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The Chakras – Three Steps towards Evolution (Part 3)

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The evolution of chakras is fundamental to our personal evolution, so let’s commit to understanding what exactly it is. Our physical and energy bodies are in constant need of energy: : if we do not offer it to them through meditation they end up being very weak, like those of most people. When the chakras are undernourished, they find themselves consuming the small percentage of daily energy that they manage to scrape up simply by breathing (without meditation) try to survive; but they cannot get much better, since only meditation can fill our chakras to the point of giving us true strength. Not surprisingly, we all feel quite tired quite often throughout the day, instead of being as active and lively as we should be. All people possess the chakras and all people use them, but people use them so minimally and unconsciously that they are almost invisible. In fact, the use that is made of them is very basic, having very discharged chakras: we take the energy from the chakras unconsciously to try to be more active, awake, concentrated, agile during the day, but we cannot easily succeed in this intent because it requires a considerable effort. Just think of when you really try to study, reading and rereading the same sentences with commitment and seriousness, yet you cannot memorize anything despite trying for hours: this lack of concentration comes from low energy at the Mind chakra. Since we don’t know we have chakras, we don’t make conscious use of them, so we don’t take advantage of them for their great value that we might need for multiple daily activities. It is basically like we do not use them, because, given the very low energy they have, it is almost like we do not have them. This is normal since, not knowing you have chakras, you do not even know how to use them. Sometimes it can happen that by chance they are used for light purposes, because after all it is their natural function and they would like to cooperate to make us feel good, but if we become aware of our chakras and nourish them to make them stronger we can use them to get the maximum physical well-being. The chakras are vitally important in our daily lives, much more than we can currently imagine, not having practical experience to understand these concepts.

Without meditation the chakras are very unloaded, so even trying to use them you do not get a great effect because they do not have enough energy to work: the intent in this case is not enough. Personal evolution is based on three fundamental points: self-awareness (in this case, of the chakras), intent (decision to use the chakras), and energy (the force that moves the motor, i.e., the chakra), which accumulates by meditating. That little bit of energy that everyone possesses without meditation is not enough at all to evolve our minds and elevate our lives, otherwise we would all be awakened already, but apparently it does not work that way. Evolution means first to get out of the typical programs, to free oneself from those chains that subdue everyone. In a few words, it means deciding to be “different” from the usual masses who follow whatever is put in front of them without reasoning with their own heads. The point is that our body is identical to everyone else’s, so it gets tired like the others, it gets destabilized, it gets sick, because if we do not decide to have that internal change – also called Evolution – we cannot differentiate ourselves from others. Your physical body, as well as your energetic body – and therefore also your mind – needs evolved chakras in order to be able to reason, strengthen and realize what you consider the best change for your life. Without energy the chakras can do very little, both because you do not recognize their true power and therefore you do not learn to use it, and because, even if you knew it, without energy they would not have the strength to move and everything would be blocked. Knowing the power of your chakras is not to be underestimated, because knowing what they are capable of, you understand what and how to use them in times of need, which by the way happens much more often than you imagine.

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It is certain that without practice you will never understand the true capabilities of your chakras, because they will remain forever words and “theories” that you may not believe, but if discovering their power pushes you to practice meditation is certain that you will get experiences on your skin that will confirm the truth of your inner power.

There will be no more theories or ideas, there will only be you and the experience in the real facts that will show you that the chakras really work. Being accustomed to living without their specific use, we believe that the absence of chakras is not so problematic, that it makes no difference, precisely because we do not know what they are and what we are missing. Although it may seem like a rough comparison, we are comparable to a man born blind, who, not knowing how wonderful and useful it is to be able to see, does not have too many problems with the colors and shades of the furniture in his home; of course, he suffers for his problem, he would like to be able to see and know the faces of the people around him, but not having eyesight he will never be able to understand what it means to watch a sunset or to define a clean sea by seeing his feet under water. Even if he really wanted to understand it, he will never be able to understand what colors, shadows, and plays of light are, because he does not have that tool to identify them. Those who choose to ignore their chakras decide to become blind and live touching life just as a blind person would, without being able to see it, therefore without being able to truly understand it.  It is understandable that we do not recognize their importance not knowing their value but, since we are lucky enough to be able to decide not to remain “blind”, it is good to try to open our eyes to the reality that surrounds us, through the filling and training of our chakras.

At the beginning, when you first meditate on the chakras, they may create discomfort that you might mistake for the sensation of pain, because they have never been charged in your entire life, so it is as if your legs start walking after a long time of standing still: obviously they would hurt you because they no longer have the strength to support you. The chakras have never been filled, since you’ve never meditated before, so during your first meditations they will need to expand and begin to activate; this may cause you a slight discomfort for the first few days. Probably, when you meditated on the Mind chakra for the first time, it caused you a discomfort in the forehead that you confused with the headache, thinking precisely that it was a pain. Little by little you will realize that the discomfort at the Mind chakra is a very different headache, it is like a branch that is created inside your head; also, that annoyance will no longer be so negative, but you will define it as almost pleasant. It will make you realize that something good is happening in your head, in fact you will feel “lighter” and even emotionally happier. You won’t realize right away what it is exactly, because the body is not used to this novelty, but little by little if you continue to meditate you will discover it more and more, understanding that it is something very good. In fact, every time you stop meditating for a long time, the chakras return to the starting point and you almost must start all over again. Since you are at the beginning of this path, and you have not assimilated much energy even if you have meditated for two or three weeks in a row (although you may feel much stronger than before), the fact remains that your chakras are not yet trained and do not know how to move, so if you stop practicing again they would return to how they were in a very short time. Consequently, every time you start practicing again, you may have those discomforts again, because the chakras will start enlarging again. Meditating a lot and then not meditating at all suddenly is not very good for your chakras, because it would be like losing weight and gaining weight too quickly, creating stretch marks which, in energetic terms, would become little cracks. In a few words, if you eat a lot and suddenly go hungry for many days in a row for no reason, this is not good for your body, just like what happens to the chakras when you stop feeding them.

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Nothing worrisome for the chakras if you resumed meditating, because those cracks would resolve in no time, being energetic and certainly not physical. If you stopped meditating altogether, however, you would go back to the way you were before you started this path, and probably if your interest is to evolve spiritually, that is the last thing you want to do. The worst that could happen if you decide to stop meditating is to go back to the way you were before, which, personally, I think is the worst thing because, when you know your true power and you hold it in your hands, you would like everything but to go back to the way it was before, to when you were unable to understand and react to the situations created around you to take away your energy.

Each chakra is different from the other and each one creates different sensations when it wants to indicate that it needs energy and that, in other words, it is discharging. You must understand that until now you have never meditated on the chakras, so you did not know the reasons for your physical pains. In fact, if during the day you get a headache you think it’s very normal, because of course “it’s very normal” that all of a sudden you get an excruciating headache that makes you feel the pains of hell, or a perpetual stomach ache that no matter what you eat, here come the twinges that seem stronger than stab wounds. We think it is normal because “everyone has them”, “everyone” experiences these pains, but it is not normal at all; those are pains from lack of energy that prevents your chakras from protecting you from evils, so the pains and diseases come. Without strength, how can you expect otherwise? “Everyone” experiences these pains because “everyone” does not meditate. Try asking real meditation practitioners how many years they haven’t had a headache, stomachache, or severe flu. It is no coincidence that it is been the same amount of time since they started meditating seriously and consistently. With practical experience you will discover a very interesting piece of information about the chakras, the one concerning their pains. To be exact, that slight discomfort you might feel during or after meditations – which has nothing to do with real pain typical of everyday life – is not caused because the chakras are filling up, but happens when they realize they are empty. The pains you felt during the days in your head, stomach, belly, before you met this spiritual path (think of all the times you have had headaches in the past few years!) were due to the absence of energy that prevented your body from functioning and protecting itself from any negativity that might enter or be created due to excessive stress, fatigue, and so on.

The discomfort you experience the first few times you meditate is not comparable to real pain, but is a kind of discomfort that is all opposite of pain: you feel something going on inside your body and you do not know what it is because you are not used to it, yet, with a little more practice, you will recognize by yourself that that discomfort is not at all the same as the pain you feel because of the absence of energy. The annoyance of the first meditations is derived from the fact that the chakras must discover themselves, they must understand what is going on and what all that energy is for. They will take a few days to get used to it and after a week of constant practice you should no longer feel any discomfort. Depending on the case, however, there are people who have the chakras very clogged with negativity because of the stress accumulated in previous years; nothing abnormal or dangerous, simply through constant meditation they will have to clean up a bit, so the discomfort could extend to a few weeks compared to other people who after 2-3 days will not feel it anymore. However, it will be an annoyance that will become lighter and lighter precisely because it will be cleaning up the negativity, not the other way around. However, if you stop meditating for lack of time or for any other reason, the chakras – now accustomed to “live in the luxury” of energy – may experience some pain just for the lack of energy, because they do not want to return as “they were before” but they want to remain strong as they were being accustomed meditating. Stopping meditation cuts off nourishment to the chakras, which begin to drain and “freak out,” fearing they will become weak again as they once were.

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For this reason, they will try to give signals such as pains in the areas of the body where they are, to warn in a certain way of their suffering caused by the absence of energy. This is their way of communicating to you the discomfort that is going on inside.

The Mind chakra is generally the most “encrusted”, being the chakra where most negative thoughts accumulate (we think with our mind! And it often happens that we think negatively and in a pessimistic way during our days!) so it is the one that will take longer to clean up than the others; it is also likely to cause discomfort several times during the first month of practice even outside of meditation, while others may never cause discomfort or do so only the first few days. In practice, the Mind chakra is the most “annoying”, but perhaps the most useful and satisfying to start a healthy spiritual path; it is thanks to the Mind chakra making itself felt often that we can remember its presence. It is very helpful.

All the chakras then, by meditating consistently, become balanced and no longer cause discomfort. It is very important to know that if you meditate every other day, then two days and three days, you cannot define this as a constant practice, because constancy is equivalent to practicing every day without skipping a single day. If the chakra did not feed consistently, it would need much more time to get used to and/or clean up, and not just a week. It is obvious that a single day of absence would not ruin our chakras making them collapse to zero, but if we start with the thought that a single day does not spoil, we will end up believing that even two days of fasting do not hurt, and then not even three, concluding to zero our chakras making them return undernourished as long ago. The evolution depends very much on the constancy that you have in practice. At the beginning it is understandable if you cannot keep precise and linear constancy right away, because you are not used to it and you still have to get the hang of it, so there is no reason to feel inferior; you must be aware, however, that if you are not consistent in your practice, you will need more time to get to higher levels. It is normal, I am making you aware so you can know. We must be aware of the truth, it is essential.

In women, the Chi chakra could also be quite annoying, even painful, because due to the cycle its energy is often consumed and thrown out once a month for several days, even before and after the cycle; Therefore, many women find themselves lacking in energy while meditating, which can cause similar, but much lighter, pains to the menstrual period, even though they are not simultaneous. In practice, the absence of energy of the Chi chakra causes a sensation like that during the period; this means that the chakra has absolute need of more energy and that the person should devote more time to meditation. Many times, women do not know that belly pains are resulting from a discharged Chi, but because of the similarity to the cycle they will blame it all. Instead, if they meditated more on Chi, they would notice how even during menstrual days they would experience less belly pain, strange but true. Women discharge their Chi earlier than men, because once a month a percentage of their energy is consumed by menstruation; In addition, those who have had children have a much more exhausted chakra than those who have not, so they will notice that they have a Chi to pay more attention to because it is more stunted. Since you have just begun to discover the function of the chakras, you must learn to recognize on your skin the discomfort given by the first meditation from the pain in the chakras due to the absence of energy. During my experience I realized that the chakras notice that they crave energy much more when they become aware of it, because in a way, before you started meditating, they too were blind and did not know they could feed off of pranic energy.

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Before starting a meditative path, your chakras were not working to protect you from physical evils and pains, so they were putting all the pain directly on your physical body, not knowing how to defend yourself; they were sleeping. This caused damage to the parts of the body that were not protected, hence the pains. For example, women who have never meditated on the chakras with the right technique suffer much more from period pain than women who do meditate well on Chi. The same thing happens to the head: many women who do not meditate suffer from severe headaches both during the cycle and during the normal routine, regardless of whether they have reasons or not to try it because in practice every excuse will be brought back to the usual phrase “I’m tired, it is normal that I have a headache”, as if this were enough to accept the headache perennial in our lives. This is not at all due to simple fatigue, which certainly can happen in particularly stressful periods but not for a lifetime! These pains are due to lack of energy. Certainly, man is no stranger to Chi energy deficiency pains just because he doesn’t have his period, in fact the lack of Chi energy in an excessive way also leads man to have very strong back pains. Sometimes even kidney pain, because Chi is especially connected to bones and muscles, being the chakra more connected to the physical than the high ones which are more sentimental/emotional and mental.

Precisely because it is a very physical chakra, Chi is also the one that discharges first, because we consume its energy during our routine that requires a lot of it to get through the working day. So, if the Chi is discharged too much it is no longer able to protect our body from the pains that it would have to take care of if it was loaded, that is why the back pain arrives. These pains are reputed as very normal in our lives, because “everyone” has them, and it is obvious that everyone has them, because most people do not meditate. When you start meditating seriously you realize that these pains are not normal at all, in fact they affect you less and less and, if you really practice with constancy (and not just to say, with words but no facts) they can completely disappear from your routine. It seems obvious to me that if you decide today to break your back with actions that would go against your nature, you will break your back even if you are meditating on the Chi! But all those strange headaches, stomach aches, backaches, kidney aches, leg aches, that “for no reason” came to you before you started meditating, “strangely” thanks to meditation will gradually decrease, until you will no longer experience headaches except on very rare occasions. Those who know the real headache, the perennial and hallucinating as I know it, will notice much more quickly the change in their body than perhaps those who already had it almost never and obviously cannot see the difference; this depends from person to person, not everyone in fact has a strong headache during the day, but everyone, when they start the meditative path, will have benefits in their body and will realize it.

The discomfort from the beginning of meditation will then become a kind of pleasure, because the body will recognize that symptom as something friendly and not negative. That strange “annoyance” will become something you will enjoy, and, in a way, you will be looking for it yourself. Attention, I am not saying that you will start to like the discomfort and become masochistic, on the contrary, it will be the discomfort that will change, being recognized by the body that will realize that it is something very pleasant. Remember that meditation is first and foremost relaxation, so it cannot in any way be unpleasant: if it were, I wonder what kind of meditation you would be doing. The first few times the chakras need to enlarge, so it is possible that you will feel them in action even after you have finished the sessions and not only during the meditative practice. So don’t worry if during the day you feel the Mind chakra, or the Chi chakra, activating on its own even without you having considered it; it is all perfectly normal, the chakras simply have to understand how they should behave during the day, because they are not used to being so “awake” and full of energy. Give them time to settle in. I will tell you more: if you feel like it, do not ignore them, but breathe prana on that chakra that you want to point out to speed up its evolution.

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Among ignorant people there are rumors that chakras open and close, as if they were evil portals that suddenly could suck in objects or anyone who passes by them, as in cartoons. Chakras are not black holes, they are not holes in your body, they are simple meeting points of nerves, they are areas of energy. Chakras do not open and close: they remain atrophied body parts if you ignore them, or they become active if you pay attention and become aware of them. The more you meditate in the chakras the more they become aware of their innumerable abilities, and they desire more and more energy to carry out their internal processes and speed up and improve your satisfaction; you will understand this through improved health, physical performance, and disinterest in people or situations that make you sick. Stress will also be removed, making you more alert and active, but above all, you will be able to carry out your projects without too many hitches. Chakras belong to your physical body and connect to the mind to evolve new gifts in you: do not underestimate your mental and physical abilities. Charged chakras allow you to deal better with your day because the more you meditate on them, the more they discover new possibilities to help you in situations that would require too much effort, making you work less and making situations that should have been disastrous more positive.

Now you do not understand it because you do not have experience, so give yourself time to find out for yourself if this is the reality or not. Each chakra has specific functions, even if they all work together to make you feel better. If we exaggerate to meditate only and exclusively on a single chakra instead of all five, we will end up unbalancing ourselves both mentally and physically, going to create problems that we should not have. This would happen if we decided to meditate 4 hours a day on Chi, and not even a minute on the other chakras; or 15 minutes on the Crown chakra and 2 minutes on the Mind, but doing so for months and months, without the slightest meditation on the other three remaining chakras, thus pushing them to imbalance. I repeat, we are talking about months and months and not a few days. No need to worry if you do not meditate to the exact minute for each chakra. The technique says to meditate 7 minutes on the Chi, 3 minutes on the Plexus, 7 minutes on the Heart, 7 minutes on the Mind and 3 minutes on the Crown, in order from bottom to top; if sometimes you meditate 7 minutes on Chi, 4 minutes on Plexus, 7 minutes on Heart, 8 minutes on Mind and 3 minutes on Crown, nothing bad will happen. But if you decided to meditate every day for weeks with 15 minutes on Chi, 2 on the Plexus, 3 on the Heart, 2 on the Mind and 1 on the Crown, then obviously you would enter into imbalance, because you would be meditating 15 minutes on Chi and end up not considering the high chakras at all, forgetting completely the Crown. Try to follow what I am saying, do not read in a hurry without understanding.

If you follow the technique almost to the letter, you will not have any kind of problem. Obviously for everything there are exceptions, for example if we are talking about a woman who has had children, she should meditate a few extra minutes on Chi for some time, just to recover a bit (but she should not do it forever! Just for a while), but we will analyze these situations later because we are going to touch on much more focused and real examples. If we maintain a balance in our meditations, the chakras will be much easier to collaborate, creating a perfect union that will allow them to become much stronger in physical reality. It is good to analyze chakra by chakra, understanding what their positive qualities are if trained properly, or what are the problems that could create if we decide to go to unbalance them too much for our decision. In the next lessons on the chakras in fact we will analyze all these points; in the meantime, today, we have taken the opportunity to approach the issue of evolution based on the three main points: chakra awareness, intent, and energy.

First you must be aware of your chakras so you can awaken, activate and make them useful. Secondly, you must have the intent to train them, so you must be decisive in what you are doing, aware that you are doing it for yourself and this should not be unmotivating as we are used to thinking. As third thing of fundamental importance you must take energy to be able to make them work, otherwise, without nourishment, they will not be able to make you obtain the results you hope for. By meditating you will understand how the chakras are interesting and useful to get your first results from this evolutionary path. I wish you a wonderful meditation!

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This document is the translation of the original article on the Accademia di Coscienza Dimensionale website.

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    Questo è in assoluto il primo percorso in cui viene spiegato che i chakra vanno allenati e nutriti e non sono semplicemente qualcosa che abbiamo quasi di bellezza e che in base a certe azioni si aprono e si chiudono. Direi che questo articolo ha spiegato molto bene come questi centri di energia si comportano una volta che si inizia il percorso meditativo con costanza. I chakra sono parte di noi e come tali vanno nutriti e bisogna dunque prendersene cura. Sono anch'io dell'idea che una volta che ci si rende conto di che razza di vantaggio si ha quando si iniziano a sviluppare i chakra, tutto si vorrebbe tranne tornare come prima perché non avrebbe senso. I chakra ci fanno stare bene migliorando la nostra salute fisica e mentale e dandoci il tanto agognato seppur graduale risveglio spirituale e del sesto senso.

  • SerenaP - 12:22 20/02/24

    Proprio da quando ho iniziato la meditazione sui chakra mi sono resa conto di quanto siano importanti poiché non sto più avendo mal di testa allucinanti né altri forti dolori che ovviamente avevo iniziato a dare per scontato fossero normali non conoscendone le vere cause. Ho esattamente sentito quei piccoli fastidi sui chakra evidentemente più deboli e scarichi. Grazie infinite per questa spiegazione

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    impossibile non capire, questo articolo è talmente esaustivo per la conoscenza base sui chakra che induce a prendersi cura di loro, a capire la loro funzione e soprattutto a realizzare che esistono e quanto sono fondamentali per la nostra evoluzione. Spero di riuscire prima o poi a percepire la loro attivazione seguendo la pratica della meditazione

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    Non viene mai smesso di ribadire che l'evoluzione dei nostri chakra comportano la nostra elevazione. Più meditiamo e con maggiore costanza temporale lo facciamo e più grande sarò lo sviluppo del nostro sesto senso e con maggiore capacità, anzi direi con naturalezza ci spostiamo dal livello della frequenza bassa, per cominciare a vibrare e a entrare in risonanza con la frequenza alta. E si comincerà dunque ad affrontare il quotidiano con una forza energetica che non ci si aspettava di possedere, e si comincerà ad attirare bellezza e a tenere lontano il negativo. Nel nostro spazio quotidiano cominceranno ad apparire figure che possono essere portatori di crescita e nel col tempo, si allontaneranno dalla nostra sfera affettiva chi ci teneva legati e prigioniere verso l'oblio e la decadenza. I nostri chatra cominceranno a far parte della nostra stessa esistenza, cominceremo a sentirli uno per uno e a comprendere il loro stato e sapremo con precisione se è necessario alimentarli o se sono al massimo della loro energia. Con i chakra attivi possiamo praticare con effetti sbalorditivi, qualsiasi tecnica spirituale e comprenderemo che la luce, la luce pranica è quel verbo che tutto può e tutto determina, ivi compreso la nostra volontà e determinazione. I chiakra non si aprono e non si chiudono, non si svuotano o si riempono come se fossero delle cavità... essi sono centri energetici della nostra fisiologia corpore a, che rimangono atrofizzati se non vengono stimolati, allenati, si elevano, si ampliano fino a far sentire tutta la loro potenza se al contrario si lavora su di essi. grazie alla meditazione e alle pratiche spirituali. La meditazione sui chakra consente a priori la protezione psichica sia da registri energetici negativi ma anche da situazione disfunzionali dovute allla fisiologia del nostro corpo. Per afre un esempio, una donna che medita affronterà molto meglio di una donna che non medita il periodo mestruale, non soffrendo il dolore perchè il chakra chi attivo è bastevole, senza che vi sia una tecnica indirizzata a raggiungere questo obiettivo.

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    Il nutrimento dei chakra ormai é diventato un po’ il mio chiodo fisso :-) Ho anche trovato quella che, almeno fino a oggi, è la meditazione guidata di ACD sui chakra più adatta a me e la tengo pronta nelle playlist della piattaforma 👍🏻 Più che al chakra della Mente, però, tendo ad avere disturbi occasionali in quello del Chi e cerco di nutrirlo al meglio durante ogni meditazione. Oggi è un bellissimo giorno di sole e con le giornate che iniziano ormai ad allungarsi ogni attività giornaliera - incluso il meditare - diventa più vivida e soddisfacente!

  • unmanny 🐾 Medaglia per aver completato lo Step 1 - 17:36 14/02/24

    Il nutrimento dei chakra ormai é diventato un po’ il mio chiodo fisso :-) Ho anche trovato quella che, almeno fino a oggi, è la meditazione guidata di ACD sui chakra più adatta a me e la tengo pronta nelle playlist della piattaforma 👍🏻 Più che al chakra della Mente, però, tendo ad avere disturbi occasionali in quello del Chi e cerco di nutrirlo al meglio durante ogni meditazione. Oggi è un bellissimo giorno di sole e con le giornate che iniziano ormai ad allungarsi ogni attività giornaliera - incluso il meditare - diventa più vivida e soddisfacente!

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    Il nutrimento dei chakra ormai é diventato un po’ il mio chiodo fisso :-) Ho anche trovato quella che, almeno fino a oggi, è la meditazione guidata di ACD sui chakra più adatta a me e la tengo pronta nelle playlist della piattaforma 👍🏻 Più che al chakra della Mente, però, tendo ad avere disturbi occasionali in quello del Chi e cerco di nutrirlo al meglio durante ogni meditazione. Oggi è un bellissimo giorno di sole e con le giornate che iniziano ormai ad allungarsi ogni attività giornaliera - incluso il meditare - diventa più vivida e soddisfacente!

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    I chakra per me sono come dei contenitori di energia, che si espandono se li nutriamo, e ci aiutano a essere migliori in tutti gli aspetti della vita, pure quello fisico. Personalmente sono più positivo adesso, dopo un mese e 8 giorni di pratica. Ho cominciato ad avvertire i dolori sul chakra chi circa due settimane fa, e in un certo senso è davvero piacevole perché è sia un reminder per meditare, sia un segnale come se questo fosse vivo e si stia espandendo. Un articolo molto semplice e facile da comprendere. Senza la meditazione starei sicuramente peggio

  • Mattheo - 18:10 07/02/24

    Più avanzo con questi articoli più mi rendo conto di quanta ignoranza ci sia sugli argomenti qui trattati.. è molto comune sentir parlare di chakra chiusi e trovare persone pronte ad aprirli magicamente. Mi risuona molto quando spieghi invece che i chakra possono essere allenati proprio come dei muscoli. Grazie per portare sempre più chiarezza sul percorso!

  • Mixolydian - 10:30 07/02/24

    Spiegazione che mi chiarisce molti dubbi. Prima di arrivare qui ho meditato molti mesi anche sui 7 chakra (meditazioni che utilizzavano colori, auree colorate, simboli, frequenze) per poi scoprire che sui 5 base ci sono delle tempistiche diverse e non uguali per tutti, quindi è stato proprio un ricominciare. Sto cercando di seguire alla lettera la tecnica descritta per riuscire a trarne tutti i benefici. Grazie🙏

  • Baby81 - 14:11 06/02/24

    Chiara spiegazione ulteriore sui chakra e le loro funzioni.. per non sbagliare seguo la meditazione guidata fino a che non sarò abbastanza autonoma

  • Mariel - 11:33 03/02/24

    Ritengo sia molto importante comprendere il funzionamento e i vantaggi apportati da un buon equilibrio energetico dei chakra E quindi necessario non solo imparare i diversi compiti dei chakra per avere piena consapevolezza di ciascuno di essi, ma anche allenarli affinché possano caricarsi sempre più di energia positiva

  • pastisse - 12:49 02/02/24

    Anche se non è da tanto tempo che ho iniziato a meditare mi sono accorta e, questa lezione me lo ha confermato, che i miei problemi di stomaco che da anni non mi davano pace, sono spariti. Penso proprio che non sia un caso, ma frutto di un impegno costante nel proseguire il mio percorso sulla meditazione.