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Energy – Attracting Prana (Part 2)

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Energy is everything, you just need to understand it.

Let’s discuss some more about energy, so that you can understand better the teachings that will follow. Everything around us is made of energy, but you can’t see it so you can’t see what is real and what is an illusion. Every kind of energy has a specific name but since everything is energy, everything’s part of one big Conscience. All around you, you can see objects, furniture, walls, which fill and enclose the room where you are, restricting your vision. And while, on the one hand, it makes you feel safe, because you feel sheltered and hidden by the walls, which make it impossible for others to see your private stuff, on the other hand, they close your mind, because they don’t let you feel like you’re part of the world, and they often make you feel alone and isolated. Walls are made of energy, and even if this Matrix wants you to see them like impenetrable material, energy can pass through them like nothing, just the way it happens everyday. Of course, you can’t pass through them physically to see what’s in the next room, but you could make it using your conscience, or rather your sensory faculties, going through the wall with your energy and watching what is happening on the other side of the house. Energy can go through the walls because they are made by energy themselves, and even if we are used to see them like a resistant and impenetrable barrier, actually any kind of energy can pass through them unhindered. Every day, throughout our lives, we are constantly influenced by several flows of energy moving all around us, by entities for instance, which are energy consciousness and they can pass through every kind of wall, house or apartment.  Our whole life, we have always believed that nothing could go through our bedroom door or through its walls which make us feel so safe, but sadly, it’s an illusory protection because any kind of energy can pass through them and break into our house and enter our room.  On the other hand, pranic energy can pass unimpeded through the walls, too, and it can surround us and protect us everywhere we are, even if we were in a basement  or underground because energy can go through any kind of material or apparent obstacle.

There is no place where energy can not reach us, even if we were in the depths of the ocean or out of the Earth’s atmosphere. Nevertheless, this should not scare us, but on the contrary, it should make us feel more secure. As mentioned above, every kind of energy can go beyond the walls of our home, and that goes also for a conscience, someone else’s aura and so on. The most important energy, however, the one from which everything is created is Pranic energy. The way to keep outside that kind of energy we don’t want to enter, far from home, an entity for instance, or a negative influence, is to create a barrier that we will call Psychic Protection, composed of pranic energy, to keep other energies from getting in.

The walls of our house are illusory walls, because they can be crossed by energy, but if you created a wall made of pranic energy, then the other types of energy (like entities) would not be able to get over it. You will find out everything about this topic in the specific documents about Psychic Protection. But there’s a kind of energy that can’t be kept out by the Protection, and that’s exactly Prana. Like I have previously explained, Prana is the most powerful energy ever, it is positive and it is everywhere, but you can attract it in larger quantities and make the room or place where you are even more positive. There are places where energy is very positive, others in which it is very negative and other places where the energy is quite neutral and it’s influenced by the rest of the energies that compose it and affect it daily. Attracting Prana in a room or in a specific place, you will make its energy much more positive, even more than it already was. In fact there are no limits for positive energy to increase and you can make that place even “miraculous”. Think about how nice it would be if your room were your little miracle place, that could give you those personal benefits you would be so proud of.

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Imagine if any time you felt confused, tired, or anytime you had a  headache, it would be enough to enter your room to ease the pain all over your head, to make your ideas clear, make you feel more charged-up and awakened than before, making you more focused and active.
Now, it may sound weird to you, but it is exactly how a place full of pranic energy can make you feel.

Everything is energy and it is everywhere, but increasing the amount of positivity and boosting the emotional well-being in your own room is your choice because Prana must be attracted, so it’s on you to decide to attract it into your house.
The first thing to do to increase the positivity in your home, to attract positive energy and, above all, to improve your life is to become aware of Prana. Prana is all around you and it can be absorbed, attracted and you can breathe it, anywhere at anytime. Prana is pure, strong, protective energy, it is a part of God. Pranic energy is always present, always strong and pure both day and night, both in good and in bad days. Think about those times when you’re afraid, in the dark. When you are afraid of the dark, remember that prana is all around you and that you are completely surrounded by energy and therefore, if you become aware of it, it will become stronger and more protective of you. Visualize it as a lot of tiny white luminous spots, that sit in the air and surround you. Pranic energy, which is pure white energy, is intelligent, because it is able to figure out the reason why you are calling it. Prana apparently only seems static energy that is in a place and does not move from there, but actually it is able to decide what to do and how to work in that place.  You just have to call it, then it will be the one doing the rest. In fact, Prana is intelligent, because it knows it has to protect you, give you strength, make you feel good. It knows how to do it, you just have to call it and it will come to you in larger quantities. Prana is all around you, but the more you call it, the more the amount of pranic energy increases, and there is no limit to the quantity because you can attract it as much as you wish. You are in a universe full of energy and you can attract it and use it to protect yourself, heal yourself and feel good whenever you want.

When you are afraid, day or night, remind you of Prana, let her come all around you and you will feel safe, protected. Be conscient of the energy wherever you are, because it is right beside you at all times, so you can use it to feel better, stronger and more sure of yourself. Attract it all around you and breathe it in, because it will make you stronger. Whenever you are sad or you are in need of comfort, when you would like to feel more protected, make yourself aware that energy is all around you. Moreover, everything around you is made of energy, and this means that the walls are not really an obstacle, the objects that surround you, the material that makes up the furniture in your home, all you see is energy, it’s just that you see it in a material form because of an illusion. Start becoming aware that everything you see is not what it seems, but it is an illusion made to trick your mind. Energy is all that is real. So, as such, everything that scares you, that demoralizes you, makes you feel unhappy, is nothing but an illusion and you can knock it down and get your strength back thanks to Prana. If you begin to realize that Prana is all around you, right now, and you become aware of it even when you’re outside your house, when you’re out or when you’re with your friends, you become much more able to control the energy and to affect the events of your life.

Using prana you can purify a place, an object and someone else’s energy, and of course you can also clean your own energy. Objects, but also places, can have positive or negative energy programs, depending on the most recent events or the most impregnating ones that have happened in that spefic place or by that specif object. When I say negative events I mean not only a catastrophe, but also a simple family quarrel or someone’s weeping for personal problems. For instance, if you are used to cry too often in your room, whatever it may be the motivation, then there will be a negative energy throughout the room but especially in that particular spot where you usually cry. If you often fight with your family in the living room, then in that room, or in a specific spot in the living room, there will be a heavier energy, and it could be even negative. If however you feel that there is a good atmosphere in your home, you don’t fight often and it rarely happens to you to feel sad, alone, broken, then it means that there is positive energy in your home.

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In both cases, you can clean up or increase the amount of positive energy to make it even more beautiful, so that the atmosphere will be so relaxing that walking into your house it will be almost like to go on vacation. When you cry  or you have certain very negative feelings in a room, you create a negative energy program that, feeding on itself, it will make you cry again – every time you enter the room – or it will at least make you more and more miserable, pushing you to find a reason to be sad about. The energy program is created by someone at first, but – since it’s called, precisely, Program – it is a self-sustaining mechanism, and it will push you to suffer again. In this way you can feed it with more negative energy. So, the program is created by your negative energy – or maybe by the energy of the previous owners of your house – and it will push you to be sad or angry, so that you will emit other negative energy with which it will feed and grow even more. However, you can remain conscious of your thoughts and recognize that, in that very moment, there’s no real reason for you to suffer and therefore you have no reason to become sad or angry right after walking through the door. If you realize that in a room or in a specific place in your house, there is a negative program that causes problems and family quarrels, you already know where you need to work with positive energy. If you don’t know it yet, in time you’ll find out. Of course it doesn’t mean that there must be a negative program in your house, in fact there might also be positive programs, for instance you could feel happy and pleased once you enter the door, even if a moment before – when you were still outside – you were feeling pretty tired and annoyed. Moreover, there are many kinds of programs, and not just positive or negative ones; for instance there might be the program of apathy, of laziness, or the program of wasting time, but this is another matter and we will discuss it in detail later.

Attracting pranic energy in your house, you can eliminate any negative or low energy program that kept you listless or tired. In addition, Prana reinforces the positive programs in your home, and it even creates new ones, for example creating the program of optimism, making you feel happy, having good resolutions and making you proud of yourself practically every day. The more Prana you will attract, the more you will feel good. Then it will be up to you, taking care not to ruin the positive program by entering your house with tremendously negative and pessimistic thoughts, otherwise you will risk breaking the positive program and replacing it with a negative one. A program can be broken and changed all the time, but some of them can pervade an object or the walls of the house very deeply, and this leads them to be stronger than usual, therefore harder to remove. However, there is no energetic program which can not be removed, with practice and commitment. In the next articles I will teach you how to recognize an energy program and how to clean it, how to cleanse your personal energy and how to clean the energy of the whole room or a place you want to make brighter and more energetically pure.

Be conscious of Prana all around you, of the luminous energy, made of pure light and full of peace, that surrounds and protects you. Energy is everywhere and the more you’ll become aware of it the more you will attract light pranic energy around you, surrounding yourself with positive energy that will attract events and so much better and positive people than you were used to meet, in your life.
You will understand the difference from experience. Energy is present in very large quantities all over the world, so wherever you are, try to attract Prana with the aim of feeling better, happier and braver.

Even when you feel sad or alone, remember that you are part of the world and that energy knows no bounds or obstacles, so it will come to you passing through the walls of your house, coming from the purest Sources if only you choose to attract it.
Be conscious of Prana and it will be aware of your existence.

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  • ery - 10:47 29/09/23

    Sto provando a richiamare prana ogni volta che affronto un momento difficile ed effettivamente mi sento subito più ottimista e meno timorosa

  • albertocosta - 08:59 27/09/23

    Grazie di questo articolo. Spero che in seguito vengano forniti metodi pratici per aiutare ad attirare energia positiva. Certo, pensarlo e meditare sembrano essere i modi di farlo, da quanto condiviso in precedente, pero' ho l'impressione che istruzioni piu' dettagliate verranno fornite. Per ora posso solo ringraziare per il lavoro che avete dedicato al mettere insieme questo programma. Anche al quantita' di informazioni non e' ne troppa ne troppo poca. Bravi! Grazie, Alberto

  • Mery - 17:00 24/09/23

    Si è proprio vero, la prana ti riempie di pace, e nei momenti più tristi e infelici richiamarla ti cambia immediatamente stato d, animo. Incredibile veramente!

  • gabi - 11:08 18/09/23

    La prana non è mai abbastanza, più ne attiri meglio è... per te e per chi ti circonda. In certi punti della casa mi viene più difficile praticare, la mia casa nel complesso sarebbe da ripulire, in passato ci sono state situazione non proprio positive e ancora oggi penso che sia rimasta qualcosina. Grazie 🙏🏻

  • rob78londra - 13:12 12/09/23

    Questo articolo è stato più difficile da capire, pensare che tutto quello che vediamo e energia può sembrare facile da dire ma difficile da mettere in pratica, per esempio per me un tavolo e sempre e solo un tavolo e via dicendo, continuerò a seguire questo percorso e vedremo in fututro se riuscirò a vedere un altro punto di vista ma ad oggi sono un po' scettico su questo articolo.

  • anthos - 21:08 11/09/23

    Non ero a conoscenza dell’energia pranica, mi aziono subito a richiamarla per pulire la mia casa dai programmi negativi.

  • Marin76 - 14:15 11/09/23

    Mi attrae enormemente imparare ad utilizzare l'energia pranica per portare nel futuro delle impressioni migliori nella mia vita e chi è intorno a me

  • giugliano - 08:40 11/09/23

    Articolo stupendo che dà un'enorme sicurezza e pace interiore. La coscienza di essere circondati dall'energia positiva e di avere la capacità di richiamare tutta la quantità di energia Pranica necessaria a migliorare la propria vita e, immagino, quella dei propri cari ed amici (o anche presunti nemici!) è di enorme consolazione. Tutto sta nel prendere sempre più coscienza di questa meravigliosa e benefica presenza che ci circonda.

  • sabros - 11:03 10/09/23

    Spesso mi capita di sentire in qualche luogo cose che non mi piacciono ma poi non so come fare per toglierle quindi evito certi luoghi mi entusiasma l'idea di imparare a gestire l'energia ritengo che sia utilizzo.

  • giusepp - 13:03 07/09/23

    Step molto interessante. L'energia pranica è ovunque e il fatto stesso di richiamarla ti pone in una frequenza superiore, cambia il tuo stesso atteggiamento e la tua predisposizione nella relazione con l'ambiente che ti circonda. Richiedere più energia pranica sottintende la voglia e la necessità di essere felice e sereno, e quindi cambia anche l'atteggiamento verso l'esterno e anche su se stessi. Quindi possiamo dire che vi è una relazione direttamente proporzioanle tra energia pranica e pensiero positivo e viceversa

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    Questo argomento è importantissimo, utile per ricordare che possiamo sempre fare affidamento sulla prana! La possiamo richiamare in qualunque posto ci troviamo e che supera tutte le "barriere" del Matrix! Basta richiamarla, e possiamo essere circondati da pura energia pranica che ci protegge e ci rafforza! Sicuramente infonde un senso di sicurezza saperlo, ma praticarlo e prenderne coscienza ogni giorno è un buon passo per la nostra evoluzione, respirarla ogni giorno non pò fare che aiutare la nostra Coscienza / Anima. <3 Grazie mille per darci la possibilità di conoscere quello che ci circonda e di farci rileggere quante volte vogliamo questi fantastici documenti e poter ripassare, toglierci ogni minimo dubbio quando ne abbiamo bisogno! Grazie per la continua crescita spirituale che ci offrite! <3

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    Tutto è energia, qualsiasi cosa è fatto d'energia, noi stessi siamo energia pura... Il Prana e l'energia vitale che anche nella medicina ayurvedica è l'essenzialità del tutto. mi sono proprio addormentata pr tanti troppi anni..mi sono dimentica di queste basici insegnamenti che mi hanno accompagnato per un po'quando ero molto giovane.La prana è bellissima, e veramente fantastico sapere che l'energia Prana, è sempre con me e mi protegge da tutto mi fa già sentire bene. Molto interessante il discorso dei programmi non vedo l'ora di saerene di più, per esempio dentro casa non abito da sola e quindi non solo io posso rompere un programma...come si fa' a preservare la.prana e farla essere sempre positiva se si vi e con altre persone??

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    Riconoscere di poter richiamare l'energia prana, instilla una grande forza. Saper vedere dove ce ne' bisogno, senza farsi sopraffare dai programmi energetici già presenti, rende molto attenti e consapevoli. Grazie!