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What Meditation is – The first steps (Part 1)

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Meditation is a moment of realizing that you are alive while everyone else around you is suffocated by work and problems. Even though we are all here writing, reading, or listening, we have a weak awareness of being alive because we do not respect ourselves and our lives as much as we should.
We only realize that we want to live or feel alive when we face an obstacle that makes us afraid or when we believe we are about to die, even if there is no gun pointed at our head.
Anything that causes fear prompts us to reflect on how much we value our lives.
This happens because we choose to suffocate ourselves with routine during the day. So, just when we should be enjoying life and appreciating who we are and what we have, we waste our time thinking about problems, failures, and things that make us feel worse.
We waste our precious time dying inside even though our body is still alive. Isn't that strange? We are alive yet we kill ourselves inside. Meditation is deciding to feel alive in every moment.
Feeling alive is a beautiful sensation because it makes you realize that you are in the right place at the right time. It doesn't overwhelm you or make you feel out of place, nor does it make you feel like you were born by mistake or with a cruel destiny. 

Feeling alive helps you realize that you are here for a reason and finally you can feel at peace with yourself. No gossip or other people's words can make you feel as bad as your own negative self-judgment. The problem is that we're taught from a young age to value life only when it's about to end. We see this in the people around us - we don't realize we want to spend more time with someone until they are dying - and in our own lives, because we often only appreciate our lives when they're threatened by an obstacle or someone who wants to take it away. This is a terrible way to live, as we waste every moment of our lives by focusing on the negative and only when we're on the brink of losing what we cherish do we recognize how much we would have wanted to enjoy our time more.

Before considering meditation as a technique where you sit and relax, understand that true Meditation is the conscious decision to feel alive in the present moment, when you have all the time in the world.

Not all people are conscious of their own existence. Many of those who surround us behave like robots, enslaved by routine: they work, come home, watch TV, eat, and sleep. They do not have control over their lives. Instead, they follow a program imposed on them by others. It is difficult to understand this if you do not observe those around you and continue to look down at your feet, because you may not realize how everyone is driven by a will that is no longer theirs. If you look around, you will see people who move and perform actions, even though they are asleep inside. 

It is akin to observing a worker who, exhausted from fatigue, falls asleep in the factory, yet their hands continue to work despite their unconsciousness because the body can move and perform pre-imposed actions even without the need to stay awake.

In the past, this was due to excessive working hours; today, it is due to excessive hours of unconsciousness.

Meditation is a practice that has always been a part of us, even if its name might be unfamiliar nowadays because we've let excessive modern stress suffocate us.

Meditation is, first of all, a mental state, and then a technique. It is essential to practice it as theory alone cannot provide us with its benefits.

To effectively put a good session into practice, you must first make the internal decision to practice it, as it offers a state of mental Freedom from the programs and weights that burden us every day, a sensation that may not be easy to recognize and understand immediately.

Meditation reminds us that we are alive in living bodies, because that’s what we are, although we often forget this fact.

If you have practiced meditation before, you will find it easier to read the following pages. If you have never experienced or learned about this state of mental and physical relaxation, it's time to become familiar with it.

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Today relaxation is often taken lightly, almost thinking that well-being is something that should not belong to us, because it is boring or useless, just like a waste of time. I will be happy to prove the opposite.

Feeling good does not mean wasting time, feeling bad instead does: it really makes us waste a lot of opportunities by throwing them straight into the trash.

I want to help you understand what Meditation really is, and not see it as something only for a select few, the elect, or those who have nothing to do.

Discovering meditation in the right way will increase your desire to practice it and incorporate it into your life. Don't rush to achieve everything immediately if you're not even sure what you want to achieve. So relax, take your time, and step by step you can improve your life and the way you live it. I invite you to try the first taste of true meditation, which I am ready to teach you. It is probably the first time for you, so we will start from the most basic level and work our way up to more in-depth techniques. The purpose of this Meditation is mental well-being, and relaxation is the first objective that must be achieved. Without relaxation, Meditation will not be as effective, and it may appear almost useless. Learning to relax is both the most difficult and the most important step; once you have mastered this skill, the rest will be a walk in the park. We are about to begin a 10-minute meditation session. I will guide you through the steps to have a magnificent Meditation experience. I recommend listening to the audio version with headphones. Alternatively, you can continue reading this page and follow the same instructions in written form. In this case, spend at least one minute practicing each command.

If you wish to listen to the guided Meditation in audio version, click here, then finish reading the article. Otherwise, follow the written guide step by step.

Get comfortable and relax.


Focus solely on my words...


Do not think about anything, remove any thoughts that you do not need at this moment.

Focus solely on relaxation.


Breathe... and focus on the depth of your breath.

Worth your attention with every single breath...


Start breathing deeply and calmly... breathe with your stomach.


Do not think about anything...


Feel the muscles in your neck loosen up... and relax it.


Relax your shoulders...


Relax the muscles in your face..


Focus only on the beating of your heart and relax...


Feel your heart beating... 


Feel it like never before...


Breathe... and feel yourself relax...


Relax your neck...

Your shoulders...

Your face...


Now relax your back...




Relax your mind...

Feel the lightness that is created in your mind...



Feel how beautiful it is to relax... and not think about anything...



It makes you feel... for a moment... alive...



Take a moment longer... just a moment... feel happy to be here... in the present…



Give yourself just a moment... do not leave immediately... 

It's so nice to be by yourself...


Relax... Your body is asking you to... Your mind is begging you to…


Do not be shy... after all... it's just you with yourself...


Relax a little more... breathe deeply...


Thank you… for allowing me to help you relax…


You are now ready to open your eyes… in every sense.



This was just a taste of Meditation, and I hope it has sparked a small desire in you to want to relax more often. As you have seen, there is no reason why you should not. If you wish, practice this relaxation session again until you feel ready to move on to the next step. I am waiting for you.

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  • mochi - 23:22 12/06/24

    È stata stupenda,mi sono sentita me stessa,connessa, serena.E' stato un viaggio in me stessa,ho provato una sensazione bellissima,ho preso consapevolezza di alcuni miei timori,e ho sentito la gioia del momento presente

  • lunarian - 12:58 09/06/24

    Normaly I meditate using selfmade mantras. This meditation brought forth simular sensations. My navel and heart area got warm. In the beginning I felt like my conscioussness getting pulled away from my body a bit up to my head. During the meditation I got my usual face, in between eyebrow region and head tingles - tho I found myself analyzing again, trying to draw clues and connections. A learning is to just be during meditation, bc before that I used that state for connection attempts - a very good practise and way of envoking further training - thankyou so much !

  • frances - 20:09 06/06/24

    Ogni volta che faccio meditazione mi commuovo, è come tornare a casa ! Si sta cosi' bene! Grazie per questa bellissima meditazione!

  • wolf93 - 14:26 06/06/24

    Grazie infinite per questa stupenda meditazione, ho esperienza nella meditazione, ma questa è veramente unica, fin da subito ho sentito una sensazione di tranquillità e pace. E mentre facevo la meditazione ho visto delle immagini, la prima immagine che ho visto, è stata quella di un albero con una bella chioma ed immenso (ho detto che è l'albero della vita). La seconda immagine che mi è apparsa è stata quella di una donna, apriva gli occhi e mi guardava (quando medito mi capita spesso di vedere volti di donne). E come ultima immagine, ho visto le mani di un bambino che giocavano. E' stata una sensazione stupenda, ho sentito il rilassamento che mi pervadeva in tutto il corpo, potevo percepire il mio corpo che si addormentava, mentre la Coscienza era presente. Appena iniziata la meditazione, il Low ha cercato di distrarmi attraverso un messaggio ricevuto nel telefono, perchè ho percepito la vibrazione del cellulare, e attraverso una mosca che mi si era appoggiata sul piede. Se in un primo momento, la mente ha cercato di farmi distrarre, sono riuscito a rimanere concentrato sulla voce della meditazione. Da quando ho scoperto la meditazione, ho potuto percepire una connessione maggiore con me stesso e con l'Universo.

  • ghit1989 - 17:01 04/06/24

    Grazie infinite ho avuto diverse esperienze riguardo alla meditazione ma questa è in assoluto fra quelle gratuite la meglio strutturata e quella che al momento promette di più.grazie ancora e alla prossima. 🖤❤️🤍

  • mikmain - 10:49 04/06/24

    Al giorno d'oggi la meditazione o il training autogeno sono di fondamentale importanza per affrontare la quotidianità.

  • raffaella-(raffy) - 10:09 04/06/24

    Grazie mille, e’ stata una consapevolezza nel ritrovare il proprio io, sia fisico ke mentale, qllo a cui non diamo più ascolto da molto tempo ormai!!!

  • Marco - 20:32 03/06/24

    Grazie! Non sono nuovo alla meditazione ma la maniera in cui me l'avete spiegata e stato un vero viaggio di scoperta con una nuova chiave di lettura

  • robertag - 16:15 03/06/24

    Io penso alla meditazione come ad una pratica per tornare a casa, quella è la sensazione che ho provato raggiungendo un certo livello di rilassamento e pace mentale. In quel vuoto ci si sente davvero pieni! E' molto importante acquisire padronanza con il rilassamento del corpo e la calma mentale, raggiungere e mantenere uno stato di attenzione nel silenzio dei pensieri non è affatto istintivo, fermare il chiacchiericcio mentale necessita di molta pratica; occorre non cadere nel torpore e placare l'eccitazione, uscire dall'idea di performance e lasciarsi andare all'esperienza, godere e gioire di ogni piccolo passo avanti. La mente calma attinge ad informazioni altrimenti inaccessibili, possono arrivare intuizioni interessanti, può non arrivare nulla (che è già una gran cosa ;-)). Non rimandare le sessioni pianificate è il primo passo. Finisco ancora una cosa e poi pratico.... faccio solo questa chiamata e poi mi ci metto... dai magari pratico stasera.... questo porta di sicuro a non praticare. Io l'ho vissuto e lo vivo nel quotidiano, oggi però ha un nome, il LOW. Farò più attenzione!

  • Stella 🌟 - 15:42 03/06/24

    Non è stata la mia prima volta che pratico la meditazione . Non perché le altre volte non mi sia piaciuta,ma soltanto perché faccio fatica a concentrarmi. Stavolta è stato diverso, gradevolmente diverso. Non solo sono riuscita a concentrarmi,ma mi è anche piaciuto,sarei stata ancora ad occhi chiusi ad ascoltare il dolce suono della musica e la voce melodiosa della ragazza che mi aiutava a concentrarmi. Di sicuro , mediterò ancora è,stata un'esperienza molto bella e gratificante. Grazie!

  • mirko - 11:09 03/06/24

    Certo che ricordarsi di essere sentendosi vivi attraverso il contatto con se stessi è una sensazione davvero unica di invincibilità!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Grazie per questa esperienza extrasensoriale

  • terminator - 14:31 02/06/24

    Mi capita spesso di avere la mente come se fosse appesantita e a far fatica a rimanere lucido. Anche svolgere semplici mansioni diventa più faticoso se si ha la mente piena di pensieri. Voglio scoprire questa pratica ed imparare a rilassarmi che credo sia proprio quello di cui abbiamo bisogno.

  • robertag - 22:33 01/06/24

    Una semplice ed efficace meditazione, ho sentito il battito del cuore in ogni parte de mio corpo. Grazie

  • Flo - 11:13 30/05/24

    Sarei rimasta ancora ad occhi chiusi..rilassata nonostante i tanti pensieri..sicuramente la costanza porta i suoi benefici..che in altre modalità già percepisco

  • edel - 07:09 30/05/24

    E’ proprio quello che cercavo stamattina un modo per iniziare la giornata sentendomi meno schiavo dei miei pensieri e un pochino più presente a me stessa. Tornerò a fare questo esercizio nella giornata, grazie