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The Matrix – We live in a videogame (Part 2)

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The Matrix is ​​the life that surrounds us, by means of scenarios displayed in a great stage.

The routine that we live is Matrix, the people we frequent are Matrix, our choices are Matrix.

Almost everything we live every day is illusory, a great performance created specifically to occupy our time and enjoy our lives. The Matrix is ​​a great videogame in which, when we decided to be born on this planet, we chose the character to play. Initially we chose our sex, then our appearance, then the personality we should have had and then the kind of life that we would have to lead to get to a specific place and at a precise moment of our life: the moment we saw in front of us the word “Awakening”. From this point on everything changes. We are at a crossroads where we have to choose whether to awaken, understand that our whole life has been an illusion and that nothing that we have experienced is real, or whether to believe in that story and let ourselves indulge in it, choosing to live inside the Matrix for the rest of our lives.

Choosing to recognize the Matrix does not require sacrifice, it does not push you to give up your life and your habits, nor to abandon the people you love; instead, it calls you for recognizing who You are rather than the character you had invented to play the videogame that gave you an illusory life.

Identifying what the Matrix is allows you to understand the meaning of everything that has happened to you and that happens to you every day despite, inside you, you realize that something is wrong. You live your life accepting every situation that happens because you think you cannot change it, convinced now that the video game in which you are is an actual reality. Take what comes without even asking yourself whether it’s right or wrong, because you feel powerless towards life, you do not know that you can change and with this you do not even try to find a solution to succeed, because you’re stuck at the start. But as real as it may seem, the Matrix remains only an illusion. Everything you see, touches, everything you can eat, smell, everything you cannot see or touch but try, that’s all: this is Matrix, nothing but illusion. The Matrix is ​​the videogame in which we are living, so every detail that belongs to it is real as long as you’re inside the game, but in truth it’s just an illusion. If you choose to understand it, you will be able to take the Matrix as a great game room where you can have fun trying and playing with many new different experiences; if you take it too seriously, this can really make you suffer, because the computer is a very good player.

On this planet, everything that is, it’s Matrix. Your phone is Matrix, your tablet, your desk, your home, your own physical body is Matrix. It is everything we see, hear, touch, perceive, therefore also animals, people and not just objects or materials, because everything is part of the Matrix. Do you know when you have a lucid dream? In lucid dreaming you can do whatever you want, because you know that being inside an illusion allows you to fly or create scenarios in which you will certainly enjoy yourself; it’s just fantasy, isn’t it? So you can go crazy. The Matrix is ​​like a big dream where all living things are sleeping and, unfortunately, they do not realize that it’s just a dream. On the contrary, everyone really believes they are awake, so they live the dream as if it were their real life and suffer when the dream scenarios are not as they would wish, even if they themselves create them with their mind. The Matrix is ​​like a lucid dream, but there are those who take advantage of the moment to have fun and those who do not realize that they are asleep, thus remaining submissive to the dream. Animals and people are present in the lucid dream, but those are not real. Even in the life of the Matrix not everything we see really exists, even if it seems alive.

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The life we ​​live every day is a great dream that we can choose to make lucid and to model it as we like, or continue to sleep and suffer all the events that are beyond our control.

Even if you get up from bed every day and think you’re awake, you’re sleeping in another big dream, which you can choose to make lucid and positive, rather than heavy and always full of added problems. Even if you wake up from sleep at night it seems so fast, the awakening from the Matrix takes much longer, because you awaken little by little, becoming more and more aware of what is real and what is not. It takes time and do not despair if you cannot immediately, because understanding that the life we ​​live in is an illusion is much more complicated than it seems, because we were born and raised with a helmet on our head that has imposed, to always believe that what we see it is the only existing reality. Even religion and the various beliefs that have been implanted in us from birth have the intent to confuse us, not telling us the whole truth. But we cannot blame other people who have grown us up, educated or taught us to believe and be faithful to this illusory life, because even they do not know they are asleep, and unfortunately not everyone wants to accept that it is just a dream. Forcing them to believe it would be wrong, because everyone must be free to choose and some, unfortunately, exist for not being able to choose; they are born to live forever in the Matrix and never get out of it. But this should not make us sad because everyone exists for a reason and we do not have to impose our own opinion on others. It is right for everyone to make their own path regardless of what others say or believe.

We all wear a helmet that is called Regulator, but we can choose to remove it and live the reality every day and to wear it again to play in the Matrix when we are comfortable, or we can choose to remain asleep every day and forget, forever, that reality exists. Some want to stay asleep forever and we cannot force them to wake up, but we are not forced to follow them and be asleep with them. Choosing to unfasten the helmet allows you to decide when to live in the true reality and when to abandon yourself to illusion, so you can see life as it really is, or to see it how all the others live it and perceive it. Unfastening the helmet, however, gives you the freedom to choose, an option that not everyone has. In fact, the difference between a perpetually asleep and the one who tries to awaken from the Matrix, is that the first has no choice: he can see a single reality that is illusory and has no free access to the real reality outside the Matrix. The second, however, continually tries to undo his helmet, managing to catch a glimpse of the truth, until he learns how to remove it and see it completely. He will have access to the truth, but he can choose – as often as he wants – to live the illusory life together with all the others. Those who choose to isolate themselves and completely destroy their Matrix life to devote themselves only to the obsessive opening of his helmet, probably did not understand the meaning of life at all. Living a Matrix life is right, what is incorrect is being overwhelmed without even knowing what the truth is.

To believe that you already know everything and that you already know how to get out of the Matrix perfectly, it is also an illusion, because it is not easy to get out and recognize the truth, really seeing – with open eyes – its codes (and not only metaphorically) and being able to modify the events of the Matrix to adapt them to your interests. Becoming aware of the Matrix is ​​still very far from escaping, or so to speak, awakening, because understanding that the Matrix exists is a level, but changing its codes to adapt it to their needs is very different. The asleep will perceive a long illusion for the entire duration of his life without ever discovering anything else; the one who is conscious will know that it is an illusion and will try not to be injured every time the game will seem hard; others, however, will choose to evolve their psychic faculties to take off their helmets, see reality, take the leads of the Matrix and rule it.

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Saying that you can control your life and really manage to rule the Matrix are two completely different actions. When you understand what the Matrix is ​​and learn how to model it according to your decisions, consciously, you can still have the choice of whether to see how others live life or what reality actually is, but this will finally become your own choice and it will no longer be someone else’s over you. Seeing the Matrix and coming out of it, it will not distract you, isolated and alone, but quite the opposite: you will feel much more united to the Whole than you feel now, you will feel happier and more lover of life, you will be more inclined to wake up in the morning, because you will have a real purpose that will motivate you to act and move forward with your strength; because you will not miss strength anymore. Whoever says that knowing the truth makes one suffer, is lost in another of those illusions shown as true stories; the truth corresponds to practice, not only to theory.

Every day, from birth, you continue to see the illusory life that has been placed in front of you because of the helmet you wear, but all the smallest to the biggest thing that makes up your day are in reality, illusory mechanisms created by the Matrix that will continue to cloud your vision of reality throughout life, unless you choose to use the view that belongs to your most advanced psyche to see and understand reality. Your helmet, the regulator, makes you perfectly suited to the video game in which you are, so you, like all the other players, see the same things even if they are illusory. To understand this, try to think of any video game you’ve played: as long as you’re inside the game you have to follow its rules, so you cannot open doors you do not have keys to, you cannot buy items if you do not have enough coins, you cannot level up if you do not complete your character’s missions. Of course you cannot enter the game and level up just by your will, or earn coins without moving your character to the map, but you have to stay at the rules of the game. However, as soon as you turn off the monitor, you are perfectly aware that your life is not that of videogames, so even if you cannot open the doors and access the other rooms, you can open the doors of your home, move in another room, and so on. If your character has no coins, it does not mean that you, in reality, have no money to buy what you want. You know that the videogame you played, even if it can be very nice, is well separated from your real life. The problem arises when your obsession with that video game becomes too strong, identifying too much in the avatar you have chosen, suffering if you lose the game, getting angry if you cannot level up, even willing to spend your real money to “buy” virtual coins that your character can spend on new clothes, items, magic potions that the game provides. Playing videogames is a lot of fun, but these should not be confused with real life, so much so that you decide to take away a “real” material of your life to turn it into a property of your virtual character. When a person forgets that the videogame he is playing is just a small entertaining program that should serve to relax him a little, and not to distract him from real life, he ends up forgetting his personality and becoming his character, to live for his character, so much to lower his social, cultural and real life to spend all the time playing a fake game.

Here comes the point: the game is a program, an illusion, because the game exists and is fun but the whole world inside is just a graphic representation designed by another person who created a dimension to spend time there. The game exists but it is an illusion. For example, the character of our game can find coins and with those coins can buy clothes or objects that exist in the world of the videogame, but these coins are fake, they are not real in this physical dimension, they belong only to that video game.

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When we turn off the monitor, those coins or purchased clothes will not magically appear in the closet of our room, but will remain within the game. So those clothes do not exist, they are just an illusion. Inside the videogame clothes exist, because the program shows us the perfect projection of them and as long as we play we can really believe in those clothes and want to buy them and collect them more and more, but when we turn off the monitor we realize that everything we have purchased in reality does not exist, because it belongs to the game, so it is fake. We must not make ourselves hypnotized and fall asleep because of that game. It may seem complex to understand, but the Matrix we are in is pretty much the same. Outside the Matrix there is no one with the joystick in hand that controls us, but there is our greater Awareness that is our true self, which observes our actions and try to direct our choices. Our Consciousness, or Soul, which we really are, is very different from the character we are interpreting right now. Just like in a videogame, we have chosen a character very different from our true Essence in this life from aesthetically and personality point of you, but not only. The avatar you choose to interact in that game can be completely different from your real appearance: for example, you are a professional lawyer, but you could choose to play a video game in which you are a little fish that has to swim in all the ocean to find the precious gems that the bad octopus has stolen. In this reality you are completely different from the image of the little fish, your job is different, your life purpose is different, your enemy is different. Yet while you’re playing, you identify yourself with that avatar, committing yourself to really swimming well, finding all the gems and defeating the octopus, the enemy. In other words, your Soul may look really different than you are now, it may have different commitments from your daily routine, and it could have a purpose in life completely opposite from what you have now.

But what is the right purpose to follow? The one of the Soul, of course. When you play the videogame, choose to spend a few hours solving your avatar’s problems, then put all your effort to complete your character’s missions and achieve the prizes, but the reality is that if your little fish finds the gems, you still you have not changed anything in your real life, you have not increased your salary, solved a family dispute or found a job for your child, because the missions in the video game have nothing to do with your daily life. For the same reason, your everyday life inside the Matrix could be very different from the life that your real ego plays and, even, your daily choices and your everyday “missions” may not be worth anything for your Soul, but it could only be like a pastime or a waste of time. Here’s what awakening it is for: to understand what in this life, this game called Matrix, really makes sense for our Soul and what instead it is just a useless part of the game that is wasting our time. The Matrix is ​​a very realistic videogame to which we have promised excessive loyalty, but we can choose to open our eyes and recognize, understand and live in the Matrix aware that it is an illusion.

All of us are perfectly tuned to the same big computer called Matrix, which is why we all see the same things and exchange the same information; as long as we are inside the game. For this reason, we can all see the same objects that are inside a room, touch them and describe them in the same way, but nevertheless they are illusory. Therefore, we can describe an object similarly as others see it, and for this reason we believe that this object really exists and we are very sure that it is there, in front of us; despite this, however, everything around us is a projection that does not exist in true reality. The same it is true for a person or for an affair: everyone has seen it and for everyone it is real, but it belongs only to this illusory Matrix.

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Until today you have slept and lived in a dream that you thought was reality, but do not fool yourself: because from today you will still continue to live inside the Matrix and you will not wake up from sleep just for reading a document. However, by becoming aware of the existence of the Matrix, you can already start taking some small steps towards what will be, if you will continue, a real path of Awakening. When you begin to open your eyes, you will see that the walls of your house that you believe blocking the access to the energies, in reality are not so compact, hard and impenetrable as it seemed; you will notice that the wall does not really exist as it seemed when you were inside the game, but you will recognize it as a set of codes that your helmet has decoded to show it to you, like to all those who are wearing it right now. Choosing to remove the helmet is not an instant action, you cannot remove it at any moment, but you can choose to practice to evolve and then, slowly, loosen the belt and start to adapt to fresh air that accesses from the space created in the helmet to make us feel a taste of freedom. Clearly the helmet is just a metaphor to talk about the regulator. Since all the physical beings in this world have a brain perfectly tuned to the big computer called Matrix thanks to the regulator, we all see and perceive the same things. In reality, however, our regulator can do much more than show everyone the same illusion, but I’ll talk about it in the next articles. Continue reading and do not forget the practice!

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  • ery - 11:02 29/09/23

    Spegazioni sempre molto chiare che ogni volta mi permettono finalmente di capire cosa succede intorno a noi e come esserne consapevole.

  • albertocosta - 08:42 28/09/23

    Questo episodio mi ha dato moltissimi spunti. Per primo, l'idea che il casco sia quasi quello che e' diventato il cellulare oggi. A volte guardo la gente in metro o bus e vedo tutti assorbiti dal cellulare come se quello che succede intorno non esistesse. Poi il fatto di non dover uscire dal matrix del tutto, ma esserne consapevoli, sembra simile a quello che diceva Osho quando diceva di restare nel mondo ma con la consapevolezza di quello che significa realmente. Il punto poi delle missioni del videogioco nel matrix che non hanno spesso riscontro nella vita reale sembra il fatto che quello che facciamo per soddisfare l'ego sia in realta' spesso irrilevante per l'anima. Infine, mi e' venuto in mente un fumetto letto moltissimo tempo fa. Si chiamava "La Citta'", se non mi sbaglio. C'erano i personaggi che vivevano in una citta' dove cose strane avvenivano, e alla fine arrivavano a un'ascensore che non si sapeva dove portava. Ipotizzando che quella citta' fosse finta e che i protagonisti stessero in realta' vivendo in un fumetto, uno di loro prende l'ascensore anche se pensa sia una trappola. Gli altri restano pensando che troveranno una via d'uscita. O forse, prendere la pillola rossa non era cosi' facile... Grazie, Alberto!

  • Mery - 17:22 27/09/23

    Siamo cresciuti tutti con degli schemi precisi, educati con i 10 comandamenti, indotrinati a credere ai libri di scuola che siamo una specie animale, nasci, cresci, ti riproduci e muori. La vita per molti è stata peggio, genitori ed insegnanti abusivi, vivere con delle etichette e un lavaggio di cervello per indurti a crederlo. Molti sin da giovani hanno vissuto sulla propria pelle una sensazione che tutto ciò è un continuo sonno, un incubo dove sei incastrato e non riesci a risvegliati, e ti chiedi, dove sono io, cosa sto facendo, e sai che sei da parte osservando te stesso, aspettando che il te che dorme si sveglia e comprenda che la vita che stai svolgendo non è la vera vita che credi. Sai di esserci vicino, sai che la vita che conduci non è la tua, e solo un, illusione e non sai cosa fare, gli anni passano e ti ritrovi ancorato ancora dentro questa vita illusoria, allora cercherò il tuo io, vuoi connetterti con lui, capire chi sei, lui ti parla ti sprona e ti indica la strada, ma tu sei pronto a lasciare la vecchia strada? Ti incammini verso la lettura, osho, Budda, Beinsa Dounuo, Sam guru, etc... Ti rendi conto di essere ancora più confuso, ti aggrappi a quei libri cercando la verità, ma la tua evoluzione non ti permette di capire, di interpretare, ed ognuno a seguito un percorso molto lungo decenni e decenni prima di lasciare le loro memorie a chi poi le usò per commercializzare i libri. Puoi leggere tutto i libri che vuoi, non imparerai nulla, teoria su teoria, tutte esperienze altrui. La maditazione è questa accademia e la giusta via, l, unico posto dove hai imparato solo dal primo step, quello che non avresti mai saputo continuando a leggere libri per tutta la vita.

  • Stella Spica - 12:52 24/09/23

    Mi sento di aggiungere ancora due righe al commento precedente. Volevo precisare che l'amore e il rispetto per se stessi deve avere la precedenza su tutto, è vero che può essere conveniente farsi "amico" il nemico ma va mantenuto tuttavia FERMO il proprio pensiero. Per integrarsi, ovviamente devi cercare un gruppo di persone in linea coi tuoi valori, non bisogna fare ciò che fanno gli altri se questo è sbagliato, perché può capitare che possa esserci una persona che fa del male a se stessa, in parole povere non bisogna bere alcol, fumare o peggio se gli altri lo fanno. Un conto è assecondare il Matrix in modo che non ci identifichi come ribelli e quindi ci attacchi un conto è rovinarsi la vita con azioni deleterie per la propria salute per fare parte di un gruppo. Isolarsi come ho fatto io tutta la vita non va bene ma se c'è una persona che compie azioni da deficiente noi dobbiamo dire semplicemente NO, che non ci interessa, che ci fa schifo, che preferiamo una fetta di torta, che "io faccio cosa mi pare punto e basta e te sei libero di fare cosa credi", la risolutezza spiazza, se ti trattano da sfigato, debole, vigliacco se non fai quello che fanno loro TE NE DEVI FREGARE, non devi offenderti, non rimanerci male, SORRIDI, te sai che è il Matrix oscuro e manipolato che tenta di distruggerti tramite i bot, quindi GUARDALI IN FACCIA, ALZA LE SPALLE E DIGLI SOLO CON ARIA ANNOIATA...."si va bene come credi, io comunque faccio cosa voglio e non cosa vogliono gli altri, punto" Resta lì con disinvoltura e stai tranquillo. Tu non sei come loro, tu sai come funziona il videogioco. Quindi cerca di fare gruppo ma non cadere in stupide trappole! Poi e soprattutto taglia, proteggiti, rinforza l'aura usa le tecniche evolutive preziose che abbiamo la fortuna di conoscere grazie ad Angel!

  • gabi - 19:03 19/09/23

    Sarebbe bello capire come interagire con i codici del Matrix per poterli modificare a proprio piacimento, ma prima bisogna imparare a vederli 😅. Sicuramente più avanti se ne parlerà.

  • giugliano - 21:48 11/09/23

    Complicato e non semplice da assimilare e soprattutto iniziare a pensare alla vita di tutti i giorni come un videogioco che pare così reale! Spero di riuscire, a poco a poco, ad allentare la cintura del casco per far entrare aria fresca ad ossigenare il cervello ed iniziare questo percorso certamente non privo di fatica.

  • morenos - 20:07 07/09/23

    Capisco sempre di più. La mia vita finora è stata come un videogioco che mi ha ossessionato, impedendomi di evolvermi, un po' come accade in "The Sims". Mi sono completamente identificato con il personaggio del videogioco e in questo modo ho impedito alla mia anima di svolgere il suo ruolo qui su questo pianeta. È davvero un bel pasticcio! La consapevolezza che forse un giorno potrò cambiare il videogioco e soprattutto decidere se giocare o meno mi conforta. Negli ultimi 7 anni ho studiato molto questi argomenti, ma solo ora mi rendo conto che la verità sta nella pratica, non nella teoria. È arrivato il momento di rimboccarsi le maniche e mettersi all'opera! Sono davvero entusiasta!

  • giusepp - 15:15 07/09/23

    La consapevolezza che esiste il Matrix ed identificarlo come qualcosa d'altro, aiuta a sintonizzarsi sempre di più con le proprie energie spirituali e facilita la possibilità di regolarli per una maggiore acquisizione o per poterle trasmettere in un ambiente preciso.

  • Carolina - 08:59 07/09/23

    Si mi ero identificata il un modello matrix ILLUSORIO NN MIO .Ora me ne sono quasi Liberata

  • jael - 03:48 06/09/23

    È confortante sapere di avere una doppia opportunità costantemente: vivere con tutti gli altri nel Matrix e uscirne, quando necessario e funzionale. Spero di apprendere in fretta a gestirne i codici, perché sarebbe molto bello mostrare in maniera pratica ad alcune persone attorno a me come in realtà siamo e come fare per andare oltre l'illusione senza distruggerla. Perché è una profonda tristezza vedere accanto a sé persone che ne sono intrappolate e non riuscire a fare loro comprendere la realtà. Mostrarlo loro in maniera pratica sarebbe diverso. Come svelare a chi ci è accanto il trucco di un mago e insegnargli a utilizzarlo. Circa le religioni, comunque, non credo siano nate con l'intento di farci restare nel Matrix, al contrario, spiegano per metafore come svegliarci, ma spesso vengono interpretate in maniera troppo letterale e rigida. Il problema è che non tutti coloro che dovrebbero instradarci sono formati realmente per farlo. Un tempo, magari, era così: i sacerdoti o gli intermediari (mininster) dei culti erano degli iniziati, avevano seguito un percorso di risveglio, finalizzato a istruire e risvegliare gli altri. Poi, nel tempo, qualcuno ha scelto di utilizzare questo "potere" in modo contrario, eccessivamente pedissequo, costringendo gli altri a rimanere addormentati.

  • Lisarahma 🌺 - 00:01 05/09/23

    C'è tantissimo ancora che devo imparare, sto avendo la conferma passo dopo passo che tutte le mie sensazioni erano e sono giuste e che non sono poi così folle. Ma devo ancora imparare tantissimo. Grazie mille Angel 🙏🏼 sono molto GRATA per questa enorme opportunità 🙏🏼🌷

  • milvia65 - 11:57 04/09/23

    Ci vuole tempo per comprendere veramente di vivere all'interno del Matrix, anche se fin da bambina, tra me e me, pensando al senso della Vita, mi immaginavo dentro ad un grande palcoscenico, insieme a tante altre persone, ma ero ai margini con le spalle alla platea e non al centro. Al tempo stesso mi guardavo essendo parte del sensazione di non essere qui "per caso" l'ho sempre avuta...poi la quotidianità, le vicissitudini mi hanno portata a vivere sempre più al centro del palcoscenico...ora...è giunto il momento di provare ad uscirne, un po' alla volta. La mia Anima...sta sempre a guardare...

  • mcollautti - 10:58 03/09/23

    Lezione molto interessante che spiega in modo chiaro come il percorso di risveglio spirituale vada portato avanti riconoscendone il profondo valore, affrontando le esperienze della nostra Quotidianità come parte integrante del percorso di vita che ciascuno è chiamato a fare nella dimensione terrena, sapendo trovare il giusto equilibrio e vivendo questa "dualita" con consapevolezza.

  • sabros - 09:53 30/08/23

    Descrizione ben fatta e chiara con esempi che rendono bene l'idea della realtà in cui siamo immersi argomento ricco di riflessioni.

  • Jasmina - 17:04 28/08/23

    Sapevo che prima di nascere siamo noi che scegliamo la nostra vita , i nostri genitori , sorelle fratelli amici ecc, gli avvenimenti e il resto per progredire , per evolverci spiritualmente, solo che una volta ‘nati ‘ ci dimentichiamo del nostro scopo… mi sono sempre scervellata perché, per quanti percorsi io abbia fatto, non riuscivo a capire…. Sono felice di questo percorso di risveglio ❤️