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The Low Frequency – The enemy of Awakening (Part 1)

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To start recognizing the presence of Low Frequency in our lives, we must first understand how the Matrix works, which I have already discussed in a previous article. The Matrix is the video game in which we spend most of our lives, believing it to be real. The Low Frequency is the mechanism that makes us believe this, allowing us to live inside the video game and forget our true purpose. It is the low vibration in which we habitually live, filled with thousands of thoughts, tasks, setbacks, and unforeseen events that serve no other purpose than to fill every minute of our day, preventing us from pausing to recognize who we really are. The Low Frequency keeps us tied to a frenetic life, even on our days off, which we fill with activities instead of using them to reflect on our purpose in life. However, the Low Frequency is much more than a simple base vibration: it is a function, a form of consciousness of this planet that keeps us tied to prevent us from recognizing our true identity and ascending beyond the low frequency to find Awakening.

The planet we inhabit has a mind, a truly intelligent mind that makes it fully alive. Its mind, like ours, has various faculties, and is capable of moving life within it. The planet's mind has two particularly important functions, which are very different from each other but equally important to understand: one is Nature, the other is Low Frequency. Although both are part of the same coin, the mind of the planet, they are distinct functions and in some ways, very different from each other. Nature is, in fact, the most positive thing that exists in this world, while paradoxically, Low Frequency is the lowest vibration of this planet. In this article, we will explore the difference between Nature and Low Frequency, as they are both part of the planet's mind but represent two very different functions. We will recognize Nature as the highest vibration that can be found on this planet and Low Frequency as the lowest vibration. In this journey, our focus will be on analyzing Low Frequency and understanding it calmly, as it is a very deep topic that is complex to understand if approached superficially. Let's begin by understanding Nature.

What we have always referred to as Nature is actually part of the mind of the Planet. However, we have not realized how much it influences our lives. Nature is the consciousness that guides every living being on this planet, including insects, plants, and all organisms, whether on land or in the sea. It is Nature that causes flowers to bloom at the right time, drives bees to pollinate specific flowers, and organizes the hierarchy in the families of insects and animals. Everything that functions in this world is a result of Nature, born from the mind of the planet we inhabit. Nature is not random; on the contrary, it is precise because it knows how to organize itself to maintain the necessary harmony to sustain life on Earth in a linear and uninterrupted manner.  Therefore, we use the term Nature to describe the ability of the planet's mind, but often forget its true meaning. In fact, we often talk about Nature dismissively, disregarding the fact that everything on this planet has been organized perfectly. No one in the world could have designed mechanisms as precise and perfect as those that fit together so seamlessly. When we talk about Nature, we diminish its importance, thinking that everything happens without any intervention, without realizing that, in reality, everything works because the mind of the planet is at the forefront, guiding the lives of plants, animals, and insects. In essence, Nature directs the life of every living being on Earth, including our own.

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The faculty of the Planet's mind, which we call Nature, is exceptional because it manages to sustain life even during difficult times by devising new mechanisms, such as the birth of a new plant, which will solve a specific problem that occurred on the Planet. However, the other side of the coin, the Low Frequency, takes advantage of this mechanism to control our lives and prevent us from breaking out of the mold to find our own identity. Essentially, while Nature directs our lives, the Low Frequency takes control. What we have ignored throughout our lives is that the Nature of this planet not only directs the events of plants, insects, and animals by creating situations to ensure the continuity of nature even when a part of its mechanism is missing, but it also directs human lives. We have ignored that Nature is not just grass, flowers, and insects, but everything that surrounds us. Its consciousness directs humans as it does insects. The only difference is that insects create burrows, while humans create buildings. We have always ignored that the mind of the planet we live on decides our destiny and imposes it on us, even though we deceive ourselves into thinking that we are the only creators of our fate.

If you pause for a moment to reflect, you will realize that you have had little control over your destiny, from the moment you were born until now. The people you've met and interacted with over the years were not chosen by you, but instead by “chance”, as were all the situations and events that have occurred in your life. While we don't choose every single event that happens to us on a daily basis, we often fail to realize that something else may be responsible for filling our days with "adventures" that distract us and give us something to think about, preventing us from stopping and focusing on ourselves.

When you start thinking this way, you realize that if the mind of the planet can so easily organize every single event in nature to make it fit and continue life, sometimes even performing real "miracles of nature", then it must be just as easy for the planet to organize every single event in our lives and make it go the way it has decided for us. While the planet has the ability to give birth to life using nature, it also has the ability to bind all minds (human, animal, plant) born on this planet to it through Low frequency. When we think of Nature only as insects and flowers, everything seems too simple, beautiful, and peaceful. Certamente, if it were not for nature directing the lives of all living beings, there would be no life at all: Nature chooses how spiders should behave and continue their lives, pushing them until they die. This mechanism works for every single living being, including humans. Nature determines how we should be born and how we should die, regardless of our preferences. This would be perfect if we were spiders. However, we are human beings endowed with Consciousness and we deserve to awaken and recognize our true selves. In fact, the planet's mind beyond nature possesses another consciousness, which is nothing but the other side of the coin, which uses its power to bind us to this life and prevent us from choosing how our life should go according to our will. This blockage is Low frequency.

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Nature determines the course of our lives, introducing events and details that shape our future in the direction it chooses; meanwhile, Low frequency exploits Nature to add distractions and setbacks to our lives with the goal of making us focus on these unexpected events and preventing us from discovering our true identity. The Low Frequency reduces us to the level of insects, but we are not insects. Insects follow a life cycle focused solely on procreation, after which they die. We are not born solely to procreate and dedicate our lives to this. We have something much more evolved than insects, namely an ancient and developed Consciousness that persists from life to life. While we can procreate and love our children more than ourselves, this is not the sole purpose of our existence. In the meantime, we can also choose to discover who we really are. While Nature urges us to take steps that ultimately lead us in the direction it has chosen, the Low Frequency prevents us from embarking on a path of awakening that would help us remember who we really are and why we are here; above all, it prevents us from discovering that we were not born here to live like puppets controlled by someone at the top: the Low Frequency. We are much more than insects. Therefore, it is important to understand that the problem is not with nature, but with the Low Frequency that confuses us and makes us believe that it is "natural". If we were to discover our true identity, we would realize that we are not here to submit to the Low Frequency, but to pursue much more important goals.

This is precisely why the Low does everything to keep us from Awakening. It fills our days with things to do, anything to prevent us from thinking about ourselves and discovering who we really areIt wants us to believe that we should live like everyone else, asleep, with no other life goals except those imposed by the Low Frequency. The Low knows much better than us that if we awaken, the situation would change drastically and we would no longer be under its control, but we would be free. Therefore, if it is so important for the Low to make us sleep in a state of unconsciousness, the goal is not only to make us follow nature but also to make us forget completely who we are and who we have been, thus preventing us from accomplishing what we came here to do in this life. The Low Frequency aims to keep us in a state of low vibration, where we remain unaware and asleep, despite our belief that we are awake. The only way to escape the Low, understand its workings, and learn to overcome it is by raising our vibration to a higher level than where we currently exist every day. By raising our vibration, and thus our tonale, we can perceive the mechanisms that the Low employs to keep us down, and learn to navigate them so that they no longer affect us. The only way to truly raise your tonale is to practice Meditation. This allows you to evolve your Consciousness, remember who you are, develop your psychic abilities, and recognize that everything you don't like about your life can be changed. The Low Frequency has decided our reality before, but through meditation, you can take control and decide how your life should go. It's like living in the Matrix without realizing it - the Low Frequency wants to keep us trapped in this virtual reality and forget who we really are.

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The reason I am discussing Nature with you is to help you understand how the Low exploits it to "hide" itself and prevent you from discovering its presence. By doing so, you remain unaware of its influence in your daily life and continue to sleep through your whole life. While understanding the Low may seem simple, it actually requires time and patience, as it is a much broader topic than it appears. Furthermore, breaking free from its mechanisms and liberating yourself from its oppression, which tries to keep you asleep, will take time, patience, and concentration. This is because the Low will use your own mind to question your evolution and, if that is not enough, it will use the people around you to distract you and prevent you from practicing and raising your vibration. However, if you practice seriously, you will become more aware of your life and free yourself from the Low. In the next lesson on the Low Frequency, I will explain how it works and how it manages to exploit your mind and the people around you to prevent you from finding your Awakening. In the meantime, I recommend that you continue with the articles of Step 1 and start practicing the first Meditation session. Until you experience what it feels like to be free from the Low, you will not be able to recognize the great power that being free from its chains offers you. However, by starting to practice Meditation and raising your vibration, you will realize it and wonder why you did not start earlier. Be patient and take the time to digest this concept, as it will be very useful throughout your journey.

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This document is the translation of the original article on the Accademia di Coscienza Dimensionale website.

  • mochi - 22:36 12/06/24

    Ora capisco perché faccio così fatica a meditare, oppure alcune volte proprio quando sto cercando di concentrarmi,di capire,di riflettere,c è sempre qualcosa o qualcuno che cerca di distrarmi.Grazie💖

  • tiberiade - 23:23 09/06/24

    Cose davvero molto interessanti, sono davvero molto affascinato da tutte queste informazioni che mi state dando

  • lunarian - 12:21 09/06/24

    A very complex topic but thanks to the linked Q&A a bit more understandable. So to break it down: Our souls came here for a reason, we linked into this videogame and experience the physical. The common rulesets of every living beeing including our characters are set by nature. Like default settings to preserve life and keep it running. While we are running around in character by this default life settings by nature, we usually should have the ability to remember that we are in a game, realize we can act outside of the default settings and strive beyond - here comes Low at play, the mechanism that makes us forget our original self, makes us believe that this videogame is reality and we are bound to the settings. And it will try everything it can to keep us bound and delusional. So nature is the default settings (enviromental and creature behaviour instructions) to keep life and the living running (good and needed) and Low tries to take the awareness that we are actually able to think and act beyond the default settings and skills we got.

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  • peter73 - 23:19 05/06/24

    dopo questa lettura le mie domande sono aumentate esponenzialmente. devo andare avanti per avere una visione più chiara di noi, del low, della natura e del pianeta.

  • mdl7 - 17:52 05/06/24

    Davvero molto interessante anche se non mi è proprio tutto chiaro. spero di chiarire i miei dubbi nei prossimi documenti

  • wolf93 - 16:42 04/06/24

    Più vado avanti con la lettura dei documenti e con il Risveglio spirituale, e più riesco a comprendere quanto il low riesce ad ingannarci e a prendere in mano la nostra mente, facendoci vivere in un'illusione. Ma dal momento che riusciamo a superare questo velo, e ci colleghiamo con la Natura, riusciamo a capire il senso della nostra vita e perchè siamo venuti a vivere su questo pianeta.

  • Raffaella (Raffy) - 21:36 03/06/24

    E’ vero, ci sino sempre tanti impedimenti ke non ci permettono di evolvere in modo semplice e naturale ma cercano sempre di abbassare le ns vibrazioni!!! Grazie mille per qsti insegnamenti!!!

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  • Marco - 13:50 03/06/24

    Articolo molto interessante soprattutto la nuova chiave di lettura che si propone sulla natura e sono molto incuriosito dal meccanismo del low perché lo riesco a percepire nella mia vita ma quasi sempre non riesco a placarlo (soprattutto meditando) e prendere io il controllo

  • yleniam. - 10:20 03/06/24

    Riuscire a meditare ci ho provato spesso ma mi perdo e mollo...anche se poi tutti i giorni vado a camminare e li ogni volta accade che i pensieri spariscono e mi ritrovo concentrata a guardare i fiori o gli alberi o il cielo e ogni volta colgo un particolare diverso...non so per me e gia una mediazione....

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    Non mi è ben chiaro lo scopo del low frequency per tenerci addormentati, forse perché dobbiamo essere coscienti di tutte le tappe per giungere al risveglio? Una sorta di “ vediamo chi veramente se lo merita”

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