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Cleansing Energy – How to cleanse your energy (Part 1)

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Everyone has an aura and every day all of us come into contact with people and negative energies of which we absorb a certain amount that can dirty our energetic field in the long term. Most people don’t know that everyone’s aura absorbs external energies and that it’s necessary to clean up their energy periodically. Therefore some people assume that having to practice techniques in order to clean the aura is a source of shame, because they want to seem always pure and good, even though their energy is definitely negative. Having a slightly dirty energy doesn’t mean having a bad conscience, in fact, you could be the nicest and kindest person in the world (thus with a clear conscience) but your aura could have collected negative energies during the day and, thereby, the result is that it becomes composed of low vibrational energies. So it’s not strange if you, like many other people, need to cleanse your energy. Each day we encounter people or events that have very low vibrations, therefore by dint of standing next to them our energy is influenced, so we risk absorbing and keeping the negative energy collected during the day. Some days we are luckier, because we encounter only good people and pleasant situations, but other days we come into contact with problems, chaos, unpleasant and stressful circumstances, and people who saddle us with their distress and send us many negative energies. All of this increases the negative energy stored inside our aura. Even if many believe that desiring to be pure is enough in order to be so, the energy actually needs to be cleansed periodically, so that all the negative programs collected over time may detach and don’t remain impressed in our aura forever. In fact, the energies we collect won’t disappear spontaneously, but can stay inside our aura even for many, many years. As long as we don’t decide to clean our aura, it continues to collect negative energies and to keep them inside.

Then, when we practice techniques to clean our energy it starts to shine again, but its purity won’t last forever, because we find ourselves frequenting the same places again, or we meet the same people who will send us heaviness and negativity as has already occurred; thus we will need to clean ourselves again. The laziest ones look for a way to cleanse their energy only once and then don’t have to do it again for the rest of their lives. They may deceive themselves thinking this really exists, but it would be like having a shower once and then never washing again: you can do it, you can delude yourself thinking nobody smells your bad odour, but this won’t change the fact that everybody will smell it every day. Therefore, your energy also needs a periodical cleaning, so that the influences and the energy programs we collected during the day are rinsed off and don’t affect our physical and emotional health. Our energy gets dirty mainly due to two factors, which are our personal thoughts and the outer influences caused by other people’s thoughts surrounding us. On one hand we have our thoughts, so whenever we think negatively, we let our energy vibrate at a lower frequency. On the other hand, we have all the external influences; other people’s thoughts, their auras, their energetic programs, that are able to condition our energy and bring it to a lower level. Although we’d like it to be always very pure and clean, our energy is affected every time we think negatively and let ourselves be influenced by our personal and other people’s pessimism; moreover, it absorbs many external energies that stick to our aura, thus it gets dirty. Negative energies lower our mood, our immune system and consequently our physical health. Furthermore, if our aura, and thus our energy, is not perfectly clean, it’s likely to attract negative events that will cause us discomfort which become a source of suffering in the long run. Energy attracts energy, therefore if your aura is always clean, it will keep on attracting positive events, but if it’s dirty, it will attract negative events.

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Energy gets dirty much more easily than it seems, because it can lose brightness even in your spending time thinking of your problems or life memories with sadness, loneliness, fear, not to mention anger, frustration and all the negative feelings. You might have a good reason to be angry, nevertheless, this feeling will sully your energy. Obviously, there’s no comparison between an aura that vibrates at a slightly lower energy due to the stress accumulated during the day, and a dark person’s aura who misbehaves and takes pleasure in seeing others’ suffering. Having a dirty aura doesn’t mean being that kind of person, because that’s another story. But we all go through sorrowful times of life in which we are stressed, anxious, anguished or sad for something that happened during our day and made us feel like this, and this is not what makes us bad people. It takes little to dirty your energy and attract other negative events to other yourself. That’s why it is important to keep our energy clean even when we think it’s perfect. You can always improve. Those who believe they have an already perfectly clean aura don’t even know what the aura is. When a person often thinks negatively, whether it’s because of sadness, low self-esteem or for any other reason, they charge their energy with negativity, and in turn will attract more negativity, and so on in an endless spiral. Instead, when a person thinks positively, keeping an optimistic and confident attitude in every moment of their life, they will attract more positive events. Being always optimistic is not easy at all, but it is necessary at least to try to work on it. The more we have positive thoughts, the more our aura will be filled with positivity; the more our feelings will be negative, the more our aura will soak up negativity. The aura is like a magnet which attracts – as the law of attraction says – positive or negative energies depending on what state your aura is in. The more our energy is cleansed, the more the positive people will be attracted to it, and the negative ones will tend to stay away from you instead. Therefore cleaning your aura periodically is very important, and not only once in a lifetime.

Through meditation you are already cleaning your aura, but you can decide to increase this with some additional techniques to reinvigorate your energy and to speed up its cleansing. Obviously, the technique to clean energy has nothing to do with true meditation, so it cannot and must not replace it. But you can also help to improve your meditation sessions significantly. So let’s start with this energy cleansing technique that will last for about 10 minutes. I’m going to guide you through these steps for cleansing and explain to you some tricks to stay clean for a longer time.

Choose a position you like best. Since this is not a meditation, but an energy cleansing session, you can also do it lying down, or in any position you prefer.



and breathe Prana.


Imagine you’re breathing bright white energy, which enters your chest.




The more you breathe Prana, the more it expands inside your whole thorax.


Breathe light… a very white and shiny light that makes you feel at peace.


Absorb it and make it expand throughout your thorax.



Relax all the muscles in your body.


Feel the desire to cleanse your energy, to shine, to improve your energetic condition.

…so breathe light inside you, with the intent of absorbing the brightest and the most positive existing energy.


Don’t hurry. Breathe Prana inside you, because this is the key.


Start absorbing Prana from every part of your torso, also from the back. Absorb as much light as possible.

Visualize it shining inside of you.


Visualize the light expanding, filling your whole body.


Breathe the Prana inside you, increasing the positive energy in you.


Imagine that the energy entering your body becomes brighter, more and more bright, conveying to you feelings of confidence and happiness.


Visualize the pranic energy expanding towards your head, without ever leaving the torso empty.



The Prana keeps on entering your body, while also expanding towards your head.



As the bright energy expands it cleans your mind’s energy, leading you to absolute peace.


This light fills your mind and fixes any possible damage that needed energy. Offer it to them.


Breathe deeply… and feel a strong desire to clean your internal energy with Prana.


Relax… and keep on absorbing luminous Prana inside you.


Focus on your torso again, breathing Prana inside you.


While continuing to relax, begin to expand the luminous energy down to your legs.


Slowly let it go down to your thighs…

Then to your knees…

Then down to the calves…

In the end, expand the energy towards your feet, filling them both with Prana.


Keep on breathing Prana inside you… and let the energy expand towards your legs without ever decreasing its quantity inside your torso.

The energy continues to enter you, filling every single area of the body without leaving anything empty.


Continue to visualize the luminous energy entering you, expanding simultaneously towards your head and your feet.


Imagine that all the white energy collected until now, starts spreading and becoming homogeneous throughout your body, so perfectly as to make the whole inner part of your body enlightened by this very clean light, and full of feelings of happiness.


Feel inside you a feeling of purity, serenity and peace.


Now feel love for the existence of life.


Focus on the intent to cleanse your inner energy, melting any negative energy that got in there.


Breathe deeply and let the white energy purify everything that is inside you.


You can keep on breathing Prana with the intent of cleaning your internal energy and, when you feel ready, you can conclude this session.

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Welcome back! I hope you have already perceived the difference! Obviously, a single 10 minute session is not enough to clean all the energy that you have absorbed for years and years of your life, but you’ve probably already noticed an improvement in your mood and relaxation and this is important. The key word is Prana. Pranic energy is fundamental, because it is able to fix any problem. Even if the technique you’ve just completed might have seemed easy and quick to you, in reality it’s already very useful to start the energetic change inside you. You could choose to extend the technique and practice it for longer, because it is very relaxing, but even just 5 minutes per day can make the difference. The energy cleansing technique may seem the same as the preparatory phase of meditation, but what changes is the intent.

In fact, during this session, your intent was focused on energy cleansing, and not on absorbing Prana into chakras. In time you will understand the differences between various intents. From the cleansing of inner energy you can expand it to also clean the auric energy, but for now you can just dedicate 5 minutes every day to the internal cleansing of the body. Even if the energy cleansing technique is very relaxing, take care not to replace meditation with it, since it aims to evolve your senses and make you more aware of life and the Matrix. The cleansing technique is not equal to meditation, thus use it without losing sight of your objective toward spiritual evolution. My advice is to use the energy cleansing technique at least once a week when you have little time, and more often during the week when you want to increase the positive effect it will have on you, and the people surrounding you. Also, I advise you to continue to practice this technique even when you are sure you have perfectly clean energy. Don’t let listlessness or ego prevent you from increasing the positivity of your energy: there’s no limit to your improvement, so keep on practicing it even when you believe there is no need to do it anymore. It will bring you much more wellness than you think. Keep in mind that the stressful events of our life and other people’s influences dirty our energy a lot, every day, thus do not underestimate negative conditions but make sure to keep your energy clean, doing a periodical brush up with the same intent and motivation as the first time, even after years of practice!

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This document is the translation of the original article on the Accademia di Coscienza Dimensionale website.

  • Manuela3 - 12:00 19/02/24

    La pulizia è qualcosa di fondamentale. Io sono sempre troppo nello spirito e tutto ciò che sono le procedure o qualcosa di molto mentale tendo a dimenticare, faccio molto più peri istinto quindi ho necessità di ripetere una procedura per memorizzarla per questo grazie per avermelo fatto ricordare, ne avevo bisogno. Grazie grazie grazie

  • loredanatesta - 21:52 17/02/24

    purtroppo è davvero molto facile che la nostra energia si affievolisca a causa di influenze esterne e dei nostri pensieri negativi, bisogna innamorarsi di se stessi e dedicare tutto il tempo necessario alle pratiche spirituali così come dedichiamo del tempo al nostro corpo fisico e pian piano i risultati sono concreti anche se si avvalgono delle energie sottili

  • Martina - 05:31 17/02/24

    Ieri mi sono successi alcuni eventi non belli, e ho sentito quando si sono introdotte energie negative dentro di me, nonostante pratichi la protezione tutte le mattine…. Il problema è che sono state molto forti e portate da una persona molto vicina… se non meditassi e non mi proteggessi, mi avrebbero travolto di sicuro… ma meditando e proteggendomi sono riuscita a riconoscerle e a sentirle e questa mattina prima della protezione ho sentito il bisogno di ripulire la mia energia…. É una sensazione splendida! Mi sento leggera, piena di Prana e soprattutto sento di essere riuscita a mandare via e a sciogliere ogni negatività!! Grazie, perché tramite questo percorso non ci insegni solo le tecniche e la meditazione ma molto di più! Ci fai imparare a sentire la nostra coscienza!! É splendido come mi sento in questo momento!! Grazie!!

  • Hor Medaglia per aver completato lo Step 1 - 00:26 16/02/24

    la nostra aura è una forma di energia che trasmette e riceve le informzaioni dall'esterno. Eventi negativi o auree che emanano semplicemente energie negative, finiscono per inquinare l'ambiente dove anche noi, per motivi di lavoro, o perchè stiamo prendendo un autobus, siamo. questo ci port a 2 considerazioni, la prima consiste nel praticare quelle tecniche che ci permettono di irrobustire l'aura in modo da impedire che le negatività esterne possano influenzare e contaminare il nostro pensiero. Il secondo aspetto non meno importante consiste nella tecnica di purificazione personale. Con questa tecnica e grazie al richiamo dell'energia pranica riusciamo a eliminare le scorie e le impurità che si trovano dentro di noi. L'aura deve essere richiamata così come facciamo durante la meditazione. Bisogna vedere l'energia che entra dentro il nostro corpo e una volta dentro, diventa ancora più luminosa, la dobbiamo vedere espandere su entrambe le direzioni, verso l'alto e verso il basso. Dobbiamo riemire il nostro corpo della luce pranica che si espande e arriva in ogni parte del nostro coprpo, la sentiamo vibrare verso le dita, la sentiamo accarezzare ogni singola cellula e in questo percorso avvine il miracolo della pulizia o meglio, della purificazione.

  • pleiad - 22:41 15/02/24

    Grazie, meglio di un calmante, ne avevo bisogno e sicuramente continuerò a farlo. Questo percorso non finisce mai di stupirmi.

  • ceci - 21:01 15/02/24

    Bellissima e molto rilassante. Dona una grande pace, amore, benessere, leggerezza e serenità. Grazie Mille!

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