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Entities – Do ghosts really exist? (part 1)

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Entities do really exist, it is clear! What causes us to doubt their existence are the wrong definitions  associated to them. First of all, we need to clarify that there are many types of entities, because the term “entity” identifies any kind of presence, alive and intelligent, which does not have a physical body. Among the entities there are the so-called ghosts, or what we generally consider as the “Souls of the dead”. At this point the question becomes more complicated, because everyone gets his own idea based on nothing, interpreting the existence of entities in their own way. Clearly we end up mixing information that is mostly imaginative or based on films watched on TV, thus risking to convince ourselves that ghosts do not really exist. First of all, it is important to know that to clearly understand what entities are, it is not enough to read one or more books on this subject, because each one will give a different and opposing interpretation for the very simple reason that, whoever wrote those pages, did not have a real personal experience that would allow him to understand how entities act, but he too has read many books which in turn he summarized, as he saw fit. In order to really understand entities, you have to undergo a lot of direct experiences, because without them you cannot comprehend at all how they behave and why they behave in a certain way, since most of the books and articles on the web have been written based on other books and articles, and not on a real experience. You will understand, over time, that very few people can write real and first-person experiences about entities, because everyone prefers to make a collection of stories already written by others, passing them off as their own.

Entities exist, but they are not like those described in books or on various forums and they do not behave like in the films. For ease of understanding, we divide the “world of entities” into two categories, which are the Consciences of deceased people and other presences belonging to further dimensions. The first presences were once physical people who after the death of their body, became ghosts or went back to being ghosts, that is Consciences without a physical body. In the second case, however, we are dealing with presences that have never been human, they too are Consciences, but they have always been energetic without ever having lived in a human body. With the word Conscience we mean the spiritual Essence, which is alive regardless of whether you have a physical body or not. You are a Conscience that lives inside a physical body, so you are not the physical body but you are what is inside. At this point you can understand that not only the human being exists as a living being, but there are also presences that have always lived without ever having had a physical body.

When people experience paranormal phenomena, they usually see ghosts. Ghosts are Consciences that were once physical people who after their death remained in this dimension without a physical body. Heaven and hell, as the church describes them, do not exist, so when people die, they do not go to heaven or hell, but they go back to being Consciences without a physical body; their future will then depend on their choices and abilities. Generally, when a person dies and his Conscience leaves his physical body, for a certain period his presence remains in this dimension in the form of an entity. A prime example is when a relative or a close friend dies. Certainly, if you have experienced this sad event, for example the death of your grandfather or a relative with whom you had a close relationship, you might have perceived his presence even for a long time after his death, almost as if he was still there.

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When you have a close connection with someone who dies, many times it may happen that you can still feel his presence or hear his voice for months after his death. Many people even hear the voice of their deceased relative calling them by name, although obviously he/she – physically – is no longer there. If it was just about the voice, we might think that it is suggestion, but when these voices predate falling objects, windows or doors opening by themselves or other similar physical phenomena, it is not imagination at all. The reason why the presence of the deceased is perceived only for a certain period, which can vary from situation to situation, is because the entity, that is the Conscience, at a certain point goes away, as a result we stop feeling his presence.  The problem is that when you stop feeling his presence, you end up believing that even before there was no entity and you have imagined everything. This is how the Regulator works: it makes you forget all the experiences that have occurred and makes you believe that you have imagined everything. But it is not true! Some Consciences remain for a longer time on this physical dimension than others. In fact, some deceased people could live inside a house as entities even for years; others, on the other hand, could disappear after a few days, leaving the house empty. Of course, our loved ones will remain forever in our hearts, but the memory of a person does not equal his presence; in fact, his memory cannot move objects or make them fall on a physical level, but an entity can!

Where do these entities, who were once people, go? It depends on the individual choices and possibilities that each of them has. Some remain for a long time in this physical dimension, because they cannot detach themselves emotionally from it or because they are not really able to leave it. Others, on the other hand, are waiting for the right moment to leave and change their lifestyle. Some Consciences will immediately look for another body to reincarnate, to start a new life within an unborn human body. Others will explore new dimensions and live very different kinds of life from the one we lead on this physical plane. Certainly entities do not go to school and do not go to work: these are activities that occupy most of the time of our life; so you understand that they have a lifestyle that is very different from ours. What is certain is that many of them continue their existence in one place or another, although everyone believes that there is nothing else after their physical death or that they will end up in heaven with the angels or in hell with demons. However, we must know that when some people physically die, shortly afterwards they die permanently, but we will talk about this later. So after the physical death there are infinite possibilities, even for those who do not believe in reincarnation or are convinced that there is nothing after death, in fact when your physical body dies you have no more excuses to be skeptical: you will find yourself catapulted into reality, so you can no longer pretend not to believe it, but you will need to adapt to the consequences. So it is better to get there prepared!

Entities are unable to communicate as physical people can, because they no longer have the means to communicate, such as their physical body. The high expectations we have made by watching horror films are not equivalent to reality, so you will end up not believing in the existence of entities just because what happens in horror films has never happened to you. But those are just films! The idea that entities do not exist “unless” they slam doors very hard or levitate people into the air and make them fly and fall to the ground, is not a proof of their existence, because entities do not have a physical body so they have to make an incredible effort to produce even the slightest movement on the material level. Moving an object or speaking turns out to be the simplest action in the world for us, but not for an entity! An entity does not have a physical body which allows him to touch objects or to speak, he has to find other ways to do it: the solution is to use his sixth sense through his psychic faculties. The problem is that most people die unprepared for what comes next, convinced that nothing else exists apart from the physical world or that they will be welcomed by little angels who will lead them to heaven. Unfortunately or fortunately this is not the case. So people die without knowing that after the death of their physical body they will be still alive, but they will not be able to perform most of the actions that we can perform through our physical body. That’s because they died without even having an idea of ​​how useful and important it was to develop the sixth sense.

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As a matter of fact, some presences are really very strong, even on the material level, so much that some of them can move objects or make things fall down, some are able to touch and speak; on the contrary many other entities cannot, because they do not have the ability to perform these actions. Consequently, we cannot suppose that an entity is present in a certain house only if objects fall down, because in truth an entity could be present without being able to perform physical actions, so he does exist but no one will notice him. You must remember that you cannot see entities, unless you have trained your energetic eyesight to be able to see them, so until then, thousands of entities might have passed in front of you in all these years and you could not have been able to see even one.

Ghosts do really exist and they are the Consciences of deceased people, but there are also other kinds of entities, which, in simple terms, were born and have lived in other dimensions. Many people confuse entities with aliens although there is a huge difference, starting from the fact that entities are energetic, while aliens have a physical body. If one has no material body, it automatically becomes an entity or a Conscience without a body. Entities then live and pass through several dimensions, so we cannot speak of earthly entities or alien entities, because all entities are “universal”. So when we talk about entities we are always and only talking about beings made of energy, on the contrary aliens are physical beings, because they have a physical body. Aliens can be often mistaken for entities, due to their use of holographic projections, but we will look in depth at this issue in a dedicated section. Getting back to entities, there are those who once were people we used to know, and others that are Consciences that have never even been human and who have always lived their existence in an energetic form. Regardless of whether they are ex-humans or presences coming from other dimensions, since they are Consciences without a body, all the human laws of our society are not valid for them. So we have to get rid of the idea that an entity cannot enter our house without prior authorization, or that a presence cannot cross the door of our house without our invitation or our permission. Entities don’t need an open door to enter, because they can walk through walls. They do not follow any social rule or law that we follow as humans, so they can get into our house as often as they want, if they want, without anything or anyone preventing them from doing it. Just like people, there are positive entities, negative entities, and entities that don’t care about anyone, so there are good presences who want to help people, very dark presences who enjoy hurting people, and presences (most of them) who do not care about others and who occasionally harm people.

Since there are very negative entities that can harm people, including us, it is important to learn how to protect ourselves from them. Dark entities manage to hurt us although we do not see them, because even if we are not aware of their presence and we do not see them, they do see us and can influence our lives. We should not compare their way of harming people to that of horror films, like violently levitating people or possessing them; they can hurt us a lot using mental influence through wrong thoughts and feelings, for example they can manipulate our mind and push us into severe depression and lead us to suicidal thoughts. Negative entities know how to hurt people because they know that people are unable to defend themselves and push them away. You just need to learn how to practice the Psychic Protection, so you will be able to solve all those problems in your life that you have never realized they were caused by negative presences that sent you misfortunes and painful events.

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You have to understand that entities do not act as we expect, or as they are represented in horror films, because horror films usually tell a story that must necessarily end badly, otherwise, if it had a positive ending, it would not be horror! This does not mean that dangerous dark entities capable of carrying out such powerful actions on the physical level do not exist, we have to understand that this kind of entities are much rarer and hidden than you think: even if it seems strange to us, they want us to believe that they do not exist, because the more powerful these entities are, the more they have learned how to “protect their identity”; in other words, they do not just appear in any house to be seen and recognized, as one may think. Let’s get rid of the idea that if we protect ourselves from entities, they will get even more angry, because these distorted ideas have been put in our heads by cowardly people who are afraid of them and do not want to admit it, so they want that the rest of the world is frightened of them too.

When we protect ourselves through the Psychic Protection, we are creating a barrier that prevents entities from approaching us, our life and our home. This is not a provocation, as one may foolishly think, but a protection.  If it’s cold and it’s raining outside, you will take an umbrella to protect yourself from rain so that you don’t get wet, because you don’t want to get sick and feel bad. This is not a provocation towards rain, in fact if you take an umbrella it won’t rain harder on purpose to hurt you; rather, you will be better protected from rain and you will not get wet or at least you will get less wet. Psychic Protection acts as a barrier to protect you from entities and their negative influences, so there is no reason to believe that the act of protecting yourself is a “provocation” towards entities, in fact it would be stupid to think that if you protect yourself, you would make them even more angry, because you are creating a barrier that will prevent them from affecting you, so just like rain does, entities will slide away without being able to hit you, they will forget about you actually. This is just a preview of the vast topic of entities, in fact, later we will go deeper into this subject and you will find out more information on how and why they behave in certain ways rather than in others. In the following document you will find the explanation of the Psychic Protection and you can follow the audio track that will guide you in the practice of this technique.

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    L'argomento entità è molto interessante. Non vorrei mettermi nei panni di chi per tutta la vita ha screditato l'esistenza delle entità e dell'energia per poi ritrovarsi in un mondo tutto nuovo in cui non sanno come muoversi. Per fortuna A.C.D. ci prepara anche a quello che sarà dopo la nostra vita fisica così da non arrivare all'altro lato impreparati e in balia di altri generi di forze. L'esempio dell'ombrello direi che è azzeccato per spiegare la protezione dato che essa è una precauzione contro l'influenza negativa che la presenza di un'entità comporta nella vita di una persona. Proteggersi non è sinonimo di prendersi gioco di qualcuno, ma vuol dire esattamente ciò che significa, ovvero crearsi una barriera che non permetterà alle energie negative di colpirci e manometterci la vita.

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    Questo articolo, come quello su dio, sono verità che se venissero accettate da tutti sarebbero capaci di cambiare le fondamenta stessa della società e delle abitudini umane. Anche io ho sempre pensato che fosse illogico che qualcuno desiderasse il suicidio o certe volte ho ritenuto poco coerenti certi pensieri. E il fatto che il pensiero essendo la cosa meno materiale in questo mondo materico sia la prima cosa a essere colpita, ha molto senso

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