Academy of Dimensional Consciousness

Welcome to the Academy of Dimensional Consciousness.

In this Academy of Psychic Arts you will access knowledge on the widest range of spiritual, paranormal, psychic and holistic topics. Through the Steps, which divide the topics in 15 levels of amazing knowledge, you will learn all that there is to know about Spirituality, Meditation, well-being and relaxation, and you will learn to develop all existing Psychic Abilities. The Sixth Sense has always belonged to you, but you were never taught how to develop it. Through the Academy you will learn that you have a much higher potential than you would ever imagine and you will learn to put it into practice. Commitment, Practice and perseverance will be paid back by the psychic experiences that will allow you to gain power over the events that characterize your life. “Every event in our lives can be changed” states Angel Jeanne, the Psychic Master and Founder of the Academy of Dimensional Consciousness, also author of the exceptional volumes
“Becoming aware of Aliens – Apathy” and many more books loved by thousands of readers.

Angel Jeanne fights every day against the crimes committed towards humanity, against anti-privacy and domination upon humans, of which most people are unaware. Angel Jeanne will show you the Truth behind the artificial veil that hides and censors any form of knowledge of the psychic world, which is at the same time destroying human privacy at a terrible speed. Angel Jeanne has chosen to offer her Psychic knowledge to everyone, and also to those who wouldn’t be able to afford paid courses, stating that real Psychic Arts – those taught by Ancient Psychic Masters – had beed offered and handed down through centuries and millennia for Free. For this reason the Founder has decided that the Academy of Dimensional Consciousness welcomes anyone, and teaches its students for FREE. This strong, brave and admirable decision has made it possible for many people to attend A.C.D. regardless of their age, gender, religion and social class, making the Academy even more appreciated by the students that have been frequenting it for many years. A.C.D. has brought a change in the lives of thousands of people and is carrying out an unprecedented Global Awakening.

The Academy of Dimensional Consciousness is the only school of Psychic Arts in the world that allows for evolution of Consciousness, sharpening of intellect, the development of Psychic Faculties, and an understanding of all the topics that mingle with the real material life which we have to deal with every day. This is not just a hobby. The Academy will teach you to act on the events that disturb your life directly or indirectly, and how to shape them so that they will work out positively for you and for others.

Begin your Spiritual Path by starting to read the 1st Step straightaway. Read, Practice, Evolve… and when you feel ready, join our community, get to know the other students and the Staff of the Academy more closely. Your journey starts here.
We hope you find all that you are looking for, from theoretical knowledge to the deepest practical experiences. Have a great beginning of your journey!

Step 1