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What the Aura is – Recognize its presence (Part 1)

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Knowing the Aura is fundamental for evolving and learning psychic techniques, because it is part of our energy and our consciousness much more than it might seem. Before we even understand how it is composed (if it has a colour or what it is for) we need to become aware of what it is and why everyone has one. The Aura is an energy field that everyone is endowed with, because it is our personal energy. We can compare it with clothing that we wear, although the aura cannot be removed or changed from one day to another, yet it can be shaped and changed with time. Even if for the majority of people it is unchanged over time, however, other people, who are  aware that they have one and can change it at will with the use of specific techniques, shape the aura in the way they decide others should see it. Let’s think about a person who wears elegant clothing, for example a door-to-door salesman in a suit, who shows up at your home. The man in question could be a good person who is doing a good clean job, or he could be a greedy, selfish crook who thinks only of himself at the cost of deceiving people. Nevertheless, with his nice suit and a language designed specifically to be interesting and attractive, he may be able to deceive those unfortunates who have been persuaded by his benevolent presence. This man could be the worst person in the world, but with his beautiful appearance and fluent speech could make many others believe that he is a very good person, learned and just, with good principles and good values.

Well, the elegant clothing and the nice presentation might mislead many unfortunate people who rely solely on appearances. The aura is a bit like the clothing you wear every day, although it is made of energy and cannot be taken off the next day. Many people let themselves be fooled by the clothes you wear because they are used to lingering on the first layer they see of you, that which is the most superficial. Even though you are a good person, if you wear clothing that is scruffy, dirty from work, or very ruined by too much damage in the washing machine, you would be judged very differently than how you would be noticed and treated if you had an elegant and neat dress, even though the person under your clothes is always you. This also happens to people who judge you by the appearance of your aura, regardless of whether it has been stained by crimes committed, or ruined by the injustices of others that you have had to suffer during your life, and that have creased the aura.

In reality, however, you are also this kind of person. In fact, when you look at someone in front of you, you’re not really looking at his hair, his smile, the shape of his body as you think you are, but you are watching – or rather perceiving – his aura, and nothing else but the energetic costume he cannot take off, but that he can shape only if he is aware of it. Like most people, you don’t realize what you’re looking at, yet even your judgment is based on appearance and not on the depth of the person. Even before seeing his clothing, the first thing you will notice (and on which you will base your judgment, even if unconsciously) will be his aura: the energy field that has always belonged to him, even though neither of you knows it. The aura is very important because it is his presentation in a context. Depending on his energy, you might see someone who, although aesthetically very nice, neat and very elegantly dressed, has an aura that releases diffidence, cheating, something to be careful about; you won’t like that person at all.

Do you know the saying “it smells like a setup” or it “stinks of lies”? Well, these expressions are based on that feeling you get but which you can’t grasp, and yet you feel it so well that you know it’s there without it being visible. This is due to the aura.

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The presence of the aura can be modified just as beautiful clothing could conceal a ruthless person; elegant and well-kept clothing could lead you to believe that he is a good person, but your gut feelings could tell you the opposite. For this reason, you have to go far beyond the layer that is immediately apparent, just as you do not have to judge someone by the clothes they wear. As they say, ‘the suit does not make the man’, so it would not be enough to wear a nice suit to become generous and sincere; in the same way you need to get past the first feeling offered by his aura because it could deceive you too. Some very empathic people could immediately feel if somebody is sincere and good or false and negative even without looking at them. Still, there are those who are aware of possessing an aura and know how to use it, so they might be able to mould it in order to deceive even those who are usually never wrong. The aura is a mass of energy that belongs to you and has always represented you, it is like your physical body which has an aesthetic aspect but also a whole set of internal elements such as organs, bones, muscles and so on. In fact, the aura is not only a thin shell, empty inside, but it is a full and substantial energy field, with the only difference being that you can’t see it because it is invisible to the untrained eye. Even the air is invisible and every day we forget about its existence, yet it is always here and we keep on breathing it, just as we continue to unconsciously use our aura and be influenced by the auras of others.

With training it’s possible to see the aura. Those who realize they have an aura and that they can modify and utilize it, can greatly enhance their lives, unlike most unconscious people who continue to suffer the mistakes of their own aura and those of others. It can be often represented in drawings and pictures on the web as a layer of energy distant from our physical body, as if it surrounds it but does not touch it, almost as if doesn’t even belong to us. Actually, the aura is much deeper than you think, being part of our own Consciousness. That’s because the aura is the sum of our energy, our memories, our pains, our problems. It is the representation of who we are, of what we have become, or how we wish to appear in the eyes of others. However, the aura is made of various layers, including some internal ones and others much more external. When we look at a person we are influenced by their outer layers, those layers closest to us and furthest from them. When we decide to go beyond appearances and we undertake to overcome those barriers that protect the inner layers, we get to know the true intentions and the real person who was hiding behind those layers, sometimes to protect themselves from harm, other times to fool others.

For the same reason you should not judge someone by the clothes they wear, you shouldn’t even judge them by the colour of their aura. Many people are convinced that we can recognize someone by the colour of their aura, but this is very far from the truth! Indeed, the aura is not just a colour, but it is an infinite set of factors that form our energy zone and that make it unique regardless of the colour (which otherwise might be similar to another person’s completely different from us in every way). The aura is not only the perimeter around us, it’s the entire internal area that is filled with energy. Since the number of colours in this dimension is limited, we might believe that there are only green, blue, orange and yellow auras, because these are the most typical colours seen, and in this manner we end up being able to structure the personalities of people, only categorising them into a few groups. For example we could think that all those who possess a green aura are very similar both in character and in life; same thing for all those who possess the yellow aura, but this is not at all so: each of them has the aura of that colour for completely different reasons.

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Every single person is very different from others since they’ve lived different experiences, have reacted differently to life, have experienced problems and happy moments in different ways compared to many others.

Although we could see two or more people with a red aura, they could be completely different from each other in character, life, and in health. Understanding the aura and being able to see it are two very different skills, like seeing a sandwich and eating it. Being able to see the aura is a wonderful experience because it allows you to know a level of reality that you didn’t think existed before. When you see auras with your own eyes, you understand that they really exist, and this opens your mind, because you live the experience yourself, becoming aware that there are many things that are real and that, until now, you didn’t realize existed. So, looking at auras allows you to see other dimensions with your own eyes, and realize that there are other principles of life beyond the ones you’ve grown used to, because you can see indications of them. This doesn’t change the fact that only by looking at it you won’t be able to understand its meaning and how it works, because you could limit yourself to the simple appearance.

Most spiritual people, in fact, stop at the first layer: many of them look at the aura and judge it by its colour, as if that was enough to know perfectly who is in front of them, even if this was a stranger they’d just met. Appearances can often be deceiving! The Aura is a very intense energy that you can see with the naked eye if you decide to practice daily with appropriate exercises prepared in order to see it. To be clear, seeing auras is very important because it surprises you and opens your eyes, in every sense, to other areas of truth that you have ignored before. Our sight tends to hide what we decide to ignore, just as our hearing hides what we don’t want to hear. For example, when we concentrate on something that we really like, or that completely captures our attention, we lose the ability to hear or see anything else. That’s because we are sometimes so focused on something that we end up losing awareness of our surroundings. Now, if you closed your eyes, you would not be able to describe your room in great detail, although you have seen it thousands and thousands of times. This happens because you weren’t focused, and even though  you could see much of the room with your eyes open (also by keeping your sight fixed on one point thanks to peripheral vision) you ignored it until now, and will keep doing it because of simple habit. For the same reason, you continue ignoring many events, changes and movements occurring around you, but not being able to see them is your choice; therefore, you may not be aware that they exist and in the long term you’ll completely forget their existence. Right now you may not remember the shape and colour of the clock hanging in the kitchen, or of another object that is unimportant to you, because after so many years that you have spent ignoring it completely, today you don’t even see it anymore, even though it’s always there. However, when you decide to give importance back to what you see, and to focus on the details, all objects that had disappeared from your sight will reappear and make you remember their presence. The same happens with the aura.

When you decide to see it, you’re giving permission to your eyes to see your energy field or that of other people, animals and objects, because everything is energy and everything has an aura. It’s clear that the aura of an object (being inanimate) is much thinner and lighter than the aura of a person. A person’s aura is much wider because it doesn’t only contain simple energy but it also includes experiences, memories, life energy, that an object, for obvious reasons, does not possess. Seeing auras is very useful and important to open our minds and realize that we don’t know, that we have ignored for our whole life a part of the world, that we forgot its existence. When you decide to see something, that thing becomes much clearer and more visible, because it’s always been there, you only had to pay attention to it.

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In fact, you will realize that when you decide to see auras, they will start to manifest themselves, showing the first transparent layer and then widening more and more. On the other hand, when you ignore them and forget about them, they will disappear from your sight.

This phenomenon occurs every day and for every single thing. If I asked you to tell me all the distinguishing features of the face of your mother you might not remember all of them. You wouldn’t be able to remember with absolute certainty all her moles or other characteristics of her face with their exact number and location, although you’ve known the face of your mother for your whole life and saw it billions of times. Seeing auras is not a gift for a few people but it’s an exercise that everyone can decide to do. The real gift consists in deciding to see life for what it is, rather than ignoring it and spending your life asleep. We must recognize that seeing auras makes you feel a bit special because you are opening yourself up to new discoveries that many other people will ignore for their whole life, and it is right to feel better than before by realizing that you have done something that many others are not able to do. It is important to use the enthusiasm of the first experiences to keep moving forward and overcome your barriers. To realize that after the first layer there is the second, after the second there is the third, and after the third there is an infinite amount of other knowledge waiting to be discovered. The mistake of many spiritual people is to stop at the first layer and feel that they have concluded all their research only because they have seen a little part of the aura. This is a million kilometres away from what awareness is because you are deciding to be asleep in a different spot from where everyone else fell asleep; but you’re still sleeping.

The reason why I think it is important to go far beyond the appearance of the colour is because I have seen, an infinite number of times, that the meanings associated with the colours of an aura are almost never consistent with the true personality of the person. The colour of an aura can still have a very important meaning. For example, the colour black shows deep darkness inside oneself, and it’s very rare to see, but at the same time we cannot say the same of a white aura, since the first layer of the aura of all people, animals and objects, is of a transparent white/grey tone. So we are either all good and enlightened, or there is something deeper to consider, beyond our laziness. Therefore, it is clear that we cannot base our certainties only on the colour of others’ energies, because we should focus more on the will to know more, rather than on the belief that we already know everything.

The decision to see auras, to understand how an aura works and to attempt to influence it and mould it as you like, are all very different actions and techniques. By dividing them one from the other what we do is to break a story in a thousand pieces, that we will not be able to combine and understand anymore. In other words, we would be considering only one of the many possible questions, and we will get an answer that will still not meet our request; because in order to know the true and complete answer you must merge all the answers and deduce the completeness. In this academy I intend to teach you all these techniques but you need to make the necessary steps first, such as meditating and absorbing energy so that you can learn to use, modify, and best exploit your aura through my teachings. Really knowing a person would take years, but if you learn to understand their aura, to feel it and see it in all its levels, then your ability to study it and recognize it will amaze you and others, and those people whose aura you understand will feel more appreciated by your attentions. Also, they won’t be able to hide anything from you, even if they want to.

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Deciding to exclude an ability, and convincing ourselves that there are more important ones, means once again to close our own mind and eyes, not allowing ourselves to know the whole truth and setting a limit to our understanding of it, accepting a small part of it that can be easily misconceived.

For this reason my advice is to learn to feel auras and at the same time to choose to see them, in order to have a more complete picture of the true meaning and usefulness of our most intimate and private energy.

Regardless of everything, seeing auras remains a very fun and interesting technique because it quickly gives proof of its truthfulness, since anyone can see it – with the right training – without making an excessive effort. When we start a spiritual journey we have to understand that we can’t have everything at once, we can’t pretend to have all the answers to our questions the day after we started asking ourselves. Observing auras, however, offers the possibility of having good results from the first practice session, where you could already begin to see the first transparent halo. I suggest you start establishing a good relationship with your aura, in the beginning even just by looking at it, in order to understand that it exists, that it is real, and that it is not an optical illusion or a strange rumor. Seeing it allows you to understand that it is real and to believe in it, which unfortunately would be difficult if you could not feel it or see it. The technique to sense the aura is more complex and advanced than this, so start from the basics first and give yourself proof of its existence, then we’ll get to that, too! In the meantime, look at yourself in the mirror and focus.

In the next article I will explain how to see it, with the right steps to learn effortlessly. You can then continue to follow this path and learn how you can improve your aura, how to understand other people’s auras, how to recognize those who are trying to deceive you by showing you an illusory layer of their aura, in order to fake their intentions, and more. This Academy offers a path that aims at making you evolve psychically. All the teachings are in the articles, and even though you may think some of them are not related to your goals, you will realize, by reading them, how every topic is deeply connected to the others. In fact, the more you meditate and practice, the easier it will be for you to see auras at higher levels, to extract from them the information you are interested in. It is going to be a fun path because you will learn to play with your aura and those of others. The most important thing, though, is that it’s a process of evolution, which will allow you to achieve practical skills that without the use of the aura you could never understand.

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    In passato ho fatto qualche tentativo nell'esercitare la mia capacità di percepire l'aura, ma, come menzionato in questo articolo, mi sono limitato solo al primo strato. In realtà, riesco a percepire l'aura degli oggetti, ma la vedo solo come una parte bianca quasi trasparente. Devo ammettere che non sono stato costante in questa pratica e ho abbandonato gli esercizi, in parte perché non avevo molte informazioni a riguardo. Per esempio, non sapevo che fosse possibile anche modificarla a nostro piacimento con le giuste tecniche, ovviamente. Da oggi, ho deciso di impegnarmi di più e continuare con gli esercizi per migliorare la mia capacità di vedere l'aura

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