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The Sixth Sense – It has always been a part of you, which you only need to acknowledge (Part 1)

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The Sixth Sense has always belonged to us but we never learned it at school or from our parents, therefore it seems unknown. Actually, we have always known we have it inside of us, although we used to call it with different names. Whether you call it sensation, perception, sensitivity or foresight, there is a sensor within us that sometimes warns us about an event or makes us feel as if something was wrong. You can’t describe it in words, because no one has ever explained it to you before. But still you know that when you get that particular feeling, it only means one thing.

Everyone could perceive it differently: some of us get a feeling in their chest, while others may see a kind of flash in their minds, but the fact is that when it happens you know it’s not a mistake, nor fantasy. It’s something warning you about a situation which is currently happening or that will happen shortly. It’s the Sixth Sense.

Some people already notice it during their childhood, perhaps having premonitory dreams or perceiving what someone else is going to say, long before they speak. Others realize it as teenagers or as adults.

It doesn’t matter when you realize it, because the Sixth sense has always belonged to you. You know when they talk about foresight, or premonition, meaning the ability to know about something which is about to happen or will take place in a distant future, long before it happens? Or the ability to hear what others are going to say before they say it, like a form of telepathy? Or again, being able to perceive if someone is lying to you or hiding something, even if you just chatted online and had no chance of seeing his face to observe his movements and his body language? These are only a few examples of the sixth sense.

Today we see the world divided into two parts because on one hand some do not believe in its existence and its various ramifications, while the rest claim their sixth sense has always been developed. But both sides are unaware of how incredibly advanced this sense is, being so much more than just a premonitory dream or a strange feeling warning you at night.

The Sixth Sense has always belonged to us and it’s part of our Consciousness, it was born with us. As for all the other senses, of course, we do not realize we have it. Thus, we believe that the only people who possess the sixth sense are those who live “stronger” experiences, such as seeing dreams come true after a short time with a very high precision, or sensing the presence of entities. Hence, if we have never had a premonitory dream or seen an entity, we believe we don’t have any sixth sense and that it’s nothing interesting. Actually, the sixth sense is so much more than this, it’s the combination of all our sensorial abilities. Just because some people grow up with a slightly more active sensory, we believe they have the sixth sense, while everyone else doesn’t. The truth is much more complex than this, but also positive.

Who knows how many times in your life you’ve had signs of its existence, without noticing it at all, since it belongs to you and it is completely normal to use it. For instance, your most visible ability could be getting a particular feeling about someone you just met, sensing if it’s a good person or if they could harm you. It is not about appearance, but experience: in fact, you do not judge their look, but you feel within yourself that that person, albeit beautiful and nice to everyone, is hiding something that will cause you serious trouble if you let him enter your life. You know it because every time you got that feeling you were right, and the experience of many similar situations led you to immediately understand when that feeling is right and should be immediately trusted, or when it is just a misleading sensation. This is only a taste of the sixth sense.

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Or you may have a completely different ability. You could have had a wrong feeling about someone else many times, letting awful people enter your life without realizing it, until they caused you serious damage. This may make you believe there’s not a grain of sixth sense in you – and as far as that particular ability is concerned, it’s true. Still, you may be prone to sense other events in a completely different context. For example, you may already know that when you go to a specific place, like a bar, you will meet a person with whom you had not any appointment and there was no reason to meet him there; yet, in your mind you feel like today you’ll meet that specific person, and in fact when you see him it will seem perfectly normal. Nobody told you he would be there, plus it’s not a place that he usually goes to, yet you already knew you would find him right there. Who knows how many times you happened to think of a person you hadn’t seen for a long time, and then you suddenly see him passing by, right in front of you, while you’re walking or doing the shopping. And how many times you thought of calling a person you don’t usually call, and as soon as you grab your phone, it starts ringing as in that very moment he has decided to call you. You can keep on calling them coincidences for all your life or you can realize that the sixth sense exists.

The sixth sense is an organ of your Consciousness, therefore everyone has it but not everyone finds it in the same way. Indeed, it can show up differently to each of us, but the sixth sense is so natural that there is no switch to turn it on or off, and it doesn’t warn you when it is about to send you some vision or perception, it simply does it, just like your ears don’t warn you when they are about to hear something: they simply hear it. Sometimes, the sixth sense can show up more evidently, such as in the case of premonitory dreams, thus making us suspect of possessing an additional sense besides the 5 most common senses we studied at school. As long as you plan to meet a person at the bar or anywhere else, you will not be afraid of your foresight; if anything, you’ll pretend nothing happened, you’ll deny it. Instead, when something stronger happens to you, like a premonitory dream full of details, and on the same day or the day after you experience the same situation in real life, this alerts you, as foreseeing the future scares a lot of people, making them think they are “troubled”. In fact, there are sixth sense abilities that are more pronounced or more evident than others, and this might make you think that somebody has it while others don’t. Still, everyone has it, even all the skeptics, but some notice it while others, fearing the unknown, would rather convince themselves that it is just a crazy sequence of coincidences and mass suggestions. Of course, predicting someone else’s car accident, or seeing from a distance – with absolute certainty – where the other person is and what he’s doing at the moment – confirmed by himself! – it’s all suggestion, isn’t it? It’s just fantasy; indeed, also the other person, who confirmed everything, has just imagined it all. Hasn’t he?

Let’s face it: when we want to deny the truth, we can make anything up, finding excuses that are even more absurd than the sixth-sense faculties themselves. So you can either pretend it’s all just a fantasy or you can realize that the sixth sense is the most natural thing in the world, since it has always belonged to you just like every other organ of your body. Every single extra-sensory ability is part of your sixth sense. When we talk about telepathy, premonition, or seeing from a distance, we are describing individual abilities that all lead to the same Sixth sense. We can compare the sixth sense to hearing: some are great at recognizing each sound they hear and define it as a musical note, while others only hear the mass of sounds as if it was a big noise; but the truth is although they are both using their hearing faculty, the former trained to recognize the sounds, while the latter only hears without understanding what he’s listening to, thus getting annoyed.

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Whether you hear some birds tweeting or a bus passing by, in front of your house, you are using your hearing faculties to hear both sounds, even if they are very different from each other. The sixth sense is basically the same thing: whether you foresee to meet a person, or you perceive the sentence he’s about to say, you are using the sixth sense in both cases. Taking the hearing example, not everyone has an “ear for music” and is capable of recognizing each musical note in every song they listen to. But is this due to a lack of hearing in each of us? Of course not; it just depends on training. A musician trains to learn to recognize notes, while all the others – who are not musicians – don’t train, and that’s why they can’t grasp all the musical nuances or recognize the different musical instruments, only hearing a single melody overall. The sixth sense is the same: when it’s not trained, it’s very weak and unable to realize what is going on around you; but when it’s trained, instead – like an ear for music – it starts recognizing what other people don’t see, don’t hear and don’t sense, gaining an extra gear to improve your life. Certainly, you’re not interested in having an ear for music if you don’t mean to become a musician, yet you’re interested in hearing even if you don’t like listening to music.

Just like your hearing faculty, or your sight, also your sixth sense has multiple levels of ability. Even your sight can be measured not only through various degrees, but also through your “observation ability”. For instance, you could be one of those people who wear glasses because of short-sightedness and yet, when you have your glasses on and you’re walking on the street or going somewhere, you can see a lot of details surrounding you. And if a friend or a colleague passes by, you immediately recognize him in the crowd. Or you could be one of those people with a perfect sight, but nevertheless when you walk on the street you don’t even see someone stopping a meter away from you to say hi, you look blinder than a blind man. This is because seeing is not just a matter of sight degrees, but you also need to improve your ability to look around, instead of walking as if your eyes were covered! As with the sixth sense, you might have a perfect sight, the highest degree, but still you wouldn’t see anything surrounding you, so much that a person with a very weak sight, actually sees better than you do. That’s why everyone owns the sixth sense, and yet only very few seem to really have it.

So the real question is not why some people have the sixth sense and others don’t, but why some people realize they have it from an early age, while others still don’t get it as adults. The first reason lies in habits, or the environment in which we grew up. Let’s make some simple examples. A child raised in an entity-infested house is more likely to grow up with the ability to perceive these presences, or even to see them, compared to some other child who was born and raised in a house where these so-called ”paranormal” events never occurred. Even though we all possess this ability within us, some trained it from an early age (on purpose, or finding themselves somehow forced to) while others didn’t; that’s why some adults are capable of feeling and even seeing entities while others can’t. Another example is a child raised in a very peaceful, serene and pampered environment, within a lovely and steady family: this context has never put the child on the defensive. So he grew up in his comfort zone, perhaps without even noticing his sensory abilities, as everything he needed was already there.

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A child raised in a slightly more complex situation – which isn’t necessarily a violent family – or in a tough environment which is a little bit harder to face, regardless if this hardship comes from within (family problems) or from the outside (problems at school, like being bullied, etc.), it is likely that he becomes inclined to look for solutions to his problems, even unconsciously, so much that he activates something within his subconscious, embracing one or more faculties of his sixth sense. For example, over time he has learned to foresee where problems were, like knowing that if he went a specific way, there he would meet the bullies who would bother him; thus, he’ll know he has to change direction in order to avoid them. Or he will start dreaming about the future, foreseeing in advance what will happen the next day, so that he can avoid making a mistake that would make him look like a fool in front of his classmates, or avoid a question at school. They are small signs if you think of it, but when you find yourself in such situations these sensory faculties are super useful and they protect you from lots of troubles that might seem very serious at that young age.

So discovering your sixth sense, from a young age or when you’re older, depends a lot on one’s habits and on the context in which each of us grew up. Anyway, the biggest mistake you can make is thinking that if you didn’t develop your sixth sense in your childhood, it will never develop, as if it were possible that when you grow up you lose that mental organ. Actually, your sixth sense will be with you until the last day of your life, as it belongs to your Consciousness and there’s no way you can lose it. You can always increase its faculties by giving it more attention or decrease its faculties if you keep ignoring it, but it’s something that has always belonged to you. The only difference which we could consider as a great help is that if we were raised being aware of our sixth sense since our childhood, when we become adults it would be easier to approach its different faculties, as we would realize that it is absolutely natural: it is just like a muscle that needs to be trained. Beginning when we’re adults instead could be more frightening, because you are not used to its abilities, such as predicting the future or perceiving what someone is about to tell you; so, all of this might scare you! Fear is a big block, which can prevent you from following an evolutionary path, even if you know deep down inside that your sixth sense is the most normal thing in the world. But when you grow up you become more afraid, so you limit your sixth sense a lot. It’s not different nor impossible for adults to evolve their sixth sense, even if they didn’t start when they were kids. Let’s be honest: what do you expect? Who cares if you didn’t start during your childhood? Do you really think you can’t do anything about your present and your future if you didn’t start doing it as a child?

So it’s really important for you to understand that the sixth sense is one of your muscles, which can be evolved even if you start doing it when you are already an adult; it’s not dead in the meantime! Besides, you must be aware that the sixth sense is made of many different sensory faculties and it’s not the synonym of only one faculty. A lot of people talk about themselves as if they had their whole sixth sense developed since their childhood. This happens because they don’t know what the sixth sense really is, and so they don’t even know they don’t have the whole sixth sense developed, but just a small taste of a certain ability. Try to think for a moment about the ability of seeing Auras, or the Remote Vision, or Foresight, or Telepathy: all these faculties belong to the sixth sense, yet each of them is very different from the others. Indeed, those who know nothing about the huge abilities of the sixth sense might think that all these faculties are separate while all of them are actually part of the same whole and therefore of the same muscle, which is called Sixth sense.

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So, if we want to be accurate, saying “My sixth sense was developed in my childhood” is wrong, because all these faculties didn’t evolve at the same level, and you may be particularly skilled in something, like your foresight, but not even know about the others. You could have had many foresight experiences and still never seen an Aura before finding this Academy. This doesn’t mean you have only one sixth sense ability, you have all of them! It’s just that during your life you’ve experienced only one or few of them, because your habits and the context in which you grew up led you to test only those ones, and you weren’t interested in finding out all the others.

But the sixth sense is much more, indeed you can decide to evolve those skills you already know and reach much higher levels, becoming a great master of your favorite faculty, or you can discover many other faculties, which you didn’t know anything about. For the time being, it’s normal if you only want to train your favorite faculty: you only know that ability, of course it’s your favorite one! But if you could open your mind and try to understand the usefulness of all the other existing skills, you would definitely no longer remain stuck in your comfort zone, but you would decide to test the others as well. Your sixth sense has all the skills, even those you’ve never heard before; hence it would be such a pity if you didn’t use it fully. Along this path, I will guide you to discover all the faculties belonging to your sixth sense, so that you can realize the immensity of what you can do, if only you decide to train. Thereafter, I will teach you the techniques to develop each faculty at increasingly higher levels, unknown by most people. It will be up to you to decide where and … if you really want to stop; because if you start understanding the value of what you have inside your head, I think you will never be able to ignore it anymore and you’ll keep wanting to learn more and more about it. It doesn’t matter which is your current level, or which you think it is, because I assure you that this is only the beginning of your true evolutionary path.

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  • tinagargiulo - 14:18 21/02/24

    Il sesto senso mi accompagna fin da piccola, facevo sogni che poi si avveravono, crescendo ho incominciato a percepire quando potevo fidarmi di una persona e quando no, quando mi sono fidata del mio sesto senso ho incominciato a prevedere cosa avrebbe fatto o detto una persona in determinate situazioni. La conoscenza sicuramente aiuta perché non sapere come e perché avevo delle percezioni mi incuteva paura e questo bloccava le miei percezioni.

  • ant777 - 17:29 20/02/24

    Sì, effettivamente mi è capitato di prevedere fatti che poi si sono avverati o di pronunciare qualcosa prima che la persona vicino a me lo facesse. Ero ancora una bambina. Poi, questa facoltà si è nascosta dietro qualche paura...

  • Rositarose - 10:45 20/02/24

    Buongiorno ho una vocina interiore ed ho sempre pensato fosse il mio sesto senso. Lascio che mi parli, cerco di ascoltarla sempre, mi indica la via e fa si che io fluisca col "tutto". Sono molto grata di sentire "sentire" poiché sono certa che mi indica sempre ciò che è meglio. Sogni, flash, sensazioni ect.. accolgo tutto, poiché tutto fa parte di me. Grazie 🙏

  • tozza - 22:22 19/02/24

    Mi ha sempre incuriosito il sesto senso e tutte le possibilità che esso offre. Ho sempre avuto esperienze lievi, come intuire le intenzioni di uno sconosciuto o prevedere il risultato futuro di una scelta; ma mai nulla di veramente sorprendente, come un sogno premonitore. Non ho mai avuto reale bisogno di queste abilità, quindi ammetto di non essermi mai realmente applicato, ma non mi dispiacerebbe migliorare e avere un assaggio delle loro reali capacità.

  • miky79 - 11:39 19/02/24

    Meraviglioso articolo e molto motivante io pensavo di non possedere affatto il sesto senso ma l'articolo mi ha chiarito tanti dubbi ad esempio io sono sempre stata capace di capire a priori se una persona appena conosciuta avrebbe portato un esperienza positiva o negativa nella mia vita ma non pensavo affatto fosse una capacità del sesto grazie grazie

  • MASSIMILIANO.OLIVERI - 16:52 16/02/24

    Buon giorno a tutti Voi, considerando quanto ho letto, quando ero ragazzo, spesso e volentieri,mi capitava di sentire certe cose,come per es,il fatto di aver dormito una notte in una Stanza del locale dove lavorava mio zio come Gestore del locale,e aver avvertito un certo freddo particolare, non comune e aver la sensazione che stesse succedendo qualcosa che non riuscivo a spiegarmi.Il mattino seguente dissi a mio zio della strana Sensazione vissuta e lui mi disse che in quella stanza era morto di morte naturale il figlio del gestore precedente.Altre volte sapevo cosa poteva succermi durante il corso della giornata e,ogni tanto è successo,e qualche volta è successo di aver dato risposta o più risposte al mio interlocutore,prima ancora che mi facesse la domanda.Ma poi tutto ciò è andato ad affievolirsi, non perché il sesto senso sparisce ma perché ho compreso che ci vuole pratica e costanza, impegno e tanta pazienza,per capire che tutto ciò,il così detto paranormale ci appartiene da sempre e che le religioni e la società, ci vogliono schiavi addormentati per poterci meglio manipolare e di conseguenza gestire. Grazie per il documento/articolo, fa riflettere molto.

  • jedi70 - 12:38 16/02/24

    Diciamo quindi che il sesto senso è l'insieme di tutte le capacità che noi chiamiamo paranormali ma che in realtà sono più che normali in quanto fanno parte di noi e ci appartengono da sempre. Chiaramente per poterne usufruire bisogna allenarle, bisogna meditare e fare le tecniche. Per quanto mi riguarda ho sempre limitato il concetto del sesto senso a una sorta di preveggenza, quella sorta di intuito, di sensazioni che se ascoltate, ti evitano situazioni fastidiose, ti allertano nei confronti di persone nocive etc. Invece se, ripeto, non ho capito male, è l'insieme di tante abilità sensitive come telepatia, telecinesi e simili, vedere l'aura, l'energia che ci circonda e simili . Già per questo posso solo ringraziare per aver chiarito questo punto, anche io rientro nella categoria che pensava di avere un buon sesto senso solo per determinate percezioni riguardo a luoghi e persone: per fare un esempio, quando vado in un posto e sento come un senso di oppressione, qualcosa che magari non so descrivere subito e a parole, ma dentro di me sento che c'è qualcosa di brutto e pesante. Oppure quando conosco una persona, anche se lì magari mi faccio influenzare da piccoli aspetti come la stretta di mano: se debole, ad esempio, mi accende i campanelli di allarme, ma cerco sempre di andarci piano, perché chissà, magari quella persona si è allenata tutto il giorno e ora è stanca, oppure a prescindere non è in una condizione fisica ottimale è pertanto la sua presa non è forte, cosa che invece mi trasmette sempre un senso di positività... ecco, anche in questo caso potrebbe valere il contrario, se sto avendo a che fare con qualcuno di oscuro ma riposato o che sa camuffare bene le sue intenzioni. A volte mi chiedo se non sia influenzato da queste idee, però se cerco di far zittire tutto quanto nella mia testa, sento lo stomaco che si contrae, quel dolore che mi mette in allerta, allora so già di non essermi sbagliato. Ecco io ho sempre pensato che il sesto senso fosse questo, quindi ben venga che invece riguardi tutta u a serie di altre capacità: mi è ben chiaro che per svilupparle ci voglia pratica e impegno, e infatti almeno per queste capacità che per ora ritengo naturali, sono curioso di vedere tra qualche mese se avrò fatto progressi: sapere certamente se di una persona ci si può fidare o meno, ad esempio, penso possa essere un grande incremento positivo nella propria vita: quante perdite di tempo evitate, quante delusioni soprattutto!! Detto questo, sono curioso e interssato anche a tutte le altre, che fino ad oggi ho sempre considerato prerogativa di chi con certe doti ci è nato, ma come detto nell'articolo, in realtà si possono tranquillamente allenare e sviluppare. Ottimo articolo, davvero motivante!

  • lorenzolo - 22:02 15/02/24

    Ad essere sincero non ricordo di aver avuto assaggi del sesto senso, o se li ho avuti probabilmente non sapevo di cosa si trattassero. Per fortuna si può sviluppare ed evolvere e scoprire le diverse facoltà. Ora che ci penso l’altro pomeriggio, stavo portando il mio cane, e ho visto un signore, anche lui con il cane, e un attimo prima che ci avvicinassero ho sentito che avrei avuto una conversazione con questo signore e così è stato. Magari è stato sesto senso o magari semplice interazione umana, chi lo sa.

  • Salvo - 13:30 12/02/24

    Ormai non so se avere paura o abitudine, non scherzo, flash di persone che non vedo da anni e me li ritrovo davanti a tal punto che quando ho i flash già so di vedere quella persona da li a qualche secondo, ancor più strane i flash di indecisione che mi vengono come seconda opzione ma se li intraprendo succede qualcosa di sgradevole..... esempio senza alcun motivo decido mi viene il flash di prendere un'altra percorso con l'auto ed ho un incidente, quasi sempre è la seconda opzione errata o che mi mette in situazioni sgradevoli...... altri ancora flash di elogiare qualcosa o qualcuno e dopo qualche ora si rompe o succede qualcosa di sgradevole..... ripeto non sono casi sporadici ma sempre quando ho un flash tant'è che ormai ho fatto quasi l'abitudine, anche stamani mentre guidavo non so il motivo ne il perchè ho avuto un flash dello stop posteriore che ne ho uno di scorta nel garage, poco fa sono uscito dall'ufficio e nel parcheggio trovo la macchina tamponata con lo stop sx rotto.... proprio quello del flash

  • Martina - 23:25 08/02/24

    Rileggere questo documento mi ha riportato a pensare ad alcune cose… innanzitutto confermo che anche a me sono successe delle cose nel corso della mia vita che mi hanno sempre stranita, proprio perché non le ritenevo coincidenze: sensazioni verso le persone o verso qualcosa che stava per accadere e, proprio adesso che ho riletto questo documento, anche alla percezione forse di entità o di energie anche negative… ma anche positive! É veramente interessante poter avere accesso a questi ricordi con un punto di vista diverso e finalmente spiegabile! É proprio vero che rileggere i documenti serve tanto! Adesso la mia intenzione é andare sempre più a fondo e comprendere il come io riesca a percepire certe cose e anche riuscire a farlo con volontà! Le facoltà psichiche mi interessano tutte, davvero tanto! Grazie!!

  • SerenaP - 13:17 07/02/24

    Molto interessante scoprire l'esistenza delle diverse capacità del sesto senso. Da bambina l'avevo appena intuito. E sapere che si può allenare è davvero meraviglioso 🤩

  • anlura - 07:40 03/02/24

    Di questo argomento qualcosa ne sò,soprattutto da bambino . Mi riconosco nella parte dove si parla di evitare incontri sgraditi per esempio a scuola , o anche da adulto per evitare posti le pattuglie e di conseguenza delle multe. Sarei molto contento di poter allenare il mio sesto senso anche in altri settori, sarebbe molto utile.

  • nike - 13:25 02/02/24

    Mi è capitato in alcune occasioni di avere una sensoria più accentuata, senza mai riconoscere quando si miracolo si poneva davanti a me. È l ora di andare in palestra direi.

  • Mattheo - 20:36 01/02/24

    Finalmente trovo chiarezza su un argomento di cui si parla molto ma in modo a volte inadeguato.. bello capire che racchiude al suo interno tante capacità e soprattutto ho apprezzato capire che non sono abilità innate solo per pochi eletti ma doti sviluppabili con allenamento.

  • druido-luce - 22:47 31/01/24

    Mi è capitato in passato di cambiare strada all'ultimo minuto e scoprire il giorno dopo di un incidente sulla strada che avrei dovuto fare se non avessi cambiato. Da giovane sapevo di ieri ti chi sarebbe stato interrogato e che voto avrebbe preso e questo si è sempre rivelato giusto.. per questo cerco sempre di ascoltare il sesto senso, anche se non sempre è facile.