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Meditation – The Purpose (Part 5)

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Meditation has always been taught us as a mystical, harsh and even a little bit crazy practice. If we for example take a look at the movies, the cartons and the rumors about meditation, we notice how people want to make this practice look weird, difficult, schematic and even harsh. Just think about the figurative example they give – purposely – to those cartoons’ characters that meditate, with the aim of depreciating this technique: they make them look distracted, crazy and with their heads in the clouds. In the movies we always find the example of the Buddhists monks that meditate in harsh conditions, with the bare chest under cold weather, sitting on a bed of thorns and so on. It’s obvious that the imagine of the crazy meditation that we start receiving through messages from our childhood, will keep us away from this practice. But why do they want that? Who exactly wants to keep us away from the meditation technique? Of course we can’t base our idea of meditation on those examples. Meditation can evolve on many levels, so the reliability on this technique must not be missing. But this doesn’t have the purpose to eliminate the first essential step and level of the meditation, without which by the way it is impossible to go on. Meditation is, first of all, relaxation, and I will never get tired of saying it. It is pointless thinking to approach two opposite systems, like the meditation in extreme conditions and the meditation in relaxation, because our minds obviously can’t accept this union, making it almost impossible. We have to base instead on the real fact that there are a lots of types of meditation and a lots of levels for each one of them, depending on the aim that we want to achieve. Everyone decides to approach to meditation for a different reason.

People that desire to make their physical body very strong, for example the major masters of martial art that want to define their bodies as a weapon, decide to keep going with that style of meditation harsh and severe for their bodies, that will oblige them to make really heavy sacrifices if they want to achieve particular goals, having to face some very stressful physical trials. They, obviously, will have to be able to bear every burden to exceed their fatigue, because only in this way they will be strong in their structure. Indeed, the greatest masters or sportsman that decide to make their body stronger than the average, practice a style of meditation that allows them to keep their mind still during those very heavy physical training that they decide to undertake, because without that mental meditative state they wouldn’t be able to exceed the human’s limit of physical strength. The “strongest” meditate to calm their mind, but mostly to oblige her to overcome every effort, having understood that the tiredness, the pain, the fatigue, come first of all from the mind and then from the body. If the mind is strong and resolute, the body will hold more burdens than the one of someone that doesn’t train his mind.

This has nothing to do with someone that decides to meditate to find the peace in himself. Despite the fact that it is believed that with the term Meditation we always refer to the same technique, actually it’s like talking about Sport: you might think that this is a synonymous for Football but it’s not, because I could be referring to Tennis, being it also a sport, even if it’s completely different from what you mean. Therefore, we can’t understand each other if we both decide to talk about sport without explaining to which kind we are referring to. Meditation is not a precise and definite style, because there are many types of meditation and each person choses his journey basing on what he is looking for. If you love sport and you are looking for a way to strengthen your muscles, you would have looked for more sportive methods, where they explain how to train your mind in order to overcome the fatigue of some physical training to do in order to become more agile and stronger in that kind of sport, and you wouldn’t even be interested in talking about spirituality. If you are interested in this style proposed by me and you feel close to my documents, it’s because what you are looking for is a spiritual evolution, an inner wellness.

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It’s clear that he physical body is important but wanting to keep our body healthy it’s different from wanting to become the world’s champion or the strongest master of martial arts, even more if people don’t practice sport because they don’t want to move. Mental and emotive wellness are important and useful to afford the everyday obstacles and the achievement of levels of conscience that are above the average will allow us to live our life conscient of what is happening and to modify what we don’t like.

In short, the mental development allows us to be more awake and lucid compared to those people that follow a life decided by others, like if they are a lot of sheep. We are not sheep, we are humans capable of thinking with our head, and this is why Consciousness is needed. The style of meditation that I teach is based first of all on relaxation, that brings the apprentice to an inner wellness detaching stress and anxiety, repressed anger, pain, in order to feel again in peace with himself. This is the first level, essential to keep going. After that there are other levels, like the development of our own mind that we will call psychic or spiritual ability. Despite the existence of many types of meditation depending to what people want to achieve, and the fact that this term is often used in the common language in a false way – like for example “I’m going to meditate on this problem” that translated means “I’m going to think about this problem” – the technique of meditation that I refer to in the Academy will always be the one on chakras in non-thought. The rest distracts from the real aim of the meditation, that is to bring wellness and relaxation trough the non-thoughts  and the spiritual evolution. So I want to be clear by saying that during the journey that I’m showing you, when I use the term “Meditation”, I mean solely and exclusively the practice of meditation that I’ve taught you in the previous articles; I don’t refer to others meanings like “reason, think, listen to music, cook, practice sport” and so on, and I don’t refer to other style of meditation different from the one that I’ve taught you. Even if listening to music or relaxing in a hot bath, is nowadays defined as a meditative state because it brings wellness, the meditation that I’m talking about refers always to the state of relaxation and spiritual evolution, and not only to relaxation. Knowing the difference is very important, because relaxing is different from evolving.

The first level of meditation is relaxation Even if it can appear as something trivial and low-level, it is actually the fundamental base to be able to reach any other successive step. The next steps will make your mind evolve some capability that you have always had but you have never improved before. Meditation is the sport for the mind, because despite the fact that you have legs you often think that you are not able to run faster than how you already do, because you are sure that you have a limit that you’ll never be able to exceed. The A.C.D meditation will show you how it is possible to overcome those mental limits, evolving in you psychic abilities that will help you in everyday life, to improve your life and to make you feel alive, free, capable of deciding every event of your life. Moreover, those will be mental abilities out of the ordinary. The ability of deciding everyday it is seen as a negative responsibility, just to make us choose to not take control of our life and to let that others, upon us, decide for ourselves even if they make us suffer.

The ability to decide allows us to choose if living a life full of satisfactions and of reasons to wake up happy in the morning, or if living a life full of pain and delusions. We are so used to suffer that we almost don’t remember anymore what it means to wake up happily. If you can’t see, because your eyes are closed, you can’t comprehend what is happening around you, because you have no idea.

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I could spend hours talking about the psychic abilities and how much they are important, but as right now you can’t see them you might keep believing that they wouldn’t change anything in your life, that everything would be the same, or even that you would have huge and negative responsibilities, like if being strong will bring you more pain than the one you had when you were weak. Those are wrong messages that those that control society send us to make us fear to become strong so that we decide spontaneously to stay weak. There is nothing wrong in evolving something that you’ve always had, because like any other muscle of your body, your mind can be trained and brought to reach levels that right now you can’t even imagine but that belong to the nature of your psyche.

At this point you’ll be the one to decide, step by step, if keeping just with relaxation or if trying to open up to superior levels. How could you decide? Well, your mind will do that. Some people arrive to this journey ready to evolve spiritually, because they are so sure that what is around us is not the absolute truth that they already want to discover it. Some people are not conscious yet that there is fiction around them, because they naively believe that everything can be seen and that no one is hiding anything, that everything is clear and obvious. Meditation will be essential to make those people aware that there is something else above what we humans see every day. The relaxation and the non-thought allow the apprentice to realize that the pain and many of the thoughts that were in his heads weren’t actually his. The mind of each person decides, even if in an unconscious way, when she is ready to move on, but this decision can be taken only if the mind is stimulated and fortified by Meditation. In fact, despite a person might believe to be ready to evolve and to know all the truths, he won’t be able to reach them without an awareness coming from Meditation, so he will keep spinning around his questions giving up to the usual sentence “I never get answers!”. This is why you can’t believe that if you just want to relax you have to meditate less or you would “evolve too much”. Meditation offers exactly what you want to obtain, or better, it brings were your conscience wants you to go, even if you probably don’t know what the purpose is.

Many of the situations happened in our life are incomprehensible to us, so many people approach meditation to understand the reason of what has brought them where they are today. The fear of the evolution comes from the incapability to understand what this term means; but, of course, evolving people will realize how the spiritual evolution is the best choice, not being anything frightening as it was thought at the beginning. No one is scared to become smarter or to become excellent in a sport, so why people fear the spiritual evolution? What brings us to believe that this could be a bad thing? Rumors,  absolutely the causes are rumors. In fact the fear of the evolution it is based only on the thought that we’ve made listening to the voices of people that talk without knowing anything, but that try to convince the others saying that they know everything; many times it is about people that know what they are saying, and this is why they try to limit the evolution of the others so that they’ll be able to manipulate them easily.

To comprehend the evolution, you need to evolve, accepting the possibility of being able to do that. The idea of not being able comes from the rumor that only few people are capable of evolving, that the progress is not for everybody. Due to the fact that this thought is being pulled down, there is no reason to believe that there is something wrong in the mental evolution and so spiritual.

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The technique of Meditation is very important for our health and many people, recently, are opening to this practice because they are realizing that there is not difficult, dangerous or frightening, as the ignorance made us believe through the voices of the foolish. If you look at the articles or news on the web, or in college books, you will find out that people are talking more and more about meditation as an healthy habit that relaxes our mind and there is as a consequence a good intellectual conduct, thanks to the physical and mental health that it brings. The wellness that the meditation create in multiple areas of our life is not a silenced secret anymore, because more and more people of any age are realizing that something in their lives is wrong, even when they try to keep their life as “normal” as possible. They study, they work, they go out with friends, and yet there is always something missing. It’s a consciousness of the void, that keeps leaving a desire of discovering the truth, that wants to be filled, but people don’t know where to begin with.

Our mind can’t say with words “I want to know the truth!”, because the majority of people doesn’t want to listen, we are to distracted wasting the time of our life!  Our mind tries to push us to a long-term solution, that can be translated with “spiritual journey”. There are those that begin this journey thinking that their only aim is relaxation for then desiring to know more truth just after having discovered some of it. Appetite comes with eating, because only when people know, they realize that they don’t know. Those dictums are not meaningless, they want to specify that if you don’t know the truth you can’t know that you want to discover it. If you don’t taste the flavour of freedom you can’t know that you desire it. Your mind can’t tell you “just know that the truth is this” if she doesn’t have a base to lean on; so she has pushed you to look for something, that brought you to something, that in the end has brought you to Meditation, because it is the key to get the answers to your questions, and not only the ones you have now, but also to those that will come.

For this reason meditation is good for everyone, regardless to what is the aim that you want o that you think you want to achieve. Not knowing how infinite is the wellness that this practice brings, she will conduct you where it’ll be right for you to go, day after day. In fact meditation is a continuous journey, that will take you always farther with the improvements in your life and it won’t stop, if you won’t stop meditating. The longer you decide to keep going with the meditation and the farther you’ll go with the answers, with the spiritual, mental and above all in your life, improvements that unfortunately will cease when you’ll decide to stop with the meditation. You will understand just living, just meditating, it’s clear that you couldn’t understand it otherwise. Certainly the very first aim is to feel good, to get rid of the suffering that makes us stay low, but it’s not everything, because the pain is actually caused by the unconsciousness of being able to decide of our life on our own. We fill our life of external factors because we don’t know that we can fill it with ourselves, so we base our happiness on external things and, if they fall, all of our life falls with them. No one at school has taught us that we can be full and satisfied without basing our happiness on others, so we oblige the others to take the responsibility of our happiness, or we associate it to the material goods that we possess. Feeling full doesn’t mean that we have to renounce to the people or to the material goods, being this again a theory created purposely to bring unconsciousness in us, just like many others. We have to be surrounded by the people we love and by the material goods that we desire, but we have to give them the value that they deserve, not more ad not less. If we comprehend that what is  outside of us has to be considered as an extra to our happiness, and not as the only motivation, our life will be more balanced and extremely more serene.

Our happiness will amplify if we allow us to feel full and satisfied for our own merit, and only meditating you will realize how much this practice will make you feel full and how much it will push you to realize yourself, that is a desire that you couldn’t have before meditating.

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Meditation allows your Conscience more evolved to communicate directly with you, to clarify what she wants to do, to obtain, explaining why she wants all of it. Meditating you clarify your ideas, you feel pushed to dare to do things that you didn’t do before for fear, or because you didn’t even know that you were capable of doing them. The spiritual evolution is something that you can’t describe in few words, because it expands on too many factors to be listed. The first point that we’re all interested in is that emotional wellness that we are all looking for, that capability of not suffering and of feeling satisfied even when someone or something around us tries to hurt us. This desire arouses in us the will to feel stronger, more determined, better than how we feel. The energy we take during meditation fills us making us feel much stronger, and the awareness that evolves in us thanks to the same technique makes us realize how it was difficult, before, when we didn’t meditate.

The means to reach this state of continuous wellness is meditation, although only a session is not enough and you have to keep a correct habit. Allow your mind to open meditating in non-thought, relaxing and offering to your body and to your mind the possibility to feel good. If you comprehend the first step, then it won’t be difficult to get interested to the next one, and those after, nor to practice it. Everything will depend on how much you will decide to practice and on the interest in proving, every day, to improve more. It is just about training, like any other instrument. Practicing daily the meditation you will realize, if you pay attention to what is happening, that something in you it’s evolving. Your way to see things, your way to approach the everyday life, your way to afford problems with more familiarity and tranquillity, everything will be changing and will be becoming more light-hearted and cheerful. You will spend your typical days with something more that you won’t be able to define at first, but when the time will be mature you will realize that it will be the evolution coming from meditation. This is why you don’t have to be scared from the spiritual evolution because it is actually what you were looking for.

Day after day, your desire of relaxation will be translated in what actually was: the desire to know the truth. What is not told is that the truth is not just to be discovered, but is to be lived. Evolving your mind and your abilities – that you will discover with the right training – you will allow your life to change following your own will, that will definitely be positive.  Meditation in fact doesn’t bring only relaxation because this is just the first step of a very long journey to the evolution; meditation brings improvements in every aspect of the life, making us capable of modifying the situations we are in, of removing the events we don’t like, of defending from the people that are hurting us and of eliminating problems that should have hit us, foreseeing and fixing them before it all happens, through the psychic abilities that the Meditation awakes. Don’t think that you know everything just because you’ve read this text, because this is not enough to understand what I’m saying.  Meditate, and you will understand on your own how big is the world that you were losing. Relaxation is the first step, then it will be your true self to push you to higher levels or to keep going with relaxation. Don’t be in a hurry, don’t have limits, whatever your true self will decide it will be perfect for you. With this lesson I hope that I’ve solved many important questions, especially for some that often miss relaxation and soon will ask “why I practice but I don’t move on?” explaining what is the reason that stops the majority of the people; the not having learnt relaxation before because they were in a hurry and wanted to move on. Others instead will stay on the same level because they think to be capable of evolving without practicing, thinking that is enough to be here reading some documents, even without practicing, in order to evolve. Others, maybe, are too scared to evolve that are blocking their own evolution. But today I hope that I’ve answered to some crucial questions. Probably there is someone that believes to have understood completely the meditation and thinks that there is no need of so many lessons to explain it, but I’m telling you that even after years that I’m practicing this technique I’m still discovering how magnificent it is. At the beginning people believe that at some point you can learn the method and that it will stay the same from that moment on, how if you can learn by heart, but I have understood that as I go farther I find new levels that I would have never imagined, because those levels won’t be understandable until you will have risen to a level that is high enough in order to do that. So, I’m going to try to explain those levels step by step through the documents, but of course you will be the one to practice them in order to really comprehend. Or they will remain just words.

Have a good Meditation!

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