiritual/paranormal. But if we meditate on the chakras to nourish them with pranic energy we are giving them the strength to work on the paranormal plane as well, offering great positive and evolutional experiences. By meditating on the chakras you allow them to evolve and to strengthen their abilities, which you will use to improve every aspect of your daily life, in addition to your evolution on the spiritual planes. Also, you can understand why we meditate on chakras that are so different from each other now, for example: the Crown (dimensional and extrasensory experiences) and the Chi (real facts and concrete action). As the Crown opens our mind and makes us discover new worlds and dimensions, the Chi brings our feet back on the ground and makes us understand that it’s good to discover other dimensions, but we shouldn’t retreat within ourselves by living with our head in another world.

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It’s right that we live in this concrete dimension, because if we are born here there must be a reason. The same rule works for the Heart chakra: if it was the only one we used, we would be too emotional, and have our heads stuck in the clouds, rather than being attentive to what is happening around us. Because we must be balanced, we don’t meditate only on the Chi, but we meditate on the upper chakras as well. In this way we allow them to show us that everything we see and believe as real might not be that real, because there are several other dimensions where the Matrix as we know it doesn’t exist, but there is something very different instead. So this chakra allows us to not get too attached to this dimension and to make us see beyond, as it would have happened if we had meditated solely on the Chi (a very material chakra, therefore connected to our earthly masks!)

Now you know why I give a precise number of minutes to meditate on every chakra rather than treating them as if they were all the same (for example, by meditating ten minutes on each one of them without recognizing their differences, as many other people wrongly do). Every chakra is different and you will learn to understand their peculiarities a bit at a time. Today’s lesson is in fact only an introduction to what the chakras are, because they actually have a lot more interesting information for us, which we could use for our physical, emotional and mental well-being. My suggestion is to meditate as I have taught you, and to not worry, because it won’t be a few extra minutes on a chakra that ruins your equilibrium. However, I suggest not following those trends of “fasting” dictated by fake spiritual masters that invite you to meditate on one chakra only, inhibiting you from a balanced evolution on all the other chakras, as you should do. Up until today you have lived without conscious use of the chakras, so you think that this is normal, and that you can live well without them too. But if you decide to practice on them and to exploit them so that you may reach your goals, you will then wonder how you could have lived without their help before. When you start to use the chakras and to improve every aspect of your life – thanks to the natural strength that they can give you – you will realize how lucky you have been in finding out about their presence inside you. They are like hidden muscles that are looking forward to being trained. It’s up to you to decide to do this everyday.

In this article I have explained what the chakras are, but don’t worry if you’re not sure you have understood every definition perfectly, because the only way to really understand how they work is to live them firsthand. Through theory you can understand that each chakra helps you in different aspects of your life, and amplifies your abilities. For example the Chi increases physical strength while the Mind improves your intellect; but in practice you will understand all this only by meditating, and by giving your chakras the power to do all of this. By nourishing them with prana during meditation, your chakras will really be able to help you achieve the changes that you need, and that you have always dreamt of; but without energy they can’t do it because they don’t have the strength to. Also, the chakras are not only amplifying your “normal” abilities, but they amplify your spiritual senses as well, the ones defined as “paranormal”. Meditating on the chakras allows you to develop all those psychic abilities within you that will allow you to really live a better life, not only in words but in concrete action.

In the next article we will talk about Thinking, in order to improve your next Meditation sessions. Don’t be in a rush to understand everything immediately, because to learn certain information it takes time and a lot of meditation. In a short time you have found yourself thrown into a “reality” which is a lot different from the one you have experienced all these years, so it is normal to feel a bit disoriented, and to have difficulties understanding certain information. It’s a lot of information revealed all at once, and it’s not easy to absorb it all instantly! But don’t feel bad about it because it’s the same obstacle on which all of us, at the beginning of our path, have stopped to reflect on. Be patient and proceed, one step after another, without rushing. In this way you will have a balanced evolution, without gaps to stop you.

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  • mochi - 11:41 14/06/24

    Finalmente una spiegazione veramente completa sui chakra,sul loro significato,in che modo meditare con essi può migliorare la vita,e grazie per avere spiegato l importanza del plesso solare,e del Chi.E' la prima volta che sento nominare questo chakra,ed è un peccato che alcuni lo trascurano, perché a quanto leggo è veramente importante.Grazie per queste informazioni

  • vincens - 14:42 06/06/24

    Grazie a questa Accademia sto comprendendo la reale connessione e collegamento tra i 5 chakra principali, e le conseguenze quando non sono in equilibrio tra loro: uno più carico o scarico rispetto agli altri. Questo è soltanto l'inizio, i primi mattoncini per cominciare a costruire una grande opera: il mio benessere psico-fisico!

  • falcon_1691 - 15:57 29/05/24

    Ho letto attentamente l’articolo perché da quasi un mese sto meditando ogni giorno sui chakra ma non sapevo esattamente quali benefici potesse portare caricarli di energia. Avevo notato già parecchi miglioramenti ma volevo accertarmi che il merito fosse proprio dovuto alla meditazione e ne ho avuta piena conferma. I pensieri negativi che prima mi accompagnavano tutto il giorno si sono molto diradati, sparito il mal di testa e quel groppo allo stomaco che mi toglieva l’appetito. Mi sento molto più energica e propensa a pensare che alla fine i problemi si risolveranno in qualche modo, insomma mi sveglio più serena e mi sta lentamente ritornando la voglia di vivere che stavo perdendo e soprattutto comincio lentamente ad apprezzare di più me stessa. Questo mi incoraggia perché se ho avuto già tutti questi benefici in così poco tempo, andando avanti con la pratica non potrà andare che meglio. E penso che questa sia una parte infinitesimale di quanto potremmo ottenere progredendo nel percorso. Triste pensare che abbiamo tutti gli strumenti per vivere meglio, ma non ci è concesso sapere di averli. Questa Accademia mi ha aperto veramente un mondo, mi fa sentire al sicuro. Grazie infinite!

  • caiocaio Medaglia per aver completato lo Step 1 per la 2ª volta - 23:53 25/05/24

    non ricordavo quanto fosse importante il Plesso. non avevo mai pensato al fatto che quando proviamo una forte emozione sentiamo un fastidio allo stomaco, non mi sono mai chiesto nemmeno il perché succedesse proprio in quella zona lì. pensandoci in effetti ha tutto piu senso! Un Plesso carico spazza via ogni energia negativa che si sarebbe voluta introdurre e al contempo, grazie alla prana, guarisce anche gli organi interni in quella zona lì, come pure gli altri chakra alla fine. Il Chi è sempre stato il mio preferito perché regala emozioni fisiche molto chiare e incisive. il fatto è che non ricordavo minimamente di come fossero tutti cosi tanto collegati tra di loro, certo è che avere dei chakra equilibrati è meglio. è sicuramente difficile capire tutti questi concetti e provare a spiegarseli da soli perché solo la pratica di anni e anni può far comprendere alla perfezione le mille sfaccettature di ogni singolo chakra, e a proposito non vedo l'ora di raggiungere gli steps piu alti dove vengono insegnate le tecniche vere e proprie per poter utilizzare concretamente i chakra.

  • Sonia 🌞 - 19:00 23/05/24

    Grazie per la spiegazione. Spero di aver capito il concetto . Non sembra essere facile

  • alessand - 13:01 23/05/24

    La ciliegina sulla torta che compensa l'articolo precedente sui Chakra. Volontà/Conservazione/Consapevolezza Pratica Dimensionale (sulla base stessa della dimensione pratica che delimita quel determinato tipo d'esperienza)

  • lararock - 11:50 23/05/24

    Attraverso gli esempi pratici riesco a capire il funzionamento soprattutto per quanto riguarda i blocchi o dolori a livello del plesso solare. Sapere di poter gestire le emozioni e proteggerci da quelle negative sembra un sogno eppure ora che sono approdata qui sembra tutto così reale. Mi dico, forse i miei chakra non sono così addormentati se sono riuscita ad approdare qui. La mente e la corona hanno lavorato affinché questo fosse possibile ma effettivamente il percorso deve continuare e non fermarsi solo alla teoria, sicuramente è questo che mi manca, realizzare prima di tutto la pratica della meditazione. Ci sto già provando ma non mi è facile essere costante anche se alcuni risultati già si possono notare.

  • leonella - 18:51 20/05/24

    Mi sta succedendo qualcosa di incredibile: nonostante io stia meditando solo da meno di una settimana, ho più facilità a vedere il Prana, e inoltre ho una grande energia, dormo meno di prima (ero sempre molto stanca e cercavo di recuperare energia con sonno e cibo) e sto perdendo peso, soprattutto se ne vanno gonfiori e ristagni. Tutto questo è incredibile e stupendo, perché sto ribaltando le mie credenze, e ne vedo i risultati sul mio corpo. Grazie

  • Galanasoul - 01:34 16/05/24

    Il mio interesse per questo argomento è nato diversi anni fa´.Ho letto un paio di libri sui Chakra e ho praticato su di essi, anche se con meditazioni diverse. Ma non sapevo ancora niente, non avevo avuto modo di comprendere e, soprattutto, sperimentare consapevolmente, durante la meditazione, la loro connessione. I Chakra aiutano a concretizzare i nostri obiettivi. La meditazione su tutti i Chakra li nutre e questo porta nella nostra vita equilibrio, motivazione, concentrazione e connessione. Inoltre, rinforzare il Chi, ci aiuta a rendere reali le nostre idee. Oggi mi colpisce la frase: "Il Chi ci permette di vivere una vita che viene considerata reale dal Matrix". Nutrendo i nostri Chakra attraverso la pratica, abbiamo inoltre la possibilità di interagire con altre dimensioni.

  • maria-paola Medaglia per aver completato lo Step 1 Medaglia per aver completato il libro Prendiamo Coscienza degli ALIENI - Vol. 7 - 17:37 04/05/24

    Non mi ricordavo questo articolo, fortuna che li sto rileggendo. A me succede che quando c'è qualcosa che mi crea problemi o un attacco Psichico è proprio li dov'è il Chakra del Plesso che mi arriva, è come se mi si annodasse lo stomaco. Non ho più ansia da quando ho iniziato a meditare e solo una volta in tutti questi mesi mi è arrivato un attacco Psichico, colpa mia perchè sicuramente non avevo fatto bene la protezione. Il Chi era un Chakra che non conoscevo, avevo fatto altre meditazioni, sporadicamente, ma del Chi, che è così importante, non ne parlava nessuno. Ora ho capito il perchè Angel ha iniziato a meditare su questo Chakra e perchè ha creato una meditazione su tutti questi Chakra, la loro interazione è fondamentale per la nostra evoluzione.

  • FeBo - 17:27 04/05/24

    Concordo pienamente con Galanasoul quando afferma che gli articoli di Angel sono veramente esaustivi e soprattutto pieni di sentimento e voglia di far comprendere a tutti l essenza di questi argomenti. Si vede proprio la volontà fa parte di Angel d farsi capire e far capire le sue esperienze... Trovo molto rassicurante sapere che grazie ai chakra posso "bastarmi" da sola. Ogni volta che ho fallito nella vita, o che non ho raggiunto le aspettative mi sono sempre scervellata per rouscire a darmi spoegazioni più o meno razionali. Nel profondo ho sempre saputo che esisteva altro oltre la semplice mente che lavora incessantemente, che prima di trovarti le soluzioni in realtà ti trova i problemi! L equilibrio e la connessione che c'è tra i chakra è un qualcosa di primordiale ed è bellissimo sapere che dentro di te c'è da sempre questa connessione, questa dorsale energetica, che è li pronta a sostenerti e che nonostante non sia stata nutrita é comunque rimasta li... Mi sento come se fossi non piu sorretta solo dal mio corpo materiale ma da una colonna di energia che continuerò a nutrire... Grazie Angel!

  • Galanasoul - 01:41 01/05/24

    Credo di aver letto questo articolo almeno venti volte e ogni volta mi sono detta: "No! Voglio solo ascoltare, non commentare". Perchè? Forse perchè, nonostante trovi questo argomento molto affascinante, mi sentivo/sento soddisfatta ogni volta che leggo la descrizione di Angel. Mi rendo anche conto che spesso penso a queste parole. Oggi, per esempio, sentivo fastidio nel Chakra del Chi e mi chiedevo per quale motivo. Era scarico? O mi stava comunicando qualcos´altro? Probabilmente ero stanca e dovevo riposare e il mio Chi me lo stava dicendo. Ma mi stava comunicando altre debolezze.Il plesso è stato debole in passato, soprattutto a causa della paura, Fondamentale la meditazione di Angel per aiutarci a essere più sensibili ma anche consapevoli rispetto a quello che succede. L´azione è troppo importante.

  • Pablo.B - 20:08 30/04/24

    Sapere sfruttare l'energia dei nostri chakra ci aiuta ad evolvere ,come spiegato in questi bellissimi e profondi articoli,sicuramente facendo la pratica ,che l'unico mezzo per equillibrarli e riscoprirli ,potremmo finalmente vivere la vera essenza del nostro essere!

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    Come spiega Angel gli argomenti spirituali nessun altro è in grado di farlo. Mi piace di tanto in tanto rileggere questi articoli sui Chakra perché mi spronano a migliorare le mie Meditazioni dato che mi ricordano i benefici che si possono ottenere grazie alla Pratica su di essi. I Chakra sono parte del nostro corpo e come tali valgono la pena essere scoperti e utilizzati per il nsotro benessere e la nostra realizzazione sia sul campo fisico che in quello spirituale. Che fortuna essere a conoscenza di questi argomenti ed essere qui in Accademia.

  • Antoine Medaglia per aver completato lo Step 1 Medaglia per aver completato il libro Prendiamo Coscienza degli ALIENI - Vol. 7 - 11:28 26/04/24

    Grazie a questi articoli sui Chakra mi è molto più chiaro l'argomento e devo dire che è affascinante e super vantaggioso conoscere queste informazioni. Ovviamente poi bisogna Meditare perché solo leggere non ci permetterà di caricare i nostri Chakra. Attualmente i Chakra più bassi, ovvero Chi e Plesso, sono quelli che più faccio fatica a sentire. Non vedo l'ora di riuscire a percepirli meglio, specie perché so che andrebbero ad aiutarmi con le problematiche di ansia e nausea di cui soffro. Da questo articolo si capisce l'importanza che i Chakra collaborino tra loro senza tenerli squilibrati. È proprio vero che quando le emozioni negative ci colpiscono lo stomaco si chiude e viene sopraffatto da quella sensazione di pesantezza. Il Chi è dunque il Chakra più fisico e quello che ci connette maggiormente a questa Dimensione. Non avevo prima d'ora mai sentito parlare di Chakra; dunque tutte queste sono informazioni nuove per me e c'è tanto da assimilare e sono sicuro che grazie alla Meditazione questi concetti prenderanno senso nella mia vita a tempo debito. Angel ha spiegato questo argomento in modo impeccabile e di facile comprensione anche per chi è nuovo e di questi argomenti non ne aveva mai sentito parlare.