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Questions about Meditation – Becoming self aware (part 2)

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Angel: Welcome to a new lesson on Meditation. Today I will answer all your questions: take the opportunity to resolve your doubts about the meditative technique.

Student: Hi Angel. Thank you for the opportunity. I would like to ask you: why do we use total silence during meditation?

Angel: Hi! Meditation has the purpose of making us evolve and allows us to recognize the abilities to which we did not have access before, due to excessive mental distractions. As you can see, spending time thinking – as we always do – doesn’t evolve our skills, so we need to recognize our mistakes and change our method. Our thinking is mostly influenced from the outside, therefore by other people, by presences, as well as by external energy programs which are more negative than anything else. Thought is influenced and manipulated, unlike perception in mental silence which, if evolved at high levels, cannot be conditioned. For this reason, through absolutely non-thought meditation, we are committed to evolving our sensory functions, so that we can follow a guide who is not influenced by external factors but who knows the real truth. Through meditation we want to allow our highest Consciousness to communicate and guide us, to always let us know which is the right path and the best choice to take rather than making mistakes we will regret, only for having been influenced by the mass, negativity or from other people’s decisions. In fact, you don’t speak in words! If we decide to think even during meditation, as we do all the time in our lives, we repeat the same mistake endlessly because we prevent the “voice” of our more evolved self from communicating, suffocating it with a thousand thoughts and distractions. She communicates through intuitions. Mental thoughts and chatter easily take over and make you forget that you have to focus on your real life goal, always making you think of something else; this way you always forget about yourself. Meditation allows you to recognize that you can live very well even if you spend half an hour a day without thinking about your problems or doubts, thus discovering that you will live even better than you expected. Not only that: during that half hour you’ll be allowing your skills to evolve and your ego to take a breath, leaving yourself the chance to become aware. Every time you think and ruminate, get caught up in doubts in your life, you are allowing negative influences to enter, allowing free access for others or something else to direct your thinking in the direction they have chosen for you instead. your. Unfortunately thinking can be influenced and even more easily than you think; for this reason we need to take some time for ourselves and remain without thinking, because even a few minutes can allow you to understand, to become aware of yourself and avoid letting yourself be influenced from the outside.

Student: Hi Angel. I have a lot of difficulty while meditating to keep mental silence. I need to know if my impediment is also common to other students because I really struggle. When I shut up the words images come to me, even some that don’t appear to me even when I’m not meditating. Today, for example, I received an image of the face of an elementary school classmate that I only remembered in photos, which I have never seen since 40 years and which I wasn’t thinking about at all. It’s amazing how the mind finds them all to make me think.

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Angel: Hi! As you can see by reading all the other students’ questions in the various articles, non-thinking is difficult for everyone, so don’t be afraid to be the only one! Non-thinking is the most complicated technique precisely because it is the most important: it is the key to the evolution of all other abilities.

If it were simple they would all be enlightened by now, yet the evidence far proves otherwise. Have you noticed how difficult it is to hold non-thought because, despite being a technique underestimated by many, as soon as you try to practice it, something wants to throw any junk thought at you, absolutely any! In order not to be able to keep you in mental silence for a few minutes, they also go fishing for the oldest memories or the most absurd imaginative images and throw them at you to distract you. It’s a good thing that you noticed it, because many instead fall into the trap and give way to those thoughts, immerse themselves in the various imaginations, forgetting instead of the purpose of meditation. As if that weren’t enough, many give in to the thoughts thrown at them and delude themselves that they themselves are evolutionary, even if it is only a fantasy. The fact that you’re recognizing the mechanism that your brain activates as soon as you try to meditate is a great start, because you’re starting to understand how Low works and beyond. You’ll realize how important non-thought is, even more so for all the effort they put into trying to stop you from keeping it. Also, there is also another reason why when you start meditating you come up with all these thoughts, images and sometimes even long scenes like mind movies. Meditation is very gentle, its effects are so to speak “gentle”, so you don’t realize what it is doing because it has a light touch. In reality, however, meditation has a much greater effect than you feel. While you practice it is clearing your mind of traumas, thoughts and memories, so it goes rummaging through your mind and clears everything, not just the bad memories! So while it clears and tidies up your mind, it may happen that some of these thoughts come to the surface and you see them. The energy you absorb during meditation slips through the thoughts of your mind to purify them, clean them of any negative programs – of which you weren’t even aware – and works on hundreds and hundreds of data all at once, so among all these some are floating. She works in your unconscious, in your memory rooms and jumps from thought to memory without respecting a chronological order, so moments that happened many years ago and recent moments could come to your mind together. In your mind there are layers upon layers of dust and dirt, they’ve been there a long time and settled deep inside, so you don’t realize how much dirt there is. So when you pass the broom, the accumulation of dust rises and the whole room fills with gray air making you cough from the dust clouds that have created, showing you how dirty it was and how much it needs a good cleaning. Yet, until you passed the broom, you didn’t realize how dirty it was. Similarly, when you meditate you are beating the carpets and in doing so all that dust that was hidden in the fibers that made everything seem to be in order and everything clean, but that it was not. When you cleanse your mind through meditation you move those dusts of negative energies that had accumulated, so some rise to the surface precisely because you are cleaning them. What’s the next step? Prevent that dust from returning to its place and dirty again. That’s why while we meditate the energy cleans our mind by bringing back some memories and we still have to remain in non-thought, so that the negative energies come out and go away, instead of returning to their place and dirty again. If, on the other hand, you remained to observe every thought that resurfaces on the surface, you would hold those energies within you and throw the dust back into the carpets of your home. Non-thinking must be consistent, so hold it as you meditate to cleanse your mind and hold it even as the dust rises to the surface to complete the cleaning.

Student: Why do so many other spirituals teach to watch the thought while meditating?

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Angel: Simple, because not being able to hold the non-thought they also want to prevent others from knowing how to do it, so as not to feel the only incompetent ones. Many people surrender to the thought and even prefer to delude themselves that observing it (thus thinking during meditation) is an evolutionary action. Yet throughout their lives they will continue to have no psychic evolutions nor awakened faculties. It is no coincidence that people who waste their time observing their thoughts, instead of meditating in absolute non-thought, do not solve anything in their life even though they say they are practicing. It’s obvious: they’re not meditating, they’re just saying they know how to do it and that doesn’t equate to actually doing it right.

Student: I think meditating is the hardest thing for me.

Angel: I thought so too at the beginning of my journey, then I realized that I was the one who made it complicated. It just takes good will.

Student: I wanted to know how to remove anxiety. Is there a particular meditation?

Angel: Meditation is always the same: focus well on deep breaths and breathe in white prana while meditating on the chakras. In this way, constant practice will allow you to annihilate anxiety and stress. I too suffered from anxiety and asthma for many years and only got rid of it completely after I started practicing meditation. So meditate on the chakras as I have advised you and you will see firsthand how true it is that meditation cures these problems for you.

Student: I recently enrolled in the Academy and with you I started meditating, but I find it more complicated than expected. I can’t completely clear my head of fears, anguish and worries. How can I do?

Angel: Learning non-thinking isn’t easy and it doesn’t even take a short time; it takes commitment and above all perseverance. These terms are always heard but few understand what it means. By commitment I mean that when you meditate you should strive to stay focused for as long as possible, rather than surrendering to the thought without giving the slightest sign of resistance. Many complain of failing in technique, but how many really commit? It’s much easier to spend time listening to music and thinking about your problems or fantasies and then, after 30 minutes, complaining that you couldn’t stay in non-thinking. The technique is not magical, it doesn’t work by itself, you have to work hard to learn the method and complete a meditation session by concentrating in mental silence. Furthermore, there is an absolute need for constancy: what is constancy? It is the continuity of the technique from day to day. If you practiced meditation some time ago but then you stopped, it doesn’t mean that today you can magically wake up in the morning and realize you have a perfect non-thought. Meditation is not magic. Evolution comes with constant practice, i.e. implementing the technique every day without skipping it for long periods. To get results you have to meditate every day, every single day, instead of practicing it every other day, every other day, every other day; it is clear that otherwise concrete results will never seem to arrive. To improve your detachment from fears, anguish and worries you need to concentrate better on relaxation, which among other things will increase your stability and make you more capable even in the technique of not thinking. Chakras offer incredible help in overcoming these issues, so I recommend you meditate on them.

Student: Unfortunately, when I meditate I can’t help but think of anything. For example, you say I have to concentrate on one chakra, but isn’t that also a thought?

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Angel: Thinking is one thing, concentrating is another. I’ll explain the difference. Remaining in non-thought means that during meditation you don’t have to think about household chores, about the wishes you would like to fulfil, about various kinds of fantasies, about memories that can resurface in your mind; you don’t have to think in words or images, but you have to be able to stay present in this moment, focused solely on your chakra, without letting your mind wander between old or future thoughts, forgetting about what you are doing here and now. Staying focused on the chakra, on the other hand, allows you to remain aware of the present moment Here (where you are) and Now (at this precise moment). Thinking and fantasizing is very different from concentrating, because thinking takes you elsewhere, away from where you are now, so it distracts you; focusing instead makes you become aware of this moment, where you are now and what you are doing. Thinking makes you unconscious, concentrating makes you Conscious.

Student: I started your meditation a few days ago and I’m reading the first Step better. Usually, while meditating, I feel like I’m falling asleep, yet I’m awake. Also, after meditation, I feel the need to sleep and I have dreams within dreams, until I can actually wake up. What can it be?

Angel: You’ve only started meditating for a few days, so don’t expect to immediately understand everything that happens to you: leave yourself time to understand through other sessions. While meditating, if you practice relaxation well, your body relaxes so much that you may feel almost heavy, as if falling asleep, although you are alert and therefore awake. There is nothing strange about this. For the same reason you feel like resting thanks to the relaxation achieved through meditation. Your body is well relaxed and as happens every day (or rather every night) when the body relaxes so much then it ends up falling asleep; that’s why those who are too tense cannot sleep easily and tend to suffer from insomnia. But meditation is meant to wake you up, not put you to sleep. That’s why even when the body relaxes and would like you to fall asleep, you must commit to staying awake and conscious, focused on your chakras. It all depends on the goal you have given to meditation: do you want to use it only for relaxation? If so, relax and sleep better. However, if your goal is to improve your life and awaken your mental and spiritual abilities, do not allow meditation to remain just a relaxing break, but practice it with a more serious state of mind, exactly as you do for the goals you want to reach. Therefore, even if you feel sleepy, I advise you not to go to sleep until it is night: sleeping every afternoon and after each meditation session leads you to sleep in every sense, making you return to low vibrations and greatly diminishing the effects of the practice, taking you away from true consciousness and spiritual evolution.

Student: Hi Angel. I always feel very tired because I sleep very little. Will meditation give me more energy in this area too?

Angel: Yes, absolutely. When you meditate you take energy that helps you first of all in physical well-being, then it will go to improve your sensory abilities. Depending on how much you meditate, your health will improve faster, therefore also the physical energy destined for daily activities; secondly your mind will evolve. Your body will use the energy taken from meditation to cleanse itself and to improve your health, your internal and external well-being, your mood, physical problems, etc. So it will give you more energy, you will be more relaxed, you will be able to do your chores in the best way, you will be more attentive and awake, you will be more conscious, you will feel more energetic, because the first effect of meditation is seen in your physical and emotional well-being.

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Student: If I fall asleep before the end of the meditation is it as if I have done nothing? I keep time with music but I’m never accurate, is that a problem?

Angel: Yes, falling asleep during meditation causes you to not complete the session, so obviously it’s as if you didn’t finish it. You must try to stay awake, concentrating well on the chakras. You also have to keep the right times, so you can help yourself with bells or the telephone timer, setting it to ring at the end of the right minutes. Or you can use one of the many mixes that we have made available on our youtube channel .

Student: Is there some elasticity or do you have to be super precise?

Angel: There’s no need to be rigid, the important thing is that you take meditation seriously instead of doing it on your own and not getting any good results, and then end up criticizing meditation when the mistake was yours in wanting to practice it inventing the technique or steps to your liking, and not of the meditation itself.

Student: Hi Angel. When you say “breathe prana from the chakra”, should I imagine breathing with that area as if it were a lung?

Angel: In a sense yes, but I think it’s more like a bag that keeps filling up with every breath, so not like a balloon that fills up and empties as you breathe but like a sack that is continually filled up, more and more. so as to enlarge the container and make it grow to contain more energy, therefore to make the chakra evolve.

Student: During meditation, how do I find the exact point of the chakra to touch?

Angel: There’s no need to measure with a ruler to find the point, because what matters is being in the right area, so even if you go off by 2 cm, nothing bad happens; the important thing is that if you want to meditate on the Heart chakra, don’t put your fingers on your head, otherwise you won’t find that chakra, ok?

Student: Hahaha okay! I perceive the Mind chakra better than the others, I feel that it is different, while the others are silent.

Angel: Yes, the chakras are all different from each other, in fact some are felt immediately and others are kept waiting. For example, the Chi chakra is usually the most complicated one to meditate on because it initially tends to give few signals. Over time it will become exactly the opposite, because it is the most physical chakra and it will be the one that will give more signals, if well trained, than the others which will seem more silent. The Mind chakra, on the other hand, is generally the one that gives the most signals at the beginning of the journey, in fact it could start to pulsate even during the day outside of meditation, and this is an excellent sign! However I repeat, if you place your fingers a little higher or a little lower it doesn’t matter, the important thing is that you stay in that area; you still stay in the center, neither to the right nor to the left, so you will definitely find it.

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Student: A few days ago the Mind chakra “pulsed” me all day, is that a good thing?

Angel: Yes, it’s perfectly normal and it’s a good sign.

Student: I wanted to know if it’s normal that with meditation I start to feel a tingling on my head, especially on the crown. And then an itch all over my head.

Angel: Sure, it’s normal, because it’s about the energy starting to move and it can give you a tingling sensation. It’s a very good sign.

Student: During meditation, when I have to breathe prana, usually during visualization I don’t remember the light that enters, but I imagine a very white mist. Is that okay too?

Angel: Yes, no problem. Over time you will improve your ability to perceive energy and you will see it much brighter and more clearly.

Student: I tried chakra meditation for the first time and I really enjoyed it. Relaxing was easy since I’m already used to it. The hardest thing for me is visualizing the color white. It’s very difficult for me to visualize colors in general, what comes to me easier is to see electric blue (I don’t know why). I spent almost half an hour trying to visualize the color and in the end it was a light grey, I proceeded the same with the chakras, but is there any “trick” to do it better?

Angel: This was your first meditation, so it’s obvious that you didn’t succeed perfectly, but don’t worry because visualization is not the purpose of the practice, but it is to focus on the chakras. Don’t be in a hurry, there are no tricks to make your evolution even faster than what I’m teaching you to speed it up. Continue with the training and you will see that you will be able to obtain excellent results thanks to constant daily practice.

Student: Thanks Angel. In the meditation document you say to free your mind, but then you also say to visualize the energy entering our chakra. But how do we clear our minds this way?

Angel: The visualization lasts a few seconds, then you free your mind. Then do it step by step: when the guide tells you to visualize, visualize the white prana, then when he tells you to remain in mental silence, remain in non-thought.

Student: Hi Angel. I, on the other hand, started directly with chakra meditation because the preparation exercises are more difficult for me. I don’t see the light, or I don’t hear, so I get distracted and have less mind control.

Angel: Hi! The preparation exercises really serve to improve your meditation and to reach higher levels of relaxation. For this reason it is important that you do not skip the preparation, otherwise you risk not being able to practice meditation well. However, that’s no problem because the Chakra Meditation itself also explains how to relax. Then continue with that exercise and focus on practicing every single step that the voice guide points out to you.

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Student: I’ve been meditating for a short time and for me it’s a new but pleasantly interesting experience. I have a practical question: if I imagine white prana as I inhale, what should I “imagine” as I exhale?

Angel: The goal is to keep bringing prana into us, so even when you exhale you continue to absorb prana and make it expand inside you. You would instinctively think that every time you breathe in you are letting prana in, and that when you breathe out you should be letting prana out; but don’t follow that logic, because when you meditate you have to absorb prana on exhalation as well. The chakras don’t work like the lungs, they don’t need to exhale the air: they can continue to absorb prana without stopping.

Student: Can I induce the feeling of happiness through a happy memory during meditation?

Angel: During meditation it is good to keep non-thinking, so don’t even think about happy memories, because they would still keep you tied to a past memory instead of remaining completely focused on the present and on what you are doing.

Student: I state that I have only started my journey for a week. I find it difficult to stay in non-thought and focus on the chakra at the same time. Is there any particular tactic to encourage non-thinking? Or just keep insisting?

Angel: It’s normal in the beginning to find yourself struggling with the exercise, because all your life you’ve been used to thinking in words, so now not thinking seems like something impossible. It’s a matter of habit and it will take a while before you get used to it and you can keep your concentration focused on the chakra, because that’s the secret: staying focused on the chakra increases mental silence. It goes step by step: first of all learn to stay focused on your chakra, in this way you won’t think about other things; then, little by little, practicing and training more and more, you will get to the point that you will feel the chakra without having to think in words or imagine what you are doing. Practice will make you better at everything.

Student: I can relax and find a beneficial sensation on the body, but I can’t relax my mind, how can I do?

Angel: Don’t worry, relaxation doesn’t have to be a challenge; keep practicing meditation and you will see that time after time you will also improve your mental relaxation. The key is pranic breathing, because the more prana you breathe in, the more relaxed you will feel.

Student: I started relaxation meditation and non-thought meditation a couple of days ago, I wanted to ask if I can have relaxing music in the background or if there must necessarily be silence.

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ACD Meditation youtube channel .

Student: I tried chakra meditation and after a while I saw geometric figures moving; I also saw a very bloody incident on a beach that was impossible in my opinion. What happened? Is it me or is there something connected? I’m perplexed. All towards the end of the meditation!

Angel: Ignore any imagination that comes to you during meditation and put it aside, they were just fantasies meant to distract you. Concentrate solely on staying focused in the chakra and not thinking about anything, not even symbols, colors, and so on.

Student: During the meditation, while I was imagining that I was taking in the sunlight (I hardly succeeded), I imagined that I was facing a friend of mine. As soon as I touched his forehead with my index finger he lit up and so did I, more than I was doing before. What does it mean?

Angel: These are images that are placed in front of you to distract you and prevent you from practicing a real and good meditation. I advise you to put these images aside and focus solely on the real meditation technique. Remember, however, that when you meditate you must be drawing in prana from the universe, not from the sun.

Student: In order to be able to do more meditations, if I don’t have the half hour available, can I meditate on one chakra at a time at different times? I mean, I’m in the car for 10 minutes and I meditate on the Chi, in the meantime I enter the waiting room and I have another 10 minutes and I meditate on the Plexus and so on. Can it be considered a meditation when I accumulate all the chakras at different times?

Angel: Not exactly. It can be considered as loading the chakras outside of meditation, but it cannot be considered a real meditation as this requires you to remain in mental silence and with your eyes closed for about half an hour in a row, concentrated solely on meditation and on nothing ‘other. So the meditation should not be divided into several parts but should be completed entirely in one session in a row.

Student: I have tried your meditation and found it very relaxing, congratulations. I just wanted to understand why you count the chakras as eight: weren’t they seven? I remember this from other meditations I had tried in the past on my own.

Angel: The chakras are 8, but you must know that the Kundalini chakra and the Sexual chakra are very close and many people confuse them thinking that it is a single chakra. This happens because they have little experience and are based only on the theory read, rather than putting the techniques into practice and discovering that they are two distinct, separate chakras. This is why many recognize 7 chakras while I distinguish as many as 8.

Student: I state that I have just started meditating, I have only done three meditations to date, taken from Step 1. I put my legs in a semi-lotus shape (more than that I can’t ), but after about twenty minutes I’m forced to stretch out my left leg and it hurts. The question is this: is it better to meditate for 20 minutes and then straighten the leg and lose concentration, or better to sit normally from the beginning?

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Angel: At the beginning it is very normal for the body to fall asleep or to be disturbed by a position you are not used to, then, as with everything, after a little training you will see how your legs will remain comfortable throughout the meditation without get sore. In the meantime, until you get used to it, you can safely stretch your leg as soon as it hurts, because the distraction is really minimal; I do many meditations in a row and after a few hours of being in the same position it happens that my leg or foot starts to fall asleep, so I relax them and this doesn’t create any problems for me. So the choice is yours, if you prefer you can sit in the chair or stand in half lotus; choose each time but don’t worry. But my advice is to start the meditation sitting in half lotus and only when the position is uncomfortable you can stretch your leg; in this way you start to get used to this position and from time to time it will be easier and easier to hold it for the duration of the technique.

Student: For me the lotus position is very uncomfortable, I have to move after about 10 minutes.

Angel: The full lotus position is very difficult and it’s not even necessary, in fact I recommend practicing the half lotus, which is certainly much easier for everyone; you just have to get used to it and everyone has their own times. When you feel discomfort, simply extend your leg and get comfortable. Don’t let yourself be distracted and discouraged by so little.

Student: I meditate in half lotus, with two low pillows to raise my butt, with my legs on the floor and my back leaning against the wall; my problem is that both my legs and above all my ankles hurt (at the end of meditation, even if lately a little less), as well as my back which after a while (about three-quarters of the way through meditation) starts to hurt bad. What do you recommend?

Angel: If you see that position is uncomfortable for you, don’t worry, put something soft also under your ankles and behind your back. It’s just a matter of physical habit, it’s a position you usually didn’t assume because you had no reason to. You certainly don’t have to suffer, so you need to settle down as comfortable as possible before you start meditating. If you experience discomfort during meditation, settle back as you feel best and pick up the meditation where you left off. It won’t be this slightest interruption that will ruin your meditation session.

Student: Since the documents talk a lot about the correct position during meditation to have the chakras – especially that of the Crown – aligned from bottom to top, preferring the half-lotus position, which is often difficult to do, you can stand with your legs stretched out? If I sit on the bed with my legs stretched out is the quality of the meditation the same?

Angel: The difference is really minimal, we’re talking about a very low percentage, but I suggest you start the meditation in the half-lotus position and only then, as soon as you get tired, to stretch your legs and sit down as you feel most comfortable. Every day try to stay in the same position a little longer than the time before; so in a short time, not even a month, you will have learned to stay in the half-lotus position without feeling discomfort anymore. So don’t worry, the important thing is to be comfortable.

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Student: Sometimes I have a feeling that I feel the effects of the meditations only after a while after finishing the meditation, such as feeling better, being more positive and energetic; it doesn’t happen to me right away or right while I’m meditating. It’s normal?

Angel: Yes sure, you’ve just started practicing so you still have to adapt to meditation and learn to recognize its effects, but as with everything it’s normal that you feel the effects later and not necessarily at the very moment you’re practicing. When you go to the gym you notice how your muscles get stronger the next day and the following days, although at the exact moment you’re exercising it may seem like you’re not getting any results. This is because the training effect will continue to work even while you are at rest, and not just while you are practicing. The point is that if you don’t practice you don’t start evolution, just as if you don’t exercise you can’t strengthen your muscles.

Student: To meditate well, must we be in a “quiet” place, free of negative energies? Because I’m sure there’s a lot of negative energy in my house, mostly brought by a member of the family; I don’t know if this can cause problems.

Angel: You’re meditating to make that place positive, so there’s nothing else to expect. If you live in a house that has negative energy, that’s no problem: you will change it thanks to meditation, making it more positive. If you were to change the energy in rooms that are already extremely positive you wouldn’t even be so driven to practice. We are practicing precisely to improve our lives and the energy of the environment in which we live. So don’t worry.

Student: And by meditating can the bearer of this negative energy also benefit from it, without his knowledge?

Angel: Absolutely yes, meditation will also purify his energy and make him more positive, so that he decreases the negativity he brings into the house. Or, in one way or another, it will make sure that he – when he brings negative energies – is unable to stay in the house very much and carry such influences with him. Energy and protection are very intelligent and know very well how to behave, they know even better than us.

Student: In addition to meditation, will you teach us other methods to be thoughtless and improve what you have shown us so far?

Angel: Sure. As you can see, the Path of the Academy is divided into 9 Steps, in which I will teach you millions of pieces of information. Each Step will consist of 100 documents each, where I will touch on all the most important topics, increasing the details and answers you are interested in knowing in each one. You will find all the teachings divided in the best way, to increase and simplify your learning. We will take up different topics in addition to those already covered, so that the basics are understood and taken to higher levels. Through this path you will certainly learn mental silence.

Student: Thank you, I’m very happy to have been accepted into the Academy and this is my first group lesson! I have been meditating regularly for about 10 days. I started so many times, but then I gave up because I couldn’t stop thinking, and even now I’m in the same situation. I can’t help but think, I can do it for a few seconds, but then I start again. I had come to the conclusion that meditation was not for me. Now, however, I’m trying again, my question is: by continuing to meditate, a little at a time, do you still get to free your mind or is there some specific technique that could help me?

Angel: You don’t have to worry if you have found initial difficulty with mental silence; the important thing is to understand that at the base of everything there is to learn to recognize yourself, remaining aware of the moment and not thinking about the past or the future. Concentrate only on the present of this precise moment, in this way you will be able to improve your non-thinking. Words won’t make you evolve, but you have to try and try again with training. Practice is what will make you strong, because mere theoretical reading cannot be enough. Low wants you to believe that it is impossible to get out of this program, and therefore that it is impossible not to think. All your life you have thought and brooded, do you think that in a couple of days you could totally change? It takes practice, practice, practice; it starts with small steps. If you started again, even though it seemed to you that nothing had changed, it means that something has changed; otherwise why come back? It’s only 10 days, don’t expect to break mountains. Do you feel more motivated? It’s already one step, otherwise why are you still here? Because something is pushing you to continue. Non-thought will take a long time to become perfect, you must not feel inferior. There are those who still can’t keep it perfect after a few years, because it all depends on how much they’ve trained in this time, and not on how long it’s been since they signed up for the site. It’s normal, but you have to commit yourself without getting discouraged, and you’ll see that with practice you’ll make it better than you think now. It was very hard for me too at the beginning, don’t worry. Many spirituals have given up but we must not end up the same way.

Student: Thanks Angel! Your lessons are essential.

Angel: We’re done for today, but I’ll be happy to answer your questions in the next lesson. Soon!

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    Grazie per rispondere alle nostre domande, è bello ascoltarle e leggere contemporaneamente, alcune di esse erano anche le mie. adesso sono arrivato a meditare da una decina di giorni, va un pochettino meglio ma sono consapevole che sono veramente all´inizio. Continuiamo

  • Marin76 - 20:23 25/09/23

    Grazie perché solo ascoltare la vibrazione che viene emessa fa di più del fatto di non raggiungere ancora il non pensiero

  • Saras2021 Medaglia per aver completato lo Step 1 - 15:01 25/09/23

    Il rilassamento prima della meditazione è fondamentale. Io prima lo saltavo spesso, ma sbagliavo. Migliora di gran lunga l'efficacia della pratica ma. Sopratutto rende le cose piu facili. Le domande e risposte sono utilissime a colmare alcuni dubbi sulle tecniche oltre chiaramente alle lezioni.

  • Elisa - 08:54 25/09/23

    Questi articoli sono sempre molto interessanti perché chiariscono molti dubbi. Anche io cerco sempre di focalizzarmi sui chakra respirando profondamente e sull’intento di evolvere e guarire. Mi aiuta tantissimo a mantenere la concentrazione. Ricomincio a percepire i chakra e anche questo mi aiuta molto nella concentrazione. Per me la meditazione è un momento magico, in cui non pensando vivo quella profonda sensazione di benessere che mi manca per tutto il resto della giornata. Anche a me capita che vengano in mente pensieri o immagini. Li lascio scorrere via come sono entrati senza forzarli o combatterli. Ho visto che se non dai loro importanza si allontanano. Credo sia tutta questione di costanza e di pazienza. Ho iniziato a meditare sdraiata perché ho dolori fortissimi purtroppo, ma adesso pian piano sto anche riuscendo a meditare seduta. Volevo dire che fondamentale è anche praticare la protezione e taglio dei fili prima: a me ha aiutato ad effettuare sessioni di pratica nettamente migliori e a ridurre le interruzioni e gli imprevisti. Grazie 🙏 con tutto il cuore 💜🌺

  • cassidy - 17:23 24/09/23

    Trovo molto utile questo tipo di documento di domande e risposte, anzitutto ci permette di capire che le difficoltà che stiamo affrontando noi durante il percorso, vengono riscontrate anche da altri studenti dell’Accademia, quindi a me trasmette la sensazione di “sentirmi meno sola” in questo senso. Poi è utilissimo anche l’uso di metafore di Angel, ad esempio quella della pulizia dei tappeti che rilascia la polvere e di come, allo stesso modo, le immagini potrebbero apparire nella nostra mente durante la Meditazione proprio perché quest’ultima sta purificando la mente e i nostri ricordi. Tuttavia in questi casi Angel ci insegna a rimanere in non pensiero proprio per far sì che la pulizia abbia effetto e che quindi la “sporcizia” possa andare e uscire fuori da noi, dalla nostra mente e dal nostro corpo. Fra l’altro inizio a notare che l’energia in casa è diversa, nel senso che “l’atmosfera” in casa è più pacifica e meno propensa agli scontri che invece prima avvenivano con quotidiana regolarità o quasi. Invece adesso sono diminuiti mooooltissimo.😊Ad ogni modo grazie Angel, per la tua disponibilità a rispondere a tutte le nostre molteplici domande, per la pazienza nei nostri confronti e per tutti i consigli…grazie di cuore! 😊 Bellissime anche le parole “molti spirituali si sono arresi ma noi non dobbiamo fare la stessa fine”, esatto! :D

  • introspezione - 11:27 22/09/23

    Io pratico yoga da molti anni, posso stare nella posizione di sukhasana mezzo loto o loto anche per un’ora sciogliendo il corpo, quindi praticando asana attivamente, non posso dire la stessa cosa quando sto ferma, non tanto per le gambe ma per la schiena che ad un certo punto inizia a fare male… chissà perché

  • angelia - 02:34 19/09/23

    Thanks for the questions everyone. Thanks Angel for the responses. Lets make sure we are doing that Pranic breathing and keeping the mental chatter to a silent

  • Marziana - 16:42 17/09/23

    Questa meditazione è talmente perfetta che si sentono i benefici molto presto e in tantissimi settori e livelli diversi.

  • barbara0103 - 15:47 16/09/23

    Molte domande erano questioni che riguardano anche me, le risposte hanno chiarito il dubbio. Grazie!

  • morenos - 18:54 14/09/23

    Fantastico! Ogni lezione arricchisce ulteriormente la nostra conoscenza. L'Accademia è veramente ben organizzata e ci offre l'opportunità di approfondire ogni argomento in modo significativo!

  • jael - 00:28 14/09/23

    Ho trovato profondamente illuminanti diverse risposte, molte delle quali rappresentavano dubbi assai simili ai miei. È vero, però, che esercitarsi ogni giorno aiuta ad accrescere poco per volta il non pensiero. Di poche frazioni di secondo per volta, ma mi accorgo che la concentrazione aumenta e mi scoraggio di meno. Fare bene la meditazione mi porta a sentirmi più carica e più serena dentro, lo noto soprattutto nelle così dette "giornate no". Ritrovo l'armonia e colmo quella sensazione di malessere interiore che talvolta mi prende. Ora sono consapevole che esiste davvero una "fame" dell'anima, prima non capivo cosa fosse quel senso di insoddisfazione, inquietudine e, talvolta, disperazione, che in alcuni giorni mi prende. E ho consapevolizzato quanto siano scarichi i miei chakra chi e plesso, non a caso non riesco a sentirli se non con le dita (soprattutto il primo). All' inizio non riuscivo a individuarli neanche con le dita. Con gli altri tre è diverso, li sento in maniera ben precisa anche non toccandoli, ma ho compreso quanto sia importante il ruolo di ognuno per l'armonizzazione di tutta l'energia di ciascuno di noi.

  • deb - 22:46 13/09/23

    Questa lezione è fondamentale perché ci fa rendere conto di non essere soli nella difficoltà di allenare il non pensiero. Giorno dopo giorno avverto dei piccoli cambiamenti nella mia mente sia durante la pratica che nella routine della giornata. Sto imparando, in entrambi i casi, a non farmi trascinare dai pensieri e durante la pratica sono più consapevole che la maggior parte dei pensieri non sono miei ma le avverto proprio come delle interferenze esterne. Quando succede me ne tiro fuori e ritorno a mantenere la concentrazione sul Chakra senza perdere la pazienza come succedeva nei primi giorni. Penso che questi piccoli passi fatti con costanza mi stiano aiutando tantissimo a perseguire nella pratica e non vedo l ora di imparare tutto quello che offre questa Accademia. Grazie infinite Angel ❤️

  • Ramona - 11:30 13/09/23

    Grazie, ho trovato delle risposte alle mie domande, soprattutto sul non pensiero, una battaglia che lo voglio vincere a tutti costi. Con la vostra meditazione riesco a pratticarla molto bene, invece da sola mi perdo in qualche pensiero, visione. Riesco a vedere delle ombre che stanno sopra di me, forme...e piu delle volte li allontano con la luce.

  • Giusy - 13:05 11/09/23

    Le domande degli altri studenti me le faccio continuamente anch'io. Queste lezioni anche se all'inizio mi sembravano banali adesso sono molto formative perché danno risposte alle mie domande. Grazie Angel per tutto il tempo che ci dedichi

  • Lisarahma 🌺 - 23:49 10/09/23

    Grazie tantissimo per tutte queste extra spiegazioni.. sono molto utili per una meditazione e una crescita spirituale completa e corretta. Ammetto che a volte è difficile restare senza pensiero ma con tanta pratica riuscirò nell' intento.. ti ringrazio 🙏🏼🤍🫂🍃