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Everyday issues – Headaches (part 1)

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Headache is a pain that can afflict many people every day, whether they are women, men or small children. The first thing we usually do is to get some pills to relieve the pain, hoping that they will work; but often even drugs seem to have no effect, because the pain is so strong that it makes us lose hope. The question is: are these headaches really normal? How is it possible that you wake up in the morning already with a strong headache, even though you have slept all night and there is no logical reason for it? It may not surprise you, but most headaches are not normal at all. I know headache very well, because I have suffered from it for several years of my life. I remember, it started when I was 4 and it has become a real problem precisely since I was 8 years old. There was no medicine that could relieve my pain, until I found the solution: I understood its causes and I started to work on them. Headaches are all different and it is absolutely wrong to consider this terrible pain as completely normal. There is nothing normal about headache! And it is not even normal for young children to suffer from it, which means that its causes are not all logical as people naively believe.

Headaches are all different, and we don’t have to think that each of us has only a single type of pain, because in reality we can experience multiple kinds of headaches at a time in our routine; such as a headache in the middle of the forehead, a particular sharp twinge of pain inside the eye, a pain that occurs in the middle of the head or that starts at the back of the head and spreads to the center giving the sensation of a bullet penetrating the cranium, or the most common pains in the temples. And there are so many others! These headaches are very different from each other and sometimes they can come one after the other, as if all the pains arose simultaneously in different areas of the head. Let’s clear it up right now, this is not normal! Those who don’t suffer from headache cannot possibly understand the pain of suffering from it. Those who do not suffer from headaches are very lucky, because they are not victims of this torture which is sometimes so severe that you would cry if it wasn’t for the fact that crying would increase it, and that’s the last thing you want to do. There are many daily pains that can come out of nowhere and can upset our routine; such as a pain in the stomach or a discomfort in the back… we are talking about daily pains that come out of nowhere and that can be very annoying. Among all our daily problems, severe headache is one of those pains that debilitates you the most, because it makes you completely unable to react to any situation. All pains are bad, but at least you know the cause of most of them. If you suffer from stomachache, it could be caused by what you ate last night; if your back hurts, it could be due to the effort you made to lift something, or maybe you slept in the wrong position. But how can a headache come so raging and suddenly without having done anything to cause it?

Of course, there are also natural reasons that can cause headaches, but those are not the only ones, as naively we may think. The worst thing is that those who suffer a lot from headaches, getting it even every day, get used to this pain to the point that they truly believe it is normal. Why? Because they have lived with this pain for so many years that now headache has become part of their routine, so much so that, those rare days when they don’t wake up with pain in their head, they will think: “It’s weird, today I don’t have a headache .. for sure it will come later!” Maybe you too have thought: “It’s odd, today I don’t have a headache”, and this is the main reason that should make you understand the abnormality of headache: what is strange, is not waking up without a headache, but it is accepting this pain so much that you miss its presence.

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So let’s see together which are the most different headaches, which are their causes and their solutions. We will talk about headaches caused by  “normal reasons” and headaches that really don’t have anything normal.

The first and most common headache is the one that starts from the center of the forehead. It usually affects the center of the forehead, or it may start from the center of the eyebrows, therefore close to the eyes even though the pain does not affect them. We mostly associate this pain with sinusitis, although it is unthinkable to have perennial sinusitis, day and night, every day of the month and of the year without even suffering from a cold. You will be surprised to know that this headache mostly depends on an empty Mind chakra. The Mind chakra has enormous potential, but it runs out of energy very easily and for this reason we can feel a very strong pain. Proving that the Mind chakra is much more important than you think, a few minutes of meditation a day on that chakra will help you eliminate headache from your routine. Generally headache occurs when the Mind chakra is severely empty, so it is not enough to concentrate on it for a moment to make it go away. You need to fill your chakra with enough energy so that you will not feel pain even in the following days. All those who meditate on the Mind chakra every day with the right Meditation technique, manage to heal from headache and prevent it from coming back. For those who suffer a lot from headaches, a day or two without  meditation would be enough to feel headache again the following day. This shows that the Mind chakra empties really very quickly and needs a large amount of energy. The more headaches are severe the more the Mind chakra is empty, as a result it needs to be filled with plenty of  Prana. If you suffer from this type of head pain, specifically the one that starts from the center of the forehead, you have probably already tried thousands of different medicines and nevertheless, your headache does not go away. Meditation does not make you spend money and has no side effects, like medicines have. For this reason I suggest you to meditate on the Mind chakra, because you have nothing to lose, but only benefit. If you try to meditate on the Mind chakra every day for at least 5 days, you will notice that the next day you will no longer suffer from headaches. If you are that kind of person who never gets headaches, then you might not believe this; but if you are the kind of person who experiences a headache almost every day of his life, it will be much easier for you to understand the enormous effectiveness of Meditation. After a few days of meditation on the Mind chakra you will immediately realize that what I am telling you it is true: you will wake up without headache and you will not have signs of pain during the whole day.

Is it a placebo effect? Is it suggestion? You can believe what you want, but Meditation will have made your headache go away and its effect will last a long time if you continue to meditate. So you can decide to minimize the power of meditation, or you can realize that some pains are not easy to treat with medicine – otherwise you would have already cured your headache definitively and you wouldn’t be here looking for other solutions – because these are not pains depending on factors studied by science: they depend on the lack of energy in your chakra. Rationally, you can deny it if you want, but as soon as you start to meditate, your headache goes away. How can you explain this? We can say what we like, but facts show that meditation cures headaches. My advice is to meditate every day without forgetting the Mind chakra, even on those days when you feel really fine: because if you stop meditating when you are well, the chakra will empty again and your headache will come back the following days.

The solution is not to meditate in the exact moment when you have headache, always waiting for the problem to be serious before deciding to do something; the solution is to meditate first, so that the pain will not come back the next day. In this way you will ensure the duration of the physical health of your head for the following days. A meditation, as soon as you wake up, allows you to start your day in the best possible way, excluding the possibility of pain; then the evening or night meditation prevents you to suffer from head pain the next day. Try it! And you will find out that you can no longer give up on meditation.

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Sometimes headache can also be the result of wrong food choices, which cause pain in the internal organs, as well as headache. A few years ago I realized that every time I drank famous fizzy drinks, which can be found on everyone’s table, I got a bad headache. Although these drinks are famous, it doesn’t mean that they are good for us, in fact we often consume drinks that are harmful to our body but which are highly advertised and sponsored, and for this reason we trust those brands. I realized that every time I drank that type of soda for lunch, after a while a slight pain in my head began to rise and it quickly became very sharp. Since then I have decided not to drink sugary sodas anymore, and since then I have no longer suffered from headaches after meals. You need to pay attention to the precise moment when your headache starts, so you can understand its causes and eliminate your pain. Our biggest mistake is to look for a medicine every time we feel pain, instead of stopping for a moment in order to understand what is the real cause of our pain and try to eliminate it. As long as we decide to buy medicines to treat pain, we will never solve the problem from the root. If we focus on understanding what is the cause of the pain, we can eliminate it and make sure that the pain will never come back again. Don’t misunderstand my words, I am not against medicine just because I am suggesting you to avoid drugs when you suffer from severe pain: but instead, I am inviting you to understand your body before pumping it full of medicines. You can cure some kinds of pain by eliminating their causes without having to wait for them to become severe and spending your money on pills.

Another reason why we can suffer from headache is the lack of water. We all know it, yet we often forget it: our body is mainly composed of water and despite this we usually drink everything but water. We usually forget that water is not synonymous with any other liquid that we find on the market: if we drink fruit juice cartons, bottled tea, cans of fizzy drinks and several glasses of alcohol, it is absolutely not the same as drinking water. Our body needs water, not other liquids, only pure water! That’s because our internal organs need water to function properly; if we don’t give it to them, they will get sick faster and our pain will become stronger and persistent. Did you know that our brain is composed of almost 80% water? This means that we need to drink water every day to keep our brain healthy. If we don’t drink, our body cannot generate water inside, it is not able to produce liquids from nothing, so we keep eliminating liquids from our body without absorbing new ones. We don’t drink water just for peeing, we need water to keep our organs healthy and to allow them to function properly so that they do not get sick too quickly. Needless to say, if we all drank much more water, instead of staffing ourselves with poor-quality beverages, many pains and illnesses would be unknown to us. When you have a headache, try to drink two glasses of water, not just one gulp, but two full glasses. Sometimes this simple gesture is really enough and in a few minutes your head pain may go away.

Sometimes headache comes from a poor digestion. It could happen, especially on those days when you are out with friends or relatives and the menu includes very hearty meals, that at a certain point you may feel your head “swollen” as if a balloon had been inflated inside your cranium. At first you may not understand what it is, but this is a strong signal that you need to stop eating because your body cannot normally digest. This feeling is usually so annoying that makes you dizzy.

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Other times the situation gets worse due to your excessive fullness or because you are eating in a cold room or outdoors; the cold can cause a blockage in your stomach and suddenly you almost feel faint. Even cold drinks can block your stomach, so you have to be really careful. These sensations are followed by severe headaches, which may also last for the following days. Sometimes this discomfort doesn’t come right away. It may happen that you eat a large meal, which doesn’t seem so heavy to you, but it actually is for your body. Everything seems to be fine, then suddenly you find yourself lying down on the sofa or in bed and almost immediately your stomach swells and feels hard, as if it had blocked, and from that moment a severe pain starts such as stomachache, nausea and headache. It is useless to say that you should never lie down after having a heavy dinner, and you also need to pay attention to what you eat for dinner because our body is not always able to digest it in the same way it digests lunch. Perhaps you have never had such problems, but one day, suddenly you will fill your belly too much, you will drink cold beverages and as soon as you leave the restaurant, you will catch cold and the consequences of a cold stomach are very painful. We should never take for granted that this has never happened to us, because our bodies do not function the same way throughout our life; there are periods when we are more vulnerable, weaker, and the slightest touch is enough to make us feel bad. When we digest badly, even though we don’t get a stomachache, we could actually get a headache, so we need to pay attention to what we eat especially at dinner before going to sleep.

Even those who suffer from liver problems can get annoying headaches, because organs are all connected and many times, if one is injured, it may also cause problems to the others. Many people, for instance, don’t even know where their liver is, so they spend their lives believing they have backache, although the real cause is in their liver. We only have one liver and it is very fragile, so we don’t have to destroy it! Drinking alcohol sickens our liver and damages our brain, even though we believe we drink it with moderation, that’s because our organ health does not depend on what we think, but on what we do. If we decide not to drink alcohol anymore and to increase our daily water consumption, many of the physical pains we thought were normal, will cease to exist. Scientific studies state that “alcohol is a toxic substance which, after ingestion, should be rapidly metabolized to avoid damage to the body, however this causes liver damage”. Nevertheless, we keep drinking it even though we know that it harms us and causes serious health problems, including severe headaches that will continue even in the following days. The problem with alcohol is not the momentary headache after drinking it, but the weakening it causes to our body, so much so that it becomes more susceptible to future headaches, which will come even when we don’t consume alcohol. For this reason we need to stop drinking alcohol, because it causes damage to our body that will continue even when we don’t drink it. Not to mention drugs, which must absolutely be avoided since they will damage our brain and this will cause not only severe physical pain, but also serious mental problems that no medicine will ever fully cure.

These, of course, are “natural” causes of headache. But if you don’t consume alcohol or drugs, if you drink water regularly (not a few sips, but at least two liters a day), if you don’t eat heavy meals at dinner, and yet you suffer from severe headaches, what causes your pain?

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If you suffer from a type of headache that starts from a “sting” in the eye, whether it is the right eye or the left one, from which it extends lengthwise with a fixed pain as if a long needle was inserted from the eye to the center of the head, it may not be caused by natural reasons. You should try to understand if these severe headaches, that start from an eye and expand as if a real needle was inserted into your head, come always and exclusively when you see/meet or hear a specific person on the phone, or when you go to a certain place.These kind of headaches occur really very often when we meet a certain person who, inside, has very negative feelings towards us. You need to understand that people know how to lie very well and how to pretend to be good and kind, but deep down they may bear you a hidden grudge, even unjustified. In particular this happens when we meet middle-aged or elderly people, whether they are our older colleagues, our distant relatives or our immediate family. You don’t know why, yet when you meet precisely that aunt, or your mother-in-law, or that elderly neighbor, etc. you feel your eye pierced and the pain spreading.

Many times the pain doesn’t come immediately, but after a few hours or the following day, nevertheless it always occurs after you met that precise person. You may not believe it and think that “negative energies” do not exist, but reality is very different, because every time you meet or hear that specific person on the phone, without even seeing him physically, you get a very bad headache. This pain is not normal.

My advice is to practice the Psychic Protection before meeting this person, as well as immediately after the meeting; because headache is not the only damage that his presence may cause you, it is only the first warning of a much more serious problem. In addition, if possible, I suggest you to avoid that person or meet him as little as possible, because if he causes you these severe headaches, it means that that person has very negative and evil feelings towards you, even though he seems nice. You should consider the pain caused by his presence, because it is not good and it is not fair that you have to suffer from these pains just because you don’t want to be rude towards him. You should try to grow away from him, so you will see if these pains stop.

Not only people can cause you headaches just by looking at you, but also specific places. Maybe generally you experience a severe headache only when you visit some friends or relatives at their home. As long as you are outside you feel good, but as soon as you enter their house you start feeling bad, your head starts pounding and the pain quickly turns into a severe headache. In this case it may occur because of that specific person, or it can be due to specific energy programs that have been created within that house, which are very negative and stagnant. Because of them, as soon as you enter that house you will get a severe headache, sometimes even dizziness and nausea. If you happen to meet that person outside his home and feel good, but you start feeling bad only when you enter his house, then maybe it is not that person who gives you a headache but the negative energy inside his house. Of course, this person is not aware of  this problem and doesn’t even know how to define it. You could help him cleaning the energy of his home by suggesting him to follow this spiritual path. There is another reason, however, that may give you a headache when you enter your friends or relatives’ house, and it may not even be fault of the energy inside the house; in fact the cause of those severe headaches may be the presence of an entity inhabiting that house. Entities may not even move objects or make noise, because some of them are very silent; nevertheless their presence may cause you severe headaches and various pains.

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Some entities manage to cause you such severe pains that you really may think to have a very serious health problem, as your headaches are so strong that you feel like you are going crazy. In particular, some very negative presences, that can be found in your home or in other places you frequent, can cause you such strong and throbbing pain in your brain hemispheres that you will think of having a terrible disease. Before getting scared, I suggest you meditate and protect yourself and your house well using the Psychic Protection.

The pain caused by an Entity usually starts in the middle of the night while you are sleeping, affecting your hemispheres (usually the left one) so hard that the ache may even wake you up. Then, the following morning you will wake up with a headache, feeling your hemisphere throbbing and increasing in intensity. The pain is so severe that just talking, hearing others talk, and looking at any light source (chandelier, cell phone screen, TV, etc.) will quickly make your ache worse.

The peculiarity of this headache is that, at certain times, it moves from one hemisphere to the other almost as if there was “something alive” inside your head. Why would a pain move from one part of the body to another like it was nothing? If your arm hurts, it is not normal if the pain travels quickly to the shoulder leaving the arm. What kind of pain is able to move on purpose? This does not depend on “the pain”, but  on “the attack” or, other times, on “the larva”. If a part of your body hurts, and suddenly this pain moves completely to another part of the body – leaving the first one – it means, almost for sure, that that pain is caused by an energetic larva.

On the other hand, when the pain does not move, but it intensifies in precise moments reaching a very high level (too high!) in a few seconds, it is more likely due to an energy attack. Some presences manage to cause us such strong energy attacks that we feel such an intense physical pain which can drive a person mad. Headache is one of those pains that is really scary, because it comes out of nowhere and goes from a light pain to a hallucinating pain in just a few seconds; and this is not normal! This is due to an energy attack caused by negative entities or by people who – for any reason, even illogical – resent us. The problem with “attack” headaches is that you can take as many medicines as you want, but they will not relieve your pain; it really seems that they are not working at all. Medicines can cure many kinds of physical problems, but unfortunately there is still no pill that can cure the problems caused by psychic attacks.

Many times headaches in the temples are also caused by negative energies. Temples are very sensitive to energies, so it may happen that just by approaching a negative person – who may not even resent you, but is negative inside –you start feeling stings and pains in only one or in both temples. Perhaps that person is talking to you about his problems, or simply approaches you without speaking, and suddenly you feel a very strong pain entering one of your temples and spreading through your head. This is what should make you understand that this is not a normal headache because you feel it entering your temple; it does not come by itself, but enters.

This makes you realize that it is an external energy that manages to enter your head causing you pain. Other times the same situation is due to a negative entity approaching you. The process is the same, because as soon as it comes up to you, it causes you that strong pain in the temple; the problem is that if you don’t see the entity, you will not recognize its presence, so you delude yourself that your headache is ordinary, but this is not normal.

Whether you are suffering from a headache in the temples, or throbbing pain in the hemispheres, or discomfort that starts at the nape of the neck and then goes deep like bullets, or needles stuck into the eyes,… these pains are not normal, because they are most often caused by the presence of negative entities or people who have very dark feelings for you.

There is still a lot you need to know about headaches, but we will go into detail later. Of course, with this article I am not ruling out natural headaches which can result from normal causes, such as spending a day in an excessively noisy environment that is enough to give you a headache when you come home; or sleeping too much which can make you wake up with headaches. There are natural causes that we already know, so we should pay attention to avoid the consequences.

However, there are pains, not caused by similar reasons, that we don’t know how to avoid or cure. This is the moment when we should understand that those pains are not normal. Here comes Meditation: it feeds us with positive energy and protects us from the negative ones, so that people and evil presences will be no longer able to cause us similar pains. Psychic Protection is equally important, because it drives away these negative energies from us, including dark entities. But this is not the only remedy! In fact, for more “urgent” headaches, there is also Energy Healing, which uses pranic energy to heal the pain we are suffering. In the next article I will talk about Visualization and I will teach you a technique through an audio guide, that will help you understand the basis of the techniques in which Prana is used, such as Healing.

Before moving on to the next topic, we ask you to leave a comment below to let us know if you have appreciated this article. Let us know if this article was helpful and you liked it!

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  • Mery - 02:20 22/09/23

    Io generalmente non soffro di mal di testa nonostantein alcuni periodi ho la sinusite. Ricordo però che quando stavo con il mio ex marito, solo il suo sguardo mi provocava dolore alla test, scosse improvvise, infatti mi odiavava una forte invidi

  • angelia - 17:47 20/09/23

    When I am pulling the PRANA energy into a Chakra, it may seem as if its a headache but it is simply the pressure of the energy going in. I don't generally get headaches but this was good information. Thank you

  • morenos - 10:43 20/09/23

    Ho sofferto di mal di testa per molto tempo, in particolare di una forma di cefalea nota come cefalea a grappolo. Questo tipo di mal di testa si presentava ogni 3 anni e durava circa un mese, con un dolore descritto esattamente come ha scritto Angel, come un pugnale dentro l'occhio. Nonostante le numerose visite mediche e i vari farmaci provati, alla fine ho preso la decisione di non assumere più alcun medicinale. Da quando ho fatto questa scelta, il mal di testa non si è più manifestato. Oggi, grazie all'Accademia, ho la possibilità di comprendere quali potrebbero essere stati i motivi di quel terribile mal di testa. Tendo a credere che potrebbe essere stato causato da un'entità, ma devo ancora capire il motivo per cui questa entità aveva la tendenza a venirmi a trovare ogni tre anni. Sicuramente, continuerò il mio percorso con l'Accademia per approfondire questa questione. In ogni caso, l'importante è che ora sto meglio e ho trovato una strada per affrontare questa situazione.

  • jael - 09:02 18/09/23

    Il mal di testa è un problema che mi accompagna da diversi anni. Si esprime in varie forme ed è determinato da varie cause, che nel tempo ho imparato a riconoscere e distinguere. Per cui ho compreso i mal di testa derivanti dall'alimentazione (soffro di intolleranze alimentari e prima di rendermene conto ne avevo diversi), quelli derivanti da cattiva digestione o congestione, carenze di sostanze endogene (soprattutto in fase pre e post ciclo mestruale), mal di testa tensivi (contratture, freddo, stress, cervicale) che potevano insorgere anche di notte, a causa di posture particolari assunte durante il sonno. Non credo che mi sia mai capitato in presenza di determinate persone, nonostante mi renda conto che alcune mi svuotino energeticamente e provi una sensazione di disagio, o depressione, o spossatezza. Idem per i luoghi o le entità, avverto più che altro variazioni a livello emotivo ed energetico in senso stretto. A volte era la carenza di sonno a procurarli, per cui bastava una buona dormita, ma a volte il sonno li acuiva proprio per motivi posturali. Nell'insieme, però, dopo aver compreso i vari motivi, ho iniziato ad applicare delle tecniche per provare a contrastarli ed evitare i farmaci. Alcune volte riesco a farlo passare con una particolare tecnica di respirazione, altre volte con una visualizzazione e lo spostamento energetico dall'esterno, utilizzando soprattutto le frequenze dei colori. Devo inoltre dire che da quando ho iniziato a praticare la meditazione con regolarità, molti dei mal di testa sono notevolmente diminuiti. Idem con l'idratazione, cosa a cui per anni non avevo mai badato.

  • 💞Vivi💞 - 11:46 17/09/23

    Trovo che questo documento sia veramente molto interessante e importante a chiunque .In principio,tutto è collegato,e non dobbiamo infatti pensare che solo perché si parla di mal di testa (una cosa biologica) non abbia a che fare con temi accademici e spirituali,poiché tutto è collegato,anche nel modo piú strano, ma esempre tutto collegato. È bello aver ascoltato le parole di questo documento perché c'è di tutto spiegato veramente molto bene e molto semplicemente,senza troppe parole complicate e con i consigli adatti. Lo dico perché io ho sperimentato tutte queste tipologie di situazioni,proprio tutte! All'inizio cercare di capire il perché, era molto difficile. Davvero non lo comprendevo, però poi man mano (soprattutto dopo aver iniziato a caricare il mente) ho iniziato a capire qualcosa,ad ascoltare il mio corpo e capire quali sono le cause ogni volta che mi capita il dolore alla testa o ad altre parti del corpo. I mal di testa sono veramente tantissimi, e la medicina sicuramente non è il metodo adatto per far passare questo dolore. In questo documento si parla di mal di testa da attacchi,da carenza d'acqua, da cattiva alimentazione, da parlamenti negativi derivanti da altre persone, da entità, da larve, da luoghi negativi e molto altro ancora..c'é un sacco di cui parlare e tutte le argomentazioni da approfondire,sono una piú interessante dell'altra, perché ci sono tantissime tante cose da dire che si potrebbe finire domani mattina. Io ho sempre avuto questo problema ,dipeso ovviamente da molteplici cause che mi portavano questo fastidio. Da quando ho iniziato a meditare ho notato enormi differenze, ma non solo con la meditazione, ho notato veramente tantissimi tipi di abitudini sbagliate che mi provocano dei fastidi agli organi del corpo. Il grave errore però è ricorrerevai medicinali,perché loro non risolvono il problema. A parte che con questi maledetti medicinali non facciamo altro che arricchire le industrie farmaceutiche,perciò dobbiamo sempre imparare ad ascoltare il nostro corpo, e cercare di capirlo e reagire immediatamente per aiutare il nostro organismo. La meditazione All'inizio per esempio,mi portava dei dolori allucinanti al mente... una nausea veramente strana. Ci volle un pochino per riuscire a comprendere che stava ripulendo qualcosa, ma in generale la pratica spirituale veramente ti guida in tutti i sensi se noi aprimo il nostro cuore per accettare le parole di un sé superiore. All'inizio infatti quando praticavo ,dopo ogni sessione mi veniva una sete da cammello impressionante (e io infatti ho sempre avuto un problema nel bere acqua, perché bevo pochissimo) la meditazione ci aiuta a ristabilizzarci laddove abbiamo dei buchi. Un'altra cosa che notai era vedere che il mio corpo aveva bisogno di carne, di proteine, di pesce, di cu io non mangio spesso. Si percepisce molto la stanchezza mentale, quando la nostra alimentazione è sbagliata. Per questo bisogna pensare davvero ad ogni minima cosa senza tralasciarne nessuna. Ricordo per esempio, in alcuni documenti del volume alieni, che loro si cibano molto di cose liquide, non sono soliti mangiare cose solide, perché loro sanno bene che il corpo ha bisogno di una quantità elevata di liquidi, cose a cui noi, nemmeno facciamo caso, perché mangiamo e basta,senza sapere niente di quel determinato alimento che stiamo ingerendo. Facciamo un esempio banale, La pizza. Sarà capitato almeno a tutti qualche volta di andare in pizzeria, mangiare una pizza la sera e durante la notte alzarsi continuamente per bere perché la sete era così forte che non ci faceva stare tranquilli. Ecco questo è un problema gravissimo, significa che la pizza è stata fatta lievitare poco, e che dopo averla mangiata, il lievito sta continuando a crescere nel nostro corpo, e ha bisogno di acqua per essere tenuto a bada e fargli continuare la lievitazione . Di fatti il giorno dopo, è un classico svegliarsi con il mal di testa. È stata colpa del lievito! Ci avresti mai pensato?no! Intanto è cosi! Oppure basta pensare alla carenza di vitamine. Io ad esempio quando ho mal di testa mi faccio una spremuta e mangio un kiwi, bevo piú acqua che posso e cerco di stare all'aria aperta. Le cause sono veramente tantissime, e ogni cosa va studiata per riuscire a capire come mai abbiamo quel dolore. Mi è capitato tantissime volte di avere a che fare con persone o con luoghi, che solo standoci a contatto mi provocavano dolori. Ogni volta che mi alzavo la mattina,praticavo e mi sentivo energica. Poi mi bastava entrare in classe a scuola e il mio mente si svuotava in una maniera esagerata, facendomi tornare a casa talmente stanca,da avere voglia di addormentarmi. I mal di testa poi non sono tutti normali, percui è bene fare caso se abbiamo un mal di testa che parte dagli occhi, o che parte da dietro, dalle tempie e così via. I chip possono essere ad esempio la causa di un tipo di mal di testa ,e il chip lo si capisce subito. Ero solita fare guarigione e infilare lame blu liddove percepivo il dolore. Anche il taglio fili ha saputo aiutarmi in certi casi e con altri dolori nel corpo. È importante anche cercare di stare il piú lontani possibili da chi ha un energia pesante e pessimista,che attira a sé energie altrettanto simili ,che poi si attaccano a noi per risucchiare l'energia positiva che accumuliamo. È tutto molto sottile e non bisogna tralasciare niente,al contrario bisogna sempre studiarsi da dentro e capire come prevenire certe cose.

  • Lisarahma 🌺 - 20:59 13/09/23

    Non ho mai sofferto di mal di testa nella mia vita, apparte quando molto raramente ho avuto la febbre, oppure quando c'è il vento forte allora si, mi viene in terribile mal di testa che non mi fa neanche dormire e mi sveglio già con il mal di testa, oppure si è vero ho notato che quando sono entrati in certi luoghi o in presenza di certe persone mi è venuto/mi viene il mal di testa. Credo anch'io che certi luoghi hanno energie così forti e negative da provocare dolori fisici, Ho studiato e studio ancora medicina ayurvedica e nella mia vita ho sempre evitato farmaci chimici, in effetti la medicina ayurvedica non tratta il dolore ma tratta il sintomo e quindi bisogna andare ad investigare dentro di noi per capire dove è il disagio e quindi trovare il rimedio. Inoltre ,se c'è uno squilibrio nel corpo astrale prima o poi se non andiamo a scavare dentro di noi per riequilibrarci prima o poi sfocerà come dolore o come vera e propria malattia nel corpo fisico. Questo articolo è molto interessante grazie infinite 🙏🏼🌷

  • giusepp - 08:44 11/09/23

    In questa sessione ci sono state fornite delle info relative ai mal di testa, che possono essere di origine naturale, causa ed effetto dovute a scompensi bio fisici che possono essere dovute, all'alimentazione, al'aver preso troppo freddo alla carenza di acqua etc. Ma veniamo messi in guardia anche su altri tipi di mal testa che possono essere provocate direttamente o indirettamente, da persono che provano odio e risentimento nei nostri confronti, da persone che hanno e vivono in un programma energetico estremamente negativo e indirettamente lo trasmettano, dai cosiddetti vampiri energetici, ma anche da entità silenti che durante la notte possono agire solo per il piacere di provocarci dolore. Adesso non ci resta che aspettare lo steps dove ci vengopno insegnate le tecniche per evitare questo tipo di attacchi o meglio, proteggerci dagli stessi e come rinforzare la nostra aura affinchè possa essere una barriera, uno scudo, un sigillo di protezione

  • sabros - 08:29 07/09/23

    Stanotte ho avuto proprio un bel mal di testa all 'emisfero sx come descritto e ho avuto la certezza che fosse un attacco energetico negativo infatti stamani ho subito letto l'articolo che è stato molto utile e delucidante. Grazieeee

  • Jasmina - 15:24 05/09/23

    Fortunatamente soffro sporadicamente di mal di testa, però mi capitano altri tipi di malesseri , in presenza di alcune tipi di persone , tipo irrequietezza, ansia , mal stare in generale, e l’ho sempre associata ad un qualcosa di negativo verso loro… è capitato anche in alcuni luoghi… interessante approfondire l’argomento! Grazie 🙏

  • asselandra - 23:48 01/09/23

    Articolo sui differenti tipi di mal di testa, e sul dolore in generale, molto interessante. :)

  • ste.lladiluce - 17:59 01/09/23

    Fino a qualche anno fa, soffrivo di emicranie molto forti, talmente forti da prendermi lo stomaco e provocarmi la nausea, tanto da non poter mangiare per evitare di rigettare mal di testa si manifestava in genere il sabato mattina quando non avevo impegni lavorativi, penso che fosse un rilascio di tensione accumulata nel corso della settimana e che avessero una componente ereditaria, in quanto anche mio padre ne ha sofferto fino a quando è andato in pensione. Poi sono spariti, non riesco a collegare questa guarigione ad una motivazione precisa. Penso di aver avuto un unico mal di testa non naturale, quando una mia zia, di fronte alla moglie di mio cugino, mi ha fatto un complimento e ho sentito gli occhi di questa ragazza fissarsi su di me (non li ho visti, perchè guardavo la zia, ma li ho proprio percepiti), dopo poco è scoppiato un mal di testa forte che è durato giorni, mentre gli altri mal di testa sparivano sempre al risveglio. Devo dire che ultimamente ho qualche dolore alle tempie, ma lo collego al fatto che serro molto i denti di notte e comunque non arriva ad essere forte.

  • raffaella83 - 22:40 26/08/23

    Fortunatamente non soffro di mal di testa, ma l'approfondimento dell'articolo mi è stato utile sia per capire le diverse forme di mal di testa e sia per apprendere la causa dello spostamento dei dolori dal braccio alla spalla causata dalle larve. Grazie 🙏

  • baldassarre - 07:51 19/08/23

    Per fortuna non ho mai avuto grossi problemi di mal di testa a differenza di mia mamma. Comunque come sempre interessanti e profonde le vostre disanime riguardo al nostro corpo e come tenerlo attivo e sano. Grazie

  • galacticmermaid - 16:09 17/08/23

    Non avevo mai pensato che un mal di testa potesse essere causato da qualcosa di esterno. Soffro mooolto raramente di mal di testa, ma quando mi vengono sono fortissimi, ti rendono un vegetale, ed è per il ciclo ci solito. D’ora in poi farò più attenzione.

  • Alloro - 21:26 07/08/23

    Interessante come di solito non ho mai dato peso a questo tipo di disagi/dolori. Notare se i dolori dipendono da persone vicine a noi... é una cosa a cui devo far caso di più. Da quando ho cominciato il percorso ho sempre provato ad evitare queste persone tossiche. anche i luoghi che mi fanno star male li evito...